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Indictments in Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

Two Duke lacrosse players were indicted:

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) -- A grand jury issued sealed indictments Monday against two members of the Duke University lacrosse team in connection with allegations that a stripper was raped last month at a team party, a source close to the case told The Associated Press.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity because the grand jury proceedings are secret, said he did not know which players on the 47-member team were indicted.

The grand jury adjourned around 2 p.m. Monday, handing up indictments a short time later to Superior Court Judge Ronald Stephens. A filing at the courthouse said the judge had sealed at least one indictment, citing a state law that allows an indictment to be "kept secret until the defendant is arrested or appears before the court."

A 27-year-old black woman told police she was attacked March 13 by three white men in a bathroom at a party held by the lacrosse team.


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Comments (25)

Just wondering: if three pl... (Below threshold)

Just wondering: if three players were in the bathroom how the DA only manages to come up with 2 indictments? Wouldn't the third be charged with something, if for no other reason than to pre-empt the defense calling him to the stand to testify that nothing of the sort happened?

What a joke ! unless your i... (Below threshold)

What a joke ! unless your indicted..

I just hope these indictme... (Below threshold)

I just hope these indictments have merit, not a result of public pressure.
Raymond B

Kim:This posting w... (Below threshold)


This posting without question represents your best analysis -- your deepest insights, your most emotive and evocative work. If you can stay this particular course, my dear, the world will beat a mousetrap to your door.

Truly, we live in your shadow.

Your servant,


Hey, smart astigafa;<... (Below threshold)

Hey, smart astigafa;

Kim does indeed show wisdom, for there is nothing more to be said. We do not have all the facts. Let's let the system work, shall we?

Just watch. As soon as this... (Below threshold)

Just watch. As soon as this idiot DA wins his primary election, he will drop the charges and forget all about it. If that happens, I hope that the two guys that were indicted sue the shit of out him. I also think that the state Attorney General should investigate the DA for malicous prosecution. Jessie Jackson and the Rev Al should be charged as accessories.

I suppose DNA evidence is n... (Below threshold)

I suppose DNA evidence is now worthless to exculpate convicted rapists and murderers.

I was paying attention to m... (Below threshold)

I was paying attention to my TV, so I only half heard this story on the local news here in Durham. Jessie Jackson said he would pay for the stripper's college, even if she lost the case. I didn't even know she was IN college.

Yes , she,s enrolled in the... (Below threshold)

Yes , she,s enrolled in the Table dancers school of hard knocks in Raleigh.

Actually, I am a professor ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I am a professor at the school where she is a student. The name of the University is North Carolina Central and it is a historically black institution in Durham.

The investigators should be... (Below threshold)

The investigators should be looking for objects similar to broomsticks and plungers. The reason the girls left the party in the first place was because they were threatened with broomsticks (remember Abner Louima anyone?) Also consider that these guy's were "smart" enough to wear condoms anyway! So, don't close the books on her allegation because no DNA was found - YET!

I am curious as to why there were no lie detector tests conducted! That would be the first thing I would do to vindicate myself!

There are some high-priced lawyers involved now, so the poor girls are gonna be drug through hell! Unlike the young blonde that acused Kobe!

How far we have come indeed! Race is obviously a factor- along with class. Anyone else beside's me have a problem with the victim being refered to as a "black stripper?" She was a STUDENT in the same community as Duke. Those kids weren't called "White party-goers" or something like that- they were connotated with dignifiying terms all throughout the media! Yet some of you didn't even know this young lady was a student TOO!

I am proud to post my thoughts amongst other objective posts. (Save the poster with the "joke" about the table dancing school.

MissMrs,Hello. You... (Below threshold)


Hello. You are an idiot. Thanks to your D, my A- will have my parents bragging about how brilliant I am for years to come.

There was no DNA found on the victim and you are right for pointing at condoms as the reason...but there was also no latex and no pubic hair found on her. It's impossible for someone to be violated in that manner, condom or not, and not to leave behind some forensic evidence during the violence. This indictment came from the accusations and photograph indentification from a woman who was severely intoxicated according to nearly every witness who has come forward with the exception of herself.

The girl was identified as a black stripper..and? Is the fact that she was also a student negate the facts that she is first black and secondly a stripper? She's also been described as a single mother...let's cry about that too.

I have yet to hear her referred to as "the black stripper" without the suggestive parable "white lacross players/team". To those of you searchinf desperately for aggrevating racism in the case: look no further.

The assailants were desribed to investigators as white men...that immediately excluded the one black player on the lacrosse team. I thought we were over this segregation stuff. Let that poor black kid join in the wonderful media circus and uneducated, root for the home team, monosyllabic, eugenic clap-trap that people are turning this in to. It's the American thing to do.

This procession of events to come...is just that...events. The state is just going through the motions to avoid being scrutinized for not trying. They can get embarassed when the case is thrown out...but at least they will be able to say they tried.

Weaponoftruth, unless you w... (Below threshold)

Weaponoftruth, unless you were in the frat house on that faithful night, you know no more than anyone speculating whether a rape occured or not. Yet you seem to have already made up your mind. "Monosyllabic,eugenic, clap trap.."? WTF? And how is this dabate monosyllabic, when Faux news goes on and on about the business of declaring the boys innocent. -see I said boys without white in front of it-

Please get a clue and stop letting your prejudices influence your argument. Personally, I don't know if a crime was committed or not, and neither do you. I just hope that both the players and the alleged victim gets a fair shake in the justice system, and people like you will stop pre-judging things based on what you want to happen.

Oh, and FYI, I think OJ was as guilty as hell, and Mike Tyson too; and yes, Tawana Brawley lied. But until I hear more about this case I am going to reserve judgement. You should too, and ask yourself this question: If the races of the individuals involved were reversed, would you be thinking the same way? Mmmmm... why don't you answer that one to yourself Sunday morning in church. Because I bet only you and your God will know the real answer.

Reading! It's fundamental a... (Below threshold)

Reading! It's fundamental and can help you save face.

Do me a big favor, spare me from your political biases and obvious reluctance to comprehend what you read.

I'm glad that you told me to wait until I have all the information to convict or acquit these young men...because that isn't exactly what I just said in my previous post.

If you were able to quantify simple sentences, or spell complicated words like "debate", you'd understand that at no time did I claim that these kids are innocent. The truth is, something happened in that house and the only question in my mind is pertaining to how severe of a crime was actually committed. Lewd behavior? Definately. Racial slurs? Probably. Rape? Who knows...

The argument I was making, my dear mongoloid, is that there is no way for Mr. Nifong to prove that a rape took place in that house by those men and on that night. His evidence isn't even circumstantial. It's he-said, she-said at BEST.

Now, about those pesky prejudices I have...

My statement CLEARLY outlines my belief that people should view this situation with the absence of prejudice. I said not to root for the home team. That goes for whites, blacks, women, strippers, single mothers, people with down syndrome...everyone gets a piece of that wisdom.

The next time you wish to educate someone on the subject of their biases...you should leave yours at the door. From what I can gather, you hate Fox, republicans, god, church and probably most white people. In fact, because I disagreed with you...you assumed that I am white.

You should really stop assuming...especially if you're going to degrade our people by flying your banner under the title "field-negro". Brotha...

Weaponoftruth, I could care... (Below threshold)

Weaponoftruth, I could care less what color you are,-BTW I am not your brotha, you stay right in that house by your lonesome- and please save your petty librarian speak for someone who really cares. As far as I am concerned, your response was totally disingenous, and you WERE taking sides in the debate. I didn't see quotation marks when you said: "The state is just going through the motions...so that they can't get embarrased when the case is thrown out." Yeah I guess reading IS fundamental, you should try it sometime. Geeez, you must really think field-negroes are stupid. -been in the house too long huh?-

Oh, and by the way, you are right about some of the things I hate; you got three out of five right.


Seems to me that you're a w... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that you're a walking contradiction. You'd like everyone to believe that this is all about race and not about simple facts...but the fact that I am obviously more intelligent than you makes me a bonafide "how-do-ya-do-suh" house nigga.

What a proud moment this must be for your mother...who obviously taught you how to milk the system by staying as ignorant as possible.

For a long time it was illegal to teach blacks to read. if that law was reinstated...none of your teachers would be convicted of that crime. Sooo...try to keep up this time, Kunta. I'm going to make it as simple as possible.

Me saying that the case is going to get thrown out is just simple facts. This prosecutor has nothing. He has terrible witnesses. He has a victim with limited credibility and yes, he has two very white and very rich young men as the accused. That's NOT taking sides...that's making a cold and precise observation based on facts.

When I tell you that you have a reading comprehension issue...and your retort is to tell me the same thing in juvenile fashion...that's the Pee Wee herman "I know you are but what am I?" style of banter. That's adorable...really.

Hating any of the 5 things I listed makes you a certified moron. You embarass me and you embarass every decent black man and woman in this country. You're a crybaby and you'd rather complain about things that aren't happening, turn a blind eye to the things that are and refuse to help make it better than act like a man and grow up. What you really hate, is the fact that everything you see terrifies you...because you don't understand it.

Excuse me now, I gotsta go drive Miss Daisy to da Piggluh Wiggluh.

OK, I didn't want to go the... (Below threshold)

OK, I didn't want to go there with you Miss Daisey, but now I will with your wanna be behind. Now let's compare credentials shall we? First, my mother did not teach me how to milk the system, my mother,(Ed.D) and my father(Ph.D) for that matter, are both doctors, and they did a very good job of teaching me the value of an education and hard work. (Not that you would know anything about that living in the house) Anyway, you seem to know a lot about the legal system, or at least I hope you do, because I happen to be an attorney -doesn't make me any smarter than anyone else, but at least I have 19 grades of schooling- and I happen to know a thing or two about the legal system. BTW, even if YOU are an attorney, I doubt seriously if you have ever sat with a client and heard the words..."we the jury find the defendant..." Because I am guessing if you were a part of my profession, you would be stuck in some law library somewhere sucking up to the partners in your firm at every chance you get. But I digress. Anyway, don't attempt to draw legal conclusions about this case because you are obviously clueless. "he has two very white and very rich young men as the accused.." So what? The last time I checked Durham was predominantly black, and unles there is a change of venue, the jury pool will come from that community. Bet you didn't hear that analysis on Faux news huh? Have you ever heard of the term jury nullification? I I bet not...oh never mind, why do I even bother?

As for me being an embarrasment to my race; girlfriend, I have achieved more for myself and my race than you ever will. So spare me your pretentious,self-aggrandizing, highfalutin speak.I can spot your type a mile away; Mr. Charlie's sugar is sweeter, and his ice is always colder. And for the record, the only thing that terrifies me are self hating house negroes like you.

I mean you started your post my talking about my momma for crying out loud! No self respecting black person does that to another one. -not even on the internet where you can hide in the comfort of your home- Just goes to show you what can happen when Aunt Jemima meets technology.

Now run along and get massa's slippers. Kizzy!

No self respecting black ma... (Below threshold)

No self respecting black man talks about another's mother? What a wonderful world YOU live in. in my world, self respecting black men don't refer to themselves as field-negroes and seperate themselves from the other negroes who may or may not work in the house, figuratively. If anyone is self hating, it's you.

The fact that you brought up specific credentials for your family and yourself proves two things..the first being that there isn't a shred of truth to it whatsoever. The second truth is that you can't even believe in your own argument so you feel that your best bet is to shower me with your psuedo-intellectual credibilities in hopes that I'll buy it and feel bad for taking on such a clearly superior intellect. You're doing with lies about qualifications what rappers do with money and bling-bling. The BS...doesn't impress this negro of the abode.

I would genuinely not counter by telling you that I am a lawyer as I am in all honesty not. I am merely an educator, a righter of wrongs and a righter of left. My purpose for engaging in debate is very focused on bringing rational thought to the naturally irrational...people like you.

Two very white and very rich boys accused of raping a girl who is not of the same fiscal social or racial class in a community of people who are a direct representation of the victim...sounds like an argument for a change of venue to me. I don't know how achievable that is...don't care. The argument should be made just as it was in Kobe's trial.

I should hope, that as a lawyer, you realize that not everything revolves around the jury. The men who can drop this case or force it to be dropped at any time are as white as the thought inside of you that hate your own kind.

Here's an interesting dichotomy about ME hiding in MY home...you're hiding in yours, cuddles. Your insinuation that you would engage me in fisticuffs because I told the world how stupid your mother is...just proves how right I am. You can continue ranting and raving about what a coward I am and how I'd never meet you face to face...but those will just be comfort tools. I could buy you a plain ticket, set you up at a 5 star hotel, have breakfast waiting for you and I would never get to see that ugly, scared self loathing mug of yours...ever.

1 out of 1 geniuses in this conversation agree...you are all mouth.

"The first thing is that th... (Below threshold)

"The first thing is that there isn't a shred of truth to it.." I know, god forbid that a black man (And a field-negro no less) can have two doctors as parents, and actually be a lawyer and the least educated in his family. News flash! I don't have to prove a thing to you Aunt Jemima. But I tell you what, I know there is a way that I can prove what I am saying without totally compromising each other's privacy, and I am willing to bet you for our favorite charities on it. Of course you won't step up for two reasons; one, house negroes are all talk, and two, I doubt if you have a favorite charity.-Republican pacs don't count-

As for me wearing blng; sorry Kizzy, I only wear a watch, that's in your world. Now the the plane ticket, five star hotel etc. sounds inviting.- would the ticket be first class?- But I suspect you would want to live out your Mandingo fantasies, and try to get me in the house with you, so I don't know.(I don't want to be shallow or anything, but I have never met an attractive black republican female) Anyway, here is another bet I will make with you. If you can look at me and objectively call my mug ugly I will double the above donation to your charity :)

BTW, why do you say marely an educator-Mmmm insecurity issues- My mother is an educator -you know the same one you say I am lying about- and she is my hero. I guess you repubs don't value education as much as I thought.

Well weaponoftruth, the only genius in this converation is signing off (2:00AM on the east coast)
It's been real, anytime you need an education please feel free to check in. And hey, it's really not so bad out here in the fields, you should try coming outside sometime.

People who are used to deba... (Below threshold)

People who are used to debate...would have quit before your last post. You've lost. You're reaching for something that is simply not within your grasp.

You do have something to prove to me. That's why you flaunted your family's ficticious educations.

You called me all talk. I called you all talk earlier. Pee Wee Herman...again.

I never said you wear bling-bling...this is where that reading thing I keep talking about would help. Eeeeeenglish...DO YOU SPEAK IT?!?

I am NOT a republican. However, I'm sure that's the only way you can explain why someone would chastize you for being stupid...so i forgive the mistake. The far left is usually pretty stubborn and hasty with their explanations for negative interaction.

You're a leftist, whose a homophobe, who asked me to examine his facial features to determine if he is attractive. Self hate...is still hate.

I'm insecure for humbley describing myself as an educator? Of course, you had to assume that me describing myself as such is telling you what my profession is. It's not. If you were able to understand what you read you'd see that I refused to give levity to my arguemnt with irrelevant titles like that. In fact...I chastized you rather cleverly for doing just that.

Last, but not least, I tell you that I'm here to educate you...and you sign off with a promise to educate me. Welcome to Pee Wee's Playhouse.

When you have a solid argument to bring forward...look me up. You repeating what I have said back to me and calling it your own insult is not intellectually stimulating to me. That's what Hollywood does with their politics and frankly...it's insulting.

Put on your thinking cap...and come up with something original.

OK thinking cap on: But I s... (Below threshold)

OK thinking cap on: But I still see an insecure,unintellgent,cretinous,obtuse,self hating house-negro.

Cap off: Now I am back to being a narcissistic Philadelphia lawyer from a well credentialed family. And the guy who wouldn't give a handkerchief head negro like you the time of day if you were fortunate enough to ever see me.

".. calling it your own insult is not intellectually stimulating to me."

I would say what I really think stimulates you, but I am a gentleman, and civility, as they say, costs nothing.

lol weaponoftruth it looks ... (Below threshold)

lol weaponoftruth it looks like we have found a lawyer who cant argue and only repeat what he hears lmao

dude field negro you aint made one decent point yet you should give up

In regards to the most rece... (Below threshold)

In regards to the most recent issues in this case I thought it would be useful to inform people of what psychological research says about multiple victimization of rape survivors.

What is revictimization or multiple victimization?

The risk of sexual revictimization, according to the CDC, is based on vulnerability factors. One of these is the pre-existance of PTSD from a previous assault. Being the victim of child sexual abuse doubles the likelihood of adult sexual victimization (Parillo et. al., 2003) (Sarkar, N.; Sarkar, R., 2005). PTSD levels are actually higher in those who have been previously victimized than in survivors of only one assault (Follette et. al., 1996). PTSD could give the victim the appearance of vulnerability in dangerous situations and effect the ability of the victim to defend themselves.

One study found that of the 433 sexually assaulted respondents, two-thirds reported more than one incident (Sorenson et. al., 1991). Two further studies also found that women who were victimized more than once or in both childhood and adolescence had a higher risk for adult revictimization and more PTSD (Siegel & Williams, 2001), (Breslau et. al., 1999). Intervention such as counseling for mental health issues (like PTSD) and for possible addictions related to the abuse can help women with child sexual abuse histories overcome some of the abuse-related sequelae that make them vulnerable to adult revictimization (Parillo et. al., 2003). Other factors influencing recovery are emotional support from friends, relations, social and community supports (Sarkar, N.; Sarkar, R., 2005).

Problems experienced by retraumatized women were that they were more likely to be alexithymic, show dissociation scores indicating risk for dissociative disorders, and to have attempted suicide compared to the other groups (Cloitre et. al., 1997).


Weapon of truth- you could ... (Below threshold)

Weapon of truth- you could be so much more useful if you would drop the "attitude" I simply expressed my feelings toward this case and you call me an idiot! What network did you hear disclose that there was no latex or pubic hair found? The DNA and Forensic finding were never specified: no matching DNA and injuries consistent with rape is all that was ever disclosed. In an argument, you cannot build your platform with fake facts! I have been all over this case as it is a hot topic at my University, and I can confidently say, that that was never reported. You take these blogs too seriously- you can't get your fact from a psuedo's droppings! They are not credible. I would be interested in knowing where you got that from, though. Please follow up. But if you respond- please have some respect for a sistah! Thank you!

Just when you think this ca... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

Just when you think this case couldn't get any weaker, more information comes to light showing the complete incompetence of district attorney Mike Nifong.

The only thing left to make this case even weaker would be the accuser herself finally coming forward to admit that she lied about the whole thing, which would make it even harder for district attorney to win the case, but Mike Nifong would probably ignore that piece of evidence as well in his quest to maliciously prosecute these young men.

• The stripper acknowledged drinking before going to the party.
• The stripper told police that she used a vibrating sex toy during a dance in a hotel room for a male and female, but prior she told police that she had not had sex in the week before the party.
• The Stripper had sex with her boyfriend and the two men that drives her to these parties, and this was the third party she did that night.
• Another male friend of the accuser said that he had sex with the stripper that week and that he drove her to three other sexual encounters, according to the friend's statement.
• Osborn also claims in the court documents that the nurse who examined the alleged victim was in training and not yet certified.
• The "rape kit report" stated that their was some swelling - which is pretty god for someone who had that much sex that night and the days before.
• The DA Mike Nifong lied when he stated he was waiting for a toxicity test to prove a rape date drug was used. No toxicity test was done.

So far the absolute void of DNA has proven that no rape has occurred. The 2nd stripper first statement stated that the drunk stripper was alone for only five minutes at the house.






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