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Ashamed Republican Is Still A Democrat

Remember this guy, Jeb Eddy?

Jeb Eddy joins thousands of demonstrators to protest the war in Iraq on Saturday. Associated Press photo by Noah Berger

He was the star of a Wizbang post in September 2005 called, "Ashamed Republican" Is An Embarrassed Democrat

Well, via Shock and Blog and Conservative Underground, we find Jeb Eddy is back in the San Francisco Chronicle again, in the photo section accompanying this April 22, 2006 story. He's still using his same gimmick - campaign contributions to Democrats be dammed...

Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto voices his displeasure with the Bush Administration. Eddy has been a registered Republican for the past 33 years. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor

So how exactly does a guy who was excised from the photos (but not the text) of last falls story manage to get back in The Chronicle?

Perhaps the graphics below will shed some light on the subject. The first is the byline from the story that which featured the Eddy picture and quote last fall, and the second is the new story...


We've requested a comment from Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci, and her editors, as to how this guy managed to get attached to yet another story of hers.

Update: SFGate news director Vlae Kershner responds:

I don't see anything wrong with running a photo of any protester at a public event, including him. We also have a photo of a pro-Bush citizen, a treatment that reflects both sides.

However, I share your concern that Mr. Eddy is misleading the public. To give readers a more complete picture, we changed the caption to reflect the fact that besides being a registered Republican he's also a Democratic donor and frequent Bush protester.

Which makes sense, and sure enough they've changed the picture caption from:

Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto voices his displeasure with the Bush Administration. Eddy has been a registered Republican for the past 33 years. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor


Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto voices his displeasure with the Bush Administration. Eddy, a registered Republican but Democratic donor, is a frequent protester at pro-Bush events. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor


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Comments (20)

It looks like a few of the ... (Below threshold)

It looks like a few of the lefties would realize they have been taken over and are being led to the slaughter by the insane. There are more lucid people in most mental institutions for the criminally insane than there are in the democratic party. Hanoi John encouraging more moonbats to become traitors ( they sacrafice their families, he doesn't), Joe Wilson, Plame, Socks Berger along with several more moonbats tied to Mary McCarthy's traitorious acts. Rock-e-feller, Turbin Durbin and Wyden scheduled for Polygraph test to determing how much Top Secret data they have leaked. Leaky Leahy has been busted for leaks for political purposed once already. D. Feinstein siding with communist China against Tiawan. Since her husband has billions invested in China could be the reason. Not politics this time, just money. The democratic party has became more dangerous to security and freedom in this country than all the terrorists of the world combined.

This guy would make jumping... (Below threshold)

This guy would make jumping jim jeffords proud.

While I agree about your ta... (Below threshold)

While I agree about your take on this guy...I'm a Republican who is ashamed of the GOP as it stands today. From the out-of-control spending to the cronyism to Bush's lack of ability to clearly articulate a single position (and I do NOT refer to his way of speaking. I refer to his LACK of speaking at all until days or weeks after an issue comes to light), today's Republican leaders aren't conservative OR Republican. They're something new, something that isn't good for any of us, left, right or middle.

Wow Jim Jim. It's pretty we... (Below threshold)

Wow Jim Jim. It's pretty weird that you went from right to left at the same exact time I went left to right. You must be my bizarro doppelganger.

Now that the Generals are s... (Below threshold)

Now that the Generals are speaking up maybe religous leaders will speak up as well.

The emporer is naked. Pass it around...

The link to his campaign do... (Below threshold)

The link to his campaign donation list went back only as far as 2002 so, just out of curiosity, I checked the earlier dates. Maybe his switch happened due to the war in Afghanistan and the run-up to Iraq.

Heh. Eddy and his wife have been contributing to Democrats since at least as far back as 1992, the earliest info available at the site. So, when was this guy ever a Republican? What a fraud.

The objective, fact-based m... (Below threshold)

The objective, fact-based media in action.

Sheesh. If the LA Times boondoggles this week and the CIA / Washington Post affair weren't all the indication we needed that journalists think the public is stupid, I don't know what else ther is.

there*... (Below threshold)


Sorry Kirk, I am ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Kirk,
I am also a Republican that is ashamed of the party and the government. I live in Katrina world. But don't worry about that. It doesn't effect you.

Isn't 'Katrina world' run, ... (Below threshold)

Isn't 'Katrina world' run, dare I say 'dominated', by Democrats? And has been for years?

Falze, shhh, don't disturb ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Falze, shhh, don't disturb the Moby's.

No, I live in a parish gove... (Below threshold)

No, I live in a parish governed by Republicans - Vitter and Jindal. The democrats in the city have not had a chance to screw up because THEY HAVE RECEIVED NO MONEY YET to screw up with. Get ready America, if that nuclear blast goes off in your area, this is what you can expect from this current government.

If a nuclear blast goes of... (Below threshold)

If a nuclear blast goes off ,You would know nothing Your dead, and they the Dems in the city recieved billions of dollars for the past 40 years to strenghthen the Levy,s and didnt use it for the purpose it was given, what happened to it ? this is a bottomless pit!

Oddly, my anger at Bushpubl... (Below threshold)

Oddly, my anger at Bushpublicans has nothing to do with the war or Katrina except where Brown was cencerned. I am largely concerned with Bush's inability to veto *anything*, the erosion of basic rights while not actually increasing security, the consolidation of Federal power, the lack of concern for border security, the absolute ignorance and hostility regarding science...I could go on.

I'm NOT concerned with the WMD meme, NSA wiretaps, Valerie Plame, etc.

Can someone find me a war-tough, smaller-government conservative please?

Thanks, Kevin.... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin.

Wow! The Chronicle actually... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Wow! The Chronicle actually admitted (sort of) making an error? I'd alert the media, but...

Ya gotta give old Jeb a little props for ingenuity. He registers as a GOPer and dresses like a GOPer to give himself credibility in the eyes of his Democrats and liberals who can point and say "See? Even one of your one doesn't like Bush". Yet the man consistently donates to the Dems. Sneaky bastage!

Whoa! Did anyone see the la... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Whoa! Did anyone see the last shot in the series? Not sure I can link, but I'll try. Here it is.

The big bad helicopter seen spewing exhaust between two, out-of-focus protest signs. Now that's some photo editorializing!

Virgo, The Corp... (Below threshold)

The Corps of Engineers is in charge of anything to do with levees. The levee boards cut the grass and run the marinas. I don't think it was uncut grass that destroyed 80% of my hometown. But keep blindly supporting your party. Just don't say you have not been warned.

I dont have a party !i vot... (Below threshold)

I dont have a party !i vote for whom i think is the most genuine and makes sense to me. i know the corp is in charge of building and upkeep and so fourth ,but who keeps track of where and how much money is spent and who decides what is a safe level for the levees? it seems to me that whole system down there had 40 years inbetween major hurricanes to improve it and it was not done? the reasons ??? and warned of what? I did,nt send the Hurricane there! that was Bush.

Ive always wondered what MA... (Below threshold)

Ive always wondered what MAK44 looked like.






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