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Will wonders ever cease?

This morning, I had to go out and look to see if the sun was rising in the west. It was raining, but I think the sky was slightly lighter in that direction.

And what made me doubt the fundamental nature of the universe?

The Boston Globe (owned by the New York Times) profiled a couple of Bay State conservative bloggers -- and it wasn't a complete and utter hatchet job.

Congratulations, Matt and Aaron Margolis. To get such favorable treatment (well, relatively speaking) from Ted Kennedy and John Kerry's favorite birdcage liner fish wrapper puppy trainer newspaper is truly remarkable.

But if I were Bruce, I wouldn't get my hopes up any time soon.

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The sun rises in the west w... (Below threshold)

The sun rises in the west where you live?

The Boston Globe 't... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The Boston Globe 'thumbs up' review of the Margolises' proves you can't always tell a book or its MSM bias by its cover. It wasn't a complete and utter hatchet job Actually I thought it was very sympathetic..and from a cursory viewing of their blog, the hosts do seem very level-headed, which which is not something you could entertain after reading the profile of this Washington Post profiled shrill liberal blogger even though surpisingly she loved it which just goes to show too, that for some bloggers, bad publicity is better than no publicity.

I think that was the best t... (Below threshold)

I think that was the best they could do for Bruce without popping an artery.

If the sun's rising in the ... (Below threshold)

If the sun's rising in the West, things have changed.






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