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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Playwright Norbert Aboudarham, writes his play on a laptop while sitting in a cage at the Amiens zoo 13 April 2006. Aboudarham, in search of inspiration for

Winners will be announced Sunday. Don't forget our "Brush With Greatness" Contest either...

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.

Comments (109)

Every Democratic Undergroun... (Below threshold)

Every Democratic Undergrounder's paranoid nightmare brought to horrific life -- "You can lock me in a cage, but I will still post THE TRUTH!!!!"

The next democratic candida... (Below threshold)
reitred military:

The next democratic candidate for President answers questions to his constituents on democraticunderground.com

Monkeys today attempt an ex... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Monkeys today attempt an experiment to see if a noted playwright, when given an infinite period of time, will write gibberish.

Hmmm.Holy Crap! T... (Below threshold)


Holy Crap! That's ME!



Stay tuned for next weeks B... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Stay tuned for next weeks Blogging Cage-Match-o-Death when Michele Malkin faces off with Daily Kos.

"Why do they tell me my wri... (Below threshold)

"Why do they tell me my writing is for the birds?"

"Think Different" my @#&...... (Below threshold)

"Think Different" my @#&...

Next week on National Geogr... (Below threshold)

Next week on National Geographic, we will explore the world of the enigmatic Mac user, a species thought to be on the verge of extinction and only seen in captivity.

Instapundit's proliferate p... (Below threshold)

Instapundit's proliferate posting explained.

In the end rather draconian... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

In the end rather draconian measures had to be employed to ensure that caption contest judging was performed in a timely fashion.

As a result of decades of i... (Below threshold)

As a result of decades of immigration, the last native French Intellectual is protected at the Rive Gauche Zoo. He is fed a strict diet of Gaulloises, espresso & croissants. Asked about his endangered status he brooded, "We are all in a cage, it is an illusion".

Two bloggers enter, one blo... (Below threshold)

Two bloggers enter, one blogger leaves.

"He lost the house, car, wi... (Below threshold)

"He lost the house, car, wife and kids but by the gods he had reached 57th level ArchMage." -- excerpt from the new NYT bestseller, "Everquest or Evercrack?"

Jack Black's swan song in 2... (Below threshold)

Jack Black's swan song in 2018... Cage Dances With Wolves

Not everyone can afford the... (Below threshold)

Not everyone can afford the deliciuous output of the free-range blogger so cage-fed blogging will never entirely go away.

Sorry - "delicious"... (Below threshold)

Sorry - "delicious"

"Caged Heat IV: The Compute... (Below threshold)

"Caged Heat IV: The Computer pr0n Edition"

Here is a rare photo of JT ... (Below threshold)

Here is a rare photo of JT waiting for the Bear to return to the chicken coop, so that he can be the first to live blog a bear mauling.

Zoo officials expressed con... (Below threshold)

Zoo officials expressed concern over their inability to find a mate for Bob, the last known blogger. To date no blogger has successfully been bread in captivity and it is feared the species will die out.

Why so blue Panda Bear? You... (Below threshold)

Why so blue Panda Bear? You are a buffet of manliness!

While rumors persist that b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

While rumors persist that blog trolls exist abundantly in the wild, not many have seen one other than the few kept live in captivity.

It was a dark and stormy ni... (Below threshold)

It was a dark and stormy night...

Truthlaidbear lair.... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Truthlaidbear lair.

This seemed like a good ide... (Below threshold)

This seemed like a good idea before I had to go to the bathroom.

The last American liberal s... (Below threshold)

The last American liberal sits quietly playing with his antique computer in solitude contemplating why they both went extinct.

Please do not feed the pund... (Below threshold)

Please do not feed the pundit.

Filmmaker Michael Moore fev... (Below threshold)

Filmmaker Michael Moore feverishly typing the expose for his next film "celcius in feather heaven" about the Fears and Pandemonium Bush has caused with His war on Bird Flu.

AOL chatroom honey "SweetAn... (Below threshold)

AOL chatroom honey "SweetAngelDelight" Profile: Female, blonde, 110lbs, enjoys long walks on the beach, movies, outdoorsy type.

"Les Pigeons Or Pandas, Sec... (Below threshold)

"Les Pigeons Or Pandas, Second Verse Same As The First."

After careful study of the ... (Below threshold)

After careful study of the newly discovered species, the intelligent design proponents concede defeat.

Cocoa has really let hersel... (Below threshold)

Cocoa has really let herself go!

"Tech support. Whuddya wan... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

"Tech support. Whuddya want?"

...And here have a Bill Bur... (Below threshold)

...And here have a Bill Burkett reworking the TANG memos for the '08 Election. Don't feed him, kids. He's very grumpy.

China's response to the wor... (Below threshold)

China's response to the world pressure for a free press.

"Rosie" in the morning.... (Below threshold)

"Rosie" in the morning.

"During the early part o... (Below threshold)

"During the early part of the 21st century "bloggers" became popular sources of news and commentary. Here you see a depiction of Kevin Aylward at work on wizbang.com"

Salman Rushdie hiding out a... (Below threshold)

Salman Rushdie hiding out at the San Diego Zoo writing his next novel, "The Satanic Verses: Volume II"

After being stripped of his... (Below threshold)

After being stripped of his policy-making duties, a haggard Karl Rove finds himself further isolated in the Bush administration.

Dom Deluis writing a propos... (Below threshold)

Dom Deluis writing a proposed sequel to "One Flew Over The Chicken Coop"

Dear Pen Pal,Yes, ... (Below threshold)

Dear Pen Pal,

Yes, I too eagerly await Tuesday, conjugal visitation day. Tell the guard you're here to see "The Stallion" -- I'm much better looking than my photo. Until then, xxooxxoo #0000013

The nearly extinct objectiv... (Below threshold)

The nearly extinct objective reporter breeding program is slow going as suitable mates find this reclusive creature somewhat standoffish and unkempt.

"Thirty Gigs Short Of A Le ... (Below threshold)

"Thirty Gigs Short Of A Le Load."

An Apple programmer as seen... (Below threshold)

An Apple programmer as seen in Apple Computer, Inc's brand new, state-of-the-art facilities.

"those fish on this screen... (Below threshold)

"those fish on this screen saver are really pretty

I wish I hadn't forgot the toliet paper

what's this blinking light that says Low battery warning mean?"

"Charles Schwabe Falls On H... (Below threshold)

"Charles Schwabe Falls On Hard Times."

"BLOGGER?!?! I thought I wa... (Below threshold)

"BLOGGER?!?! I thought I was going to be a Lumberjack!"

"Call me Ishmael..."... (Below threshold)

"Call me Ishmael..."

Jay Tea gives viewers a gli... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea gives viewers a glimpse of his blogging ritual.

Sorry, Jay.

Supreme Court Justice Anton... (Below threshold)

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia diligently composes his next scathing dissent.

Not content with mere sign ... (Below threshold)

Not content with mere sign language, Koko the gorilla has ventured into new means of communicating.

Screenwriters for Comman... (Below threshold)

Screenwriters for Commander in Chief were afforded the best accommodations.

In the third stage of Bush ... (Below threshold)

In the third stage of Bush Derangement Syndrome, the incensed liberal is kept from harming himself and comforted by an internet consisting of nothing but an infinite loop of KOS diaries, lining the cage with copies of the NYT and the ingredients of straw man arguments.

The judge in the people's c... (Below threshold)

The judge in the people's court convicted the world as co-conspirators in Bush's illegal second term and sentanced the world to prison.

"As luck would have it, hay... (Below threshold)

"As luck would have it, hay is a wonderfull WiFi conduit"


"Kabul Starbucks open at last!"

I am not an animal, I am a ... (Below threshold)

I am not an animal, I am a liberal.

Though the years (2) have n... (Below threshold)

Though the years (2) have not been kind to him, John Kerry has been testing the waters for a potential '08 run.

I wonder if Pizza Hut deliv... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Pizza Hut delivers here?

The new Myspace.com forum.<... (Below threshold)

The new Myspace.com forum.

"Writing crap worked for Pi... (Below threshold)

"Writing crap worked for Pinter. Writing in crap should be even better!"

The unknown 'Kennedy' Deter... (Below threshold)

The unknown 'Kennedy' Deter the Chicken, Ted's twin, writing Democratic talking points for Hugo Chavez.

I know what you're thinking... (Below threshold)

I know what you're thinking, 'cause right now I'm thinking the same thing. Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn't I take the RED pill?

Liveblogging from Gitmo.</p... (Below threshold)
Jim from Harrisburg:

Liveblogging from Gitmo.

The sweat shops of Mac tech... (Below threshold)

The sweat shops of Mac tech support.

And over here, we have what... (Below threshold)

And over here, we have what is known as a pedophilius stalkerus computerus.

I was gambling in Havana</p... (Below threshold)

I was gambling in Havana

I took a little risk

Send lawyers, guns and money

Dad, get me out of this

There once was a journalist... (Below threshold)

There once was a journalist from Rome
Whose comrades inspired his tome
He proved in the crucible
Evolution is reversible
And the trees will soon be his home.

Budget cuts at the New York... (Below threshold)

Budget cuts at the New York Times after another bad quarter are taking their toll.

Paul Krugman's office after... (Below threshold)

Paul Krugman's office after the NYT started charging people to read his bad econmoic advice.

The MSM tries to reform by ... (Below threshold)

The MSM tries to reform by raising "free range journalists" instead of the normal industrial sized journalists farms where they are constantly force fed a diet of left wing rhetoric and DNC talking points.

After being bounced from "A... (Below threshold)

After being bounced from "American Idol," heartthrob singer Ace Young considered about his personal hygiene and thought, "Fuck it."

"ahhh, first you dismember ... (Below threshold)

"ahhh, first you dismember the corpse, THEN you boil it!!! Geez what an idiot I am!!!"

The White Houses new press... (Below threshold)

The White Houses new press secretary Billy Carter brushing up on current events.

Scene from "The Making of '... (Below threshold)
Nell E:

Scene from "The Making of 'An Inconvenient Truth'"

Instapundit: "Can you still... (Below threshold)

Instapundit: "Can you still hear the puppies blending, Clarice?"

"Man Arrested In France For... (Below threshold)

"Man Arrested In France For Zoophilia Denounces Prosecutors For Sheep Shot."

Even after his incarcaratio... (Below threshold)

Even after his incarcaration in Guantanamo Bay, Michael Moore continues to find ways to exploit tragedy behind bars with his trusty Powerbook, and a stolen Wifi connection.

Dear Sir:Please di... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

Dear Sir:

Please disregard my resignation
and allow me to continue as your
press secretary.

These past few days have been hell;
I've gone from a well-respected political
force to "Norm" from "Cheers."

Earnestly and Wholeheartedly,

S. McClellan

A Rasmussen poll reveals th... (Below threshold)

A Rasmussen poll reveals that the Liberals Quarantine Act of 2006 is supported by 98% of Republicans, with a margin of error of 2%.

Okey-dokey. Inspiration...... (Below threshold)

Okey-dokey. Inspiration...here we go...oops the screen saver started, hehe, I love them flying toasters...Ok, tap 'y' and there we go. Inspiration...how about a zoo? I come to ze zoo for ze inspiration, I write ze zoo! There we go, problem solved. "My Life In The Zoo" a play by me. Ok...oops more toasters...hehehehe. Where are the clever little monkeys? They might inspire me. Or the crocodiles? Something. A zoo? What was I thinking. I should have gone someplace good for inspiration. "My Life As A Girls Gone Wild Videographer in Cancun"! Now that's a title. Okey-dokey. Ooops...there go the toasters, again. hehehe...flap flap little toasters!

this is the best group of caption contest entries I've seen, it's going to take a while to come up with a winner on this one

The NYT editorial staff has... (Below threshold)

The NYT editorial staff has often been criticized for insulating itself from the views of every day America.

..."Elsewhere in todays new... (Below threshold)

..."Elsewhere in todays news; an aging Eric Cartman sits alone in a Jewish zoo somewhere near South Park, Colorado. His relentless pursuit of poor taste finally catching up with him, Cartman now spends most of his days shoving straw up his ass. Reporting for News 7, Stan Kyle." (photo courtesy of Kenny Productions)

"All work and no play makes... (Below threshold)

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..."

"They all laughed when I to... (Below threshold)

"They all laughed when I told the world how I could teach anyone to blog in 30 days or less. Order my Zoo Professor today, it's a hoot! (no pun intended)

the future of investigative... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

the future of investigative journalism in the US if Bill Bennet gets his way.

"An unidentified Duke Unive... (Below threshold)

"An unidentified Duke University lacrosse player (pictured above) hammers out defense notes for his upcoming trial. 'It seems like this has taken ages, he quipped.' Ironically,the stripper accuser passed away just last week. She was only 64."

Mr. Rumplestilskin (shown) ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Rumplestilskin (shown) says that a beautiful maiden can actually spin this straw into pure gold. Where is the spinning wheel? I am ready to give it a try. Oh wait....I'm a guy! Really. The way they spin everything nowadays...Those #@^&+%~! liberals!!!

Meatloaf on Meatloaf by Mea... (Below threshold)

Meatloaf on Meatloaf by Meatloaf!

Shit! I can't remember how ... (Below threshold)
Tom Lefebvre:

Shit! I can't remember how to spell Guantanomo!

Future glimpse of Howard De... (Below threshold)

Future glimpse of Howard Dean, January 2007

Michael Moore begins to reg... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore begins to regret signing up for the "90 day--90 pounds weight loss GUARANTEED" offer on the back of the graphic novel.

Bill Burkett impersonating ... (Below threshold)

Bill Burkett impersonating Dan Rather with tech support from Mary Mapes. Pulitzer shoe-ins

Hey, Tom - get your fanny o... (Below threshold)

Hey, Tom - get your fanny off the couch and get a load of THIS - it wasn't a bear after all!

As we pick up the action, t... (Below threshold)

As we pick up the action, the Hollywood screenwriter has to decide if his next movie should be about heroic American soldiers, or a hilarious satire about an impish terrorist blowing up a televised amateur singing show.

Helen Thomas fine tuning he... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas fine tuning her questions for next week's White House press conference, from the comfort of her master suite.

Helen Thomas, sans make-up,... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas, sans make-up, fine tuning her questions for next week's White House press conference, from the comfort of her master suite.

Former French President Jac... (Below threshold)

Former French President Jacques Chirac responds to a few remaining supporters of the European Union via e-mail from his neo-French-zoo-holding cell after being convicted of corruption during his tenure as Mayor of Paris. The cell includes chapagne service three times a day and comes with personal-chefs for every four inhabitants. The facility built during Chirac's administration houses only special detainees and former government officials.

Some fat slob trying to rel... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Some fat slob trying to relive the glory days of woodstock by downloading Janis Joplin,joan baez,the who,peter paul and mary and kerry among others from the internet ! in other words the qualifications to become an editor at the NYTimes.

"Next on our zoo tour, we h... (Below threshold)

"Next on our zoo tour, we have the North American Moonbat enjoying his favorite daily activity: wasting away the hours reading and writing fevered conspiracy theories about Neo-Cons and the Bush Administration on the Internet. That distinct odor is something called Patchouli Oil..."

"Pin Pals."... (Below threshold)

"Pin Pals."

"The Pen Is Mightier Than ... (Below threshold)

"The Pen Is Mightier Than The Pin."

Rumor has it that Algore ha... (Below threshold)

Rumor has it that Algore has regrown his beard, taken to his lock box, and commenced work on his third book on global warming.

Captured "Klingon" sends a ... (Below threshold)

Captured "Klingon" sends a "red alert, alpha one distress call" to the other members of the fan club...

French journalists reluctan... (Below threshold)

French journalists reluctantly accept some working condition modifications in return for guaranteed employment for life. One editor who asked to remain anonymous said, "If we could have gotten the Muslims to riot with us against this agreement, I think we could have gotten feedings twice a day, maybe some insect spray, but we couldn't win them over no matter how often or quickly we rolled over and exposed our soft bellies in submission."

Dear Shrink,I got ou... (Below threshold)
John Goodman:

Dear Shrink,
I got out of the basement like you told me to. why do I still feel like I am still trapped in a cage?
Obsessive Blogger

I know that Steve Jobs like... (Below threshold)

I know that Steve Jobs likes to promote the "Think Different" campaign, but this is ridiculous!

Of course my hands are fold... (Below threshold)

Of course my hands are folded! How the hell do you keep a mouse in here?

Mak44 ... (Below threshold)

Mak44 filling out an online application to CBS and the DNC.

Dear Nurse Ratchet,<p... (Below threshold)

Dear Nurse Ratchet,

As I mentioned earlier, I merely wish to have my cigarettes returned to me and then I shall trouble you no further.

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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