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Cindy Sheehan Still Too Busy For Son's Grave


Nearly two years after his tragic death in Iraq, Casey Sheehan's mom Cindy is blaming others for the fact that his grave site is unmarked after all this time. From The Reporter in Vacaville, CA:

A Vacaville funeral home owner took exception to "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan's allegation that his mortuary did not fulfill its duties after her son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004.

In her blog last week, Sheehan wrote that the mortuary had refused to pay the cemetery as it was supposed to. Steve Nadeau, the mortuary's owner, said Monday that not only did he properly pay the cemetery, but that he subsidized the process with his own money.

This was not the only way in which he went above and beyond his responsibilities following Casey's death, said Nadeau. He also provided a stretch limousine and a driver at his expense, he said, and invited the family to go to the airport with him so that he could accompany them. None of this was required, said Nadeau.

"Having known the Sheehan family for many years through St. Mary's Catholic Church where Ms. Sheehan had previously been the youth director, it was my desire to provide care and dignity to Casey and the family. I did this in every respect."

Two years later and there's still no permanent headstone, because Cindy's too busy cuddling up to the likes of Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and Hugo Chavez, though she still has time to pose for pictures on Casey's grave site.


The good news for the rest of the Sheehan family is that it now appears that a responsible adult is now in charge of getting the headstone.

"Sheehan also said that Casey's grave site was now being handled by her soon-to-be ex-husband Patrick."

A Markerless Grave in Vacaville - [Cindy Sheehan]
Sheehan Refuted, Director rebuts 'Peace Mom's' story - [The Reporter]


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Comments (37)

The more I read about this ... (Below threshold)

The more I read about this woman, the more I am convinced she is mentally ill.

Every unfortunate thing that happens in her life is Someone Else's Fault. Granted, it's no one's fault that her son died: Cindy, however, continues to infantilize her late son, as if he had been led astray by liars, thieves and robber barons like Bush and Rumsfeld. If Casey had only listened to her, he'd still be alive! N

It matters not that her son made a brave and mature decision to join a group of other non-combatant soldiers that sought to aid an ambushed platoon. Most mothers would be in pain, yet find some solace in the fact that her son became his own person through his selfless decision to aid another mother's son. In so doing, Casey truly became his own man, and a fine one at that. Most mothers would feel pride! Not Cindy. She's incredibly pissed off at her son, and she's projecting her anger at him towards his Commander-in-Chief.


If this country had th... (Below threshold)

If this country had the mental health infrastructure the populace needs, people like Cindy would be residing behind fenced walls at the county asylum. Is it any wonder the folks who tore down those walls and "mainstreamed" these folks were liberal leftists?

Well we wouldn't want to in... (Below threshold)

Well we wouldn't want to interupt her speaking tour schedule to have to worry about such silly things as a headstone for the son she claims she is doing all this for.

I'm in the minority regardi... (Below threshold)

I'm in the minority regarding Sheehan in that I'm not terribly concerned with her mental state, which is clearly unbalanced. Most seem to feel that she's awful but ill and ill-used by the Left, and thus not to be agreed with but certainly pitied when all is said and done.

I'm more interested in things like dignity. I don't much pity that she has allowed herself to be used for agenda, and I do care that she's profited by trampling her son, his memory, and his country. If she's that genuinely ill, all that unbalanced, then somebody take her away.

Surely her good friend Susan Sarandon could afford to pay for Casey's headstone. Or her other good friend Hugo Chavez. Oh wait, that would be doing something nice for a U.S. serviceman. Can't have that, not in the Sarandon/Chavez world. I'm sure Casey's father could pay for it. One has to wonder what has kept him from doing so. Perhaps Cindy herself? A phalanx of leftie lawyers holding him off so they can continue to milk Casey's stoneless grave?


The Defense Department will... (Below threshold)

The Defense Department will supply a headstone for any serviceperson, I believe. One wonders if Sheehan rejected that option.

Laura: Have you ever gone ... (Below threshold)

Laura: Have you ever gone through a divorce? Do you not have the imagination it would take to consider the fight that might go between Cindy and her soon to be ex over the headstone as far as what it might say, or look like? Or is it too easy to see things up on your high horse?

You have no place dissing her husband. Keep it up on Hugo and Susan though... ...or maybe Jane Fonda, who says Cindy is her replacement in anti-war activism.

or maybe Jane Fonda, who... (Below threshold)

or maybe Jane Fonda, who says Cindy is her replacement in anti-war activism.

Activism is what Jane Fonda calls it.


I call it treason. I'm sure if the good men that died by Jane's actions could speak, they'd agree.

I don't think Cindy is ment... (Below threshold)

I don't think Cindy is mentally ill, I think she is a self-centered, calculating, manipulative political operative who has no dignity.

Her son was a hero and he should be the one in the spotlight for his courage, patriotism and valor. Unfortunately, Cindy the media whore always seems to find a hook that the Media eagerly bites on and that's why she just won't fade away.

I feel sorry for her ex-husband and family - I am sure that she was the one behind the lack of a headstone for Casey. She probably set that one up so that she could get additional media coverage for her ridiculous crusade against President Bush and the war in Iraq.

she is the one who should b... (Below threshold)

she is the one who should be buried!!!

Patrick and their daughter ... (Below threshold)

Patrick and their daughter are both out there protesting the war...

You should be ashamed for judging Cindy or the Sheehan family so harshly, unless you have lost a son or daughter yourselves. How dare you. People grieve in their own way, there is no right or wrong.
As for the fight, Casey is dead. Cindy, Pat, and their daughter are fighting for the soldiers who are still alive in this disaster of a war, which has already cost 300 BILLION dollars and over 2300 American lives.

When we invade Iran and draft your sons and daughters, maybe you'll wake up.
Will you wake up when the death toll exceeds that of September 11th? Only a blind sheep would still follow Bush at this point.

Classy posts and replies. J... (Below threshold)

Classy posts and replies. Just classy.

I really do think Cindy is ... (Below threshold)

I really do think Cindy is not mentally stable. It probably is a combination of the grief and need for revenge but when the left realizes what an albatross she is and dumps her, she is in for a hard landing.
The military will furnish a bronze marker but the article says Dad has stepped in.

"In a phone call Monday, Sheehan stood by her allegations. Sheehan also said that Casey's grave site was now being handled by her soon-to-be ex-husband Patrick.
Patrick Sheehan said Monday that the small plaque currently marking Casey's grave is something all graves receive before a headstone is constructed. Casey's headstone is in the works, he said, and is being built by a local monument company."

Hmmm.Only... (Below threshold)


Only a blind sheep would still follow Bush at this point.

Oh Christ. Another one.

Please, let's not smear tho... (Below threshold)

Please, let's not smear those who are genuinely mentally ill with the likes of Mommy Sheehan.

Every step she's taken since she tasted the limelight and found it delicious has been calculated and all about her. Her husband, her family, even Casey's own life and memory, were either to be props for her fame or discarded.

She wasn't corrupted by fame, but revealed as the indecent person she always was at the core.

I was going to respond to t... (Below threshold)

I was going to respond to the troll, but realized it was pointless. I am not a psychologist, I won't make claims about Sheehan's mental state. I do think, however, that her choice in "friends" shows her for what she is, more so than her words and cause.

I really wonder more and mo... (Below threshold)

I really wonder more and more if Cindy is waiting for a big movie deal and the cash that goes with it.
I think what REALLY dishonours the memory of her son is the shameless way she exploits his death for noteriety.

Does she remind anyone else... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Does she remind anyone else of the Munchausen's-by-proxy syndrome?

She didn't have any problem... (Below threshold)

She didn't have any problem buying a new car...

What a great picture for th... (Below threshold)

What a great picture for the caption contest. Just put a thought bubble over her head...

Are we SURE this isn't Jess... (Below threshold)

Are we SURE this isn't Jessie Jackson wearing a Cindy suit? Has anyone checked?

You guys are sick. For good... (Below threshold)

You guys are sick. For goodness sake can't you leave a greiving mother alone. I have never seen anyone so afraid of one former youth group leader in my life. She must have some serious power or you would just drop it. Showing that picture of her on the grave in order to make fun of it is disgraceful. For a cult that thinks they always have the moral highground this is the most hipocritical post I have seen on this website and I've seen a ton of them.

Let me predict the responses I will get from this lack of critical thought website.

1) The moonbats are back.
2) Someone drank the koolaid
3) If you don't like it, don't read it.
4) Jesus told me this site great.

If I missed any please let me know.

Priceless, Bob. Absolutely... (Below threshold)

Priceless, Bob. Absolutely priceless. Bravo, my good man. Cindy just wants to be left alone. Why on earth didn't we think of that, that the reason she's been joyously, willingly crammed down our throats by the press is because she just wants to be left alone. Surely we must all bow down to your flawless logic. My word, that picture of her was probably just taken and spread around so we'd know that she just wants to be left alone. She has book signings so she can personally tell people she wants to be left alone. She shows up at the State of the Union probably just to sport a t-shirt that said 'why won't you damn conservatives just leave me alone with my grief!?' What the hell is the matter with us, people?!

Falze, I agree, maybe we ca... (Below threshold)

Falze, I agree, maybe we can find SilverBubble and hold hands together while singing Kumbaya. I am sure it will help Bob feel better, if not Cindy.

Acually Falze I was hoping ... (Below threshold)

Acually Falze I was hoping we could just blow up every country that's not the USA or has another religion. Then stand around and sing Kumbaya because only then will we have true peace...

Epador, you do make a good point, but can't your cult take the high road for once. I'm anti-war and even I know Cindy is not want we need for our cause. Cindy is an easy issue, she is simple to make fun of. Why don't you guys come with some facts or engage in a real debate for once rather than picking on the weakest link?

Peace Out,

Why don't you guys... (Below threshold)
Why don't you guys come with some facts or engage in a real debate for once rather than picking on the weakest link?

Bob, I really hate to tell you this, but Cindy Sheehan is not your weakest link.

Good Lord!NO HEADS... (Below threshold)

Good Lord!

NO HEADSTONE!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This isn't just worthy of a (lengthy) blog post. This should be expanded into a book. Nay, a series of books.

This is the most important and telling piece of information yet uncovered about this fascinating woman.

Somewhat off topic, but equally noteworthy:

Reports indicate that Pat Robertson ate at an Olive Garden last Thursday and requested a second basket of breadsticks. After they arrived, he and his companions DIDN'T EAT ANY OF THEM!!!

Reports indicate t... (Below threshold)
Reports indicate that Pat Robertson ate at an Olive Garden last Thursday and requested a second basket of breadsticks. After they arrived, he and his companions DIDN'T EAT ANY OF THEM!!!

An apt comparison, considering Pat Robertson's longtime pro-breadstick campaign. It's exactly like Sheehan's shabby treatment of the child she claims to be speaking for. Well put.

Money grubbing publicity H... (Below threshold)

Money grubbing publicity Hound.

Virgo... you do an injustic... (Below threshold)

Virgo... you do an injustice to hounds. My bird dog would be offended if she could read.

Sorry, tell Her no offense... (Below threshold)

Sorry, tell Her no offense intended.

kl, thanks for you... (Below threshold)


thanks for your reply.

one request however.

Please explain how the failure to place a headstone over the corpse of your dead son is somehow shabby treatment of your child.

Who. The. Fuck. Cares.

Certainly his corpse doesn't.

Rob were commenting on a p... (Below threshold)

Rob were commenting on a picture and noting the chilliness of it ..nothing more.

As a combat veteren , I thi... (Below threshold)

As a combat veteren , I think that Cindy Shehan is pathetic, and is a great spokesman for the anti-war, whiner , movement

Aw, that's an easy question... (Below threshold)

Aw, that's an easy question ss...ask a harder one.

The failure to place a headstone on the child's grave that you have the centerpiece of a massive media-orchestred campaign to attack the president who your son twice swore to obey is shabby treatment of your child. What do YOU think her whole friggin' deal was about? Cuz in MY world her whole damn thing is about her son (who we don't actually hear much about). It's so much about her son that she can't seem to find time to honor HIM.

I have seen Cindy on TV and... (Below threshold)

I have seen Cindy on TV and she is a very savvy and classy lady. Too bad she had to spoil Bush's 35 day vacation at the ranch last year and his intellectual pursuits of biking and clearing brush. Bush is a shallow lazy dimwit who is corrupt and incompetent. His primary support is from dumber-than-dirt American taliban Jesus-freaks who somehow missed out the age on enlightenment. They not only blieve literally in their idiotic mythology but want to impose it on everyone. Spurred on by their slimey tlelvngelists who are total assholes.

jimbo,back to the su... (Below threshold)

back to the subject...what's the motive for the picture of her laying on the son's grave and why publicized? This does not honor him who she says it's because. It has nothing to do with the other lost lives before or since. and it definitely has nothing to do with the war or her concern for anyone else's son or (daughter). Others have lost loved ones, but yet none are milking the media selfishly. Let's remember Casey was not drafted, he was an man with integrity, loyalty and substance. He stood for what he beleived was right. He voluntarily did what he was responsible for. Soldiers fight wars, that's their jobs. It's a means to be noticed by society. If the president ever answers the one question she says she has, there will be more questions, and more people she wants to question, that will have nothing to do with the issue. Just like your blog, it's all about having an audience to promote personal agendas. Ever thought she was coached? Keep believing everything seen on TV, you will never know the truth.

Sheehan is a media whore, m... (Below threshold)

Sheehan is a media whore, much the same as some other females in politics. She's not interested in the outcome, she just wants her picture in the papers, etc. Her meeting with Chavez in my book is downright treason, just like Hanoi Jane.

To grieve for her lost son is one thing, but to use him for her own personal gain, instead of trying to honor him...total disgrace!

Send her to the funny farm!






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