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Tony Blair Staying in Office Until 2009

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has decided to stay in office until 2009:

TONY BLAIR has decided to stay on as Prime Minister until 2009--because he doesn't trust Gordon Brown to deliver his radical reforms.

Two senior Cabinet ministers have told the News of the World he has SCRAPPED his plans to hand over leadership to the Chancellor at the end of next year.

Further proof of the PM's intention to stay in Downing Street comes with news that the Blairs have rented out their "retirement home" in London's Connaught Square for a further year. After that, security renovations to the house are expected to take at least another 18 months.

It indicates Mr Blair will carry out his original promise to serve a FULL third term in office, remaining in Downing Street almost three more years.

Two of his Cabinet colleagues say Mr Blair returned from his Easter break determined to battle on. One told us: "Any talk of him planning an early departure has receded in the past month.

Now there's no departure date at all. When I spoke to him this week he said he had to get the job done--and would be here for as long as that takes."

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But, but... George Galloway... (Below threshold)

But, but... George Galloway said he was leaving fairly soon.... Galloway isn't lying is he? That would be a first.

Nobody knows who you're tal... (Below threshold)

Nobody knows who you're talking about pal. Get out of here and get yourself a different blog. This is America.






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