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Artwork Causes Bomb Alert

A London artist created several pieces of nail bomb art and positioned them in various placed in west London causing an all out bomb alert:

Five suspected nail bombs put west London on major alert, before a woman walked into a police station claiming they were her "works of art".

Police helicopters and bomb squad officers were scrambled to Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith on Wednesday morning, to examine the packages.

Some of the packages were cardboard boxes containing soft toys and training shoes with nails sticking out of them.

A 36-year-old local woman was held on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.

She has since been released on bail.

Her "artwork" created a major bomb alert, causing London's bomb squad to shut down parts of the city:

As a precaution police closed roads around the area, many used by commuters getting into central London, and people in local buildings were told to keep away from windows.

Jonathan Boakes, who lives near the police cordon, said he and neighbours were left waiting for an hour for the situation to clear.

"There were lots of helicopters in the sky, lots of ambulances and sirens going off," he said.

Police later confirmed no explosives were found and all the roads were re-opened after a woman claimed to be responsible for placing the suspect objects.

Monsters and Critics reports this art caused complete chaos as Londoners were forced to get off buses and abandon their cars during the alert.

What was she thinking?

Comments (10)

She was thinking, "Hmmm, I ... (Below threshold)

She was thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder what will happen if I make fake bombs and place them around London."

It is possible this was also a dry-run to see how the security establishment would react. How fast would they react, what they would etc. The art story makes good plausible deniability.

She was thinking, "I'm maki... (Below threshold)

She was thinking, "I'm making tomorrow's papers."

She was thinking, "Gee, wha... (Below threshold)

She was thinking, "Gee, what's the quickest way for me to get my artwork recognized and make a name for myself".

Who's taking bets that she'll be praised as a brilliant artist by someone within the next 24 hours?

"war of the worlds"a... (Below threshold)

"war of the worlds"
"Orson Welles"

I think was a motivator.

There is no evidence ration... (Below threshold)

There is no evidence rational thought processes were part of this "exhibit."

Expect arguments about free speech, shouting fire in theaters, etc.

The best punishment would be continued anonymity and incarceration. I think the Brits know how to do that.

Yes indeed , She can go to... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

Yes indeed , She can go to the secret prison along with the famous Muhammed cartoonist exhibitionist...? a dry run for an attack? a very interesting perspective.

I'm sure she will make a he... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I'm sure she will make a hell of a name for herself at the Old Bailey.

And the prison she will be sent to.

A bunch of NY art students ... (Below threshold)

A bunch of NY art students (or maybe it was just one) did something similar (though in their case, it was a bunch of boxes made to imply bio/chem bombs) a few years back, and shut down the Union Square station for several hours... and thus totally screwing up the east side trains. As almost everybody rides the subway, I doubt the creator if this idea scored much after in NYC.

What was she think... (Below threshold)
What was she thinking?

As Epador implied, this question needs the first word removed.

the woman in question atten... (Below threshold)

the woman in question attends the same university course as my wife in west london.she likes to make out that she is a bit of a maverick and even asked the university for advice on placing the 'installations' in these areas.They of course told hee that it was a stupid idea and that she would probably get arrested but she chose to do it anyway.

the woman is an idiot who has been saying that the works are only shrines to the dead.if that is the case why make them look like nail bombs.i hope they send her to holloway for a bit and then she can mull over her artistic inspiration on this piece of 'art'






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