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NRO Has a New Look

Check out National Review Online's upbeat, new design. It looks great.

Comments (3)

AIEEE! What's Paris Hilton ... (Below threshold)

AIEEE! What's Paris Hilton doing on the front page?

And there aren't any labels showing up on those tabs beneath the header at the top. Don't know if that's just a Firefox problem or what. Anyone else having that problem? :-(

No problem with Firefox v.1... (Below threshold)

No problem with Firefox v. Regarding Paris, good question, she's not mentioned in the link, though it says Culture: No More Paris Hilton.

I can get every NRO blog to... (Below threshold)

I can get every NRO blog to show up on FireFox except for Sixers. When I try Sixers on FireForx, all I get is a blank page. However, I can open up Sixers on IE just fine. Odd....






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