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Well, that didn't take long...

A little while ago, a bunch of "immigrant activists" (translation: shills for illegal aliens) announced their plan to hold a one-day strike on May 1, when as many "migrants" (the current PC buzzphrase for those folks who deeply, sincerely, honestly believe that immigration laws only apply to other people, and just can't be bothered to obey silly things like laws like the rest of us do, because THEY HAVE RIGHTS, DON'T YOU KNOW) would simply not work, in order to demonstrate just how important their contribution to our economy, culture, and way of life is. They were betting that they could demonstrate just how valuable they are.

I took their bet, and raised it: in addition to not contributing to the American economy for that one day, why don't they make it a complete boycott and not partake of any public services either? Give back one day of welfare payments. No public transportation. No visits to the hospital's emergency room. Don't send their kids to school. Stay off the public roads. Just take one day to completely disappear from America. That way we can get a full and complete picture of not only their contributions, but the costs we pay for it.

At the end of that piece, I made a little prediction. I said that sometime before May 1, the organizers would find a reason to call it off. Then they would quietly encourage it to go on anyway, so they could still claim victory -- "you see? We tried to get everyone to cancel it, but their feelings are so strong that all of those people did it anyway. Can you imagine how many would have participated if we hadn't officially called it off? If that doesn't prove our point to you..."

Well, thanks to brianbonner of the Wizbang! Bomb Squad, I've learned that less than a week after my prediction, the first part has come true. Citing the economic hardship to the illegal aliens if they miss a single day of work, as well as several unnamed employers' threats to fire those who participate, they have compassionately agreed to cancel the protest.

In less than two weeks, we'll see how right the second part of my prediction is. Normally, this is where I stick in a disclaimer, saying that I'm lucky if I can get one out of three predictions right (worse than simple random chance), but I feel pretty comfortable sticking my neck out on this one.

It's a very transparent ploy. The sad part is how many will fall for it.

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Jay, I don't often disagree... (Below threshold)

Jay, I don't often disagree with you, but I think the impetus for the cancellation may have come from a different source. Let's say the mass boycott comes off on May 1 as a roaring success, insomuch as having nearly 100% participation by the illegals. Now consider the plight of the employers who are using these people for cheap labor, all the while claiming that "we didn't know they were here illegally." Suddenly, they have a tremendous workforce shortage, and would be made aware of the citizenship status of those who were absent. If they then continued employment of those people, they'd be knowingly violating the laws forbidding employment of illegals. Kinda puts the white-collar guys over a barrel who have been exploiting these folks for so long.

Now I'm a firm believer that such a boycott would be a fantastic thing for my area, as I'd love to see one INS agent in every poultry plant in this area on May 1, just to check the absentee lists....and of course to make a quick review or two of company hiring policies.

If illegal immigrants can't get jobs here, they won't come here. Period. Time to crack down on the "draw," because there's virtually no way (either logistically or ethically) to ship everyone back home who's not supposed to be here.

Out of pure coincidence, as... (Below threshold)

Out of pure coincidence, as I'm sitting here reading this, I'm filling out a job application for a new employer in the construction industry. This application is 20 pages long asking every possible thing you can legally think of. On the very last page it requires me to bring my social security card, driver's license, and a copy of my birth certificate when I return. What a novel idea. This has been the first time since I was 15 that anyone has asked to see my birth certificate. If only every employer was required to do that, and required to contact the SS admin to verify the number. ....... PS: Why would they ask for all this documentation if this is a job that Americans won't do?

Tim,You are obviou... (Below threshold)


You are obviously not an American since Americans won't work construction. If you are an American, why would you want to take a construction job away from the poor "undocumented"/"migrant" workers? Don't you have any compassion man? Give it up and get a real (e.g. white collar) job like the rest of us racist Americans.

On a tangentally related no... (Below threshold)

On a tangentally related note, do you guys think a good portion of this is related to the "gotta have at least a Bachelor's degree" mentality that has been prevalent amongst parents since the early '70s or so? I attribute that trend to a slight shift from the "I'll give my child more than I had" attitude expressed by the generation that endured the Great Depression and WWII, into the "I'll make sure my child achieves more than I did" attitude that sprung out of the '60s.

My ideal certainly isn't for my child to be a garbage collector or a ditch-digger, but if they're happy doing that, I have a hard time finding fault with it. Furthermore, I'd rather they do any menial task than be unemployed and thinking that such a job is "beneath" them.

Dear "Jay Tea",Try... (Below threshold)

Dear "Jay Tea",

Try to think about political situations a little more creatively (accurately). What forces could produce a situation in which masses of labor would move across an international border? Do you really think it is the result of a series of individual moral failures, or the greediness/lawlessness of Latino workers? Think of structural historical causality, Jay. I know its more difficult than HTML, but give it a shot buddy.

And your Middle East analysis was a joke.


LOL kbiel, what was I thin... (Below threshold)

LOL kbiel, what was I thinking? I guess I'm exhausted from sweeping the sidewalks after their last protest march.

Dustin?How does cr... (Below threshold)


How does creatively = accurately? Run that by your CPA and see what he thinks...

The structural historical causality is pretty simple. Citizens and many legal immigrants of this country, fueled by the evil capitalistic ideals of individual wealth, responsibility and freedom, busted their a$$ for decades to create a wealthy and prosperous environment. Others did not. And now they come here for their slice of the pie, only they don't want to play by the rules. I frankly don't care if its individual moral failures, greediness or lawlessness on the part of the illegal immigrant - to me it's simply illegal.

Justin : "Time to crack dow... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Justin : "Time to crack down on the "draw," because there's virtually no way (either logistically or ethically) to ship everyone back home who's not supposed to be here. "

Yes, we could ship everyone back, but it would be extremely difficult and expensive.

I don't understand this 'either/or' mentality of some people.

"Build a fence
No, a fence is no good; make an electronic fence with sensors and Predators flying over.
No, that won't work; add more border patrols.
No, ship all the illegals back.
No, punish the employers who willingly hire illegals.
No, streamline the immigration process."
...and on and on.

Why the hell can't we do many or all of those things at once? This is not THAT complicated. We can walk and chew gum at the same time; if we choose to.

Dustin : " What forces coul... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Dustin : " What forces could produce a situation in which masses of labor would move across an international border?"

A corrupt and repressive government (Mexico, and others) that gladly shovels its underclass into America so they don't riot and demand better government in their home countries.

Dustin,I think yo... (Below threshold)
Tom Lefebvre:

I think you are the one missing the point. Causality isn't in question here. The same causes for immigration for my ancestors are the same as the south of the border variety. Except those who came here - and still do - had to go through a process which included becoming American and being assimilated (read Hanson). The noise being generated by the Reconquista movement is arrogant and needs to be met head-on.

If the "strike' does happen, I move we reply with a strike to stay away from all Mexican establishments on the 5th - cinqo-de-mayo (however it's spelled). Maybe our withholding will be as noticed as their's. It would also make sense for those Non-Mexican establishments to just drop the notion of celebrating that as a marketing tool.

Les, I don't think you were... (Below threshold)

Les, I don't think you were necessarily disagreeing with me, just adding some other needed reforms to the list.

I personally think step one is to make it a Federal felony to employ an illegal immigrant.

Step two is to build a fence (and of course provide for patrols along that barrier) that can effectively seal the border.

Step three is to offer every illegal within our borders (which were sealed in step 2) American citizenship, provided that there are no outstanding warrants for their arrest for crimes other than directly related to their citizenship status...but they must file the appropriate paperwork within 90 days. Any illegals found after that period has expired who have not applied for citizenship will be deported immediately.

Those steps may not eradicate the problem...but I think they'd be a damned good start, and they do address most of the concerns of those who are pleading the illegals' case.

What would you think if Ame... (Below threshold)
John Garcia:

What would you think if American Catholics staged a rally against their Bishops and Cardinals for supporting the illegal immigrant cause. Or better yet what if an American builders association or restuarant association rally against those that hire illegals? If I were in a position to boycott a business that hires illegals, I feel that would be a good message to send, and one that will probably be heard. Les I agree with the crack down on the "draw" arguement.

Wow! Caught the news while ... (Below threshold)

Wow! Caught the news while ago, A thousand illegals and several company execs arrested in an illegal alien roundup. Do ya suppose all those Mexican flags at the recent illegals rally and that rhetoric about reclaiming the south west might opened a few eyes in Washington???

It was great watching ICE h... (Below threshold)

It was great watching ICE hauling off 1,187 illegals on TV. As a card carrying member of S.T.A.B. (Send Their Asses Back) I'm pleased to say I'm doing my part. I called ICE back in Oct. and reported 3 major construction projects and Duke University.

Tim:Is S.T.A.B. (S... (Below threshold)


Is S.T.A.B. (Send Their Asses Back) a real organization or did you make that one up? And if it is real, where do I go to sign up?

Well fatman, it wasn't real... (Below threshold)

Well fatman, it wasn't real until now. Our membership just doubled to 2 members. Welcome to the club!!! Anyone else wanna join?

Re: S.T.A.B.Consid... (Below threshold)

Re: S.T.A.B.

Consider it three members.

You guys crack me up! I th... (Below threshold)
John Garcia:

You guys crack me up! I think it is even funnier that about a hundred and eighty years ago in Texas a politician named Santa Anna and a couple of his buddies created their own S.T.A.B. organization. They were upset the anglo invaders were settling on their land. The anglos were motivated by fertile farm lands and believed in racial superiority rhetoric and manifest destiny. The protestant anglos offended Catholic Mexico's sensibilities in every way possible. When the anglo immigrants were deemed illegal because they refused to follow current Mexican law which abolishes slavery, Santa Anna decided to take matters in his own hands, and believing himself above the law of his own land created a type of government giving him absolute rule without need for the constitution already in place. His defeat and capture at San Jacinto was a result of his arrogance. It was an arrogance created by a lust for control and power. As they say history tends to repeat itself.






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