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Fidel Castro May Drill Off Florida's Coast

Fidel Castro is looking into drilling for oil only 45 miles off Florida's coast. Yet, our own country's environmental regulations prevent us from doing the same thing.

U.S. lawmakers aren't the only ones who, because of spiraling oil and gas prices and an unstable commodities market, have been studying the possibility of producing more domestic energy. Fidel Castro has also taken an interest, and his ambitions will, in a surprisingly short period of time, bring the Cuban drilling program much closer to the Florida coast.

Who can blame him? Castro has for years looked for new opportunities to develop his economy in the face of our trade embargo. He could only expect to rely on Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's oil and gas giveaway for so long. So, with the intention of claiming billions of dollars in new revenues and reducing his country's dependence on foreign energy, Castro has taken to the high seas in an effort to acquire and produce as much oil and gas as he can.

But there's a rub: Cuba has neither the capacity nor the technical capability to produce this energy by itself. Castro has called in contractors from Canada, Spain, Norway -- even China -- to do it for him.

And not only has Cuba convened its own little United Nations to help get at vital and abundant supplies of offshore energy, it has chosen tracts of real estate in the Gulf of Mexico as close as 45 miles from Florida. Forty-five miles is just a bit farther than the distance between the University of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Imagine what Castro is thinking as we spend our time quarreling over whether we should produce American energy 100, 150 or 250 miles from the Florida coast while he makes arrangements to set up shop hundreds of miles closer. He must love that we've allowed emotion to win out over reason, facts to be dwarfed by fear and our nation's energy policy to be driven by unreasonable environmental concerns.

JOHN E. PETERSON, representative, 5th Congressional District, Penn.

I would like Leader Nancy Pelosi to explain this one to the American people.


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Comments (16)

What does Minority (... (Below threshold)

What does Minority (you forgot that bit) Leader Pelosi have to do with this? Why don't you ask FL Governor Bush why he doesn't want drilling off the coast of his state? Or for that matter the state's two Senators, Martinez (R) and Nelson (D)?

Keep trying to make this a partisan issue of those darn mean Democrats who won't let us do a little harmless drilling in the Gulf, but it's a bit more complicated than that. A lot of the people in the Gulf states don't want their coastlines turning into this.

If that's true, then lets k... (Below threshold)

If that's true, then lets kick Castro out. He's threatening our beaches. We need to strike first.

Great advice Kim, let's sta... (Below threshold)
Rob Filomena:

Great advice Kim, let's start taking policy cues from Castro.

Sorry, mantis ... the minor... (Below threshold)

Sorry, mantis ... the minority doesn't get off that easy, as they have obstructed common-sense environmental policy even when they were in the majority ... and Pelosi's colleagues over in the Senate still have the capability to obstruct progress, even in the minority.

Ever thought that the Florida lawmakers simply don't have the time to deal with the hysteria engendered by the eco-fundamentalist "watermelons" and their Democratic allies?

We already do a lot of drilling in the western Gulf ... and the beaches there do not look like the picture you linked to. This is not 1960 ... there are ways to do this right, unless one believes that humanity is only a force for destruction in nature, and therefore its advancement must be suppressed.

There is a balance to be hit ... but the "watermelons" back strict environmental regulations whether or not they will make a difference or even sense ... in some cases, like Kyoto, because they facilitate the wealth-redistribution/penalization of Evil Corporate America that such as these desire, without making them stand up and justify those positions in the public square.

Perhaps it will give the re... (Below threshold)

Perhaps it will give the refugees a nice waypoint on their way to the U.S as they flee the country which American liberals love so much.

Jeff, funny that was the fi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Jeff, funny that was the first thing that popped in my head too.

It is pretty amazing that Mexico and Cuba can freely drill in the Gulf, yet due to the insane "enviromental" policies, it's forbidden for us to exploit those same resources.

Well why do certain people... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

Well why do certain people (elected representatives) in high place,s continue to be hamstrung by these union boss type lobbyists, that are speaking for less then 1% of the american electorate? How does the minority rule? What is the holdup here? where is the representation of the majority of america to look out for EVERYBODYS well being..?

Want to really drive the De... (Below threshold)

Want to really drive the Demrats completely nutz? Bush should announce he is lifting the embargo on Cuba and will encourage the oil companies with Castro to build oil platforms in the gulf. He can skirt the environmentalists and US law since Cuba can decide where to drill in its own waters. I would love to see Pelosi spin that one. Her head would completely spin off her shoulders.

mantis wrote (April ... (Below threshold)

mantis wrote (April 26, 2006 08:25 PM):

A lot of the people in the Gulf states don't want their coastlines turning into this [link to picture of coast contaminated by oil spill].

Then "a lot of the people on the Gulf states" need to STFU about the high price of gas.

I think we should all be glad that the people in oil producing states like Texas and Oklahoma aren't so selfish and don't mind having their landscapes contaminated with oil wells. Or that the good citizens of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia don't mind having their pristine mountain vistas spoiled by the refuse of coal mines. Or that people in heavily industrialized cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Philly, etc. can bear the burden of having to look at smokestacks, etc.

Sounds to me like a "lot of the people in the Gulf states" are selfish bastards.

Jeb Bush has been a support... (Below threshold)

Jeb Bush has been a supporter of drilling off of Florida.

Now is the time to introduc... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Now is the time to introduce a bill for drilling in ANWR. Make the Democrats stand up in an election and year and say, "We are for cheaper gas as long as we can use higher prices to bludgeon the President. We aren't actually in favor of doing anything about it." It is possible that they could wait until this summer when the prices are sure to be higher just to be closer to the election and sure that the Democrats statement will have greter impact.

Jeb Bush has been ... (Below threshold)
Jeb Bush has been a supporter of drilling off of Florida.

Bill, not only is that a lie, it's a particularly inept one.

MeGehee, I could be wrong a... (Below threshold)

MeGehee, I could be wrong about this and I don't have time to research it right now, but if memory serves me correctly the operative words in the sentence "Jeb Bush has been a supporter of drilling off of Florida" are "has been", not is. I think I remember awhile back that he was a supporter and then reversed himself. Apparently it was one of those weasel political decision. One with which I completely disagree. I think that the sentence is technically, but not currently, correct. As I said, I could be wrong. I am not interested in a pissing contest.

Well wether or not Jeb Bush... (Below threshold)

Well wether or not Jeb Bush is or is not, I am in favor of it ,so there.

Whos He gonna Drill? Mortic... (Below threshold)
Mak44 SUCS:

Whos He gonna Drill? Morticia Pelosi?

Actually, Jeb Bush was agai... (Below threshold)

Actually, Jeb Bush was against drilling before he was for it.


I personally support drilling past 100 miles. It's still close enough to take advantage of reserves and provide a buffer for accident clean up.

On the subject of NIMBY's and oil, it isn't NIMBY's that bother me as much as NIYBY's (Not In Your Backyard). Opposition to ANWR drilling for instance, isn't shared by the locals in Alaska.

I laugh when the same people who oppose domestic windmill construction and/or gas and oil drilling complain about high energy costs. Supply and demand is the most simple principle of economics yet supply is suppressed by the very people now complaining. ...suppressed year, after year, after year.






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