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Picture Of The Day - Take Me Out To The Ballgame Edition

James Rourke/Los Angeles Herald Examiner
"That means something, because this wasn't just a flag on the field. This was a flag that people looked at with respect. We have a lot of rights and freedoms -- not to sound corny -- but we all have the option if we don't like something to make it better. Or you also have the option, if you don't like it, [to] pack up and leave. But don't come onto the field and burn an American flag."

Former Chicago Cub center fielder Rick Monday, commenting on his rescue of an American flag thirty years ago today in a game at Dodger Stadium. The whole story is available at MLB.com.


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Comments (37)

Rick Monday was a Cub when ... (Below threshold)

Rick Monday was a Cub when he rescued the flag. Just pointing that out because I am a huge Cub fan and we still love him.

Monday, Monday......

"On April 25, the Chicago Cubs were visiting Dodger Stadium for a three-game series. Playing center field for the Cubs was Rick Monday, the first player taken in the amateur draft that was created 11 years earlier. Monday was born and raised in Santa Monica, Calif., so playing in front of his friends and family was always special to him. On this day, fate would hand Monday a moment that people still talk about with reverence 30 years later."


You know what's sad? If so... (Below threshold)

You know what's sad? If some IDIOT were to get on the field (illegally I might add), and start to burn the U.S. Flag, they would sue anyone for stopping them because it would be "a denial of their right to free speech". Sad isn't it, that someone can BREAK THE LAW, and DESECRATE OUR FLAG, and anyone who has the nerve to stop them is "denying their rights" and therefore can be sued, and will probably lose.

The flag is a 'symbol' of w... (Below threshold)

The flag is a 'symbol' of what this country stands
for. It is not an end in itself. Why do you think
SCOTUS is loathe to restrict 1st Amendment rights
by sustaining laws that ban such demonstrations.

When the symbol becomes more important than what
it bespeaks, it beomes a graven image.

When Jesus healed the sick on the Sabbath, the
power elite tried to hang him on that petard.

His response? "The Sabbath was created for man,
not man for the Sabbath."

Hey, just an FYI that Monda... (Below threshold)

Hey, just an FYI that Monday was a Cubbie...

My previous comment got eat... (Below threshold)

My previous comment got eaten alive because it had a link in it.

Rick Monday was a Cub when he rescued the flag.

Just sayin. He's still loved by Cub Nation and will never forget that moment.

I firmly believe if somewha... (Below threshold)

I firmly believe if somewhat wants to assert their inalienable right to act like an ass then I reserve the inalienable right to treat them like one.

Blackfive and mesablue: Tha... (Below threshold)

Blackfive and mesablue: That's why my boys picked him up the next year and he's still with them.

And I'll never forget the m... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

And I'll never forget the message they put up on the message board after that: "Rick Monday -- you made a great play!"

Sorry I got a little confus... (Below threshold)

Sorry I got a little confused about who he was playing for at the time. It's been fixed.

Now I suppose if the hippie... (Below threshold)

Now I suppose if the hippies doing the demonstrating had caught the ball park on fire what "right" would that fall under?

We had a counter-protester here in Arizona who burnt a Mexican flag a couple weeks ago who was cited for damage to the street, and burning without a permit (or some such crap).

Semanticleo, you realize, d... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, you realize, don't you, that you're defending pro-flagburning jurisprudence with a Bible reference?

Where's your respect for separation of church and state? ;-p

Semanticleo, you realize, d... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, you realize, don't you, that you're defending pro-flagburning jurisprudence with a Bible reference?

I call the threesome, 'Holy Trinity'

Anybody know what happened ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Anybody know what happened to the 2 chuckleheads? MLB doesn't say. Just curious if they have any remorse over being jackasses. I probably know the answer to that already...

Peter F.,It was a ... (Below threshold)

Peter F.,

It was a father and son on the field. I do recall something a few years ago where the son said that he regretted the incident.

Wasn't Monday a Dodger?... (Below threshold)

Wasn't Monday a Dodger?

OK, he was a Cub as well. ... (Below threshold)

OK, he was a Cub as well. I remeber him as a Dodger when I was a kid in So. Cal.

I found this:

Share your memory
Rick Monday and his wife, Barbaralee, are putting together a book about the emotional impact of his flag-saving catch in Dodger Stadium.

If you want to share your thoughts, send a message of 500 words or less to [email protected] or by mail to MVPSPORTS, 505 Beachland Blvd., Suite 1-220, Vero Beach, FL 32963

Rick,Monday played... (Below threshold)


Monday played for KC/Oakland, Chicago Cubs and the Dodgers.

He was a Cub when he rescued the flag.

Rick13, he was a cub when i... (Below threshold)

Rick13, he was a cub when it happened. The DODGERS picked him up next season and he's been a DODGER ever since (currently announcing for the sainted DODGERS)

The good ol' days! Garvey,... (Below threshold)

The good ol' days! Garvey, Cey, Lopez, Yeager, Lasorda, Who else am I missing?

Bill Russell, Jerry Reuss, ... (Below threshold)

Bill Russell, Jerry Reuss, Jay Johnstone, Ken Landreax...

Dodgers suck. Except for Ri... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Dodgers suck. Except for Rick Monday, we'll give him a pass.

A Giants Fan

BLASPHEMY! BEGONE, FOUL DEM... (Below threshold)


As I am wont to remind the ... (Below threshold)

As I am wont to remind the G***ts fans who surround me, the DODGERS' team colors are red, white, and blue. The colors of America and all her glory.

G***ts colors are orange and black, the color of a... moldy pumpkin.

If burning the flag is an e... (Below threshold)

If burning the flag is an expression of political speech, then so is beating the shit out of a flag burner.

Yeah, well, uh, our team ta... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Yeah, well, uh, our team takes more Geritol than yours!

And, and...our ballpark is better than yours, lots better!

(OK, I'm outta ammo after that. LOL.)

'Salright, Peter. I'm surro... (Below threshold)

'Salright, Peter. I'm surrounded by a sea of G***ts fans, including my office mate! I'm used to it.

You win Ken! Good job!<br ... (Below threshold)

You win Ken! Good job!
I can't believe I forgot Russell!

Ken, I'm pretty sure that R... (Below threshold)

Ken, I'm pretty sure that Reuss, Johnstone and Landreaux didn't get there till around 1980. They for sure weren't on the 76 squad

Oy, I'm feeling my age. Wh... (Below threshold)

Oy, I'm feeling my age. When I think of the Dodgers I remember, it's Koufax, Drysdale, Reese, Wills, etc.

Since I'm a Giants fan, I have to mention the men I used to watch play: McCovey, Mays, Davenport, Cepeda, Marichal, Perry, and all 3 Alou brothers.

Been so long, Moqui, I hone... (Below threshold)

Been so long, Moqui, I honestly can't remember who all was on which squad. I just lump that crew into "70s" in my mind (which, of course, can stretch into the early 80s if I squint right)

Hey. OM, it could be worse ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Hey. OM, it could be worse (or maybe you just have a mental block) but at least your memories don't include the likes of Johnnie LeMaster, Mike Ivie, Ed Haliki, Roger Metzger...

My hero? Jack "Hey, where'd all my money go? Oh yeah, race cars!" Clark.

Mesablue, Vin... (Below threshold)


Vin Scully had the play by play today on ESPN's Dan Patrick show, so I don't know if the incident occurred when Monday was a Cub or Dodger, but if he were a Cub at the time, why wouldn't they play ......oh what's his name, Mike Shannon, no it's the other guy. Jack Buck's old friend......ooohhhhhh

My favorite quote from the ... (Below threshold)

My favorite quote from the MLB page...
"Tommy Lasorda was in his last year as third-base coach before he took over for Hall of Fame manager Walter Alston. Tommy ran past me and called these guys every name in the longshoreman's encyclopedia."

Harry Carey that's it.....d... (Below threshold)

Harry Carey that's it.....damn, I've gotta get that checked out.

How about Ron Cey, aka "The... (Below threshold)

How about Ron Cey, aka "The Penguin"?

We mentioned him, dude.... (Below threshold)

We mentioned him, dude.

Imhotep, Jack Bric... (Below threshold)


Jack Brickhouse was the annnouncer for the Cubs back then, Harry didn't make it to the Cubs until 1982. He was still with the White Sox then.

The game was plated at Dodger Stadium so Scully was making the call that day. Vin is another legend. I listened to him call a Cubs/Dodgers game last week. Total class.






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