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Quote Of The Day - Life Of The Party Edition

"We cannot have you shooting rockets at President Clinton,"

Secret Service agents assigned to former President Bill Clinton, busting up the fireworks at the birthday party of porn star Sophia Rossi's 5-year-old daughter at a Las Vegas country club. Said one of the guests, ""If we'd known it was Bill Clinton, we would have invited him to the party." If the ex-President had known it was a party hosted by a porn star, we're guessing he would have accepted... [Las Vegas Review Journal]

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I would have accepted too. ... (Below threshold)

I would have accepted too.

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

"But, please feel free to h... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

"But, please feel free to have Bill Clinton shoot his rocket at Sophia."

(perhaps this time, he might aim higher than a dress...)

Guess that explains why he ... (Below threshold)

Guess that explains why he wasn't wearing his wedding ring for his portrait.

The Pocket Rocket strikes a... (Below threshold)

The Pocket Rocket strikes again.

Sure, invite him to the par... (Below threshold)

Sure, invite him to the party. Play a game of lawn darts.

LOL @ these great comments!... (Below threshold)

LOL @ these great comments!!






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