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Women Who Have Had Abortions Support Ban

From The Washington Times:

Women who have had abortions but are now fighting to outlaw the practice say their numbers are growing and so will their influence, especially after many of them stepped forward to support South Dakota's new abortion ban law.

"The women are coming forward. They're feeling like there's hope," said Leslee Unruh, president of the Abstinence Clearinghouse and a key homestate player in the approval of the law, which was signed last month by South Dakota Gov. Michael Rounds, a Republican.

Before approving the law, which bans abortion, except to save the life of the mother, a state task force on abortion took testimony and collected nearly 2,000 statements from women nationwide, 99 percent of whom said their abortions caused them pain, emotional damage and health problems and shouldn't be legal.

Many say their side of the story has been ignored in the broader abortion debate until recently.

"It's not a popular voice ... but it's one that needs to get out," said Karen Bodle, of Harrisburg, Pa., whose story was among those submitted to South Dakota. Mrs. Bodle had an abortion at age 18 and for years afterward, she said she "suffered from chronic depression, feelings of shame and worthlessness" as well as miscarriages and troubled pregnancies.

"I was in denial over the truth of abortion for over 20 years," said Mrs. Bodle, who feels she was "lied to and deceived" when she was told that the fetus wasn't a baby and that the abortion would allow her to fully live her life.

"I believe that information still is denied to women," she said...

...The women who support banning abortion say they know not all women share their negative experiences. But Cynthia Collins, who had her first abortion as a 19-year-old and then took a "downward spiral," said the nation has "only heard one side" of the debate.

"We were sold a bill of goods that abortion is a good thing, and when we find out that it's not, we're told to be quiet," said the Louisiana resident, who also told her story to the task force. That mentality is finally starting to change, she said, and "as those voices are heard, then we're going to see the true picture."

These women deserve to be heard.

On a related note, The American Thinker reports on unborn babies and their ability to feel pain.


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Comments (23)

I accompanied an acquaintan... (Below threshold)

I accompanied an acquaintance who decided to have an abortion 30 years ago. I had NOTHING to do with the pregnancy, but felt her strong need for someone to stand by her. While I did not have particularly strong feelings then, I never wanted to learn to perform one, or recommend one. After seeing her go through the horrible emotional turmoil, and sob and cry "good-bye baby" before being wheeled into the surgery, I knew that this was something I would have counseled her against doing as strongly as possible had I known better. And something I counseled against since to others with "unplanned" pregnancy.

I still have nightmares about it on rare occasions.

Even some of us guys have "undisclosed" problems with the damn practice.

It's murder.

Good for them, its about t... (Below threshold)

Good for them, its about time people see the truth.

Interested to hear the left... (Below threshold)

Interested to hear the lefties' tack on this one -- c'mon moonies, give it your best shot.

Heres one!These are ... (Below threshold)

Heres one!
These are all Bush cronies sent out ahead of time to get the masses ready for a reversal on roeVwade, and we all know that Bush cant possibly care for the unborn because he,s such a war mongering tyrant,so it must be another Karl Rove maneuver because these women cant possibly be smart enough to have figured out that killing your child is killing yourself !

Good for these women.... (Below threshold)

Good for these women.
They have an opinion and they are welcome to share it.
I'm willing to bet that none of these women will have another abortion (I hope not, anyway).

Meanwhile plenty of other women have had abortions and don't feel this way.
I hope they too share their opinions.
I also hope this second set of woman don't have another abortion either.

I also hope that both sets of women realize it is their choice.

How's that wavemaker?

Interested to hear the l... (Below threshold)

Interested to hear the lefties' tack on this one -- c'mon moonies, give it your best shot.

The Moonies are righties, Wavey, but whatever.

Aren't these women criminals? Shouldn't they be punished for these "murders", despite feeling bad about them afterwards? This isn't about the woman and her "convenience" (i.e. not being disturbed by her former choices), it's about the rights of the unborn, right?

to further Robert's sentime... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

to further Robert's sentiment - we want to make sure all people, women and men, are aware of all methods of contraception available to them, abstinence, condoms, birth control, etc., to keep these types of experiences from happening.

abortion is the final, and rarest, method and hopefully one day it is completely unnecessary. But until that day, abortion should be a viable option to prevent women from unnecessary health risks, financial hardship, and social banishment that would most certainly be the case if abortions were illegal.

These Women have grown up a... (Below threshold)

These Women have grown up and are remorseful, SO MORE POWER TO THEM !

There is no need to put the... (Below threshold)
Debra Hiner:

There is no need to put these women in prison. Most of them have already been suffering Emotionally for years. They had been lied to by the government they trusted to protect them. Everytime something is made legal, we are led to believe that it's okay. However, we are learning that the government doesn't always know what's best for us. We must trust in God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus Knows Best! And these women need Forgiveness and Love. Jesus said, "He who is without Sin, cast the first stone."

Debra Hiner,What's... (Below threshold)

Debra Hiner,

What's the appropriate criminal penalty for not honoring one's mother and father?

As for Jesus saying "he who is without sin, cast the first stone", I assume you don't support America's attack of iraq.

First, I wasn't aware anybo... (Below threshold)

First, I wasn't aware anybody worth taking seriously (glances significantly in Mantis' direction) was in favor of imprisoning women for having abortions.

Second, does anybody have any clue WTF Robert's point is supposed to be?

I had an abortion 10 years ... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

I had an abortion 10 years ago and it still haunts me to this day. When I married 4 years later we had a difficult time getting pregnant, then I gave birth to a DS child. I feel that I was pressured at the time and I also thought it wouldn't bother me much--boy was I wrong. I think that those who claim to support abortion are living in a delusional mindset. How many people have had problems post-abortion--more than you think. I've met with others who have had an abortion as well and they've all had some problems and like me had to seek some form of counseling. I've never told my husband and in fact have only told a few people. As the day approaches of this awful anniversary I am sad when I see children the age my child would have been. Why did I have to do the "convienent" thing? WHy didn't I give the baby up for adoption? Wonder what the "father" who reluctantly paid for half and went along with me is doing? Does this affect him in any way? I am sure it does but it doesn't matter. I suffer and all women who have done this suffer. Most don't want to admit that they do but in the recesses of their minds it's always there. I've not felt complete happiness in 10 years and I still go to counseling about this. Those who pretent otherwise are fooling themselves. May God have mercy on all of us.

Robert Nor shall i ... (Below threshold)

Nor shall i validate Iraq,s collaboration on the attacks on us on 911, but what has this to do with these delightful womens turnabout?

I wasn't aware anybody w... (Below threshold)

I wasn't aware anybody worth taking seriously (glances significantly in Mantis' direction) was in favor of imprisoning women for having abortions.

Well, why not? It's murder, right? South Dakota wants imprison doctors who perform abortions, yet let the women who choose to have them off. By that logic I should be able to hire a hit man to kill someone and not be held accountable.

I've had an abortion and I'... (Below threshold)
Yeah Right:

I've had an abortion and I've had root canal. I know which one I pray never happens again, but given that I have 27 other teeth with living nerves and I'm THIS close to menopause, the odds aren't in my favor.

Remorse appears to be the only socially acceptable way to go public with one's own abortion story; it's the only side of the story that DOES get any real exposure, so no ground is being broken here. That's no surprise - the consequences for not being tearfully regretful are severe, as there's a tremendous amount of seething rage out there waiting to be directed toward women who don't beg society's forgiveness for exercising their autonomy. If you haven't seen it yet, it'll be along directly.

And what's up with the logic behind "I'm sorry I chose to do that, therefore no other adult humans should be allowed to make this decision for themselves"? Yeah, let's make all our laws that way.

To those tempted to hector: save it. Your opinion of me is none of my business.

Mantisby any logi... (Below threshold)


by any logic murder is murder ! and you may try to get away with it but i doubt you,ll succeed.

To "Yeah Right" I can say o... (Below threshold)

To "Yeah Right" I can say only "Yeah Right."

There is more social stigma today to smoking in public or using a cell phone in your own car than there is to having an abortion.

>And what's up with the logic behind "I'm sorry I chose to do that, therefore no other adult humans should be allowed to make this decision for themselves"? Yeah, let's make all our laws that way.

What a completely moronic argument. You are more than welcome to be on the other side of the debate but could you make something that resembled an intelligent remark?

All laws are moral judgments of the collective populous. (Or the local dictator of course)

mantis, I meant "moonies" a... (Below threshold)

mantis, I meant "moonies" as shorthand for moonbats, you silly man.

robert, your reply is just fine -- a perfectly clear statement of the talking point of the democratic party as it has evolved most recently to shore up the flagging support of the Middle.

But good for you.

and mantis, your point couldn't be clearer either, but I recommend you read Ls Miserables again.

Paul,In the second... (Below threshold)
Yeah Right:


In the second paragraph of the passage you read, the author is saying that there is a social stigma against:
a) having an abortion
b) being an abortion
c) not being sorry about having an abortion
d) smoking

In the third paragraph, what does the author suggest are poor reasons for drafting legislation?
a) the moral judgments of the collective populus
b) one potato, two potato
c) the negative outcomes of the exercise of free will among a small number of citizens
d) smoking

If you finish before the proctor has called time, turn your paper over and sit quietly until the end of the test period.

I didn't count too carefull... (Below threshold)

I didn't count too carefully, but so far we have one regretful guy, two or three regretful women, one unrepentant woman [sorry for the religious allusion Yeah] and a bunch of testosterone addled fellas. But gender is not always obvious on the postings, so forgive me if I androgenized a female or two. Not enough to draw any statistically significant conclusions.

I think the point of the post is that for the most part, media attention towards women who had abortions tends to ignore the regret/psych effects on the mother. Except for Right to Life-type efforts, which are generally rejected out of hand by anyone who is not already part of that choir. The Washington TImes is part of the choir, but has a slightly larger reading base.

I haven't done a med-line search, but it would be appropriate in this discussion to review what actually has been published in peer reviewed journals on the subject. If I have time I will do so and report back in a day or so, but I am about to start a bridge tournament after I get back from a parent teacher conference, so I may not get to it right away.

Epador, I don't know if you... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Epador, I don't know if you'll find much on this. I know that the Catholic Church has a Project Rachel (I'm not Catholic but I did go through part of their program) but most of those who think a root canal is just as bad don't want to hear about those who have had difficulty, although I would be interested in seeing what you find out.

hey Why wou... (Below threshold)


Why would you wanna have an abortion? If the child is your's i understand that if you got raped but if you got pregnant with a boyfriend o a husband you guys could always have the baby cause its yours i really want to know why women have an abortion well im a young teenager i havent got pregnant before but i think it would be wonderful to have a child of your own thats me how i feel about kids but i don't know about you other women out there why you would do that to your own kid please answer me back

hey i was wondering why do ... (Below threshold)

hey i was wondering why do women have abortions? i always wanted to know why they do it. Because if i was in that sitution i couldnt do it since the baby my blood i just couldnt do it well i was doing a report about abortions and i hope someone can answer my question soon cause i would love to know why women have abortions? thank you






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