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The MSM Can Always Hope Right?

MSNBC this moring declared: Bush plan will do little to ease pain at the pump

AP from this afternoon: Oil, Gas Prices Drop on Bush Supply Move

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They MSM should have kept t... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

They MSM should have kept their mouth,s shut.

Well I commend the Presiden... (Below threshold)

Well I commend the President for doing what he can, which is little, I think you're implication that the MSM was jumping to conclusions is a bit premature.

Time will tell.

Wonder when (if?) the MSM i... (Below threshold)

Wonder when (if?) the MSM is going to get around to asking about lowering / suspending the federal and state gas taxes. In places like NY and Kalifornia, I believe that they account for something like $0.60 for each gallon of gas. Won't exactly put the cost back to pre-1970 levels, but it would certainly help Americans feeling the pinch.

Hannity asked that buffoon Trent Lott about it yesterday. Lott did a masterful job of ducking the question, but DID point out that, well, the government NEEDS that money to pay for the highway fund.

In other words: screw them taxpayers; we ain't cuttin' nuthin'!

docjim505: Why would they ... (Below threshold)

docjim505: Why would they do that? Some of the road money ends up in their special little pork projects. Bridges to nowhere come to mind.

Hey mantis, you say Paul is being premature. You don't think MSNBC was being "premature"?

The five people in America ... (Below threshold)

The five people in America who saw the MSNBC story were really worried about it too.

Wonder when (if?) the MS... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Wonder when (if?) the MSM is going to get around to asking about lowering / suspending the federal and state gas taxes

While I think the two senators for my state are useless, one of them, Mark Pryor, did raise the issue yesterday. He called for a two-month moratorium on gas taxes at all levels to help ease the price at the pump. There was at least one other senator also came out in favor of it, but I don't recall who it was and the online version of the paper is down right now.

Oyster, are you accusing Ma... (Below threshold)

Oyster, are you accusing Mantis of jumping to the conclusion that Paul was jumping to a conclusion about MSNBC jumping to conclusions?

Why would you jump to that conclusion?

Maybe We should impose a mo... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

Maybe We should impose a moratorium on congress and senators? no more pay raises ,vacations etc. until they drop the gas taxes?
Ahhh the hell with it! throw the bums out!






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