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Kerry Running in 2008?


Reuters reports that Kerry is thinking hard about running for president in 2008.

I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

Riehl World View responds to Kerry's thinking hard about 2008 with "doesn't he ever learn?"


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Comments (29)

Even the Democrats wouldn't... (Below threshold)
Toledo Steve:

Even the Democrats wouldn't be dumb enough to nominate him again.

To John Kerry:Plea... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

To John Kerry:

Please run! Please, please, please! Maybe you could get Howard Dean to be your running mate. Collectively, you two could set the Democratic Party back another 50 years.

I second that emotion!... (Below threshold)

I second that emotion!

Actually, don't you think h... (Below threshold)

Actually, don't you think he'd make a good VP for Hilary?

a) no one would knock her off for fear he'd be put in charge
b) he's already used to being subserviant to strong women

Hehe. He thinks people vote... (Below threshold)

Hehe. He thinks people voted FOR him. What votes he got were votes against Bush...

The other part he doesn't realize was that close to 54% of Americans didn't so much vote for Bush as they voted against his insane and disastrous idea of how to run the country.

c) And of course, he'd m... (Below threshold)

c) And of course, he'd make the ticket "unbeatable" [how can you beat rotten eggs that are already scrambled?]

If Kerry gets the nominatio... (Below threshold)

If Kerry gets the nomination again, I'll vote for Bush.

I bet he gave himself a hea... (Below threshold)

I bet he gave himself a headache.

It's only fair; he gives me one.

Surely Kerry had a plan for... (Below threshold)

Surely Kerry had a plan for catching that football...

How could he after signing ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

How could he after signing his 180 and releasing his records..... Oh.

Did Kerry blame the guy sta... (Below threshold)

Did Kerry blame the guy standing behind him for missing the catch?

"The SOB pushed me..."

Faith+1 is quite right, though: most people didn't vote FOR Kerry; they voted AGAINST Bush. IMO, a lot of Republicans did the same thing in '96 and, to a lesser extent, 2000.

Insomniac:Of cours... (Below threshold)



And people wanted this guy near our nuclear football? Holy bejezuz.

Please, please, please, don... (Below threshold)

Please, please, please, don't hit my beautiful face! Why couldn't I have just sailed up on my windsurfer?

"I had my eyes closed on pu... (Below threshold)

"I had my eyes closed on purpose."

"I actually caught the ball... (Below threshold)

"I actually caught the ball before I dropped it."

Sen. Kerry suffering from B... (Below threshold)

Sen. Kerry suffering from Botox withdrawl spasm,s.

"Please don't hit me in the... (Below threshold)

"Please don't hit me in the face... Please don't hit me in the face... Please don't hit me in the face..."

Laugh it up, but if the ele... (Below threshold)
Rob FIlomena:

Laugh it up, but if the elections were held right now, he'd win.

The picture is hilarious, though.

"I don't close my eyes. %$... (Below threshold)

"I don't close my eyes. %$#*& Secret Service agent closed 'em for me."

Not having hand-eye coordination is one thing. Pretending to have it when you don't is something else.

Kerry's thinking of running? Think again, Senator, think again.

If he's thinking of running... (Below threshold)

If he's thinking of running, he's not thinking hard enough.

Follow the money. He has $1... (Below threshold)

Follow the money. He has $16M on hand. He can buy a seat at the table at least through New Hampshire. Hillary is over $17M cash on hand. Bayh is at $9.6M. The game is expensive and he saved enough from the last one to ante up.

All I can say is....thank G... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

All I can say is....thank God almighty he didn't get his hands on the nuclear 'football'! Probably would've drop that, too! LOL

"he saved enough from the l... (Below threshold)

"he saved enough from the last one to ante up"

Any Presidential candidate who loses with money still left in the bank is either (a) incompetent or (b) stiffing his vendors.

He can always reach into M... (Below threshold)

He can always reach into Mommy Theresas purse for more cash, however nothing can be done about His lack of personality or His penchant to FlipFlop on any given issue.

Can I get Me a hunting license here!

Kerry is an idiot who could... (Below threshold)

Kerry is an idiot who couldn't even explain to America that there were 2 competing bills for $87 Billion funding for the Iraq war.

Rob FIlomena said "Laugh it... (Below threshold)

Rob FIlomena said "Laugh it up, but if the elections were held right now, he'd win."

That's the point. There is NO election NOW. The only campaign going on now is the constant barrage of BS everyday from the antique media. The Bush/Kerry election was over in 2004. Over a year has passed since we had speeches, conventions, advertising, etc. Bush is no longer campaigning. Neither is Kerry. Bush will retire to Crawford in less than 3 years.

Statements like that are as useless as the constant hammering that we hear from the press about the "polls", as they try to create news. I heard today that a new poll said that something like 57% of people said that they will vote Democrat in the fall.

But who is this unnanmed Democrat? What is his/her platform? What does he/she stand for? How well did the campaign go? How well did he/she express their vision for the future? Who is his/her opponent? How well did his/her opponent do in the campaign, expressing his/her ideas and vision? The majority of the public won't even pay attention until after Labor Day. That's why we have election days on the first Tuesday in November, with an campaign leading up to it. We decide. We speak. On election day. Anything said at any other time is just hot air.

Polls held at other times are just fill. Or wishful thinking on the part of the left and their accomplices in the press.

Bingo Wave_Man ... (Below threshold)

Bingo Wave_Man

I can't decide if I want to... (Below threshold)

I can't decide if I want to post:
A) "Oh, my nose!"... "Oh, my nose!"... "Oh, my nose!.... (c'mon, we all remember Marcia and the football, don't we?)


B) As a mother of five, I know that look - somebody needs prune juice.

Lynn Swann he ain't.... (Below threshold)

Lynn Swann he ain't.






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