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Some things money can buy

Beyond-remaindered book at Building 19: $1.98
Padded envelope: $1.55
FedEx Ground shipping from Manchester, NH to Houston, TX: $7.09

Entertainment value of pouring napalm into a certified psychotic's flamethrower: Priceless.

But he wasn't supposed to LIKE it...

Comments (6)

Ah, BUilding 19 and Ollies.... (Below threshold)

Ah, BUilding 19 and Ollies... 2 of the best chains in America.

Much better than censorship... (Below threshold)

Much better than censorship! It even follows the capitalist model: no demand leads to lower prices.

I love our country.

Judgeing by the responses o... (Below threshold)

Judgeing by the responses on his blog page, many seemed to think that you had an alterior motive, a many layed reasoning behind your simple transaction. I would expect nothing less then that from a Man who can multitask on 4 terminals at the same time, yet still wisely retreats when the power fails on his system and decides fates wants him at work

Hmmm.In the intere... (Below threshold)


In the interests of furthering research in this area you are permitted to mail me all copies of Playboy circa 1974-1977.

Please. All issues within this timeframe are important so no gaps ok?

I'll be waiting at the mailbox.

I'm sure Lair can find some... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Lair can find some good (or evil) use for it.

Like, let's ask the cats what they think of their new litterbox lining.

Or something that involves lot's of flames.

Actually, it's going up on ... (Below threshold)

Actually, it's going up on my trophy shelf.

Such a sad, sick waste of a horribly damaged and cynical mind.






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