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Katharine McPhee Has Wardrobe Malfunction on American Idol

ImageHorny guys everywhere got at least part of their wish tonight. During the -er climax of her song, a button popped lose on Katharine's dress causing a mild case of McFever for many guys. Sadly Luckily it was below the waist because with that dress she was wearing, above the waist would have caused an FCC investigation.

The award for incredible timing has to go to Dave McGurgan of Phillyburbs.com for this morning's post.

How will Kellie Pickler embarrass herself this week?

Tuesday's American Idol theme is love songs, with special guest Andrea Bocelli. Which raises the question, how will Kellie Pickler embarrass herself this week?

-Will Kellie ask Andrea Bocelli why he always keeps his eyes closed?

-Or will she ask Bocelli to look at her new haircut and tell her what he thinks?

-Could Kellie possibly mistake Jimmy Buffet's "Let's Get Drunk and Screw" for a classic love song?

-Perhaps Kellie will have a wardrobe malfunction? (Although a million horny guys, myself included, are hoping it'll be Katharine McPhee.)

Let's hope Dave makes another prediction like that next week.

In case you missed it, don't worry, stills and video are on the way to a blog near you.



Working on video, don't freak out in the comments guys, it wasn't a Janet Jackson moment - just a little panty shot. Still, worth the effort...

Update 2: Much more (including the video and high definition screen caps) at Wizbang Pop!

Comments (41)

OK, I'm waiting...</... (Below threshold)

OK, I'm waiting...

likewise am also waiting.co... (Below threshold)

likewise am also waiting.come on already.

www.Idol-mania.com/american... (Below threshold)


Has it as well

Move along, no-thong to see... (Below threshold)

Move along, no-thong to see here...

Pickler Panties? Coming to... (Below threshold)

Pickler Panties? Coming to a store near you.

oh grown... epador have I e... (Below threshold)

oh grown... epador have I ever threated to ban? You deserve it for that line. oh that was bad.

Rove made me do it.... (Below threshold)

Rove made me do it.

Tim,Frankly, (mayb... (Below threshold)


Frankly, (maybe because I'm from New Orleans) even if your rumor is true, I don't think it means squat. I was going into bars (with my parents) at 10 years old. (Life was different back then)

Having said that. These kids are in a conest for millions of dollars of recording contracts. I don't think compltly unfounded (at this time) rumors should be spread to potentially change the outcome.

As such, I've nuked your comment. If you can back it up, mail it to "tips" and we're be the first to run it. - Assuming it si true.

BTW For those who missed it, the rumor was about another contestant anyway.


When I first saw it last ni... (Below threshold)

When I first saw it last night, I thought she wasn't wearing panties. I could have sworn I saw bush...
wishful thinking I guess.

She had no panties on! I ha... (Below threshold)
Oh yea:

She had no panties on! I have Tivo and have reviewed it many times ;) It was definitely a bush shot!!

God bless her... (Below threshold)

God bless her

Oh yea may anticipate a vis... (Below threshold)
AIC Washington:

Oh yea may anticipate a visit from the USSS to discuss this little matter of a "Bush shot".

Wizbang Blog will also be asked to surrender all log files to identify the person making threats against the person of the President...

Women do not wear black und... (Below threshold)
Stacy T.:

Women do not wear black underwear with a light colored sheer gown. Definitely a "hair" shot.

If it is a hair shot, GROSS... (Below threshold)

If it is a hair shot, GROSS! SHAVE IT! WAX IT! GET RID OF IT!

So if my comment which almo... (Below threshold)

So if my comment which almost got me banned was accurate, where are the [Photoshopped] links to graphic evidence? At least we'd know she isn't a bottle brunette.

I must say this thread has GROWN, Paul ;-)

Even though this isn't about Bush, remember, Rove made me do it.

She had panties on you idio... (Below threshold)
your mom:

She had panties on you idiots! You can see them in the video & still shots, plus when the video starts you can tell shes got panties on under her dress cuz they are digging in to her saddlebags!!

yeah, you can see her panty... (Below threshold)

yeah, you can see her panty line on the sides of the dress... freakin amazing, though

Come on boyswhy woul... (Below threshold)

Come on boys
why would any girl in her right mind go on stage in front of 40+ million ppl and NOT wear panties?

Shes wearing them
People just see what they want to see

where can i find more pictu... (Below threshold)
Done Did -R-:

where can i find more pictures of this like pictures of the button actually poppin off

I caught it and noticed rig... (Below threshold)
cheryl painter:

I caught it and noticed right away that her panties matched her dress-both yellow. Was it planned? Who matches panties to their dress?

The picture above is not th... (Below threshold)
das right:

The picture above is not the best one to judge by. A few milliseconds after the capture above (just before the transition to her face) you can clearly see her black muff.
No lie people.

I don't care if she does ha... (Below threshold)

I don't care if she does have a bush, or a shrub for that matter. I'd hit it six ways from fucking sunday...too bad I'm a regular person. I need some money :(

Word is that Katherine McPh... (Below threshold)

Word is that Katherine McPhee's wealthy dad is using a "speed dial" call center in LA to make sure his daughter wins. So I guess it's the best of both worlds: we get a lap dance and she still wins.

Damn... (Below threshold)


Although I do think she was... (Below threshold)

Although I do think she was *going for* a sexy look, I don't think that she meant to bare all.

It ain't a bush shot, no ma... (Below threshold)

It ain't a bush shot, no matter how badly I wanted it to be one. During the transition shot, the background is dark...the hair on her HEAD is directly behind her nether regions from the first shot.

bush or no bush, kat is org... (Below threshold)

bush or no bush, kat is orgasmic wonderwoman

your crazy why doyou want t... (Below threshold)
Katharines my fv:

your crazy why doyou want that to happen..

Men, rather go for looks th... (Below threshold)
Rachel Duncan:

Men, rather go for looks then talent, not saying she doesn't have talent, the girl definatley does, but you all freak over a little pantie shot lol. Hmmm underwear, and swimsuit they seem to be the same thing, and yet the difference can make men into idiots. You, none of you are acting like gentleman just like dogs, and I suppose that is about all you are. Grow up and talk about something important, not about what got you off last night.

Crap. even Im waiting, lol<... (Below threshold)

Crap. even Im waiting, lol

You ppl are losers. big who... (Below threshold)

You ppl are losers. big whoop u saw her panties. Get a life. You's act like you never seen a girl before.

would LOCVE to smell her pa... (Below threshold)

would LOCVE to smell her panties and even take many many licks!!!

dumbasses, she was wearing ... (Below threshold)

dumbasses, she was wearing yellow panties, atleast pickler will never amount to anything but a playboy spread.

damm that was nice ... (Below threshold)

damm that was nice

is it just me or doe... (Below threshold)
jeremy h:

is it just me
or does the name kat suck
katharine sounds freakin hot

Just make sure all you horn... (Below threshold)
Kat fan:

Just make sure all you horny guys vote for her on Tuesday. ;)


hey Ii think Katherine is v... (Below threshold)

hey Ii think Katherine is very talented I really hope she is down to the final 2 contestants and she is very beautiful . she has "class" will be voting for her Gene

Hotty! Hotty! Hotty!... (Below threshold)

Hotty! Hotty! Hotty!
So when are the boobies gonna pop out?
Thats the important part, the PANTIES are worthless.

I heard that Kellie Pickler... (Below threshold)

I heard that Kellie Pickler's leather pants were unzipped during the all girl songs and she was bent on her knees and it was wide open...can anyone confirm?

she is wearing panties nobo... (Below threshold)

she is wearing panties nobody would go comando on national television

For me, Kathatrine is the m... (Below threshold)

For me, Kathatrine is the most beautiful American Idol contestant ever and sexy.







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