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Iraq the Model Experiences Loss

Mohammad at Iraq the Model lost his brother-in-law when he was murdered last week. Today Mohammad has an inspiring post titled " Kill us, but you won't enslave us," which ends with this:

My God keep safe the Iraqis and their friends who stand with them in their noble cause, peace and prosperity may seem far away but we will get there and I hope our sacrifices be a bridge to a better world.

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Amen.... (Below threshold)


Oh, no. That's terrible.</... (Below threshold)

Oh, no. That's terrible.

When I think of what people living in Iraq face, I can't even imagine leaving them to face it alone.

Iraq the Model is doing wonderful work. I remember one post there, a very silly one about "pajamas". I don't remember which brother posted it but he couldn't think of what to write so he changed into his pajamas, even though the thing about pajamas made no sense to him at all. So the post was about this experiment of blogging in his pajamas. It was very human and funny.

I e-mailed it to my mother, who I know worries a bit about the war and Iraq. She only sees what's on the news. That pajama post reassured her more than any news bits I send her way because through it the Iraqi people became real to her rather than abstract. They became "someone like me," which is something that we can know in our heads without always knowing in our hearts. They became human and funny and it wasn't so hard to imagine anymore that the Iraqi people will prevail in the end.

We should, all of us, pray for the safety of these brave people.

War isn't the answer. Havin... (Below threshold)

War isn't the answer. Having caused destruction and death in its unlawful and immoral invasion, the US Military, seen as the enemy in Iraq, should now leave.

You go live there, John. A... (Below threshold)

You go live there, John. After we leave like you say we should. YOU go live there and live what you want us to leave them with.

Otherwise. Shut up.

Better yet, offer your children to Saddams children's prisons and your wife to the mass graves.

War is more of an answer than than anyone else has offered. Which is what happens when the *people* aren't real, not even in your head.

John,Freedom is no... (Below threshold)


Freedom is not FREE!!! Peace did not end the Holocaust OR prevent WWII. Peace did not end slavery. War did.

There is a sign from protest warrior that sums up my thoughts perfectly! That sign states: Execpt for Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism War has never solved anything.

I think we could easily include the Holocaust on that list as well.

John The invasion of... (Below threshold)

The invasion of Iraq was both lawful and moral, and everyone in a civilized world is the target of the Islamofacists.
thank you

...everyone in a c... (Below threshold)
...everyone in a civilized world is the target of the Islamofacists.

A fundamental truth that still manages to elude many, even after all these years.

John is a -------------- (y... (Below threshold)

John is a -------------- (you fill in the blank) "blank" as to his "brain".






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