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Is it OK to question these dirtbags' patriotism?

From Manchester, New Hampshire, comes this heart-warming tale of some thugs who figured they'd score some easy money by robbing the family of a recently-killed soldier in Iraq.

I'm really, really hoping they get caught soon. And hard.

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That is disgusting! how mu... (Below threshold)

That is disgusting! how much you want to bet they have a long rap sheet?

Yeah, they're scummy crooks... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

Yeah, they're scummy crooks, but ordinary crooks. What makes you think they intended to pray on a grieving family, and on what basis can you question their patriotism? Did you happen to miss this important paragraph?

"Then, police said, the robbers asked them about a man who none of them knew. It was then, Ben Roehl said, that the men said they had the wrong house."

Unfortunately our NH repres... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately our NH representatives failed to pass shoot first legislation only a few weeks ago.

These dicks might have thought twice about their crime if they knew they might be looking down a barrel...

They wood have been in my h... (Below threshold)

They wood have been in my house.

Wood? Are they sex offende... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

Wood? Are they sex offenders, too?






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