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ABC News Defends McCarthy


ABC News is jumping to the defense of Mary McCarthy by employing an age-old excuse: everybody does it.

The firing this week of a veteran CIA analyst for disclosing confidential information is just the latest reminder that leaking government secrets can be a dangerous and risky game.

After all, leaking has been around as long as the nation itself.

In 1794, George Washington was outraged when Alexander Hamilton released details of a treaty negotiation.

Benjamin Franklin lost his job as postmaster after he leaked private letters to reveal political leanings of colonial leaders -- letters that helped fan the flames of the Revolution.

"Leaks have been around since Jefferson was complaining about newspapers and what they were doing to him," said Howard Kurtz, media critic for The Washington Post. "The difference now is you have so many more media outlets and a 24-hour digital world [so] that the leak can instantly go around the globe. You don't have to wait for the newspaper to be delivered on horseback."

Just because Benjamin Franklin leaked private letters of colonial leaders doesn't mean it's ok for Mary McCarthy to leak classified documents pertinent to our national security. Sheesh, why do I feel like I'm talking to a teenager?

And the article continues:

Not that there was any shortage of horseback riding leakers in the old days. In fact, you might say it was the "midnight ride" of Paul Revere and his unauthorized disclosure of British troop movements back in 1775 that led to the birth of our nation.."

What a lousy defense. Comparing Mary McCarthy's leaking to the actions of Paul Revere is not only inaccurate - it's manipulative by playing to Americans' patriotism to garner sympathy for McCarthy as if she were some kind of American hero.

A reader makes a great point, one that I missed: why wasn't Benedict Arnold used as an example? He is, after all, a more accurate example, but accuracy isn't what the author intended. The article is attempting to paint McCarthy's leaking as no big deal, that even the most important and revered of our founders did it. Using Benedict Arnold, whose name alone still connotes evil and deception to this day, would have turned readers against McCarthy.

Here's how the article ends:

Back in Washington, the Bush White House is having problems with leaking, just like its predecessors. But as dangerous as leaking is, a world without leaks might just pose some dangers of its own.

"Without some leaks on some issues from some well-placed sources, a lot of important stories would never get out," [Howard] Kurtz said.

The folks of the MSM are convinced the world revolves around them, that all other activity, business or government, is subjugated to their need to "get the story out." As far as they are concerned, not even national security is as important.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham of Hugh Hewitt has a round up.


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Comments (69)

I am constantly bombarded w... (Below threshold)

I am constantly bombarded with the statement "we are a nation of laws." And I am constantly bombarded with examples of how those laws are ignored, not prosecued, or manipulated.

Either enforce the laws or take them off the damn books!

Can we let Scooter Libby go... (Below threshold)

Can we let Scooter Libby go? He allegedly lied to a grand jury. "Everybody does it."

He leaked info refuting Joe Wilson. Isn't this a story that "needs to be told"?

I expect that Kurtz is simply worried about his phoney-baloney job. If there were no leaks in DC, the reporters would have to actually WORK to get their stories. I doubt that many of them would survive in such an environment.

And while I'm on that subject, why did Dana Priest get a Pulitzer? As I understand it, McCarthy allegedly gave her the "sooper-secret-illegal-torture prison" story, and Priest merely had to publish it. Not much work seems to have been involved other than taking some notes while McCarthy spoke. How is this worthy of a Pulitzer? Other than the obvious that it hurts Bush, that is...

I'm still waiting for a rec... (Below threshold)

I'm still waiting for a recent picture of Mary McCarthy. Where are the pictures of her?

Wow. Benjamin Franklin and ... (Below threshold)

Wow. Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere? I'm absolutely surprised that ABC didn't mention the most famous leaker of all from the American Revolution; Benedict Arnold. They probably did not not have enough room after devoting so much to trying to shoehorn a survellience operation conducted by the Americans into the box of an unauthorized release of classified information by the British.

What Howard Kurtz meant to ... (Below threshold)

What Howard Kurtz meant to say was that without leaks he'd be out of work.

I guess Ethel and Julius Ro... (Below threshold)

I guess Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were just leakers too.

At long last, has the MSM l... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

At long last, has the MSM left no sense of decency?

docjim505, Maggie, JSchuler... (Below threshold)

docjim505, Maggie, JSchuler, Mikey, Kitty et al

How many of you watched the "comtemptible, lying CIA agent Tyler Drumheller on 60 Minutes Sun. nite? It was, beyond any twisted fascist Republican propaganda, the smoking gun reflecting the deliberate lying of the war-crimanal Bush/Cheney cabal that stands squarely responsible for the murder of nearly 2400 Americans in Iraq.

Yea, I realize you passive, brain dead Pavlovian puppies will harken to any ringing bell & come yipping to spew out some talking-points propaganda about Clinton's hummer or some other crap in a vain attempt to negate the FACT that Bush/Cheney have been exposed as pre-meditated murderers & war-criminals. The Drumheller imterview makes it clear beyond any counter-prooagand that the lying murderer Cheney, leading the brain-dead Texan idiot by the nose, deliberately & knowingly deceived this nation into a phoney war & there's not one damn thing you Wizbang fools can dredge up to negate this fact.

That you Wizbang fools continue to argue that these Bush/Cheney lies were really an attempt to defend this nation is appalling and abominably criminal.

That you continue to dismiss the McCarthy affair as some treasonous matter is beyond belief. Not one of you pathetic fools has managed to demonstrate the slightest harm done to this country because of her revelations. And not one of you PP's gives a damn about what Bush/Cheney have done to Human Rights.

All of you are no different than the passive pre-WWII Germans who did nothing apart from gobbling up the Nazi propaganda.

I remember talking to Germans who lived thru that period of time & they would remark that, under Hitler, there had been a reduction in crime & that one needn't fear walking the post-dark streets in Germany. And of course Mussolini made the trains run on time.

You Wizbang Brain-deads are beneath any excuse for human stupidity. Not one you can stand the prescence of Truth and not one of you gives a damn about the most serious crime ever committed against the American people; the Bush/Cheney railroading this country into a phoney war and your passive acceptance of their deliberate slaughte of 2400 Americans, not to mention the Bush maiming & crippling of another 18000 Americans.

All oif you are drowning in the American blood that you have helped to perpetrate.

You want news, you have to ... (Below threshold)

You want news, you have to protect sources. I want to know who Joe Wilson's old lady is. Sorry.

Mak44 -We're benea... (Below threshold)

Mak44 -

We're beneath contempt? And yet, you keep coming here and dropping your pearls of wisdom.

You know, I'm not sure whether you're being satirical or serious. You're so over-the-top one might suspect you of being a Rovian plant, intended to discredit the left by trying to paint them as brain-dead bumper-sticker slogan spouters.

At any rate, I don't find you convincing... or all that terribly rational in your arguments.

Have a nice day.


Well, at least we know mak4... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Well, at least we know mak44 has no sense of decency left, along with anything resembling a sense of proportion, rational capacity, or independent thought. He's also apparently disturbed to encounter, even virtually, anyone who bears any or all of those qualities and proceeds to perform the digital equivalent of flinging poo.

OK Mak44, you've made me se... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

OK Mak44, you've made me see the error of my ways.
I will NOT be voting for George Bush in '08!


mak44 - you still watch 60 ... (Below threshold)

mak44 - you still watch 60 Minutes? You probably fell for the Dan Rather/ Mary Mapes Bush guard story too. Does the phrase "fake but accurate" ring a bell? 60 Minutes has zero credibility. Of course Katie Couric is going to restore the credibility of CBS and 60 Minutes instantly - riiiiiight.

Mak44 is such a valuable as... (Below threshold)

Mak44 is such a valuable asset to this blog. I'm always eagerly awaiting his next "pavlovian puppy" post which restates the exact same thing every time, no matter what the topic is. He always stimulates such thoughtful debate by offering unbiased perspectives no one else has considered. This little nazi has goosebumps anticipating the next post so that we can glean mak44's take on it. Methinks Bush (the war criminal variety) and Iraq will appear prominently, but only time will tell.

Why is it that when Valarie... (Below threshold)

Why is it that when Valarie Plame's name was leaked, even though she wasn't covert and it did nothing to hurt national security, you would have thought the sky was falling from the MSM and the Leftist Moonbats (redundant.) But when a Democrat working for the CIA leaks national security secrets to the MSM, she's called a whistle blower and a hero by the MSM and Moonbats. Think there's a bias there?

"'Without some leaks on som... (Below threshold)

"'Without some leaks on some issues from some well-placed sources, a lot of important stories would never get out,' [Howard] Kurtz said."

Which is why we owe people like Linda Tripp an unpayable debt of gratitude.

Funny though, I don't seem to recall the press treating her like a heroine, even though she did leak "the truth" about a philandering, woman-abusing, serial liar of a President.

Posted by: mak44 at Apr... (Below threshold)

Posted by: mak44 at April 24, 2006 09:38 AM

Kevin, it's high time you Darwinize this guy. Let him go off to his minnions over at the DU or with the dKos kiddies and scream CENSORSHIP!

He's not comical, intellegent or worth the piss to overflow a wine barrel.

To equate this broad to pau... (Below threshold)

To equate this broad to paul revere leaves out one thing.

Paul Revere road out to "leak" against the brittish, a government who's rule he wanted to end in the America's. So is Mary "leaking" to end American rule in this portion of the America's?

mak: brain dead Pavlovi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

mak: brain dead Pavlovian puppies

Aha, I see you did learn something from my comments after all about Pavlov.

Doesn't make your rant any more informative, but at least you got a small history lesson.

Whats McCarthy worried abou... (Below threshold)

Whats McCarthy worried about ? She can always get a job at CBS , the Kerry campaign or write a tell all book which im sure the likes of Mak44 will buy out to make it look legitimate.

Christ, Mak, you're not eve... (Below threshold)

Christ, Mak, you're not even trying! " brain dead Pavlovian puppies?"

I mean, even an asshole like Spiro Agnew managed to come up with "nattering nabobs of negativity"...

Christ, Mak, you're not ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Christ, Mak, you're not even trying! " brain dead Pavlovian puppies?"

Well, give him a little credit, it used to be "Pavlovian Pussies".

Rinse off fellas - and go b... (Below threshold)

Rinse off fellas - and go back and read the post again.

Try to find the part where ABC defended McCarthy - it didn't happen. Kim just likes making the dogs bark.

Good boy!

So, Lee, you don't think as... (Below threshold)

So, Lee, you don't think associating McCarthy with the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and Deep Throat is a defense of her actions? Your psychology prof would be disappointed to hear that, I'm sure.

To the gaggle of Wizbang ne... (Below threshold)

To the gaggle of Wizbang neo-fascists

Nowhere does there appear on this site to be any meaningful discussion of the Tyler Drumheller 60 Minutes interview, apart from the usual lame crap about CBS & Dan Rather.

This ex-CIA officer makes it perfectly clear that Bush & Cheney cherry-picked ( spell that LIED)about Iraqi intelligence to lead this country into a pre-emptive war. I'd love to see how any of you 21st century Schutzstaffel can get around what Drumheller testified to last nite, apart from the usual allegations of CBS bias & distortion which just doesn't work in the case of Drumheller.

And on this particular thread, it is apparent that none of you gives a crap about what McCarthy revealed-namely secret prisons. Let's hear your fascist defense of thus practice as an adjunct to your inflamed howling about her so-called treason.

BTW don't even begin by denying the truth of her charges....it would be a first to accuse someone of criminalk leaking of classified lies.

One thing is clear on this thread; none of you neo-fascists would have had any problem swallowing the activities of the Hitler regime. Your only criticism would have been that some criminal traitor had revealed the classified existence of the Death Camps or the classified plan, Final solution.

Not one of you seems to have a problem w/ secret prisons; only that someone revealed their existence.

And like it or not, not one of you would have favored the Am. Revolution, because that would have amounted to treasonous change. Instead every last one of you would have been Tories ready to convict and execute the Founding Fathers as traitors.

If the progress of human civilization depended on conservatives like you, we'd all yet be living in caves and grunting for communication. Actually, most of your contributions of thought & debate on this site are little more than an ignorant sow's grunt.

Wizbangers-your bell is ringing--time to salivate and grunt by rote.

to BrianOfAtlanta</p... (Below threshold)

to BrianOfAtlanta

No, I don't. Not in the least.

I think politicans and politically-minded individuls are fanning the flames of dissent in America for personal profit and gain. They tell you ABC News defended McCarthy, and many jump up and start barking in outrage -- but as you can see if you go back and what ABC said that wasn't the case.

It's time that the people of our country stop being lead around by the nose by idealogues, and start practicing their critical-reading skills instead. Since when do you need someone to digest and regurgiate the news for you? Aren't you intelligent enough to read the news for yourself, and decide for yourself? Aren't the "spinners' who lie to you and tell you that ABC and the MSM are defending the illegal actions of McCarthy in fact worse than the MSM evils they pretend to "uncover"?

There is indeed a tradition of speaking out against government secrecy, but that isn't a defense - nor did ABC ever suggest it was. Think about it!

mak - why would we want to ... (Below threshold)

mak - why would we want to have a "meaningful discussion" of the 60 minutes show in this thread when that is not the subject of this thread. YOU brought it up, I don't care about 60 Minutes. They have about as much credibility as Michael Moore. I still think that maybe you should calm down and read some things other than the far left hate sites. You might learn something. And by the way, since you seem to love the word "fascist", do you even know what it means?

Lee, this is a discussion b... (Below threshold)

Lee, this is a discussion blog. Kim is giving her opinion, not digesting the article and regurgitating the news for us. I for one, am perfectly capable about deciding what it means. I think she is probably right from the excerpts I have read, but I haven't read the whole article yet. After i read it in its entirety and in context I might change my mind, or not. The fact that you may disagree means nothing to me, but that is your right. And as a bonus, I don't think you are a "fascist" because you may disagree.

Let me see...Libby... (Below threshold)

Let me see...

Libby is innocent until proven guilty...
...is that in the press or in the court?

McCarthy, wouldn't she get the same respect?

Unless of course it doesn't matter who did what.
The only thing that matters is whose ox
was gored.

That is only one example of the weakness that
we as a country have. The inability to discuss
issues without partisan/sectarian absolutes.

MikeSo you don't c... (Below threshold)


So you don't care that a President & a Veep deliberately cherry-picked intelligence to fraudulently lead a nation into war, resulting in the slaughter of 2400 Americans & the grinding up of another 19000 into raw meat?

Your absurd claims about CBS & 60 Minutes are like the ravings of a Middle Ages Flat-Earth believer who is furious w/ Columbus for having the temerity to disturb the Flat-Earther's belief system. You are no different.

In regards to fascist, some of the factors are:rampant cronyism & corruption ( read Abramoff, K Street, DeLay, Haliburton to name a few.)obsession w/ crime & punishment, suppression of the power of Labor, protection of corporate power, the intertwining of government & religion, obsession w/ national security, identification of enemy scapegoats as a unifying cause, disdain for human rights (read that as Abu Grhaib, Guantanamo, secret prisons, rendition etc), excessive nationalism to name several characteristics. Under Bush & the Republicans all these fascist characteristics have become supremely evidenced.

Clearly, Mike, you haven't the foggiest idea of what fascism is and that is precisely why you can stomach being a Bushie puking Republican. Or maybe you do realize it and fascism is to your taste. Welcome to Republican AmeriKa.

ding!!! [Pant] [Pa... (Below threshold)


[Pant] [Pant] [Pant] mak44 so right!

Get a life, brainless...

What the skinny branched le... (Below threshold)
What Bush knows and you don't:

What the skinny branched left don't want to think about or even admit: It is a good thing to have
Iran surrounded. It is a good thing to have Syria pinned on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a good thing
to have the Kurds free. It is a good thing to have a couple hundred thousand troops exposed to the
Middle East.

Sneaking suspicion: the US invaded Iraq to pre-empt Iran's own invasion. Just that possibility is
a good thing.

Lastly, among the things that the US Left doesn't want to admit or let be a debating point is that
the US is a big enough country to let them yammer about whatever they like while there remains enough
patriots to keep our military going without a draft. It must gall them immensel

If the British had caught P... (Below threshold)

If the British had caught Paul Revere, they would
have hanged him. We caught Mary McCarthy. What
are we going to do with her?

Hey mak, you really are a o... (Below threshold)

Hey mak, you really are a one trick pony! Did you think all that up yourself or just copy and paste from DU or Kos? You are exactly what you are accusing many of us here of being. If I agree with you then I am obviously enlightened. If I don't then all that crap you typed above applies. I don't suppose you see the irony? I think I understand your definition of fascism now. It is anything Bush does. That about covers it don't you think? I haven't called you names, only disagreed with your opinion, yet you go off on a left wing rant. I think trying to have a civil conversation with you is a useless endeavor. FYI, I'm not a Republican.

MakHave you ever h... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


Have you ever heard of Godwin's law? You may well be the poster child.

What I want to know is when Bush's fascist stormtroopers are going to round up all the moonbats and put them in camps. I am so tired of hearing the liberals whine. What kind of fascist dictatorship allows the opponents to complain so loudly and make the most absurd accusations without at least the imprisonment of the dissidents? I know: one that is not a fascist dictatorship. You liberals are the ridiculous and illogical "Pavlovian dogs".

It is time to round up all ... (Below threshold)

It is time to round up all the lefties and put them in camps. we are in war and a Bush's dictatorship wouldn't be so bad. I am signing up, anybody else!

Mak ... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Mak get your head out of Rathers a-hole , its so dark & squishy up there your losing whatever brains you may have once had. it would be nice to actually debate your points but there are none ! not even a place to start so just go back to Air America and pay your dues to Al.

Shut up you ho!... (Below threshold)
Al frank:

Shut up you ho!

Im tellin Dan !!... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Im tellin Dan !!

To : What Bush knows and yo... (Below threshold)

To : What Bush knows and you don't , Katie Couric, Proud Kaffir ,Joe, George &, of course, our pitiful Mike

Not one of you MASTER-deBATORS addressed any point that I made above. Of course I didn't think that you would OR COULD. Iguess a Drumheller is a person to be ignored solely because he appeared on the slanted CBS.

Please explain TYLER DRUMHELLER, an ex-CIA officer who lays LIES & DECEIT right at Bush/Cheney's feet.

But, I should realize, no neo-fascist P.O.S. really cares what America is supposed to be about.
Slime like you await the dawning of AmeriKa.

Anyone really care to debate what McCarthy exposed rather than slander her as a traitor or does the realization of the TRUTH she told shed too much light on Bush & his slime hole-fascist supporters like you?

HOORAY-Your Bush Pig Murder... (Below threshold)

HOORAY-Your Bush Pig Murdered is at 32% approval-lowest ever. Of course that's from the Clinton News Network as you fascisti are wont to call it.
You fascisti pig AmeriKans can always take comfort in the Fox News poll where Bushie is at a walloping 33% instead of that slanted CNN.

Before long it won't be any more than whatever numberyou handful of toad scum represent.

Tyler drumheller is a lying... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Tyler drumheller is a lying lib just like you thats how i explain it ..simple enough for you!

katie couricyou ar... (Below threshold)

katie couric

you are one slime fascist c..t. If that is your answer to Drumheller, you are beneath contempt; that is if you would have anyone regard you as a thinking being.

You and your ilk prove my point!!!!!!

Further to Katie, the dumb ... (Below threshold)

Further to Katie, the dumb HO, couric

Your ability to argue a point runs the gamut from A tio A 1/4th.

So the CIA is riddled w/ libs. You are 1 dumb b...h. Just the kind of intellect you fascists have on this blog

The point being You are a l... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

The point being You are a lying lib. thank you ,there is some hope for you yet.

Bushie is at a walloping... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Bushie is at a walloping 33% instead of that slanted CNN.

I guess that should really hurt him when he is up for re-election. Wait, he can't run for re-election. But, of course, as a fascist dicator he can just extend his term another 40 years.

Anyone really care to debate what McCarthy exposed rather than slander her as a traitor or does the realization of the TRUTH she told shed too much light on Bush & his slime hole-fascist supporters like you?

She exposed that we are holding non-uniformed terrorists, who by international law could be shot once captured (see WWII), in detention centers in order to gain intelligence into their next targets (i.e. you and I and our families). For security reasons, we are keeping the location secret, or at least some people are suppose to keep the locations secret.

Please explain TYLER DRUMHELLER, an ex-CIA officer who lays LIES & DECEIT right at Bush/Cheney's feet.

The CIA Director and the National Intelligence Estimate claimed Iraq definitely had WMD. So did the intelligence services of many other countries. Boy, that must have been one hell of a conspiracy. Impeach them all.

There were intra-agency dissents about specific intelligence but all the intelligence services endorsed the conclusion that Saddam had WMD programs.

Coming from a twit like you... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Coming from a twit like you , thats a compliment.
potty mouth.

BTW,The ones doing... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


The ones doing the most cherry-picking after-the-fact of intelligence are the liberals and CIA appointed Clinonistas. Look at the conclusion of the NIE, the statements from many Dems over the last decade about Saddam and the danger he posed, and stop cherry-picking your own intelligence.

Sorry Kafir that was direc... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Sorry Kafir that was directed at MAK, AND THANKS FOR THE CLEAR PICTURE OF McCarthy! its useless pointing this stuff out though ! He or she is to far gone to reason with.

Proud Kaffir You n... (Below threshold)

Proud Kaffir

You never address a single point. You fascisti would be laughable were it not for what you have inflicted on America.

Proud Kaffir What ... (Below threshold)

Proud Kaffir

What a laughable moniker. The dump I took today had a higher IQ than you. Guess that wouldn't matter to you bcuz it's obvious that you are profoundly proud to be Bush's bedpan.

So thats where Your brains ... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

So thats where Your brains went? swooooshhhhh!

And you Mak are proud to be... (Below threshold)

And you Mak are proud to be Frankens butt child.

With Bush at 32/33% and sup... (Below threshold)

With Bush at 32/33% and supported by this fecal crowd, impeachment looms ever brighter come post-November.

When this Murdering Pig is exposed thru post-elecyion investigation, it'll take a lot more than dumb Wizbang turds to save him.

Where did all the sock pupp... (Below threshold)

Where did all the sock puppets come from?

Proud Kafir,we will ... (Below threshold)
John Goodman:

Proud Kafir,
we will see how proud you will be when you burn in hell you and your master.

mak:"Your ability to... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

"Your ability to argue a point runs the gamut from A tio A 1/4th."

And, mak, being the expert at this ability, should know.

... (Below threshold)

Right mak Kerry was suposed to sweep Bush right out of office and it did,nt happen ! He whipped Your boy. just keep trying to convince yourself that it wont happen again, and you,ll just guarantee another can of whoopass! and next time maybe you should try a real war hero like Alec Baldwin.

Wow. Benjamin Franklin a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Wow. Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere? I'm absolutely surprised that ABC didn't mention the most famous leaker of all from the American Revolution; Benedict Arnold.

I'm not surprised in the least. They don't mention Hiss either, after all, he was just trying the level the playing field with the USSR. He was a truth-seeker!

and next time maybe you... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

and next time maybe you should try a real war hero like Alec Baldwin.

When the hell is supposed to leave this country? He PROMISED, damnit, that he would leave if McChimpy Haliburtonzazi was elected again. Why can't these liberals ever keep their promises?!

we will see how proud yo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

we will see how proud you will be when you burn in hell you and your master.

You know, if you REALLY wanted to debate, or get answers to any reasonable questions, you would avoid such useless ad hominum. Then, perhaps we might take you seriously, and we might even try to answer or argue a point that you bring up.

But, instead, you choose to be a monumental wanker, and thus, you get my ridicule. I've seen dopeheads argue more effectively over the best snack to consume while high than what you have had to offer.

James Cloninger he... (Below threshold)

James Cloninger

hey, if you're going to use it, get it right... it's spelled ad hominem.

Since you used it twice, I suspect that it wasn't a typo, but rather, reflects that you're dumber than snot. Which is the reason you take the positions that you do.

Or the fact that I don't no... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Or the fact that I don't normally use ad hominem to attempt to feebly boister an argument.

But, ooh!, you got me. I didn't spell my latin correctly! I guess that means Bush is the next Hitler then.

By the way, "Which is the reason you take the positions that you do." is not a sentence, but a fragment--a clause that should not stand alone.

And, it's "election", not "elecyion".

And, it's "Wizbang", not "Whizbang", which you have used on numerous occassions. (Note that I used the "which" clause correctly)

By your logic, then, you are dumber than shit.

How do you like that ad hominem?

Do you want to go on? I have time to pick on you.

(correction: there should ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

(correction: there should be an elipsis before the word "...or" at the top of my previous post)

we will see how proud yo... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

we will see how proud you will be when you burn in hell you and your master.

I addressed each of your absurd "points" and this is how you respond? Are you one of those jihadist, condemning me to hell, as UBL does, for spouting a different political viewpoint? And we are the "fasciti", right?

I gladly adopted my monikor after a discussion on an Islamic board where someone committed, "As a Christian, you shouldn't be so proud. Afterall, you are a kaffir."

I responded that I am a Proud Christian and a Proud Kaffir.

(Before you point it out, I realize that the more common spelling is "kafir" or "kufar" but I kept his more uncommon spelling.)

PIMFcommented... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:



mak - so I am pitiful am I?... (Below threshold)
"Pitiful" Mike:

mak - so I am pitiful am I? Is that because I don't care to get my shorts in a wad, call names, make exaggerations, tell lies, and generally rant and rave like you? Since you are all worked up over this Drumheller/60 Minutes Bush bash let me explain it to you AGAIN. I didn't see the show. I don't watch 60 Minutes, I don't care or trust what they say. In fact I watch very little commentary type news on the MSM. I used to watch all of the news shows, but quit after they became no more than shills for the far left. I suspect that most people commenting here feel the same. For the record I also turn off the commentators that are biased to the far right. I am a bit of a news junkie, but I prefer to get just the straight news (hard to do these days but it is out there) and decide for myself rather than have some pretty or perky talking head tell me what to think. I also prefer to debate with people who enjoy the give and take of different points of view and hope to learn from the process. I see no point arguing with the likes of you when nothing will be accomplished by it. Trading insults is not the way to win friends and influence people. But go ahead and keep insulting people and telling them how stupid they are. That always makes people like you, believe you, and want to vote your way. If you are going to convince me of your point of view you have to act like a sane adult, not some stark raving mad moonbat. Now go ahead let me have it, rant and rave away, who cares. I'm sure everyone here will be soooo impressed.

You all continue to offer m... (Below threshold)

You all continue to offer mak44 attention not deserved. Totally ignoring the Trollisms would be slightly more effective, as responses are what is sought.

Mak you are the definition ... (Below threshold)

Mak you are the definition of MORON.






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