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I hate my camera

Last month, I drove down to Salem to try and get Howie Carr to autograph my copy of his book, The Brothers Bulger. Unfortunately, I showed up too late, and they had closed the line.

Yesterday, Howie showed up at the Sam's Club in Concord, NH, so I tried it again.

I barely made it in time, but I did make it..

One advantage of being so damned late, though: I managed to convince Howie to pose for a quick picture. I shoulda double-checked the settings on my camera first, because it came out damned blurry, but for what it's worth, here it is:

Howie and new friend.

I was supposed to get a copy for a friend, but they'd sold out within half an hour of his arrival. So I flew down to a nearby bookstore and grabbed a copy, then raced back up the Heights to get that signed, too -- and missed him by mere minutes.

Oh, well... that's the price of being a procrastinator.

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It can't be fixed but it ca... (Below threshold)

It can't be fixed but it can probably be improved quite a bit if you send it in 'RAW' format to someone with some talent and a good photo program.

Careful, that Bullwinkle fe... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Careful, that Bullwinkle fellow could photoshop that into a "babe o' the week" without breaking a sweat.

Bullwinkle... With all due ... (Below threshold)

Bullwinkle... With all due respect to your comment sna Jay Tea's camera, I'm sorta doubting it does RAW format.

Unless Jay is a closet photog... and from looking at his picture I'm doubting that.

Besides even in RAW you could unsharp that sucker till the cows come home and it still wouldn't be a decent shot. That's called an experience shot.

I used to be an amateur cra... (Below threshold)
Roy Lofquist:

I used to be an amateur crastinator, now I am a procrastinator.

I am the friend who had poo... (Below threshold)

I am the friend who had poor Jay Tea running all over NH the other day, attempting to get Howie's book signed for me. What he failed to mention is that he still came over to Maine on Easter Sunday and gave me a copy of the book. Now, if I can pry my husband's fingers off of it, I will read it! (Hey, Jay - maybe we should bother your wizbang readers about how to fix my unsecure wireless problem???) :)






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