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Anti-Military Activists Attack ROTC


Take a look at what ignorant anti-military jerks did to the UNC-Chapel Hill ROTC armory:



Here is another shining example of anti-military ignorance as reported in The News and Observer:

The e-mail, from someone calling himself "celest ialbeing" said, "Stop these recruitment centers that target poor people and people of color to fight to maintain the power structure that (literally and figuratively) imprisons us daily."

Complete pap.

The Foxhole Philosopher discusses the role higher education has in stabbing our military in the back:

Higher education is at its pinnacle in the United States. Not only do places like Yale and Harvard still hold tremendous power in our collective consciousness, but also pretty much every town in the US, of any size, has a college of some sort. As much as CNN would try and spin it negatively, even the Chinese Communist People's Daily admits that the United States is still a place many serious foreign students come to learn, especially for advanced degrees, with more that half a million foreign students studying here every year. If those students were fed a serious education that included the value of American society, and an honest look at our virtues that would be roughly 120,000 non-Americans that would have a pro-American, and presumably anti-terrorist outlook on the world. Instead, they are fed Anti-American and ant-Western vitriol such that on American Campuses they welcome and defend former members of the Taliban while ejecting American military recruiters. Who do they want to win anyway?

Update: OPFOR responds with "If you don't want to fight "our" wars, don't join up. There's no draft, guys..."

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin


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Comments (17)

Perhaps now we'll have a re... (Below threshold)

Perhaps now we'll have a revival of the Weathermen, Yippies, what have you -- how many Weathermen does it take to blow up an ROTC building? Five: one to set the bomb and four to hose him off the sidewalk.

Yes, the good old days are here again! Let's bring back the draft -- but first, dump those deferments. I think everyone should be invited to play this time, don't you?

Stop these recruit... (Below threshold)
Stop these recruitment centers that target poor people and people of color

Because, you know, those are the only classes of people that UNC will allow to attend their fine, free university. Why doesn't the ROTC recruit more heavily from schools where the rich people send their kids like local Community Colleges?

Stop these recruitment c... (Below threshold)

Stop these recruitment centers that target poor people and people of color to fight to maintain the power structure that (literally and figuratively) imprisons us daily."

Our military is volunteer.

Looks like the recruitment centers are the only ones being a "target".

When these vandals get caught, they'll learn all about a power structure that imprisons them.

Yeah, but... you know, they... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but... you know, they **really** do support the troops!

What else do you expect Kos... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

What else do you expect Kossacks to do to let off steam?

"We wont fight your wars" w... (Below threshold)

"We wont fight your wars" what the hell man! they dont have the guts or the smarts to fight this war. So what!who needs them?not us, catch them,sentence them along with the Kerry tire slashers & send them to Guantanamo..

Why do the photos look like... (Below threshold)

Why do the photos look like a photoshop creation? Does it look this way to anyone else see? It looks pixelated around the the spay painted parts.

TakeFive, I'm pretty sure t... (Below threshold)

TakeFive, I'm pretty sure the pixelization you see is JPEG compression. Black-on-white tends to artifact badly at high compression ratios. The first, larger pic looks weird too, but that's probably because someone used automatic fill-flash on their camera, flattening out the natural shadows our brains expect to see.

The news story refers to removing the writing on the doors and the red paint, so it definitely happened. I wish they'd just upload the original pics for everyone to check out, straight out of the camera, with the embedded exposure data. Then everyone would discuss the story rather than the pictures.

Wars are usually started an... (Below threshold)

Wars are usually started and ended by politicians, not soldiers. This one is no exception. How utterly naive to target the military recruiters to blame for the war. How utterly cruel. How utterly stupid. Go to your local Democratic or Republican Party office and play this stupid protest. They both voted for the war. Send them to Iran to be human shields as punishment.

Dont these idiots realize t... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

Dont these idiots realize that those cans of paint can be traced by batch #s right to where they were sold? obviously not.. therefore this proves they are idiots as well as yellow cowards..

ken's right:<p... (Below threshold)

ken's right:

They "Support the Troops"(TM).

Eliminate the tax exempt an... (Below threshold)

Eliminate the tax exempt and charitable deductible status of universities as well as direct federal aid
and they will have to compete for money and students. First to go when universities have to make a buck or breakeven is to toss out the far left scum.
When they aren't living off other people's taxes, they won't be able to afford or tolerate lefty trash.

You gotta love the Left! </... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

You gotta love the Left!

We support the troops,
Oppose the military that they are a part of,
Decry the country that they volunteer to defend, and
Wholeheartedly applaud the people who leak information that might get them killed!

And if you need help deserting that military that you volunteered to join, you poor, undereducated shmucks, give us a call!


Since I live in Chapel Hill... (Below threshold)

Since I live in Chapel Hill (or as we call it, The People's Republic of Chapel Hill)it's not really a shocker to me. This area is full of lefty tree hugging, brokeback mountain wanting, Heil Hillary freaks. But I wouldn't be suprised if these messages were left by illegal Mexicans that are looking forward to getting in-state tuition, with no intention of ever serving in the U.S. Military, no matter how many Americans die for them. The only thing keeping me from believing that is they didn't force us to read it in Spanish.

Where's Mak44? Where's jp2?... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Where's Mak44? Where's jp2? I've been eagerly awaiting their acute observations.

Why do people war? It is si... (Below threshold)

Why do people war? It is simple, people war because they do not want to get along with others. Can someone say why can't people just get along but then say I am encouraging people to get along and I am encouraging world peace? People that war are destructive like those that vandalize are destructive and it is because they do not know peace or want it. However, the destructive nature of man's works come from hate. And hate comes from false judgment by glorifying yourself so that others look to be worthless then you can justify doing evil to them. Or you can also falsely glorify others by thinking people are smart or wise so when others do evil you WILL THEN NOT THINK well they obviously do not know better and do not know they are doing wrong. So instead of people showing each others mistakes and learning people think they did it on purpose and I will get revenge for that. If you love yourself, your works and your belongings instead of wise, forgiving, peaceful and kind toward others you will seek a wrathful life and world full of hate instead.
Those that say good things can come out of war are those that justify making war. Those that are more concerned with their nation wining the war are not concerned about making peace. And those that know that nothing good ever comes from war will make peace instead. Why settle for the bad things of world peace when good things can come out of war?
We are all sinners willing to do what is wrong. Why blindly follow others without question so you may become a fool? All the hate, crime, violence and greed in this world comes from putting the wrong things first so to have nothing to do with doing the right thing.

Sterling, You're ... (Below threshold)

You're a little bit idealistic... which is admirable, but also annoying. HOW BORING WOULD THE WORLD BE IN YOUR UTOPIAN FANTASY? I bet the suicide rate would skyrocket if that ever came to pass. It would signal the death of change, competition, and just about everything else that defines any living creature on our planet, not just human beings. Wanting nice things, material or otherwise, is all well and good. As an American, you'd be closer to calling that a birthright than anyplace else on earth. You may thank violent warmongers for that.

I once read something that would have defined you as a sheep, though not in the conventional negative light usually cast by that analogy. It means that you would be entrusting your blissful state to a sheepdog (read, the military and other public servants) to protect you from wolves (read: those various individuals and countries that would do us harm...). The sheepdog looks a lot like the wolf, so he makes the sheep nervous. He also has a high capacity for violence, unlike the sheep, but again, just like the wolf. So, when we see stuff like this happening to the "Sheepdogs," we should always remember that they are standing between us and the wolf. We should also remember that no amount of kindness and understanding has ever, or ever would stop the wolf from eating the sheep.

-a warmonger






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