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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Jenny McCarthy at a book signing for her new book 'Life Laughs,' in New York

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (51)

My Mom's Madonna, I'm soooo... (Below threshold)

My Mom's Madonna, I'm soooooooo gonna get laid when I grow up.

What thousands have craved,... (Below threshold)

What thousands have craved, I get for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Madonna accidently reveals ... (Below threshold)

Madonna accidently reveals the dark side of Kaballah: Baby snacks!

Braaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnssssss!<... (Below threshold)


"I'm gonna shake you like a... (Below threshold)

"I'm gonna shake you like a martini, kid!"

Forget the Quiznos subs, I'... (Below threshold)

Forget the Quiznos subs, I'll take those

If I unhinge my jaw just a ... (Below threshold)

If I unhinge my jaw just a little more I can swallow him whole...

No Ms. LaFave, just because... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

No Ms. LaFave, just because it's a girl doesn't make it any less illeagal.

"Hey, mom, I think it's tim... (Below threshold)

"Hey, mom, I think it's time for a feeding, and with an audience!"

Playmate Jenny McCarthy com... (Below threshold)

Playmate Jenny McCarthy competes in the the Domestic Mom Baby Lift event at this year's Bunny Olympics. Said Ms. McCarthy of the event, "It's like when I first got my implants - the weight is not bad but they make you a little uncomfortable."

I can't believe you soiled ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe you soiled your diaper at THIS place!

Hey, there's worse things t... (Below threshold)

Hey, there's worse things than being Madonna's kid.
I mean, if I was a few years older, I could be Sean Penn's kid, too!

Got Milk?... (Below threshold)

Got Milk?

"Mommy just because you mad... (Below threshold)

"Mommy just because you made out with Brittany doesn't mean you're going to drop me on my head does it?"

"Oh sweetheart! You're so c... (Below threshold)

"Oh sweetheart! You're so cute and still several years away from being embarrassed about your mommy!"

"Guys, I've been there and ... (Below threshold)

"Guys, I've been there and it's awesome!"

Alright boys, I'm going in.... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Alright boys, I'm going in...and don't wait up for me, because I think I'm going to have seconds....

"Like A UnVirgin"... (Below threshold)

"Like A UnVirgin"

Immmmm keeping My babay...... (Below threshold)

Immmmm keeping My babay...

Thought balloon from the ki... (Below threshold)

Thought balloon from the kid's head: "I'd hit it."

"Like a virgin", my ass.</p... (Below threshold)

"Like a virgin", my ass.

Mommy can we pway tittleywi... (Below threshold)

Mommy can we pway tittleywinks again ?

"Thank you for coming. I'm ... (Below threshold)

"Thank you for coming. I'm holding this press conference to let everyone know that, in support of open borders, I'm giving my maid, my cook, and especially my nanny the day off."

Baby Bob graduates from Qui... (Below threshold)

Baby Bob graduates from Quiznos to tacos

GOT MILF?... (Below threshold)


Mom did You remember the w... (Below threshold)

Mom did You remember the wet wipes this time?

Michael Jackson isn't the o... (Below threshold)

Michael Jackson isn't the only Pop Star dumb enough to hang a baby over the balcony.

I knew she ate her young!</... (Below threshold)

I knew she ate her young!

So, Mom, when you are done ... (Below threshold)

So, Mom, when you are done with my diaper, are you gonna change Hef's too?

OT: WTF? Why does everyone think that is Madonna? Jenny McCarthy...Playboy Playmate...

Baby's Thought Bubble:</... (Below threshold)

Baby's Thought Bubble: "Wanna see me spit up?"

1) If I were a little older... (Below threshold)

1) If I were a little older, I'd enjoy 'em a whole lot more. Of course, if I were a little younger, I'd be the envy of every red-blooded man on the planet..

2) Life is but a journey. Hold me. Sqeeze me. Touch me.

3) No one can confuse me with that tart Britney - this is the proper technique for showing off my fantastic bod. Oh, and the baby isn't in any danger either.

Got Milk?... (Below threshold)

Got Milk?

ma, is there any milk on my... (Below threshold)

ma, is there any milk on my lips?

"Someday soon, Candie's wil... (Below threshold)

"Someday soon, Candie's will take a picture of mommy and me on our potty chairs."

Jenny McCarthy (D-Ca) kicks... (Below threshold)

Jenny McCarthy (D-Ca) kicks off her campaign for the Democratic presendential nomination by signing copies of her swimsuit calendar at the Beverly Hills Borders.

Look at those beauties. I'... (Below threshold)

Look at those beauties. I'm never going to learn how to use a bottle now!

Dirty Diaper Love -- the Se... (Below threshold)

Dirty Diaper Love -- the Sequel!

Im only 2 feet tall, but ma... (Below threshold)
John Kerry:

Im only 2 feet tall, but man can I lettem rip...

by the way this is my mommy: Madonna McCarthy Simpson ? I dont know which? but Im only 2..whats Your excuse?

Jenny: "Oh my...well, that'... (Below threshold)

Jenny: "Oh my...well, that's just like in my book when I talk about having diarrhea at an appearance."

Jenny: "Well, you're not as... (Below threshold)

Jenny: "Well, you're not as cute as Jenna Jameson, but I'll show you the ropes kid."

Grampa Hef, My Mommy wants... (Below threshold)

Grampa Hef, My Mommy wants Her child support check..and I want to know when are you gonna grow up?

Mundane I guess i ... (Below threshold)


I guess i looked at the picture really quick and thought Madonna or McCarthy ? everyone was writing as Madonna so i just assumed! anyways She looks like both or also jessica Simpson .. ?i guess it does,nt matter as We will have fun with it anyway..

PHHBBTT!... (Below threshold)


After an unhealthy influenc... (Below threshold)

After an unhealthy influence from Hef, Jenny's son needed to join 'Boinkers Anonymous' at an early age.

At a press conference today... (Below threshold)

At a press conference today, Madonna announced that she would be publishing a sequel to her previous book, which will be entitled "Consequences".

Madonna and Child... (Below threshold)

Madonna and Child

"I'm Just Here For The Brea... (Below threshold)

"I'm Just Here For The Breast Signing, I Mean Book Signing."

38 Special, Collectors Edit... (Below threshold)

38 Special, Collectors Edition, Coming Soon.

Mmm. They do taste j... (Below threshold)

Mmm. They do taste just like chicken.

"Mom, enough with the facia... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Mom, enough with the facial expressions! You're a hot chick; you're NOT that's N-O-T, funny! Who told you that you had a sense of humor? That
'Borders' banner is funnier than you. Thank You for bringing me into the world, but don't do anymore acting. My friends at daycare laugh 'at,' not 'with,' me because of you."

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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