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Liberal blogger goes bad

I've had my share of dust-ups with David Anderson of In Search of Utopia, but for the most part I get along with him. He's one of the closer-to-sane-but-still-whacko members of the left end of the blogosphere, but I guess there's just something about that end of the political spectrum that will, eventually, bring you down.

David, David, David... if this is a cry for help, there are far, far better ways to get the assistance you need. Think of the people who were upset with what you did. Think of the CHILDREN, man. Have you no decency, sir?

Oh, and David, Jerry Springer? Good lord...

One final thing, David: that was a really rotten picture of you they ran. They made you look WHITE.


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Comments (7)

Dude you could not PAY me t... (Below threshold)

Dude you could not PAY me to live is MASS. LOL! And leaving notes would not be my style. I would knock on the door and ask their MAMA out! LOL!

Jay:Hmmm, judging ... (Below threshold)


Hmmm, judging from the comment above, the man seems perfectly sane to me. But with an attitude like that, I wonder how liberal he really is.

Sir, are you an impostor?

Wavemaker:I think ... (Below threshold)


I think you're missing it. This is an inside joke. The guy in the article has the same name, but is not the same David Anderson as the blogger. Jay is joking that they are the same person.

Uh duh Craig, you silly man... (Below threshold)

Uh duh Craig, you silly man....what could possibly have given you that idea?

Watch. Someone will not ge... (Below threshold)
Moe Lane:

Watch. Someone will not get the joke.

Reefer Madness III... (Below threshold)

Reefer Madness III

La Cage o' Fools... (Below threshold)

La Cage o' Fools






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