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Profiles of the Out of Control, Unhinged Left

The Washington Post has a long article on left wing bloggers in general and Maryscott O'Connor in particular called The Left, Online and Outraged. So, let's examine who this "angry left" is.

In the angry life of Maryscott O'Connor, the rage begins as soon as she opens her eyes and realizes that her president is still George W. Bush. The sun has yet to rise and her family is asleep, but no matter; as soon as the realization kicks in, O'Connor, 37, is out of bed and heading toward her computer.

Out there, awaiting her building fury: the Angry Left, where O'Connor's reputation is as one of the angriest of all. "One long, sustained scream" is how she describes the writing she does for various Web logs, as she wonders what she should scream about this day.

She smokes a cigarette. Should it be about Bush, whom she considers "malevolent," a "sociopath" and "the Antichrist"? She smokes another cigarette. Should it be about Vice President Cheney, whom she thinks of as "Satan," or about Karl Rove, "the devil"? Should it be about the "evil" Republican Party, or the "weaselly, capitulating, self-aggrandizing, self-serving" Democrats, or the Catholic Church, for which she says "I have a special place in my heart . . . a burning, sizzling, putrescent place where the guilty suffer the tortures of the damned"?


"I was not like this before," she says. "I was riddled with empathy for everyone suffering in the world. Classic bleeding-heart liberal."


She signed petitions. She boycotted veal. She canvassed for Greenpeace. She donated to Planned Parenthood. She read the Nation, the New Yorker, the Utne Reader and Mother Jones. She agonized over low wages for overseas workers every time she bought a $40 leather purse.

Then George W. Bush was elected. Then came 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, the Patriot Act, secret prisons, domestic eavesdropping, the revamping of the Supreme Court, and the thought "It has come to the point where the worst people on Earth are running the Earth." And now, "I have become one of those people with all the bumper stickers on their car," she says. "I am this close to being one of those muttering people pushing a cart.

"I'm insane with rage and grief.

I say she's just insane.

Take a look at some of the other lefty bloggers who were also profiled:

"I just want to see these [expletive] swinging from their heels in the public square," reads a recent comment from someone named Dave in a discussion about the Bush administration on a Web site called Eschaton.

In other words, he want to do to the Bush administration what the terrorists did to the American contractors in Fallujah.

Here's more:

"Laura Bush Talks; No One Gives a [expletive]," someone who calls himself the Rude Pundit writes on his Web site, and he continues: "The Rude Pundit doesn't give a retarded dog drool what Laura Bush has to say about the Olympics."
"I feel like I'm being molested everytime I hear his voice," one person writes on the Daily Kos Web site while watching a Bush news conference.


These people are consumed by their hatred toward President Bush. They wake up angry and they go to bed angry. It's quite the irony, isn't it, how they allow the man they hate with every fiber of their bodies complete control over their lives.


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Comments (27)

Such a shame. I sleep quite... (Below threshold)

Such a shame. I sleep quite well each night. It's really sad that these people will distort reality to a ludicrous degree just to assuage their BDS. It'd say there are some malevolent, sociopathic world leaders out there - but that sure as hell isn't Bush. Just have a look over to North Korea, Iran, or even Russia.

Oh, right, these people are all caught up in their own little world, and nothing else matters than Bush ruining their day by having done absolutely nothing to them.

It must be good times for psychologists.

You should be happy about t... (Below threshold)

You should be happy about this piece; it's basically a right-wing hit piece on liberal bloggers. The article ignores the obvious: that there are many different kinds of blogs. Some left blogs are "angry"; so are some right blogs (look at the unhinged anger of Malkin). But the left blogosphere has dozens of policy-oriented blogs that performed brilliantly during the Social Security debate; the policy-wonk bloggers, like Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias helped sink Bush's social security plan by pointing out the problems with it. And Joshua Marshall has turned his blog into a clearing house for old-style "muckraking" on crooked politicians. Then we have the funny, snarky bloggers who are much funnier than anyone on the right, like Sadly, No! and Alicublog. Or how about electioneering strategy blogs like MyDD, or just plain well-written blogs like Digby and Orcinus?

The fact that the Washington Post could look at the incredible variety and diversity of the left blogsophere, and focus only on the "angry left," just shows how clueless and right-wing the Post has become: they constantly accept right-wing frames ("angry left") instead of looking at what's really going on.

DOES THAT LADY HAVE CHILDRE... (Below threshold)


Poor things.

Thank,s for the look see in... (Below threshold)

Thank,s for the look see into the mind of these miscreants thought processes, truly a thing to feel pity for.

To such as these, the war i... (Below threshold)

To such as these, the war is only a convenient club to beat this President with.

Their real beef with him? That he will not endorse as policy the Utopian and/or hedonistic fantasies they have nurtured since the 1960's.

Keep in mind, their platform was and is:
We'll guarantee your right to ...

... get stoned ...
... get your jollies ...
... get a free Band-Aid ...
... and get a check each month, to "get by" ...

... by taking your right to get ahead.

(and as for your right to live, it depends ...)

They think that this President will impose a theocracy ... ignoring the FACT that, were he to try to do so, those same evangelicals who they are so worried about would rip him to shreds for doing so.

The say that this President "lied" ... while ignoring two far bigger lies of their own ... "War is NEVER the answer", and "all you have to do is show up at work to assure your future".

They accuse this President of "incompetence" -- while ignoring the incompetence they are responsible for ... decades of knee-jerk opposition to the decisive use of American force to protect freedom and peace, in the face of millions liberated when our leaders ignored this opposition ... opposition that made our present conflict far longer and far harder than it needed to be, by giving the enemies the time to grow stronger, and the motivation to grow bolder in the perception that America was a "soft target".

Professing to be wise, they have become fools.

Don't fight it. It's... (Below threshold)

Don't fight it. It's useless, Karl Rove can turn your thoughts on and off just like he can the weather. Anger is of no value.

This is what happens when y... (Below threshold)

This is what happens when you substitute socialism for religion. You see those opposed to you as the Devil, the anti-Christ, et cetera. Socialism is a failed utopia leaving its adherents nothing (certainly nothing good, just Europe) on Earth and certainly no afterlife. The admittedly flawed nature of capitalism never lets people get too carried away with it.

You're assuming they ever h... (Below threshold)

You're assuming they ever had control over their lives themselves. They don't, and never wanted it. That's why they are agonizing so much over this, the nanny state has been delayed 8 years because Bush managed to get elected them re-elected. Poor things will just have to fend for themselves a few more years, at least.

A UC Santa Barbara Prof., T... (Below threshold)

A UC Santa Barbara Prof., Thomas Scheff, wrote a trenchant analysis of the basis for the kind of "angry left" anger the Post describes, although the professor apparently didn't apply the analysis to his own side of the political spectrum. According to his article "Searching for Emotions Behind Collective Violence" in the UC Santa Barbara "93106, News for the Faculty and Staff of UCSB," Nov. 22, 2004:

"Collective violence requires five steps. The first is the chosen trauma."

OK, for the "angry left" the chosen trauma is the 2000 election, aggravated by the 2004 election and the continued Republican control of the House and the Senate, and the confirmations of Roberts and Alito. That's a lot of trauma.

"The second step is that the injured group experiences the trauma as a humiliation."

OK, I think the left feels pretty humilated at the results of 2000, and then of 2004, and the Supreme Court confirmations.

"The third step is the failure to mourn the losses sustained in the trauma, and face the painful emotions generated by the defeat."

OK, anyone think the left has "mourned" 2000 & 2004 and "faced the painful emotions" generated? Didn't think so.

"The fourth step is the feeling of entitlement to revenge. Rather than face the anguish of self-examination, a group distracts itself into self-righteous anger and aggression against a purported enemy. To avoid feeling shame, an 'us-them' world is constructed. Even if no enemy is at hand, one can be fabricated in order to avoid one's true feelings."

OK, this described the "angry left" perfectly. Looks like this professor really knows his stuff. But does he see it when he looks in his mirror?

"The fifth step is collective regression. Under pressure of hidden emotions, a majority regresses to an early childhood mentality: mixtures of good and bad are unavailable. One's parents and leaders are all good, and others are all bad because they are enemies. This kind of regression leads to violence."

OK, pretty accurate, except here's where the professor starts to bias his theory so that it only applies to those who (a) support the administration, (b) don't suffer from a generation gap, and (c) are part of "a majority." But there's no basis for these last three qualifiers; the anger need not consume the "majority," but can occur in a group smaller than a majority of the people, and the anger is most likely to be directed at those who are considered to have caused the defeat. If current office-holders -- "leaders" -- are seen as the ones who caused the defeat, the "early childhood mentality" will focus on those leaders as "all bad," not "all good."

So I don't think the good professor quite succeeds in his effort, right at the end, to say that the face he sees in his mirror can't be the face of one of the people he has just described as "regress[ing] to an early childhood mentality."

How do we know the professor is a lefty? Well, he starts his article by telling about a conversation he had at a war memorial with a father whose son was killed in Iraq. The professor immediately starts trying to convince the father that the son died for nothing, for an "unnecessary war on Iraq" because "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11." Mighty sensitive of the professor to use the father's time of grief as a "teachable moment" to convert the father to an anti-Bush stance by making the father feel his son's death was worthless.

Check it out at www.ia.ucsb.edu/93106/2004/November%2022/search.html.

What worries me is that I r... (Below threshold)

What worries me is that I remember so clearly about ten years ago, when so many on the right were in the grip of a Clinton Derangement Syndrome as extreme as anything we see now from the left. In both cases the afflicted exhibit a profound degree of moral outrage, as if they are unable to accept the fact that That Awful Man is actually in the White House.

It may be that we have just by chance elected in sucession two men who inspire such intense feelings in their opponents. But if this keeps on, I think we need to worry. It would suggest that we as a nation are losing our ability to accept electoral defeat as legitimate, if disappointing. Lose that and we lose the ability to form what every party in power in a democracy needs, a loyal opposition, one that understands that given time, a pendulum always swings back.

A loyal opposition also understands that there are times to put the good of the country as a whole above their own political ambitions. Without that, we end up with warring factions that don't really care how much harm they do so long as they can stick it to That Awful Man. In the 90s, when the Cold War was over and we thought that history was settling down into an endless summer afternoon, such an attitude was merely annoying and wasteful. Now that we know how dangerous the world really is, it's become something we can no longer afford.

Thats funny, i dont seem to... (Below threshold)

Thats funny, i dont seem to remember those on the right holding anti war protests when clinton bombed bosnia ?WHERE is one paralell example of this ? just a curious question.

Certainly not a flattering ... (Below threshold)

Certainly not a flattering profile - her response about it all is interesting. I just wish bloggers in general would get over the fact that there are reprehensible things said on both sides that don't truly represent a side. I don't need to quote LGF or FR, which advocate the most vile and violent policies, for you to understand what I'm talking about. Regardless of party affiliation, I just hope our next Pres. is less of a siren.

If I took Wizbangs side of things and called Ted Kennedy a "wetback" or a "molestor," that we should take diplomacy and stick it up an ass, well it doesn't come off as very intelligent or hinged in reality either.

Agreed and Amen.... (Below threshold)

Agreed and Amen.

Hmmm.Frankly I des... (Below threshold)


Frankly I despised, and still despise, Clinton. He and Gore were involved in a lot of things that have proven to be very harmful to America. Not the least is that these two twits thought it would be a good idea to hand over nuclear weapons secrets to Iran.

Don't even mention their relationship with the Chinese military.

But I didn't spend my every waking moment hating Clinton. I despised him but he occupied about 0.0001% of my time and most of that was during the Lewinsky nonsense.


I think we can expect people to go absolutely nuts when Bush leaves office. Either they'll continue to expend vast amounts of emotional energy against someone who isn't in office any longer, and thus largely take themselves out of contemporary politics along with an emotional crash. Or they'll shift their focus to someone else and get even worse.

Anyone want to bet when deranged lefties restart the SLA or the SDS? IMHO either the BDS nonsense starts getting under control or we'll get to see leftist whacknuts restart their domestic terror groups yet again.

Hmmmm.Mig... (Below threshold)


Mighty sensitive of the professor to use the father's time of grief as a "teachable moment" to convert the father to an anti-Bush stance by making the father feel his son's death was worthless.

No offense to anyone but that is the most inappropriate thing I've heard of in weeks. IMHO were I that father that university would be looking for a substitute professor for about 6 months.

ed you are right... (Below threshold)


you are right as usual, i think they will celebrate when Bush leaves and will continue to blame him for everything for the next 50 years just like they have for the last 50.
i dont think it matters who on the right gets to be pres next,the left is so far gone they cannot possibly come back as the same party they once were, i think they are finished.

So whats going to happen to... (Below threshold)

So whats going to happen to these a-holes psyche's when once again they loose in November and in 08?
And when Iraq settles down as a success?
Maybe the should spare themselves more grief and simply end it all in a environmentally correct manner.

Actually, I couldn't work u... (Below threshold)

Actually, I couldn't work up any outrage over how much malevolence and ill will this woman has generated with her vitriol, and undoubtedly will generate in the future. I'm just sorry she has chosen to lead such a wretchedly miserable life. And I'm heartsick at how her behavior must torture everyone in her life, expecially any children.

She and Cindy Sheehan, in t... (Below threshold)

She and Cindy Sheehan, in the jello pit, one round for Queen of the Moonbats.

"look at the unhinged anger... (Below threshold)

"look at the unhinged anger of Malkin".
You're kidding, right?
Show me where she has advocated riot, murder, coup, assasination of a sitting president, or any of the other angry wet-dreams one sees every day at Kos and the other leftwing vomit buckets.
Go on. Take your time. I'll just wait here for you to come up with even one example of Malkin advocating anything of the kind. I've got all night. Still waiting.
Well, I'll check back later. I'm sure you've just missplaced the info. Why not give Chris Mathews a call and ask him? Everyone saw how Malkin victimized that poor journilist on his "show".

jp2I don't need... (Below threshold)


I don't need to quote LGF or FR, which advocate the most vile and violent policies, for you to understand what I'm talking about.

Please quote one post by Charles at LGF that "advocates the most vile and violent policies".

If I took Wizbangs side of things and called Ted Kennedy a "wetback"...

You'd be telling the truth! :o) I'm sure Ted "Splash" Kennedy's back was quite wet on one particular night...

Oops! Ted's nickname is "The Swimmer"-- "Splash" is what he named his dog...

It is funny that a Leftist ... (Below threshold)

It is funny that a Leftist would say that Malkin engages in hate speech of any kind, let alone of any kind close to what goes on in Leftist blogs.

I too challenge anyone to find a hateful blog post by her.

This is simply Leftist projection gone amok once again. And a desire to try and defuse their embarassing behavior by pretending that the Right engages in it also.

By the way, Sadly, No!

Not very funny (just ask Dean Esmay).

It all comes down to a subt... (Below threshold)

It all comes down to a subtle definition of terms.

Disagreement does NOT require frothing, hate-filled screeds for the majority of Americans.

However, for some on the left - it does.

Reasonable people can come to terms with disagreement, when it's framed politely. Impolite disagreement deserves to be snubbed - which of course raises their level of anger at the person disagreed with. "How dare you not pay any attention to me after I called you a pigfucking capitalist bastard! That just shows how hate-filled you are!"

If all you want it to be angry - you can find folks to echo your anger. But after the anger - then what? Too much of it and you've poisoned the well of discourse, and you've also exhausted yourself of any energy to change things. Which is fine, if you confuse being angry with changing things and getting things accomplished.


The left is soooo hateful. ... (Below threshold)

The left is soooo hateful. Why can't the just love their President like the right wing loved say Bill Clinton?

The right wing did love Clinton didn't they? I mean, they never said anything against him or his administration on talk radio or anything did they?

Mmmm, or maybe they did. If they did it would be kind of ironic, given how the right wing is all over frat boy's jock to protect him from the evil left wing bloggers.

One thing that is missing f... (Below threshold)

One thing that is missing from your post is the anaysis of why would the Washington Post want to faithfully portray left wing bloggers.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that Daily Kos has been excorating Hillary Clinton as a potential candidate. The left wing is put off by her moves to the center because they foolishly believe she is sincere.
I beleive the WaPo is attempting to knock the left bloggers down a peg as a covert support for Hillary's run at the Presidency. The MSM is saying STFU to liberal blogs.

Check out this website for ... (Below threshold)

Check out this website for new tools regarding emotional insight, development and wisdom:

yes.this is my site <a hre... (Below threshold)






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