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Missed milestones

On Saturday, two superb bloggers celebrated significant blogging events -- and I'm finally getting around to giving them the credit they are due.

Meryl Yourish, whose blog was the very first I ever discovered (thanks to a Google search on an author we both tremendously enjoy, Peter David), and it was through her that I started discovering other blogs. In a sense, I think of her as my "fairy blogmother," as she started me on the path to learning about blogs, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, and then ending up here (for better or for worse.) She is also one of the senior bloggers, as Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of her blogging. After all that time, it's fair to ask: Does Meryl still have it? Folks, she started out with more of it than most people will ever dream of having, and she's only gotten more and more of it since then.

Also on Saturday, former Wizbang! guest author Will Franklin passed the 500,000-hit mark. Will is truly one of the "heavy thinkers" of the blogosphere, a hell of a writer who sees past the surface of events and manages to tie seemingly disparate events together into a seemless thesis. He is a blogger in the same vein as Austin Bay, Wretchard, Dafydd Ab Hugh, and the sorely-missed Steven Den Beste. He built up Willisms the old-fashioned way: he stole an idea from me, then improved on it with pictures of hot chicks.

That's not entirely fair. In fact, it's completely unfair. The notion had been floating around; I seriously doubt I was the first to come up with it. Besides, Will gave me credit on an earlier version of his piece, and there is no way in HELL I could have put it all together the way he did. Will earned his way to his current status in the blogosphere, and in all honesty should be even higher. When Kevin was looking for guest bloggers to cover a little time off for himself, Will was the first person I thought of -- and am damned proud of the work he and the other two folks I suggested, Rob Port and the now-retired Pennywit did here. Will regularly puts up the kind of material I only dream about being able to produce, and -- damn him -- makes it look so easy. It is not -- trust me.

Will also runs the regular Carnival of Classiness. He's been kind enough to include pieces of mine on a few occasions, but if he were more honest and less modest, his own work would regularly garner top billing each and every time.

So head on over and give your congratulations to Meryl and Will -- if a bit belatedly. And while you're there, check out their non-self-congratulatory pieces. If you haven't been reading them all along -- you should have.

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Five years, eh? Congrats. M... (Below threshold)

Five years, eh? Congrats. My newspaper's been online for 8.

Yes, Don, but I'm cuter tha... (Below threshold)

Yes, Don, but I'm cuter than you are.

Thanks again for the kind w... (Below threshold)

Thanks again for the kind words. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on this, the day of my wisdom teeth extraction. Why again didn't I have this done earlier?






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