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The Brush With Greatness Contest


The studio behind the new Hugh Grant flick, American Dreamz, sent us a swag pack to give away so over at Wizbang Pop! we're running the Amercian Dreamz "Brush With Greatness" Contest.

If you've got a story of a close encounter of the celebrity kind head on over and enter. The quality of the celeb doesn't really matter, so it even counts if you ran into Carrot Top... so long as the story is interesting...

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I'll actually give real mon... (Below threshold)

I'll actually give real money to someone able to tell an interesting story about meeting carrot top.

Dang. You said "interesting... (Below threshold)

Dang. You said "interesting"... so close...

Way back in the day, my bro... (Below threshold)

Way back in the day, my brother defined the "Close Encounter with A Star" ... literally. At the time the movie "A League of Their Own" was filming in and around Chicago, including Wrigley Field. Most of the cast was staying at the Four Seasons, which comprises part of the 900 North Michigan building, which also houses my brother Kevin's former employer, JMB Realty. The Offices and the hotel are at opposite sides of the building, and he had to run an errand at the hotel. As he rounded the corner, he ran smack into a woman dressed in a robe with a towel wrapped around her hair. As bumps into someone go, this was a bone-rattler! Luckily, they were still standing.

Kevin was shocked by how hard they'd hit but, as a well-mannered guy, he apologized profusely for running into the woman and looked up at her for the first time. Behind the silly spa costume and sunglasses, he recognized the woman as Madonna.

Recovering quickly from the second shock, he asked her ... "Hey, I heard on the radio this morning that you'd broken your nose catching a pop-fly!"

Madonna proceeded to pull her Harry Caray-sized sunglasses half-way down her pristinely unblemished nose and purred ... "Does this look broken to you?", followed by a flirtacious wink.

Needless to say, Kevin was smitten by her good humor.

Trolling around with a bunc... (Below threshold)

Trolling around with a bunch of guys one night in Iceland. One dude keeps thinking he is seeing movie stars in the bars and restaurants. He has beer goggles on, and the results are hilarious. There was Sean Connery, Madonna, etc. Then as we head back to the hotel and pass the restaurant he stops and just stares. No words. We all look.

DAMN! He nailed this one: Ron Jeremy eating some pasta. Turns out the "Sean Connery" was another lesser known star from the 70's, all in town for the premier of Ron's Film.

We barged right over to his table, and without blinking an eye The Swede warmly shook our hands, autographed memorabilia, and posed for a group picture. http://www.users.uswest.net/~prl1038/cowboys/Cowboys.html

In 1970 I was a co-chairman... (Below threshold)

In 1970 I was a co-chairman of a Young Republican Club at a university in East Texas. A Texas Congressman was making a Senate run and we were excited when he decided to come campaign on our campus.As the date approached, he couldn't make it but decided to send his son instead. We put up signs announcing that "Jr." was coming.
I cut class all day to host the Congressman's son. He was shy, very nice, slow spoken yet obviously intelligent. My co-chairman went to class all day but showed up to drive the young man to the airport.
We were saddened when the Republican Congressman lost to Lloyd Bentsen but were pleased we had met our candidate's son.
Who was the son? Well, not a "junior" at all but George Walker Bush. He was polite enough not to correct us.

And who was my co-leader in Young Republicans who was responsible enough to go to class? Now he is Gov. Bill Owens of Colorado.

I saw Francis Ford Coppola ... (Below threshold)
Jim in Cleveland:

I saw Francis Ford Coppola sitting alone at a table one night in front of his cafe in San Fran, where I was traveling on business. He graciously agreed to be photographed with me, but when I asked him if I could kiss his ring for the picture, he told me it was an offer he would have to refuse.

A long while back, I was in... (Below threshold)
the other JD:

A long while back, I was in Chicago with friends, and we decided to go to The Second City. We called and made reservations, but got there late to find that they would be taping an anniversary show, and that the host would be Bill Murray. We were very worried that we wouldn't get in due to our lateness.

Imagine our surprise to find that we ended up at a table at front row center. As we waited for the show to start, Bill Murray sat at our table and drank and spoke with us. The time finally came for the show to start, so he got up and started his opening monologue when a large spotlight came off its ceiling mount and crashed down less than one inch to my left. If it had hit, I'd either have been seriously injured or dead. Bill looked at me and said, "You weren't laughing hard enough."

I made darn sure I laughed hard for the rest of the evening, let me tell you!

Would sex with Paris Hilton... (Below threshold)

Would sex with Paris Hilton count or is that to mundane? What if I was willing to name the goat involved?






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