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The Online Face Of Evil - Kevin Ray Underwood

PURCELL -- Months of strategic planning and preparation led Kevin Underwood to invite in, kill, attempt to dismember and sexually assault his upstairs neighbor, Jamie Rose Bolin, District Attorney Tim Kuykendall said Saturday.

"It is our belief that though she was chosen to be the victim of this particular crime, other people, children and adults, had been targeted," said Purcell Police Chief David Tompkins.

Bolin, 10, was found dead in a plastic tub in the closet of Underwood's apartment Friday afternoon. Police began searching for the girl Wednesday night, originally hypothesizing she may have been abducted by an online predator.

Saturday, Chief David Tompkins and Kuykendall said a number of items seized from Underwood's apartment over the weekend indicated he was planning to consume part or all of Bolin's body after he killed her and removed her head. He allegedly killed Underwood by beating her head three to four times with a wooden cutting board and smothering her with his hands and duct tape, said Tompkins. Additionally, it appeared Underwood had attempted to remove Bolin's head with a decorative dagger, which was also seized.

"Regarding a potential motive, this appears to have been part of a plan to kidnap a person, rape them, torture them, kill them, cut off their head, drain the body of blood, rape the corpse, eat the corpse, then dispose of the organs and bones," said Tompkins. Quietly collecting a number of items seized at the apartment, including a hacksaw, meat tenderizer, barbecue skewers, and a duffle bag, Underwood told investigators he'd "fantasized about cannibalism for about a year now," Tompkins said Saturday.

This guy is like a poster-child for the death penalty.

Expect much discussion this week to be about his blog, Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K., his his Page 'O Links, his Amazon wish list, and the rest of his online activities. Here's what you'll find in his Blogger profile:

About Me

Single, bored, and lonely, but other than that, pretty happy.

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

The skin of last night's main course.

There's a special place in hell for this guy, who's admitted to the crime...

Kevin Underwood: Another Deadly Blogger? - [CourtTV]


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Comments (48)

There is no place in Hell h... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

There is no place in Hell hot enough for the likes of someone like this!

He apparently had a blog de... (Below threshold)
etty bell:

He apparently had a blog devoted to learning Japanese too, and that linked to some Japanese websites about manga and anime and porn.

Makes you wonder how his mi... (Below threshold)

Makes you wonder how his mind got so twisted.

Stake.Large stack ... (Below threshold)


Large stack of firewood.


Some assembly required.

Phew, that kind of vacant, ... (Below threshold)

Phew, that kind of vacant, detached from reality appearance must have taken a lot of practice.

Maybe he should try the sharia honor killing defense.

Too fast, doc jim.... (Below threshold)

Too fast, doc jim.

So are "flesh eating bacteria" and leprosy is too slow. How about some nice hungry flesh eating invertebrates controlled so they only nibble a portion at a time...

Who in heaven's name... (Below threshold)

Who in heaven's name is still stupid enough to give their kid "Ray" as a middle name? It's 2006 and we know better: If you want your kid to grow up to be a psychotic killer, give them the middle name of "Ray" or "Wayne".

Man, some people never learn.

Below is Kev's first blog e... (Below threshold)
Brian Moore:

Below is Kev's first blog entry. What a guy!

"September 10th, 2002. Well, it just turned midnight, so it's technically the 11th. But, just this once, I'm not going to get technical, and I'm still going to proceed like it's the 10th. Anyway, let's begin again.

September 10th, 2002. The day before the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America. And I say...who gives a fuck? I'm sick of hearing about it! I was sick of hearing about it a week after it happened. I liked the coverage of it at first, because it was entertaining. But after a few days of it, it got boring! The same thing happened with the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma, from which I live only about 30 or 40 miles away. I didn't care about that, and I don't care about the WTC. No one I know was involved in either of them, no one I know was hurt. And as long as none of my close friends or I are hurt, I don't give a fuck how many people the terrorists kill. I'm not worried about it. I live in the middle of nowhere, there's not much chance they're going to bomb anything here. The only thing I'm worried about is Anthrax, or something else chemical or biological.

They say there's a good chance of another attack of some kind tomorrow, (or today if you want to be really anal about it). Now I'm not hoping they attack, I'm not going that far, but if they do, let's just say I'll be watching the news coverage of it for the entertainment value.

"We'll never forget." Hell no, we'll never forget, they wont let us! It's been a year people, get over it! People die every day! It's been a year and they're still talking about it! Constantly! It makes me want to kick a hole through the TV every time they say the words "September 11th," "World Trade Center," or "Osama bin Laden." Everytime I see a sign, or a poster, or a bumper sticker, or anything else that says, "God Bless America," or "These colors don't run," or anything else like that, I just want to scream, and rip the sign down, or run the car off the road. But I just got a new car, I don't want to ruin it with bloodstains so soon after I got it. It's a very nice car. Yes, I care about my car more than I care about, oh, just about everyone!

In order to protect myself from the assload of September 11th memorial programming they'll be shitting onto us from almost every channel tommorrow, (okay, okay, TODAY!) I'm not turning my TV off of the Cartoon Network (where it nearly always is anyway).

Yeah, yeah. I know my views are extremely unpopular, and I'm going to get tons of hate mail, and possibly be arrested by the government sponsored terrorist group known as the Office of Homeland Defense, or whatever they're called. Because after all, after the September 11th attacks, free speech, and certain other freedoms, had to be taken away from us, "For our own safety," they say. If you can figure that one out, please explain it to me. On second thought, don't. If that makes sense to you, you're obviously the kind of idiot that I don't want to talk to. The kind of idiot that makes me want to ruin my new car.

So, by now you hate me. Good. I hate you too, and I've never even met you.

And tomorrow, when you're watching your little September 11th shows and crying and hating the terrorists like a good little American sheep, remember what Adolf Hitler said: "The death of one is a tragedy. The death of millions is just a statistic." For ultimately, this is how the victims of the September 11th attacks will be remembered, as just a statistic. A mere number, on the page of a history book, scribbled on by a bored child. All the loved ones lost in this attack will be reduced to merely this. And I will laugh.

Don't waste your time sending me hate mail. I won't even read it. Just think of me as the "shock jock" of the Internet."


Starve him to the point whe... (Below threshold)

Starve him to the point where he'd eat anything. Then chop off his leg and feed it to him.

Where do these pieces of sh... (Below threshold)

Where do these pieces of shit come from?

"He allegedly killed Underw... (Below threshold)

"He allegedly killed Underwood by beating her head three to four times with a wooden cutting board and smothering her with his hands and duct tape, said Tompkins."

I think you meant to say, "He allegedly killed Bolin..."

I disagree.The rea... (Below threshold)

I disagree.

The real psychos, (and I think it is safe to include this guy) should be studied, probed, analyzed, and tested. We need to figure out what the hell is wrong with this guy. Regular murderers who do it for some identifiable reason are one thing, but psychopaths who gain a perverse pleasure from it are clearly wired wrong.

I think it behooves us to learn as much as we can about what the hell happened to this person. (and yes, he is a human being)

If there is even a small chance that by studying this guy, we could discover a "psycho gene" or we learn a new set of "danger signs" that school administrators could recognize, we would be gaining something. Killing this guy doesn't really do much for us.

I understand people's natural revulsion to this type of person and the primal reaction to want to see him suffer, but these types are so rare and so terrifying, that we should learn everything we can about them. This is not a desperate man doing desperate things. This is not a crime of passion. This is a sick f***er and I for one, think society would benefit from learning about him.

This is not to say I don't blame him for his actions, or excuse him or want to understand him in any sort of apologizing manner. Rather I think what can be learned about him could benefit us down the road.

Yeah study him while he is ... (Below threshold)

Yeah study him while he is on death row and then let the maggots have him. I just hope that 10 years from now I am not still awaiting his capital punishment.

Let's apply Niven's idea of... (Below threshold)

Let's apply Niven's idea of "wireheading" to this guy, only hooking up the pain center instead of the pleasure center...

So many people are hurt by ... (Below threshold)

So many people are hurt by this I am so sad I see this little girl to me she just wanted a friend.wanted to be his friend believe he would not hurt her can you feel what she was feeling.God my soul hurts this guy killed a very loving girl that only wanted one thing a friend.I am sad.I cry out that this guy get's what he should get soon and meets his maker soon I am sorry but I just can't help myself this is very sad.

Good idea, to the man whom ... (Below threshold)

Good idea, to the man whom brought his bucket and rope to the court room! "string him up"

Only I feel that a death of such would be too sudden for this guy. He should be tortured, perhaps take a saw and cut his pieces off one at a time let him have a taste of him-self!

You people commenting here ... (Below threshold)

You people commenting here are very disturbed. I wonder how many of your sick violent revenge fantasies Kevin shares with you.

i like it when my boyfriend... (Below threshold)
loco papa:

i like it when my boyfriend hits me with his balls. i have a black eye

This miserable piece of ... (Below threshold)

This miserable piece of garbage is nothing but a coward. His posting makes him sound like he's so tough. Yeah, he's real tough picking on a 10 year old girl. Hopefully, he will be repeatedly raped and attacked by other freaks during his time in prison.

Laredo,"yo... (Below threshold)

"you sick people" How would you feel if he were to have done this to your daughter? Would you really want him to get the death penalty then 10 years later or so the justice system finaly desides okay, its time for him to die, lets just give him a stick in the arm and let him slip off to death.

That to me sounds more like a privalige!

I think that any one, if given the option, would ruther be given a needle VS having to die the same nasty death they imposed upon their victim.

Perhaps you are:

A) the one that is disturbed, and you are afraid that one of "us people" may get to you before the "LAW" after one of your sick venges.

B) An attorney, looking to earn a few bucks.

C) A nobody, just wanting to see your name posted on this sit just like your buddy loco papa.

This guy's blogspot is a pr... (Below threshold)

This guy's blogspot is a probably the best possible method of detecthing a serial killer. This guy was clearly on the way to doing not just one, but dozens if he could.

Read his entire blog. Watch how it goes from hatred of all, to self loathing, and back again.. Then watch how he goes from posting long rants to less so, and then none at all and just quotes some other articles.

C'mon, this stuff is a major crimelab study bonanza!

okay..first off...this guy ... (Below threshold)

okay..first off...this guy is effin nasty..anyone who is willing to eat another human obviously has serious issues! and he said he wants to be like every other normal person out there..hmm..well eating your neighbors body is NOT a good start..ugh..just the thought of it..ew..but anyway..I don't think he should be put to death because in my point of view that's just an easy way out..he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison so he can get raped and possibly killed for what he's done..if he gets the death penalty..that's crap..he should have to pay for what he did because that's absolutley horrible..I've never thought that someone would be as sick to watch spongebob with ur neighbor knowing that in a couple minutes you would finally get to fufill your fantasy of torturing, killing, raping, then EATING your neighbor..its disgusting..he needs to pay for what he's done..and Rose Bolins family is in my prayers everyday..and so is he..


This is for the guy who doe... (Below threshold)

This is for the guy who doesn't share the opinions of the other respondents. Either you don't have children or you just don't care about them enough to be concerned about their safety. All the people writing are feeling the emotions of how the family of the victim may be feeling at this point in time. we all harbor feelings of hatred, it's only human to have such a reaction to such a horrible crime. It takes a disturbed individual to put these feelings into action as an everyday way of life. I'm no jesus freak by any means but he will be dealt with in some way shape or form. Personally, if this was my child he would no longer see the light of day. I would find a way to kill him. This is the true law of the land. Protect your offspring by any means neccesary, PERIOD. So next time you decide to put your stupid ass comments on line don't ;et your ass overpower your mouth. Put yourself in the familys shoes just for a while and try to understand why we react to situations as this the way we do.

personally, meh, not that i... (Below threshold)

personally, meh, not that impressed with his crime. he just seemed bored and wanted to do something dangerous. millions of people think about it every day. most don't go through with it. i just think if you're gonna eat human flesh then be passionate about it, like albert fish was. he loved what he did, and everything that came with it. this guy just seemed like there was nothing else to do, so why not. blah. and about the death penalty, why put him down? why not make him suffer for what he did? i don't understand killing someone so fast. it's getting off pretty easily if you ask me. criminals like that should be tested on. there's no need to test on animals when this country has thousands of people who deserve to suffer for what the did instead of the innocent. killed a 10 year old girl? ok. now, for the rest of your life we're going to spray things in your eyes and inject poisons into your body. thanks for playing.

strap him to a tree, mail h... (Below threshold)
Sandy millett:

strap him to a tree, mail his hands and feet to the tree, and then blow his balls off with a 45. Just wound him though, let him hang there and suffer until eternity! Sandy

strap him to a tree, mail h... (Below threshold)

strap him to a tree, mail his hands and feet to the tree, and then blow his balls off with a 45. Just wound him though, let him hang there and suffer until eternity! Sandy

"there's no need to test on... (Below threshold)

"there's no need to test on animals when this country has thousands of people who deserve to suffer for what they did" sascha

i think this is the best idea ever! i was personally rooting for feeding him his own testicles to satisfy his curiosity about the human flesh but i think that him or similar cases being used as our guinea pigs is absolutely genius - its just so much more beneficial to humanity and ensures that he gets tortured for the rest of his natural life.

Don't you all know that nob... (Below threshold)

Don't you all know that nobody will feed him his own parts? They protect criminals like this. They wont even let the other prisoners near him. IMO I think they should have done to them what they did to there victims. Kill somebody? rape them? molest them? Let a family member get ahold of them and make sure they get the exact same thing back, I bet there would be a lot less crime going on. I'm just venting. I really hate the horrible stuff that is happening to the children these days. I'll pray for the little girls family. So sad!!

Oh my God. Did anyone see ... (Below threshold)

Oh my God. Did anyone see ALL of his links on his Page O Links? I am so disturbed right now. He is obviously very ill.

I've read the comments post... (Below threshold)

I've read the comments posted. This guy is 100%warped, no doubt. He is evil. He entertained evil in his thoughts and then eventually acted on those thoughts. "As a man thinketh, so does he." I'm sickened and frightened by the degree of this perversion. Everybody is frightened by it and angry. I have six children and I have to talk to them about horrible things that exist in today's world, to make them aware so they can better protect themselves. I have to be hyper-vigilent about their safety without making them paranoid. I agree with the person who said there would be less of these crimes if there were greater punishment. We have NO adequate laws to protect the innocent. The perverts know they can get away with what they're doing. We can express our fear, anger and disgust all we want about this guy and all the other predators and the ways we would like to see them punished, but we also need to scream and fight to get our so-called representatives to stop enabling and coddling the criminals. No mercy for these crimes. Swift and harsh.
Did you hear the comments on TV by Mrs. Childes, the aunt of the little girl? I was impressed with the example of her dignity and the nobility of her thoughts and feelings, even though they are the ones suffering and having to face this.
My prayers are with this family.

To those who are cryiing fo... (Below threshold)

To those who are cryiing for death-penalty:
Isn't it strange the (regardless of the population) most of this psychos live and have lived in the U.S.? Death penalty doesn't help anything with such persons. They are sick and I agree that they should be studied instead.

"there's no need to test on... (Below threshold)

"there's no need to test on animals when this country has thousands of people who deserve to suffer for what they did" sascha

Oh, but Sascha, this would be inhumane. It would violate his constitutional rights. Bah. Regarding the guy who burst into the courtroom with a rope and bucket, all he accomplished is making us Oklahomans look like bigger idiots than all the other morons who have made the news. He'd been in jail himself for auto theft the week before. If he wanted to do a public service, he would have brought in a shotgun. He had no trouble getting in because the surveillance had been installed the week before, and they didn't think they'd need to monitor it all the time. Especially not when a cannibalistic child rapist murderer is in the house.

this fcking lunatic should ... (Below threshold)

this fcking lunatic should be fuckin' tourtured till death.
you complain about his rights? what about that girls rights?
I think he forfeited his rights when he first started rapeing,tourtring, and killing her. and if criminals saw this happening to other criminals they might think twice before the do it next. Throw him in with the rest of the prisoners amd tell the prisoners what he did, he will get what he deservese, an asshole
the size of a bowling bowl!!

It looks like a bad case of... (Below threshold)

It looks like a bad case of love.

Instead of being so angry about it post-facto, why not look at why? No one loved him. In some way or another, I would bet all my belongings that he was missing love.

"To those who are cryiing for death-penalty:
Isn't it strange the (regardless of the population) most of this psychos live and have lived in the U.S.?
Posted by: just-a-guy at April 21, 2006 02:25 PM"

America is missing love.

God is love. What happened there?

Here is what I pray for:</p... (Below threshold)

Here is what I pray for:

1) That he is not referred to as "sir", "gentleman", Mr. or anything that sounds remotely respectfull by the police, judge or anyone within our juditial system.

2) That he doesn't get an attorney that will jump through hoops to get him off because he's insane.

3) That when found guilty and sentenced to death that he will be stripped of any rights. Do you think he deserves any? No rights to appeals for the next 10 years or so. I really don't want to think that 1 penny of my hard earned money goes to his room, board, food and medical care for the next few years.

4) Please don't let him sit in a cell while we all pay for it so he can "think" of what he has done. Do you really think he cares?

5) Last of all. I don't really care how fast he dies as long as he does. There really is a hell and he will be in it for eternity. Just get rid of him now!!!!

I live really close to Purc... (Below threshold)
Destiny McCurry:

I live really close to Purcell. This sick bastard worked at our Carls Jr. He was an every day person till he killed an innocent girl, who I had seen at the Purcell library the preceding week. this world has become so messed up. It makes me want to cry!

Horrible Awfull thing this ... (Below threshold)
The Priest:

Horrible Awfull thing this guy did!!

But most of the comments here are really sick and twisted!

Be better than that ppl!

i dont understand how a guy... (Below threshold)

i dont understand how a guy can do a thing like that?
is total fucked :/

He will get what he deserve... (Below threshold)

He will get what he deserves.

It's so sad to read this bl... (Below threshold)

It's so sad to read this blog. So many people who are so full of vengeful hatred that they are blind to the fact that nothing anyone does to this guy will bring back that girl.

You accuse him of being barbaric, and offer barbaric suggestions for ways of ending his life. It's so bloody hypocritical it's almost comical. Is this the wild west?

One of you wrote "if you were the parents of this girl, wouldn't you want to ...". No. Frankly, no I wouldn't. If I was one of the parents of this girl, I'd be trying to prevent a similar situation from occurring again somewhere else. How? By learning what pushed Underwood over the edge. How did he come to be this way, what inspired him to think the way he did, what can be done to HELP these people BEFORE they chop off the head of some child and begin to barbecue them.

But no. That's not the american way. STRING HIM UP. FEED HIM TO THE MAGGOTS. MOB RULE.

You want revenge? Fine, have your revenge. Become the evil you want to destroy - just for a few minutes at least. God will understand.

The girl is dead. Does anything else matter, really?

In stead of all this bloodthirst, just ask yourself one easy question:

What can I do to prevent this from happening again somewhere else. How can I prevent the next girl from turning up dead, how do I read the signs that were overlooked in this case.

That's all you need to do.

Thanks Mike, for saying all... (Below threshold)

Thanks Mike, for saying all the right things. This blog is full of sick people! You all think the same way as him, awefull!

Look. It has been shown tim... (Below threshold)

Look. It has been shown time and time again that bigger punishments doesn't really change anything. Because most of the crazy fuckers who do things like this are, as I've just said, crazy. They don't think about such things as repercussions, or what anyone else thinks. I'd say that he shouldn't get the death penalty. He should rather be studied until it became clearer why people become like that. Then it might be possible to stop these things from happening.

(And yes, I really do hate people like that. He is the worst kind of person in the world...)

well he was right about one... (Below threshold)

well he was right about one thing... killing is in our nature, so string him up allready

well u all wonder how some ... (Below threshold)
happy to not live in usa:

well u all wonder how some body gets so sick in their head, i bet he is american and thinks just like that bush guy you all have put in charge of your great country, turn around and have a look in the mirror. its no wonder why u have so many mental people there, to many guns, muslims, and blacks and a dictator for a president..
im happy i live in a free country, and do not have to be a part of you hell

I can't believe the stuff s... (Below threshold)

I can't believe the stuff some of you guys write.

If our society worked after the "an eye for an eye"-concept, we'd be lowering ourselves down to the level of this clearly mentally ill man.

This is a tragedy.

But let's punish this guy in a civilised way. Life in prison, it's cheaper and a much more worse punishment than the "quick fix" that is capital punishment.

I have to say that I agree ... (Below threshold)

I have to say that I agree with what Mike wrote. Now that's finally something I can agree with.

Some ppl refuse 2 understan... (Below threshold)

Some ppl refuse 2 understand tht this man brutally killed a young 10 year old girl. in his mind, he knew wht kind of pain he would inflict, yet he did it anyways. i say, since he knew, he should suffer the same way. let it be a lesson 2 others like him

Don`t execute this idiot, b... (Below threshold)

Don`t execute this idiot, but put him in one of your hardest prisoner, without any form of isolation. That will he be harded puinsed. Sorry about spelling by i`m from Denmark






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