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Olbermann: Bush Worst President

A few days ago I blogged about a Rolling Stone cover story by Sean Wilentz which asserted that Bush is the worst president in American history. I predicted that the MSM would pick up on this story and discuss it as if it had importance and truth.

Friday night, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC's Countdown did just that by having Sean Wilentz on his show. Newsbusters has the story:

While introducing the segment, Olbermann listed several of Wilentz's attacks against Bush without challenging their validity, including accusations of "fabricated evidence" of WMD, a "retro fiscal policy" of "massive tax cuts" for the wealthy that "racked up monstrous deficits," and a criticism citing an unnamed Republican strategist who claimed that the Republican Party is "the first religious party in U.S. history." Olbermann, who perennially makes comparisons between George Orwell's novel 1984 and the Bush administration, managed to work in yet another reference to Orwell as he ended the interview mocking the administration's use of the term "pre-9/11 thinking," charging that Bush would accuse Wilentz and the other historians of being "guilty of pre-9/11 thinking, as George Orwell might have said." (Transcript follows)

Olbermann previewed the segment in the show's teaser: "Worst President ever: As Mr. Bush contemplates his page in history, a covey of historians predict that could easily be the chapter title."

After interviewing former Nixon White House counsel John Dean about the recent firing of the CIA agent who leaked classified information about secret prisons in Europe, during which Olbermann drew comparisons between leaks in the Nixon and Bush administrations, he could not resist making further comparisons between Nixon and Bush. Olbermann read a brief item about student protesters at Stanford University who blocked President Bush's helicopter from landing, which he compared to Nixon's problems with student protesters, and then gave a plug for the Wilentz interview by relaying that some historians say Bush "might have passed the James Buchanans and the Richard Nixons to become the worst President ever."

Olbermann continued his introduction by sympathetically calling the recently fired CIA employee a "whistleblower," as if she had exposed some great wrong: "Our fourth story in the Countdown, President Bush, whose administration is now firing, perhaps prosecuting whistleblowers, is he simply the worst?"

Olbermann then read a list of Wilentz's criticisms of the Bush administration, all from a left-wing point-of-view, without any analysis of their validity: "This is some of what he considers: That the 43rd President of the United States and his administration strained or even fabricated evidence of weapons of mass destruction not only to justify the war in Iraq, but to promote a Bush Doctrine of preemptive warfare; claimed an unprecedented expansion of presidential power under the guise of war, many of the administration's scandals having flowed from that; rammed retro fiscal policies through Congress, massive tax cuts that may have benefitted only the wealthy, racked up monstrous deficits borrowing more money between 2001 and 2005 than all of the previous 42 presidents combined; and other domestic policies so strident and so dismissive of scientific knowledge that one former Republican strategist calls today's Republicans, quote, 'the first religious party in U.S. history.'"

Read the rest of the article. Let's see if other MSM outlets also report on Sean's article in the same fashion.


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Comments (34)

Kieth... (Below threshold)
Tincan Sailor:

Kieth who??????????????????????????????

We should be happy that the... (Below threshold)

We should be happy that the only people who saw this were the ones in the studio.

One idiot quoting an other ... (Below threshold)

One idiot quoting an other idiot. Speaking of idiots who is the bigger idiot? Olbermann or the people who employ him? Given his ratings the network could display still life portraits and mellow background music and get better ratings.

Yeah, what're the ch... (Below threshold)

Yeah, what're the chances anybody heard it?

Exactly. Every time I read... (Below threshold)

Exactly. Every time I read about the stupid stuff on Olberman's show I remember his pitiful ratings. I heard he has lower ratings than Donahue and they canned Donahue. The poor guy. He must live every day in fear of getting the dreaded cancellation call.

More people heard about thi... (Below threshold)

More people heard about this on Whizbang than on Olberman's show. MSNBC is so poorly watched that Comcast here in Atlanta replaced it with business news and reality show repeat CNBC almost a year ago.

I guess for this sham to wo... (Below threshold)

I guess for this sham to work, Olberman has to convienently forget about Jimmah Cartah and the 20% inflation, oil price shocks and Iran-hostage crises. Or maybe he was too high on marijuana during that time to remember back that far.

Hey you Devoluted Republica... (Below threshold)

Hey you Devoluted Republican chyme-read the RS article before you rant/

You puking Repubs are God's proof on Earth that he intended for some couples to practice abortion.

It's on blogs like Wizbang that you really get a handle on just how polluted the human gene pool has become.

If you want to get under "o... (Below threshold)

If you want to get under "old lard hair's skin just ask him how bad does O'Reilly kicks his a&* even at the 4:00am rerun. When I e-mail him I put "ex espn sportcaster" in subject line. We had a running e-mail fight about a year ago for about a week. Still have those e-mails for when I need a few laughs.

I disagree. Millard Fillmo... (Below threshold)

I disagree. Millard Fillmore was totally the worst president in history. His most notable action during his presidency involved bat guano protection or something ridiculous. Can't get worse than that.

Fillmore might have been wo... (Below threshold)

Fillmore might have been worse than W.
Any others?

Keep in mind, he okays torture.

mak44>>"It's on blog... (Below threshold)

"It's on blogs like Wizbang that you really get a handle on just how polluted the human gene pool has become."

And you just supplied the proof of it, a cancerous rot deep in your political peer-group that's going to kill any chances of legitimate power for decades. Is your life so pitiful that you have nothing better to do then sling wide-casting insults to the population of a blog whose outlook differs from yours?

The sitting president is vi... (Below threshold)

The sitting president is viewed as incompentent in the mass media, and most of you are whining about how few people will have watched this particular story?

Yes Mak, The murderers in ... (Below threshold)

Yes Mak, The murderers in your political circle make it all to clear how you feel about innocent human life !so dont ever come on here and try to justify your sickness to the rest of us. filthy!

as for obywan , I never even heard of this puke before this thread, but surprise! He sounds just like every other hatefilled lib on any given gossip show..pathetic lying fool

One must remember that thes... (Below threshold)

One must remember that these, "whining, liberal parasites" working in what was once known as the news were heavily invested both as individuals and as organizations for both the SUPREME GORON and John, "I was in Cambodia for Christmas" Kerry and lost both times despite their efforts to slander and libel Bush...

Despite the best efforts by the, "whining, liberal parasites" to spin the news and lie about Bush, no one bought it...

No one is buying it now it seems...

Hence the shrill crying by the likes of Olbermann and Matthews on NBC are typical of the losers in the MSM...:lol:

Whenever I see claims like ... (Below threshold)

Whenever I see claims like this from Olbermann, I am reminded of a saying of the Great Maha Rushie (all praise to him!):

"For liberals, history begins yesterday."


--- Bush becomes the worst president because libs won't remember any others that we've had.

--- During the campaign, they spun the line that we had "the worst economy since the Great Depression" because they won't remember the '70s.

--- They claim that Bush is trampling our civil liberties in a manner unknown in our history, because they won't remember President Lincoln suspending habeus corpus or President Roosevelt locking up thousands of American citizens who happened to have been of Japanese descent.

--- Iraq is the worst war in our history because they won't remember Vietnam (or any other war we've fought, for that matter).

You get the idea...

VirgoIt is hardly ... (Below threshold)


It is hardly worthwhile trying to point out any matter of truth to you because it is obvious that the last dump you took left you severely braindamaged.

Mak44, it is not apparent t... (Below threshold)

Mak44, it is not apparent that you have any grasp of what the truth consists of, indicating you are severely challenged, intelligence wise. Here is a telling sign for you. With proper intense help, even you can recognize it. Your favorite newspaper prints articles that indicate Bush is responsible for every malidy known to mankind. And you believe it. But that same news orgainzation failed to hold the previous administation to any known standard of conduct. Can you imagine, which I doubt, what the media whould have done if a Vincent Foster or Ron Brown incident would have occured during this adminstration? No doubt, Bush would have been accused of being the trigger man himself, instead of those actually responsible. Can you imagine the newpaper reaction if a Juanita Broderick type person accused Bush of rape? Yet, idiots like you get their information from such sources. I would ask if you are stupid, but why?

One idiot quoting an oth... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

One idiot quoting an other idiot. Speaking of idiots who is the bigger idiot? Olbermann or the people who employ him?

That's very Obi-Wan-ish. I like it.

Hey you Devoluted Republican chyme-read the RS article before you rant/

Chyme? Did you pull this from your Word-of-the-day calendar? Making up for the poor education growing up, I see. I applaud your effort, such as it is. Though, you really needed a comma after "Hey".

You puking Repubs are God's proof on Earth that he intended for some couples to practice abortion.

Perhaps your parents should have heeded that advice.

Millard Fillmore was totally the worst president in history. His most notable action during his presidency involved bat guano protection or something ridiculous.

Well, realise that guano was far more important back in the 19th century than now, as a source of nitrogen for fertilizer and gunpowder. However, this doesn't negate the argument that Filmore was one of the worst presidents.

it's on blogs like Wizbang that you really get a handle on just how polluted the human gene pool has become.

Then get out of the pool already, it's adult swim time.

I'm starting to look forwar... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to look forward to mak44's comments, just so I can get my laughs each day!

Mak44, don't you have a Cap... (Below threshold)

Mak44, don't you have a Capitol cop to slap or something?

Well, everyone seems to be ... (Below threshold)
Torian Blue:

Well, everyone seems to be focusing on MSNBC's ratings..did anyone read the article ? Can anyone debate the article or is the truth to hard to handle? He is the worst and a puppet of the right wing.

"BREAKING NEWS CNN""BREAKIN... (Below threshold)



"Can anyone debate the arti... (Below threshold)

"Can anyone debate the article or is the truth to hard to handle?"
Are you serious?
Olbermann:"Bush caused sun to rise in the west!"
Olbermann:"Bush releases killer frogs on brave CIA leakers!"
Olbermann:"I'm not wearing pants, film at 11"
How do you debate this crap?

"He is the worst and a puppet of the right wing."
If only. We would get something done with permanent tax cuts, Social Security, illegal immigration, out of control spending, etc etc etc.

W. is the dumbest yet most ... (Below threshold)
Tommie Milwaukee:

W. is the dumbest yet most dangerous president we've ever had. God help us until we get this jerk out of office.

Oh, gee Tommie, thank you f... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Oh, gee Tommie, thank you for your input. Now, do you have any new exciting ways to state the same tired meme that mak, John Goodman, et al have all ready regurgitated? Do try to keep up with the programme, Mr Tommie-come-lately.

Thanks muchly.

Obviously, there are a lot ... (Below threshold)

Obviously, there are a lot of people here who are too young to remember Nixon/Ford/Carter -- the stagflation trifecta -- and LBJ, micromanager extraordinaire, whose Great Society left us greatly in debt ... about one-third of our total.

And for those who seem to relish every poll that shows a low approval rating for the Prez, I have some advice for you:

Buy a G-suit.

You'll need it, to keep from blacking out when the polls pitch up sharply.

I find it quite ironic, too, that someone who has liberated 50 million people, in the process serving notice upon the world that we are NOT a paper tiger ... finally bringing some decisive resolution to the problem of Saddam & Sons ... and done so by IGNORING what the critics say about him ... should be considered our worst President ...

... when it was the policies advocated by his critics that created the problems in the first place, that he has now solved!

That is one reason why there is foot-dragging on the investigations ... and if the Dems do get control of some of Congress and try to turn it into a kangaroo court, they will reap the whirlwind ...

... for we will be there to remind the people of their shortcomings, and ...

... the events of 11 September 2001 have lowered the tolerance of the American people for political gamesmanship in the place of leadership.

Be careful what you ask for, moonbats ...

Obviously, there are a l... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Obviously, there are a lot of people here who are too young to remember Nixon/Ford/Carter -- the stagflation trifecta

Oh, I most definitely remember it:

The "malaise".
The "misery index".
The Iranian Hostage fiasco.
The giving away of the Panama Canal...that we built.
Carter advising us to pull on a sweater (perhaps one made out of "Killer Rabbit" Angora?)

I remember sitting in a queue for gas with my dad in 1975, the length of at least a mile...we were there for most of the afternoon, and there was a 10 gallon ration. (And cars took 20 gallons back then).

Oh, yes, I remember it well.

Ohh Yes, I rememb... (Below threshold)

Ohh Yes,

I remember gas being .24 cents a gallon in like 1974 or so and than next summer it was like .45 and rising.

But i think the about Carter i remember most was , how incredibly boring He was on T.V.! THAT and ohh yeah the Billy Beer too.

I guess even at that age i knew something was terribly lacking in liberalism......

I meant to say the thing i... (Below threshold)

I meant to say the thing i remember about Carter not thin. I may have had to many Billy beers myself. And no mack44 You cant have one.

I don't understand the need... (Below threshold)

I don't understand the need for all the insults. People are allowed to disagree, and have always disagreed about politics, but in today's climate it is almost hatred.

I think that this administration has led us down the wrong road - Bush supporters have to know that Bush 41 advised his son against going into Iraq. Even had Brent Scowcroft try to discourage him from going in, but his mind was made up! And it was made up before 9/11.

Why can Bush supporters NEVER admit the great mistakes and misguided policies of his? It's like half the country is walking around with blinders on. Anyway, try to control yourselves in your reponse. :)

Rene,Someone can sup... (Below threshold)

Someone can support President Bush without having to agree 100% with all his decisions. I support President Bush in his decision to remove Saddam & Co. from power in Iraq. However I don't support his position on illegal immigration. I still feel he is doing a good job however. It IS possible to support someone without supporting them blindly. I suppose you can't see past your blinders to see the good Pres. Bush has done...

Bush's worst failures came ... (Below threshold)

Bush's worst failures came as a result of his cronyism, his fiscal mismanagement, his failure to understand the cultural dynamics in the Middle East, his general incompetence and his messianic complex - god wants him in the White House. Sure he's bad, but he's not Nixon. He could be Nixon if only he applied himself...

Boy sounds like we need old... (Below threshold)

Boy sounds like we need old "jeffie" in the White House as he understands the "culture" of the middle east. He also must be the most "competant" person in the USA as he just knows everything. I am truely amazed. NOT. Can you imagine what this country would look like if sKerry or Gore was in charge? (one is a traitor and the other is insane).






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