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But will she remember all the little people?

Last Easter, I mentioned that frequent Wizbang commenter RightWingSparkle had her own blog, and it was a pretty darned good one.

Apparently I don't know my own influence, because apparently my endorsement was sufficient for the Houston Chronicle, who went and made her one of their own in-house bloggers.

So head on over there to Kathy's new digs, and perhaps even say a kind word or two. Only time will tell if she remains the Sparkle we've come to know and love, or if making it to the Big Time (relatively speaking) will turn her head and cause her to forget all those of us who Knew Her When.

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Dwight lets *anybody* in th... (Below threshold)

Dwight lets *anybody* in there these days.

Speak for yourself! ;)... (Below threshold)

Speak for yourself! ;)

Hey, RWS is an exceptional ... (Below threshold)

Hey, RWS is an exceptional blogger!

Lair has a point. Two words... (Below threshold)

Lair has a point. Two words: Rod Dreher.

Even if he did link to my blog post about Kelo and agree with it. Which by itself calls the man's judgment into question...

Thanks Jay! The response ha... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jay! The response has been...wow.

It's not that I'm that good, but I think the Houston Chronicle readers were starved for conservatism.


Will you be at the LST blogging party friday night? If so...watch your back.







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