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May 1 Illegal Immigration Protesters Hope to Close Cities

Updated and Bumped

I wrote a post earlier today in which I highlighted parts of Newt Gingrich's immigration ideas. In that post, I said most Americans understand why immigrants, legal and illegal, work so hard to get to America. I have to say, however, that any sympathy Americans may still have for the plight of illegal immigrants will be gone if the protest organizers achieve what they hope to on May 1. That's when a massive illegal immigration protest is scheduled to take place in a number of cities across America. Take a look at what the organizers hope to accomplish:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pro-immigration activists say a national boycott and marches planned for May 1 will flood U.S. streets with millions of Latinos to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants and shake the ground under Congress as it debates reform.

Such a massive turnout could make for the largest protests since the civil rights era of the 1960s, though not all Latinos -- nor their leaders -- were comfortable with such militancy, fearing a backlash in Middle America.

"There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it debates the issue.

They can go right ahead and try it. Not only will the American citizens who live in these cities be really ticked off, but the rest of America watching these cities being shut down by border-crossing, law-ignoring illegal immigrants will be disgusted as well.

And take a look at what the protesters are demanding:

"We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1."

What arrogance. Not only did these illegal immigrants sneak across the border and acquire fake documents for the purpose of working here illegally, their children are educated here at taxpayer expense and they get free healthcare. Now they actually have the nerve to demand full amnesty as if they are victims of some kind of American oppression. On top of that, many of these people make their money under the table, so they don't pay taxes that go into the funding they require.

But, there seems to be some dissention in the ranks:

Hispanic leaders have been divided on how strong the nationwide May 1 event should be. Some shy away from the term "boycott" as being divisive and prefer a "National Day of Action" to describe the event. Others want supporters of the effort to stop shopping for the one day to dramatize their economic impact.

But there appears to be growing sentiment to back away from walking off the job or skipping school, which have brought appropriate sanctions in previous, smaller demonstrations...

...Local organizers are asking students not to leave school but to join the rally afterward. They also don't want workers to walk off their jobs unless they have permission to use leave or vacation time.

Does anyone think this will happen?

Update: The California State Senate has endorsed the immigrant boycott:

State senators on Thursday endorsed Monday's boycott of schools, jobs and stores by illegal immigrants and their allies as supporters equated the protest with great social movements in American history.

By a 24-13 vote that split along party lines, the Senate approved a resolution that calls the one-day protest the Great American Boycott 2006 and describes it as an attempt to educate Americans "about the tremendous contribution immigrants make on a daily basis to our society and economy."

"It's one day ... for immigrants to tell the country peacefully, 'We matter ... (we're) not invisible,'" said Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, the resolution's chief author. She said immigrants make up a third of California's labor force and a quarter of its residents.

Opponents said the nonbinding resolution was misleading because it failed to mention a goal of the boycott was pressuring Congress to legalize millions of undocumented people.

"It is a disingenuous effort to put the government of California on record supporting open borders," said Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Oceanside.

This protest is neither American nor great.

Expect Democratic groups to recruit at these protests.

Jason at Texas Rainmaker reports that the California Senate Democrats are planning a walk-out in solidarity with the illegal immigrant protest. Jason has the audio of a Republican state senator responding to this stunt.

Update II: César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández at AlterNet explains why he will join these protests.

Update III: Dan at Riehl World View reacts:

And it isn't going to be pretty. This isn't 1968. They aren't former slaves, they aren't even citizens. People are going to get pissed.

Update IV: Peter Brown has an article at Real Clear Politics about Monday's protest and boycott:

If the folks who want to allow illegal immigrants to become legal residents and eventually citizens are lucky, the planned May 1 general strike to pressure Congress in their direction will be a bust.

That's because even more than mass demonstrations, the work, school and shopping boycott is likely to backfire -- pushing public opinion toward stricter border security without making it possible for such immigrants to remain in the United States legally.

Of course, some immigrant-rights activists understand the potential backlash, which is why there has been division within that community over the wisdom of the May 1 protest.

Update V: Michelle Malkin has obtained copies of the May 1 protest planning documents from the LA Unified School District. I recommend you go to her site and read them.

Update VI: The Mexican Congress supports the immigration protest. Of course it does. The Mexican government is thrilled poor Mexicans are coming to America because each poor Mexican who crosses the border into America is one fewer Mexican it has to support. But it is interesting that both the California Senate and the Mexican government are encouraging the protest.

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Comments (65)

Your post smacks of racism,... (Below threshold)

Your post smacks of racism, Kim. You whine about illegals being paid under the table, but say nothing about the businesses and corpoations who increase their profits by doing just that.

Will this march/boycott/protest result in greater sympathy for their plight? No, probably not. I suspect it won't sway votes one way or the other...

What it will do is solidify the movement of hispanic voters away from the Republican party, and the way it will do is that by triggering posts such as yours which attack illegal aliens without addresing all sides of the problem. At least Newt recognized that WE are all at fault for perpetuating a system that fosters and encourages illegals to enter this country and work.

Um, Lee, illegals are not a... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Um, Lee, illegals are not a race......

The rest of your comment is so far off base it isn't worth addressing.

Go to hell Lee... (Below threshold)

Go to hell Lee

This is very interesting. ... (Below threshold)

This is very interesting. You should also see this site: www.saneworks.us.

This is nothing more than a... (Below threshold)
Borg Queen:

This is nothing more than a home invasion on the most massive scale ever. And now that they're here, they're demanding to be treated as the homeowners. We wouldn't put up with this on an individual level, why are we allowing this to be forced on us?

Lee:Just to clarif... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


Just to clarify things.

If I leave my door unlocked, and there's a nice plasma TV visible from the window, it's my fault that the TV got stolen?

Here's what's sad about the defense Lee is making. What of the legals? What of the people who take the time to fill out the forms, file the visas, etc.? You have to wonder: Why in the world would the law-abiding folks continue to abide by the law, if all it does is make them suckers?

Because they have something... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

Because they have something LEE does not..Virtue & Integrity.."

Whine away Ladies -- as I s... (Below threshold)

Whine away Ladies -- as I said - it's all good.

I say go ahead and try prot... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I say go ahead and try protesting. Interrupt city operations, block freeway entrances, shut down buildings, etc. And be prepared to reap the backlash from it. Oh the halls of congress will shake, all right--just not in the way you hope, Mr. Rodriguez.

Legal immigration? Yes! Ilegal immigration? No. It couldn't be more simple and clear.

I think Lee has a great poi... (Below threshold)

I think Lee has a great point. If people want to come into this country and be apart of this country they should do it legally. I can't just run into Mexico and say, "hey! I deserve to be a citizen of your country with full rights of a native born Mexican because I am here and this is how I feel". The Mexican government would let me know how they feel 'real fast'. Seems like there is a double standard here. If you want to join us in this country please do not take advantage of our kindness by bullying us with boycotts that harm our economy and calling us racists. This offends the average native born citizen of this country. Just respect our country by following the laws. Get it?

Last year, Gov Bredesen (Te... (Below threshold)

Last year, Gov Bredesen (Tennessee) kicked a 300,000 people off of TennCare, the disastrous answer to Medicaid. My son, who has chronic and serious health issues, was one of them.

Best estimate is that there is somewhere around 300,000 illegals in Tennessee. And ya know what? They can get TennCare!

Ain't dat some shit?

At about the same time, Bredesen decided it would be a grand idea to give illegals driving certificates. So they could get insurance. Right. This disaster was nixed when it was found that illegals were pouring into Tennessee by the thousands to get these driving certificates. Several people made a few bucks helping them get here. I bet you didn't see that one coming ...

Oh, did I mention that Bredesen is a Democrat? Now there's a friggin shocker ...

Whats next ?are they going ... (Below threshold)

Whats next ?are they going to start burning cars?

Republicans in Congress, de... (Below threshold)

Republicans in Congress, desperate for re-election votes, will be kissing the protestor's arses, Peter F.

I am sorry. Made a big mis... (Below threshold)

I am sorry. Made a big mistake! Kim made the great point not Lee!!

What is the cost of deporti... (Below threshold)
Love the US!:

What is the cost of deporting all of the illegal immigrants worldwide I heard 500 million where do I send my check? If I refuse to pay my taxes I can either go to jail or pay a hefty fine, if I'm an illegal I don't get any punishment, if fact I might even get amnesty and continue not paying taxes; I'm breaking the law and getting awarded for it - this country is in a sorry state right now - and if you say anything against the illegals you're considered a bad person, well if they want amnesty here's a solution: have them enlist in our military and serve "their" country. Let's see how eager they are to be Americans when they're told they have to fight a war in another country like my husband fought in the Gulf War you want to be an American? then act like an American! Pay taxes, defend your country, wave the AMERICAN FLAG and sing the Star Spangled Banner in ENGLISH!!!!

Does anyone remember that t... (Below threshold)

Does anyone remember that the whole southwest was part of mexico in the first place? And that the treaty that was signed in that war was never intended to be upheld by the us. I think these protest/boycott are just scaring you reactionaries.

Gosh, you're so right. Wha... (Below threshold)

Gosh, you're so right. What'll you have me do now?
Roll over and play dead? Not!

The illegals and their alli... (Below threshold)

The illegals and their allies are really screwing themselves by organizing this kind of thing. I think that most Americans have a sort of "live and let live" attitude toward illegals: yeah, not too happy that they broke the law to come here, not real thrilled that our tax dollars are paying for their health care and childrens' education, but willing to sort of ignore the problem.

However, I think that most Americans also don't like being pushed around or having their noses rubbed in it.

If the illegals want to see a massive push for border enforcement AND repatriations, go ahead and try to shut down the cities. Wave the Mexican flag and demand "your" country back. Squawk about your "rights". Dig the hole a bit deeper.

Candidates around here (No. Carolina) are already running on anti-illegal platforms. This sort of thing will only provide grist for their mill.

I agree with Love The USA..... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

I agree with Love The USA.. AND I AINT SCARED!!

Based on the comments, you ... (Below threshold)

Based on the comments, you guys should take a look at this article too. Kind of has a different take on why all of this is happening. It's an interesting read. http://jeffslade.blogspot.com/2006/04/land-of-entitlement-immigrant-protest.html

Keep up the good work!


On this issue the Republica... (Below threshold)

On this issue the Republicans and I particularly include Bush on this, are just as full of shit as the Democrats. While it's not possible to absolutely stop illegal immigration, it can be drastically reduced without turning this country in to a real communist police state. Make the transfer of funds back extremely difficult and most won't come to begin with. And many will leave after a while. Enforce tougher sanctions on employers who willfully flout the law and stiffen the border patrols.
On this issue we have the perfect cynical political storm. The Democrats can't get enough Americans to vote for them so they need to import voters. The Republicans, particularly in agricultural states need to supply corporate farms
the labor force they need.
As an immigrant I sympathize with the illegals. The vast majority are just humble working people trying to feed their families. You can't hate a man for trying to feed his family. On the other hand giving them amnesty makes a mockery of our laws and makes fools out of legal immigrants.

Mexico will never change, never reform as long as the US acts as a safety valve for the corrupt Mexican elite.

I still think it is amazing... (Below threshold)

I still think it is amazing that these people come here to unite in large numbers to affect change in our country. Why can't they do it in their own country? That is where the problem really is for them. Their goverment...their officials. Those are the ones they need to rise up and march on. Unfortunately the bleeding hearts and scared poloticians here in our country will hash out some policy that will be a bureaucratic nightmare in an attempt to salve everyones feelings and cost us a fortune when a little tough love and law enforcement is all we really need.


How does failing to show up... (Below threshold)

How does failing to show up for work prove that you are doing "jobs that Americans won't do"?

It cracks me up ... the one... (Below threshold)

It cracks me up ... the ones that say "we" stole the southwest from the Mexicans and they are going to take it back. We should go back to Europe.

Uhh ... folks. Mexico ... tweren't your'ns to begin with. Ya'll don't remember them Aztec folk ya'll wiped out? Every last one of 'em. Least we let ya'll have your lives, and most of your land ... and we won ya fair and square in a fight ya'll picked.

So, OK. We'll all go back to Europe ... we'll drop ya'll off at Spain on our way through. Mmkay?

Fill up the gas guzzling SU... (Below threshold)

Fill up the gas guzzling SUV's, load it down with cinder blocks. You wouldn't want to bog down when you run over a couple hundred criminals.

Flood the INS, FBI, NSA, Ho... (Below threshold)

Flood the INS, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security (joke),Border Patrol and local police agencies with phone calls reporting a mass of criminals who slithered into the country. Take a lot of pictures and send them to the INS with a request they investigate every one of the criminals and the organizers of the criminal invasion. They've already made an enemy out of me and the next idiot show will make a few millions more enemies.

Folks, our government has f... (Below threshold)
Marjorie Robinson:

Folks, our government has funded illegal immigration for years. Money is set aside for their health care, schools are reimbursed for "special" language translations, the IRS is prohibited from giving out information that would lead to finding illegal aliens. And now we expect that our government will do something positive? No, this will not happen. Bush is in bed with Fox and Mexico looks to the US as a paycheck. This is just all so sick. Now the entire issue of illegal has become (as expected) a "race" issue. Bullshit, illegal is illegal regardless of the color of the skin.

Anyway what I wanted to say before I went off on that rant, is what my biggest fear is that all it is going to take is one unruly person, one person to shove another, one kid to call another a name, one person to start any form of violence and can you just imagine? This is such an emotional issue, it has all the earmarks of a civil war. I just hope it is played out with some dignity for all concerned and no one gets physically hurt in the process, but history does not support having that many people in one place(s) without incident.

They are going to show this... (Below threshold)

They are going to show this country that we can and will get along without them! They will show once again that they are willing to break the law (blocking freeways, etc.) to get what they want. Go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot again! We'll be watching the public opinion swing further towards "NO AMNESTY"!

There are a few businesses ... (Below threshold)

There are a few businesses here that are posting signs in support of this that will be closed. I plan to never spend another dollar at those stores again.

JOB BULLETIN TO UNEMPLOYED ... (Below threshold)
Rob FIlomena:


There will be a glut of employement opportunities available to all able bodied Americans who want to work on Monday May 1st. Go to a local business known to have empoloyed illegal immigrants and replace all of the self-righteous demonstrators.

This demonstration could be a referendum on the American unemployment rate.

The immigrants protesting are playing all of the wrong cards, marred by bad leadership, and alienating a largely sympathetic public.

And Kin, don't be naive, the Republicans will be out recruiting too with a campaign of misinformation that portrays the democrats as the party that put the felony language in the house bill.

Re Michelle's docs:<p... (Below threshold)

Re Michelle's docs:

She has what seems to be a letter from the "The Revolutionary Council and Provisional Government of Aztlan", urging marchers to "arm themselves".

Hey, why not wear baklavas as well, guys? Try and look as much like Paleo terrorist assholes as possible!

Throw these bums out.

well whoever put the felony... (Below threshold)

well whoever put the felony info in the bill should be rewarded.;

[email protected] Lee<p... (Below threshold)


@ Lee

So let me get this straight:

What it will do is solidify the movement of hispanic voters away from the Republican party, and the way it will do is that by triggering posts such as yours which attack illegal aliens without addresing all sides of the problem.

A. You think all illegals are hispanic?

B. You think that hispanic voters are *for* illegal aliens when polls show at least 50% are completely opposed to them?

C. You think that recruiting illegal aliens will somehow shore up political power for the Democrats?

The true intent of many of ... (Below threshold)
Steve Fox:

The true intent of many of these actions are to start what is referred to as the Reconquista. This is the Mexican movement to take back what they consider their rightful territory, hence the waving of Mexican flags. This is a revolution alright and we cannot sit on our hands just watching while it happens.

Since I speak fluent Spanish, I have had occassion to debate with a number of illegals. I can tell you that there is no good argument I have had from them and they do not hear the American point of view...ever. This is where we have to do more.

I will be counterprotesting May 1st holding up my signs, "Ilegales = Criminales" and "Respetan Nuestros Leyes y Les Podemes Respetar" and I hope many of you will do the same.

Hmmmm.Doe... (Below threshold)


Does anyone remember that the whole southwest was part of mexico in the first place? And that the treaty that was signed in that war was never intended to be upheld by the us. I think these protest/boycott are just scaring you reactionaries.

Obviously another example of a failed educational system.

Hmmm.So .... ... (Below threshold)


So ....

This "protest" is supposed to shut down cities.

Make my life difficult and annoy the crap out of me.

Mangle the national anthem by putting in whiny-ass words in Spanish.

Well I suppose they could do a worse job, if they frigging riot and start burning cars. Or if they start breaking out the frigging Mexican flag or shouting about Reconquista or some shit.


For anyone who is actually stupid enough to be pro-illegal *alien*, not "immigrant", this has to be the dumbest idea ever.

Californians, I hope you're... (Below threshold)
Nell E:

Californians, I hope you're asking your state reps whose representatives they are. Do they represent Californians, or S. Americans? Looks like on Monday they're representing aliens, not you. If they're the illegals' representatives, then whose taxes ought to be paying them?

Hope they go ahead and pull... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Hope they go ahead and pull off this type behavior. It is evident they need a good PR firm. This will increase the number of Americans that have negative feelings about illegal immigration.

I really hope if there is a... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

I really hope if there is a May 1st boycott/demonstration that there will be a backlash of biblical proportions. I hope the congress is totally inundated with mail, e-mail, phone calls and every other means of communication.

Those weasles we have in Washington need to get the message loud and clear that we want secure bouders and we want them NOW. The only way that is going to happen is through a big public uproar.


To hell with them. I am so ... (Below threshold)

To hell with them. I am so tired of this crap about illegals demanding their rights. YOU DON'T HAVE ANY YOU ARE NOT AMERICANS!!!! Tell them like it is Lee. I for one am looking forward to MY DAY WITHOUT ILLEGALS.

Instead of spending tax dol... (Below threshold)
Terry C:

Instead of spending tax dollars "rounding up" or "blending" illegal aliens into our society, let's spend the money taking away the incentives for staying or coming here illegally in the first place by:

1. developing a tamper resistant visa and Social Security card with information accessible to employers for immediate verification of an employee's status (similar to using a credit card)

2. enforcing laws intended to combat illegal entry already on the books as vigorously as the illegal drug, murder, rape or burglary laws

3. creating new laws to plug the immigration loop holes - such as preventing sanctuary communities and make reporting illegal aliens everybody's responsibility

4. stopping all forms of public assistance.

5. securing the borders to prevent contraband and/or criminals from crossing.

No jobs, no handouts, no place to hide, no reason to stay or come to the US illegally - through attrition the bulk of the aliens will go elsewhere.

So stop with the sensitivity crap, already. If citizens in and of other countries don't like their situation, do something about it within their own system or follow the letter of our laws and do as my great grandparents did - come here legally and earn their way to citizenship! Oh ya, something grandpa used to say when we kids would try packing his ears full of bs applies now as well, "Don't be pissin' on my leg and callin' it rain". My leg is getting wet and it's not raining. Time to apply the KISS principal, No amnesty - No guest worker programs. (Period)

As for being offensive or PC - those who cross our borders illegally and expect preferential treatment, consume tax dollars without contributing, disrespect our flag and culture, attempt to assimilate us into their culture and work for substandard wages and take their tax free booty back to their homeland, to mention a few issues, are politically incorrect and extremely offensive to me.

As to UpdateVI: Mexi... (Below threshold)
Jay S:

As to UpdateVI: Mexico not only rids itself of another poor soul to support, that poor soul in turn remits payment back to Mexico in the form of cash to their relatives. This is one of the highest sources of income to the Mexican economy.

Example: I am the corrupt and dishonest head of a household containing ten children and we are all starving. Three children go to the neighbors across the street and begin sending money to their dearest father. Now only seven left to feed plus a flow of income. Shall I stop the others from leaving?? Why not five more to the house next door. Now only two brats and a level of comfort. Why should Mexico not encourage it's people to protest in another country about rights and citizenship. This is a cash cow that is not nearly drained.

I might add politically the chance for change(read:revolution) is greatly diminished when the disgruntled young males that are the quintessential soldiers of a new movement, flee to the US and meekly submit their money home. It is far easier to wave a flag of a dissent here than there.

I'm getting increasingly ti... (Below threshold)

I'm getting increasingly tired of the "We stole the Southwest from Mexico" line. Read your history, and you will find that the United States paid 15 million dollars to Mexico for that land, an exorbitant amount in 1848. (Did the Spanish reimburse the Aztecs or other native tribes?) Read the autobiography of U.S. Grant for a good summary of the War with Mexico.

I say round them all up on ... (Below threshold)
John S:

I say round them all up on Monday. Grant them the immunity they desire and draft their butts to lead the human wave attacks we'll need to invade Iran.

Amen, to that John S. Pers... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Amen, to that John S. Personally, there are things I really needed to purchase this week (like a new washer-mine died this past weekend), however, I decided to wait until Monday to purchase this item because I want to support the economy on the Anti-American Day the Mexican citizens who are squatting in this country are calling for. (So what if it means another trip to the laundromat.) I also plan to go and purchase a new trash can, garden hoses and supplies, a portable DVD for my nephew's graduation, my grocery shopping and I plan to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, I am trying to contribute as much to the economy on that day. I would encourage you all to do it as well.

I see this boycott as an op... (Below threshold)

I see this boycott as an open attack by foreigners on our economy. Mass deportations NOW. If the President refuses to protect us "from enemies foreign and domestic" according to his oath, he should be impeached.

It is interesting to see ho... (Below threshold)
Patriot Mark:

It is interesting to see how those who desire that our laws be enforced and that those who break them be punished makes that person a racist. I suppose the person who robs a bank should not be punished either since he is just a "non-account holder." I suppose the adult who molests a child should not be punished since he is just showing physical love for the child. I suppose that locking the doors and windows to my house is discriminatory since it prevents poor people from coming in and taking my property. This is the direction the anti-American leftists want to take this debate. This is another example of political correctness at its "best."

The United States is a sovereign nation with borders and laws. Some of those laws prescribe how one can come into this country to visit or become a citizen. These laws are not racist. These laws provide for the orderly entry and control of visitors to this country. These laws provide for an orderly manner of gaining citizenship, if the person desires it. The bottom line is that those who snuck across the border broke those laws. They are nothing but criminals and need to be punished for breaking the law. They are not "undocumented workers," they are criminals; just like the guy who robbed the bank is not just a "non-account holder;" he is a criminal.

Those of us who are outraged by the arrogance of these anti-American leftists who support ILLEGALs, are not against LEGAL immigration. We are against those who break our laws. We are against the blatant disrespect for the rule of law exhibited by the ILLEGALs and all of their supporters.

This effort is nothing short of an invasion and an attempt at conquest. It is an invasion and conquest promoted and encouraged by the Mexican government and should be looked at as an act of war. This invasion is even more insidious because the weapon of choice of the Mexican government are the ILLEGALs themselves. The borders need to be shut down and the flow of ILLEGALs stopped to protect our national security.

The bottom line is: ILLEGALs are criminals and need to be punished as such. Those who employ and assist ILLEGALs to gain entry into this country are also criminals and need to be punished for their crime.

These protests and boycotts are going to have a huge impact. I suspect that the response will not be what the anti-American leftists supporting them want.

Sir Drake discovered and ex... (Below threshold)

Sir Drake discovered and explored California for England; England allowed Spain to establish the land, building the Missions; when the Spanish left, Mexicans took over; Texas requested US help in fighting for independence from Mexico; we did, we won.
Mexicans claim this is their Revolution; Mexico is telling Mexicans to cross the border to support demonstratons.
A professor stated "we'll kill the gringos to get legalization."
People - Mexico has invaded and has declared war on the U.S. - Wake UP!
Prepare your homes; water, food, weapons.
They will be burning US property.

The situation developed out... (Below threshold)

The situation developed out of our last immigration law change - th 80's amnesty. Laws were passed that our elite NEVER intended to enforce. Now that we ask to have the current laws enforced, we are called racists. Don't bother passing new laws, just enforce the ones we have.
I propose that we develop a list of employers using illegal alien labor (should be revealing which stores are closed on May 1) set up a web site and let anyone who wants to join do their shopping and contracting elsewhere. by and Large you will find that these employers will be small to medium contractors and retailers, so there is a local component.
"jobs Americans won't do?" Our teenagers can't get their first, all important jobs, African Americans get booted out of employment because of Paperwork requirements, and the folks who are supposed to represent us have given up to the campaign contributers - maybe its time to try a little incumbent reduction in all levels of government.

Patriot Mark:Wow. ... (Below threshold)

Patriot Mark:

Wow. Great comment.

Patriot Mark;Well ... (Below threshold)
Terry C:

Patriot Mark;

Well said!! I lived in Texas for almost 20 years and watched the transformation. In fact, I was effectively forced to shut down my home improvment business since I would not hire the aliens and therefore could not compete. Now, and for the last 7 years, I live in Florida and I see the same thing here - an illegal alien invasion. My observation is that the common, hard working citizens of Mexico are achieving what Santa Anna and his army couldn't. I would, with much reservation for fear of sounding like a loonie :-), like to suggest a conspiracy is well under way.

You are a complete dork! A... (Below threshold)

You are a complete dork! America was built by immigrants, many of which were hard working, law abiding citizens. Hispanics are the hardest working, most law abiding people in this country, and have been for 100 years. Now Bush man decides they are all terrorists and wants them out of the country. That is the real issue!

Why wake up a sleeping giant? it is the same mistake Japan made when the bombed the USA.

Son of an immigrant parent.

hmmm, looking at these post... (Below threshold)
John Deere:

hmmm, looking at these posts. I looks like most of those against the may 1 protest are the lazy toothless rednecks from the south east. This makes a lot of sense immigrants tend to happily take the $4/hr jobs that those toothless rednecks would take (if they made it out of 6th grade that is).

@ immigrant and John Deere ... (Below threshold)

@ immigrant and John Deere ...

Why is it that you insist on proclaiming that those who are against ILLEGAL aliens being here, and being granted amnesty are also against those who come here legally?

Are your reading skills really that poor? Are you just being disingenuous for the purpose of starting a pointless argument? Are you just that stupid?

I mean not to offend any of... (Below threshold)
John Ross:

I mean not to offend any of the posters on this blog with my comments, but I feel I must respond to the ignorance of Lee and offer a different outlook on the issue.

My family lived in the Carolinas and Georgia for years. They were farmers, hunters and fishermen. They had an established religion and form of government. They hunted game in the forests, built their homes and villages, had summer and winter residences, raised livestock and, in general, prospered. Then in 1492 a man named Christopher Columbus sailed under the Spanish flag and discovered a "New World." My family did not consider this world new, we knew it was here.

With-in 200 years the Spanish were followed by the French, Dutch, British, Germanics (although Germany was not a country at that time), Irish, Scots, Welsh and a host of other Western Europeans. My ancestors were told they were savages. We were told our religion was the work of the Devil. We were driven from our homes, we were shot and killed by weapons which spit fire, we were forced to convert to Christianity, our women were raped, our crops stolen or destroyed and our villages burned. Our language was virtually obliterated. Then under the fair and equitable acts of US President Martin Van Buren, Gen. Winfield Scott, with 7000 troops, relocated my ancestors west to Oklahoma in 1838. Over 4,000 Cherokee men, women and children died on the forced march, known as the Trail Of Tears.

Since that time Western Europeans have lied to us, have broken treaties, and have raped our land and shown little to no respect for the earth that sustains ALL of us. "White Man" has placed us on Reservations and made us into second class citizens. Lee, while you are lamenting the plight of the "poor illegal aliens" think about this: Maybe to someone else it is YOU and YOUR PEOPLE who are the illegal aliens. This country belonged to my people before anyone came here from Western Europe to steal it from us. We did not ask you to come here, we did not invite you, yet you came here, you saw what you wanted and you just took it. Perhaps, after close to half a millennia of living in this country, which I believe is the greatest country in the world, the people who are posting on this blog in protest of the demonstration planned for Monday feel the same way. They feel the illegal aliens (and no one said the protests were limited to people of Hispanic origin) are coming here, seeing what they want, and just taking it. They possibly feel the illegal aliens are taking their homes, their jobs and their rights to live here in security and comfort.

Again, I apologize to anyone whom I may have offended, but in my own defense I will say this: My right to be able to post this is one of the things which makes the USA the greatest nation in the world.

John Ross
Cherokee Nation

PS - I will not indulge John Deere's asininities other than to say I am neither toothless nor a redneck, having several post graduate degrees, all my teeth, living in the north east, owning my own corporation and being one of the top in my field internationally.

hey lissakay, i think that ... (Below threshold)

hey lissakay, i think that before making any more comments you should do some history research.

-Aztec people was indeed vanished from mexico ,but it was not the only native people living in mexico around 1492,aztecs didnt ruled all the mexican territory, but the southern part.

-Mexicans are banned from any kind of legal immigration to the United States of America,like the famous lottery,not like salvadoreans,or other latin american or around the globe countries.an average Mexican person CAN NOT COME TO WORK TO THE UNITED STATES unless they are petitioned by a U.S family member,or you are rich ,a professional or an artist.even as a tourist is hard to get here if you are a mexican.

We could have done something before all this immigration debate started, by changing immigration laws 20 years ago instead for preventing all this people to go underground and be abused by employers, "polleros","coyotes",and racists like Right-wing radio host Brian James of KFYI in Arizona:
""What we'll do is randomly pick one night - every week - where we will kill whoever crosses the border. Step over there and you die. You get to decide whether it's your lucky night or not. I think that would be more fun...[I'd be] happy to sit there with my high-powered rifle and my night scope.""

there are mothers and children sneaking the border to get their families reunited
This people could be coming legally and not having to jump over the fence putting at risk their lives ,like all those here legally,but this is part of a well elaborated Gov-bussines Corporate plan, to drive mexican people to the shadows so they could be forced to conditions an american wouldn't take ,accepting low wages,heavy work and little pay,living with fear to be deported but anyways better than their country.
The law is the problem, is not working for anybody.we need to secure our borders,build a fence so no one can jump it over,we will keep the drugs and the criminals out but we also need to create a program to supply the demand of non-skilled workers, farm workers , and give those who are here a legal status, im not talking amnesty ,but a place in the american dream waiting line,thats what the racist people is using as a excuse to pop out against mexicans.

by the way,Im a welder,i've got a wife and two beautiful kids,i pay my taxes,and contribute to my community, I love America and i will fight to protect it's freedom,I came here 2 years ago and learned english, im 24 and there are 12.000.000 million people like me living with fear to be deported and separated from my family every time i go to work......just think about it.


Marco ... here illegally ar... (Below threshold)

Marco ... here illegally are you? Lovely. Just who the fuck gave you the right to break into our country, flaunt the laws and partake of the resources that people like me PAY for? Huh? Fuck you and the damn mule you rode in on.

Life ain't fair. Get over it. So you had the damn rotten luck of being born in a country governed by corrupt crooks. Why should WE have to pay for it???

Go HOME and tell Vincent Fox to fix his country and quit exporting his problems here. You want to protest? Go burn the Mexican flag in downtown Mexico City. Knock yourselves out. I'm sure Vinnie will be all impressed and shit. You're just pissing us off here, and believe me, you will NOT like the consequences of your actions. You think it sucks now? Heh ...

Oh, and for pulling the race card, fuck you, you racist bastard. I don't give a rat's ass if you are black, brown, pink, purple polka dotted with yellow stripes ... if you are here illegally, you are a criminal. Go home!

LissaKay....I sure pissed y... (Below threshold)

LissaKay....I sure pissed you off .hu? well let me fuck you back,I came here to work ,you don't have to pay for me in any way asshole,I pay my morgage, My services,My medical needs and you should be glad you didn't have to pay 50.000 more for the house you are living in,(if you are a home owner,. I'M ) if it wasn't for the immigrants, legal or not they get screwed with low pay wages, and forget about Me and my people leaving this place,are you gonna send the 2.000 illegal mexicans fighting in irak back home too?,.you are nothing but a facist ,hater,and disrespectful person,don't forget you are talking to a person ,idiot!don't talk to me like that because the only thing is that i'm here without the proper documentation,civil offense,got that?,cannot go to jail pendejo.
while the bussines owners that are tired of lazzy people who just like to get good paid for easy work ,not showing up 2 or more days a week,being arrested for domestic violence , we are going to FUCK YOU UP, like it or not.

I'm a nice guy.Thank you

WE HAVEN'T seen anything as... (Below threshold)

WE HAVEN'T seen anything as odious and hateful as the Sensenbrenner legislation since the Fugitive Slave Act of 1857. People should look it up--another law that asked citizens to participate in the persecution of others and the returning of escaped slaves to their former masters. HR 4437 is the culmination of state and local legislation that we have been faced with--persecution in different places for the past 10 years.

It's also the product of 10 years of hate speech on right-wing radio. The level of hate speech and hate-mongering coming from the Clear Channel and others is unprecedented.

This is also globalization coming home to roost. There is a dynamic with the economic powerhouses of Europe and North America in relation to developing countries. The powerhouses are extracting as much wealth as they can from those countries. Legal and undocumented immigration is going to continue in a structural and profound way as long as this is the case.

Our greatest fear is that the Democratic Party is going to cut a deal behind closed doors and contain the movement that has been born.

Capital is creating for us a movement that we didn't have 20 years ago. Capital has sent immigrants to every corner and every town of the country, so that mass demonstrations are possible everywhere. Therefore, I'm going to go to the capital and invite George Bush to join us in "One Day Without Immigrants" on May 1 and participate in the movement that he is helping to create.

There are some people, who are criticizing the call to boycott, but nevertheless, the call has been made, the word is out there, and people are ready to pursue it.

I happened to be at a conference last Friday at the Catholic Cathedral of Los Angeles, right after Cardinal Mahoney made the announcement not to boycott. I talked to the workers who work at the Cathedral. They came up to me and told me excitedly, "Nativo, we're not going to work on May 1!

This movement is based on the Ghandian principals of non- cooperation. It's also based on the idea that the only power we possess is our labor power. The only power we have is the power that creates value in this society. When workers refuse to cooperate, they realize the power they have to tinker with and stop the system.

The immigrant "problem," as some call it, can only be resolved when workers themselves refuse to cooperate with the system until it fairly remunerates them. And in this case, fair remuneration is full unconditional legalization for all workers past and present.

Marco ... you are exactly t... (Below threshold)

Marco ... you are exactly the reason that Americans are fed up and pissed off at you ILLEGALS. Criminals. Law breakers. Come the dawn of May 2nd, you will find out just how pissed off we are. You asked for it. You will get it.

You do NOT deserve and are NOT entitled to ANYTHING here .. got it?

How about I come take your house? Would that be OK? I don't own one. Poor me. I'm a poor single mom that works hard but doesn't make enough to buy a house. So I think you should give me yours. And you should pay the electric and phone bills for me. Does that sound OK to you? You ILLEGALS are asking Americans to do just about the same thing.

Go home. I don't care if you came here from Ireland, Mexico or Mars. If you didn't do it the legal way, you need to leave. This poor pitiful me, my country is so awful ... it doesn't cut it. Go yell at Vincent Fox. He and his corrupt government are the reason why it sucks in Mexico.

I happen to adore my hispanic neigbors, the ones that stood in line, filled out the forms and waited months for their green card. Lovely people. And you know what? They are pissed. At you. And other ILLEGAL ALIENS just like you.

You cheat. You cut in line. You PISS on your brothers and sisters who OBEY THE LAW. You should be ASHAMED of yourself! You disrespect your countrymen with your law breaking ways. You bring shame on your people and then you try to blame it on those you steal from. You call those who do not like law breakers racists. YOU, sir, are the racist. You, sir, are the hater, the fascist, the criminal. You are ILLEGAL. Go home, just go ... to the nearest border. East or west will do just as nicely as north or south. Just GO.

And "nice guy", my ass. Nice guys don't break the law.

hey lissakay, one last comm... (Below threshold)

hey lissakay, one last comment....

don't take it personal, i don't know what makes you mad,illegal people or your economic-social situation,Life ain't fair. Get over it,as you said,yes ,i may be illegal here but remember we are on the same ship,this world , and everybody is trying to stay alive ,if you are not intelligent you are not going anywere, it's about survival now,you and me like everybody else is looking for a better life , but don't blame it on a bunch of "illegal immigrants" if you are not succesfull , or rich ,or feel like the goverment is not doing enough for you. I didn't get nothing for free,nobody came and gave me nothing,I work hard 10 hours a day, 5 o'clock in the morning, I help to construct buildings here for you ,me an americans ,perhaps an hospital , who knows?,and my life style is far better of those who are walking on the streets, my country is all messed up but i can not do anything to fix it up ,you want me to start a revolution??,maybe we should get the united states off irak and invade mexico to get all those corrupt burocrats off the power if it doesn't want to be invaded by millions more illegal mexicans,.....but ,on the mean time i'll stay here and try to help out,maybe giving my american children to the army on a near future,
if i could come "legally",trust me ill doit,but i can't , and i also can not afford to wait 15 years also .Im an educated person ,got some college back in mexico and got morals,i didn't cheat the system,the system is not working .
i don't like to be rude but you provocated me ,and I'm sorry.,i apologize and i hope you can understand my situation .
hope your son gets better.

We need to remind our Senat... (Below threshold)

We need to remind our Senators and Representatives who elected them and whose interest they are supposed to represent. I think we all should email or otherwise contact them on Monday, May 1.

Contact your Senators

Contact your Representative

The following is an excerpt... (Below threshold)
Terry C:

The following is an excerpt of what I just sent off to Sen. Nelson (D-FL) DADvocate.

Simply put - No jobs, no public assistance, no birth rights, no place to hide, no amnesty, no "guest" worker program, no reason to stay or come to the US illegally. Through attrition, the undocumented aliens will leave on their own in due time. While that is happening, the money that is no longer used to support them can be applied to enforce and improve our failed immigration system - that's "middle ground" to me.

Furthermore, it is painfully obvious current laws are being ignored by various elected officials and departments in the government and have been for a long time. Investigations have been performed and reports generated, repeatedly over the years, that expose the shortcomings of the Immigration system and yet the situation is getting worse. As I understand it, all elected officials swear to an oath of office that contains words something like "to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the USA" before assuming their responsibilities. I expect nothing less from current and future representatives of the people. Otherwise, I will be one of the many who will work vigorously toward removing from office those who put their political careers and receipt of contributions from special interest groups before their sworn obligations and the interests of their constituents, regardless of party. By the way, I also understand that violating their oath of office subjects the violator to penalties such as removal from office.

Finally, statistics illustrate the records of the current and previous administrations for the past 20 years regarding the illegal alien issue are deplorable, disgusting, etc.! The time has come to cease dabbling in the grey area, giving in to special interest groups, do what is required by our laws and use common sense to protect this nation and it's citizens - no more excuses or sympathetic programs!

Go home leave my country, a... (Below threshold)
go home:

Go home leave my country, and quit demanding rights in my country, I can't go to your country and demand rights especially if I'm not a citizen. Go Home Now!

I THINK IT WAS THE BEST WAY... (Below threshold)
simon chavez:







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