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Jihadist in Washington

Counterterrorism Blog reports that a jihadist is working in Washington:

Mustafa Khalfi, the editor in chief of At Tajdid, the main Islamist publication in Morocco, is among other things working on the Hill for Congressman Jim McDermott. Researching with my colleague Ilan Weinglass this story, we found out that At Tajdid has a direct link to organizations classified by the U.S. Treasury as [Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity] SDGTs because of their affiliation to Hamas. Therefore Khalfi could in theory be designated himself as an SDGT.

This should have come as no surprise since At Tajdid clearly supports Hamas and has an anti-Semite and anti-American line. Over a month ago, we supplied the US Treasury with all the relevant information regarding this case. We also contacted numerous people, including for instance Senator Lugar and Lee Hamilton, involved in the choice of Khalfi as a Fulbright scholar and a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. So far no one responded to our queries...

The authors of this post wrote an article for Frontpage Magazine in which they detail Khalfi's terrorist ties:

A Moroccan Islamist and apparent terrorism supporter has been getting treatment in Washington D.C. that most graduate students can only dream of. Mustafa Khalfi, editor-in-chief of the Moroccan newspaper At-Tajdid (Renewal), is the recipient of a prestigious Fulbright/American Political Science Association (APSA) Congressional Fellowship. This honor has afforded him the honor of working for Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA), taking a course at Johns Hopkins University, and receiving a visiting scholarship at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

At-Tajdid's connection to terrorism:

At-Tajdid's website has a permanent link to the Union of Good, an umbrella organization of Hamas-funding charities. Five of these organizations have been listed by the U.S. Treasury Department as Specially Designated Global Terrorist entities (SDGTs):

* The Al-Aqsa Foundation, Belgium and Holland Branches
* Interpal
* Comité de Benfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP)
* Sanabil al-Aqsa
* The Palestinian Relief Society, Switzerland

First a former Taliban member goes to Yale and now we have a jihadist with ties to Hamas working for Jim McDermott - actually that doesn't surprise me. Jim McDermott was always a blame-America-first nutball.

But what was Lee Hamilton doing helping this guy?

And Michelle Malkin writes about Jihadists in Georgia.


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Comments (12)

Dear Kim,The probl... (Below threshold)

Dear Kim,

The problem is it is very hard to distinguish between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. People like Osama and Saddam and Bush are terrorists -people who take away innocent lives. But Hamas is trying to free Palestine. I do not however say that killing INNOCENT people of Israel is a good thing. In a war sadly innocent people die. Really doesn't any of you feel that Palestine needs to be free? Doesn't anybody feel that ONLY politics is evil? Regular humans- Jews -Muslims-Christians just want to live in peace?
Jihad is a good thing- Jihad against Hate- Jihad against War. We need to have Jihad for peace. For equality. Jihad so that people of all religions can sit together and live together in peace!

MuslimUnity:<b... (Below threshold)


"But Hamas is trying to free Palestine. I do not however say that killing INNOCENT people of Israel is a good thing. In a war sadly innocent people die. Really doesn't any of you feel that Palestine needs to be free? Doesn't anybody feel that ONLY politics is evil? Regular humans- Jews -Muslims-Christians just want to live in peace?"

Put. Down. The. Koolaid. Now.

I for one am sick and tired of the evils that are commited in the guise of freeing 'Palestine'. You've used up all of your goodwill, and I don't give a rat's ass if 'Palestine' is ever free.

"Jihad is a good thing- Jihad against Hate- Jihad against War. We need to have Jihad for peace. For equality. Jihad so that people of all religions can sit together and live together in peace!"

Why does that sound like a plug for dhimmitude? Submit to Islam and all will be well! Sorry to burst your pyschotic bubble, but there will never be the kind of "Muslim Unity" you call for. And if you are writing from the U.S., please do one of two things: 1) Go back to where you came from; or 2) Emmigrate to Saudi Arabia, Iran or your beloved 'Palestine'. Write and let us know how you like your "Muslim Unity", which doesn't exist anyway.

Really doesn't any of yo... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Really doesn't any of you feel that Palestine needs to be free?

Yeah, you know what, M-U, I think they've had their chance, and tossed it aside to continue as a rabid pack.

As for Bush being a terrorist, well, by the definition that he brings terror to evil scumbags beloved by rabid fanatics worldwide, maybe, but otherwise, nope, thanks for playing, but you're not even in the same ballpark.

Thank God, there aren't tha... (Below threshold)
John Goodman:

Thank God, there aren't that many natjobs like yourself in the world or we'll be heading straight
to a world war 3. I am an american born in morocco and if you think you can tell me to go back where I came from, why don't you go back to Europe or wherever the hell your Gparents came from and leave the place to the natives, imbecile. or you know what how about a big F U, how is that for freedom of speech! the same freedom of speech you are using to spread your hate and poison among this peaceful potsmoking nation. Go to hell!

Mr. Goodman, there are plen... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Mr. Goodman, there are plenty of nutjobs in the world. Quite a few of them come from Muslim countries, but are not a majority even there. The nutjobs I'm most considered about are those willing to wage religious and ideological war on the free West.
I'm no Islamophobe. I'm in favor of leaving Saudi Arabia (at least that portion which does not support terrorism), the UAE, and others to their own culture and devices, with plenty of mututal understanding fostering trade to our own ends. However, Osama, Saddam Hussein, and their friends in the Palestinian terrorist organizations show no interest in agreeing to disagree, or mututal respect, but instead foster an aggressive zealotry against peaceful (but never peacenik) democracies that grant people with their views inaliable rights that they would deny to those who disagree with them.
Muslims vote in Israel. They matter, they have citizenship and the rights of free people. Whats the fate of Jews in the Palestinian territories?

Mr. Irving it's nice to see... (Below threshold)
John Goodman:

Mr. Irving it's nice to see you can actually express your opinions in a civil manner. I see that we both watch and listen to Tony Snow, Sean Hannity...
Aren't these the talking points you are repeating? in an eloquent way I might even add!
By the way, to his credit Sean Hannity never leaves the country, so he actually believe what he says. But Tony Snow, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, acts all nice and sweet when he is participating in conferences in the middle east. Here, he is rubbing elbows with J W B if you know what I mean.
I listen to both sides of the story, and I concede when either have a point.
Anyhow that's not our topic, is it?
All I can tell you is that Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in the middle east together in peace for centuries except during the crusades and since Israel was created in 1948.
All I can tell you also is that when Jews were being prosecuted in Europe, they were granted a safe heaven in islamic lands, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey...
I could go on and on, but I will give you something to think about. I attended a high school owned by a jew back in Morocco, and none of the students and nor their parents had any prejudice vis a vis that fact.
Would you ever put your kid in a school owned by a muslim? Would anybody in democratic Israel put their kid in a school owned by a muslim?
I know politics is too complicated for some of us, but reading history can help you make sense out of it. But then again, just sometimes.

Argh. "Inalienable," among ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Argh. "Inalienable," among other atrocities. Pardon me while I find a blackboard and reteach myself spelling.

Actually, Mr. Goodman, I do... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Actually, Mr. Goodman, I don't watch any network news whatsoever. I was, however, majoring in history, and I am very up-to-date on my news reading along with historical backgrounds. Thats why I have a great deal of respect for much of Islamic culture, while at the same time recognizing the virulent regression the Palestinians have been undergoing, culminating in their election of an openly terrorist organization to lead their nation.
However, you seem to suffer from one small flaw, of making false comparisons. Morocco is a state I'd point to as an example of a mostly modern Islamic society, a mix of tradition and culture with "Western" sensibilities for the greatest part. Hamas, as the duly elected representatives of the Palestinian people, has shown no such sensibility, and prefers instead to battle for the destruction of the most successful open democracy in the Levant.
Would you ever put your kid in a school owned by a muslim? Quite possibly, as a matter of fact.
Would anybody in democratic Israel put their kid in a school owned by a muslim?
As a matter of fact, they do. In fact, Israel's success as an inclusive democracy despite a declaration of being a "Jewish state" is one of the many reasons i think Iraq's constitutional provisions for recognition of Islamic law is not only acceptable, but commendable. After all, Britain is a Christian nation by definition, with a state church, but they are not only accepting of other major religions, but also one of the most tolerant nations on earth for modern belief systems such as neo-pagans. Heck, you can even list your relgiion as "Jedi" if you feel like it.
In addition, while a fairly hardcore conservative on issues such as U.S. national defense and interests, I'm am radically socially liberal, and Israels open and tolerant treatment of gay members of society stands in stark contrast to the inhuman treatment Palestinian gays receive from their fellows.
I do not believe all Palestinians are evil, immoral, or destructive. But as a society they have chosen a path and a leadership comparable, in desires if not in scope, to that of the worst of the 20th century, and the only good option for their best and brightest is to abandon the rotting carcass of their society, assimilate elsewhere, and prove they've learned the lessons of history.

Hmmm. Must be those two pa... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Must be those two parallel universes meeting again. Goodman's Universe I do not recognize. Irving's I do. Goodman's verbiage is recognizable, not entirely coherent and certainly not civil. Hope there's a drug or some dialectical cognitive behavioral therapy somewhere to help.

Reminds me of this one huge... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of this one huge debate that happened @ school once. In my college's email system there was a public "bulletin board" if you will, and we had a bunch of arab students sent by the United Arab Shipping Company to study Marine Transportation and Engineering over @ California Maritime.

One of the students, during an especially horrific time of attacks on both sides of the israel vs palestine struggle, kept posting pictures of "free palestine" and "see the evils of the Israeli government", which were pictures of casualties the palestineans suffered.

In the meantime, they NEVER accepted pictures of the Israeli innocents killed going about their daily lives. They NEVER accepted the fact that it was basically tit for tat, Israeli's tit for Palestines' tat (I say Palestine because Yassir Arafat pretty much supported terrorism in Israel, which made it pretty damn official). A completely one-sided view of the whole debacle.

Oh and you mention Morocco, but if you're thinking about modern, post-world war II Turkey? When I was in Istanbul I had a rather thoughtful discussion with a 29 year old male working on his third college degree. His tone was that they are all TURKS, not ARABS. That Islam happens to be a religion that most TURKS treat the same way most Americans treat Christianity, with the very same casualty (as in they often skip their daily prayers when inconvenient, and so forth).

Epador things his funny. We... (Below threshold)
John Goodman:

Epador things his funny. Well, let me tell you, you are not. With this kind of attitude you will never get laid. At least Mr. Irving has the descency to defend his views. Not that I'am expecting that you even know what you are talking about.
Mr. Irving, I had to leave office last night. There was no time to answer. You are into history, and I am glad that you are.
You must then be familiar with the curcumstances surrouding the creation of the state of Israel and maybe a mouvement called "Irgun". "Irgun" was a militant Zionist group that operated in the British Mandate of Palestine from 1931 to 1948.
The group was an offshoot of the Haganah in protest both against its policy of restraint and socialist leanings. The Irgun was classified by the British authorities as a terrorist organization, while others considered it to be an independence movement. British authorities, routinely condemned Irgun operations as terrorist and branded it an illegal organization, as a result of the groups attacks on civilian targets. The most notorious leader that "Irgun" had, was "Menachem Begin", who I don't expect Mr. Epador to know of course. "Menachem Begin" who was wanted by the british authorities for mass murders, will later be the Prime minister of Israel for years to come. Altouh the group was formally dissolved and its members integrated into the newly formed Israeli Defense Forces 1948. The political association of "Irgun" with Revisionist Zionism rendered it a predecessor movement to modern Israel's right-wing Likud party/coalition that the same "Menachem Begin" happens to be its spiritual father.

Isn't it so convinient to forget about all this?
Do you see the Irony?
Do you see littttle analogy here?
Do you see the hypocricy?
I am not in anyway condoning the killing of innocents by the way although most people in this blog seems to be condoning the killings of innocent palestinians in the name of democracy and them making "the wrong choice of government".
the historical fact above can be checked out in "history of the state of Israel" by Howard Sachar. Not even Israelis themself deny these facts, but I wouldn't be surprised if Epador does. He is a moooroooon.

I had vowed a while ago to ... (Below threshold)
John Goodman:

I had vowed a while ago to stop debating politics because admit it or not, things will happen regardless if you want them or not. For example, JWB would have gone to war regardless if you supported him or not. At the same time people like Mr Irving make me enjoy debating, people like Mr. Langtry and Mr. Epador make me want to puke. I don't think this little entreprise is going to change anybody's mind about anything. It's beautiful out, get out of your basements. Peace out.






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