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Pardon my absence

(Written Sunday morning)

I don't expect to have much to post on Monday. I'm leaving for work soon, and I don't expect to get home more than an hour or two before midnight. Then, I'm due back in at 8:00 Monday morning. Tossing in the necessities like food, and optional activities like sleep and personal hygiene, and I don't see much time to write before Monday evening.

At that point, I may write something, or I just might crash asleep.

I'll try to catch up on Tuesday.

Comments (8)

Do not worry. The Great Lor... (Below threshold)

Do not worry. The Great Lord Voghangha shall take care of everything while you are gone Jay.
The Great Lord is looking for insects everywhere.
If you are an insect The Great Lord Voghangha would like you to be a part of IT.

Jay, what exactly do you ex... (Below threshold)

Jay, what exactly do you expect us all to do while you're doing this "work?" I suppose you think we'll all just sit in front of our hot computers for hours on end, constantly visiting this site to see if you've posted anything? We HAVE lives and jobs and stuff also, so don't think we'll wait forever for you to post something, because we won't.
Jay? Jay? Are you back yet? Jay?

Lord Vogangha tells me with... (Below threshold)

Lord Vogangha tells me with his magical powers that Moonbeam does not like Jay. Lord Vogangha knows everything.

Jay? Are you back yet?... (Below threshold)

Jay? Are you back yet?

Slacker!!:-)... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:



Geez, what r us being paid ... (Below threshold)

Geez, what r us being paid to do nothing, or unemployed supposed to do on Sunday or Monday now???

See you at the rally JT!</p... (Below threshold)

See you at the rally JT!

Well, there's always <a hre... (Below threshold)

Well, there's always Pundit Roundtable, where people can read your contribution. And, well, mine too.






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