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Rep. Cynthia McKinney Does It Again

My goodness, this woman never fails to get herself involved in a controversy. Now, she was caught on video bad-mouthing one of her senior staffers:

Move over Britney Spears, Cynthia McKinney's -- oops! -- done it again.

The flap-plagued congresswoman, who has been in the media spotlight since she scuffled with a Capitol Hill police officer last month, was caught bad-mouthing a senior staffer Saturday.

Unfortunately for McKinney, a DeKalb County Democrat who is running for re-election in the 4th Congressional District, a TV microphone she was wearing picked up her indelicate grumbling.

"Crap!" an irritated McKinney is heard saying after ending an interview with CBS 46 in which reporter Renee Starzyk repeatedly asked about the fallout from the police dust-up. "You know what? They lied to Coz and Coz is a fool."

McKinney, apparently realizing her blunder, then returned to face the camera and tell the reporter that comments about her communications director, Coz Carson, were off the record.

But the TV stationed aired the footage Saturday and the story later was picked up by CNN.

Mike Machi, Channel 46's assistant news director, said McKinney's office was aware Starzyk would ask about the fuss in the one-on-one interview.

"Congresswoman McKinney has been in Washington for a long time and she has handled the media for most of her public life," said Machi, who was unapologetic about airing the interview outtakes. "There were lots of ways to handle this and I was absolutely surprised that she handled this situation in that fashion."

Really? He was surprised McKinney handled herself that way?

What was some of the reaction to Rep. McKinney's latest outburst?

Political observer Merle Black of Emory University got a chuckle out of McKinney's latest gaffe. But he said he wasn't surprised by her behavior, even in an election year.

"All of this is consistent," Black said of the way McKinney has handled the attention, including her charges that the police incident was racially motivated. "She doesn't act the way most Congress members act."

No kidding. This is just the latest of a long list of inappropriate behavior that demonstrates she doesn't belong in Congress. Her constituents threw her out of office once before; they have their chance to do it again on Election Day. Let's hope they do.

Greg at The Political Pitbull has the transcript and video of McKinney's latest.


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Comments (17)

Her and Mak44 need to go to... (Below threshold)
katie couric:

Her and Mak44 need to go to anger management classes.

Her defenders are the same ... (Below threshold)

Her defenders are the same people who said Bolton was completely unfit for the UN job because he allegedly raised his voice to a staffer some 20 years ago.

She is such a flipping moro... (Below threshold)

She is such a flipping moron.

She may be a moron, but you... (Below threshold)
viet vet:

She may be a moron, but you republitards are so freaking boring. What a yawn and non-issue this story is.

Let's talk about the gigantic failures of your hero and god, Bushie McFlightsuit instead. There are soooooo many of them. Who'd like to start? Condi? Rummy? Dick?

Who's a bigger fool: The c... (Below threshold)

Who's a bigger fool: The communications director, Coz Carson, or the person who chooses to employ the communications director, Coz Carson?

"viet vet"Is that ... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

"viet vet"

Is that you, Senator Kerry?

here is a link to the video... (Below threshold)

here is a link to the video of her stupid comment. The page itself has a link. You can tell she is freaking out even though she is a unbelievable bitch to the reporter.

The Atlanta Journal Constit... (Below threshold)

The Atlanta Journal Constitution led with "Oops, McKinney does it again." When the AJC can't resist taking a pot shot at a liberal, that's a sure sign of trouble.

No, Master Shake, it's "rep... (Below threshold)
viet vet:

No, Master Shake, it's "reporter" Jeff Gannon (night job: male prostitute and hustler) who "managed" to escape the roving (no pun intended) eye of Bush Administration security for a press pass. Hahahaha.

Can you say 33% approval rating? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

When the AJC can't resist t... (Below threshold)
viet vet:

When the AJC can't resist taking a pot shot at a liberal, that's a sure sign of trouble.
Posted by: BrianOfAtlanta at April 24, 2006 03:32 PM

No, a sure sign of trouble is WizBang wasting everyone's time on this story as your hero George Bush goes down in flames.

Still waiting on the video ... (Below threshold)

Still waiting on the video tape of the White House incident.


VV glad to see yo... (Below threshold)


glad to see you tuning in to such a "boring" thread.
So i see you took a poll among your lib brethren and came back with Bush getting 33% approval? among libs thats very good! i did,nt know that a third of you had such astute comprehension of a thriving presidency. thank you for adding some life to an otherwise mundane thread.

Can't you bonehead moonbats... (Below threshold)

Can't you bonehead moonbats pick and choose your fights a little better?

You're surely barking up the wrong tree with this wingnut McKinney.

Viet Vet:Viet vet my... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

Viet Vet:
Viet vet my ass. I'll bet you never saw a shot fired if you were in fact in RVN. If you did happen to be there you were probably in Saigon shacked up in a hooch with a disease ridden bar girl.
You are pathetic.

No surprise here. Cynthia M... (Below threshold)

No surprise here. Cynthia McKinney once again blames others for her inabilty to act like someone who is a member of Congress should act. She's an embarrassment.

No surprise here. Cynthia M... (Below threshold)

No surprise here. Cynthia McKinney once again blames others for her inabilty to act like someone who is a member of Congress should act. She's an embarrassment.

I think her original commen... (Below threshold)

I think her original comments about "Coz" were no big deal and probably wouldn't have been worth reporting. But her tirade against the reporter when she says, "Is that understood?" is just scary.






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