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Once you pay the Ken-geld, you never get rid of the Ken

Ken McCracken is Will Franklin's loyal aide-de-camp over at Willisms.com, one of the finer blogs you might not be reading but should. In addition to his own postings, Ken also hosts the semi-regular Pundit Roundtable, when he e-mails two questions out to various bloggers, then publishes their responses. One question is usually about politics and current events, while the second is more casual, more philosophical, and sometimes silly.

Ken first invited me to particpate early on, but I blew him off. He was in the habit of sending out the invitations and questions on Saturday afternoons, and wanted the answers Sunday morning, and I didn't have the time. He asked me a second time, a few weeks later, and I blew him off again. So he tried a third time, and finally I caved and answered.

That may have been an error. Ken is the type that if you give him an inch, he thinks he's a ruler. He asked me a couple more times, and I participated. He also took my suggestion to send out the invites on Friday, to give folks an extra day to come up with their answers. But he never gave up on occasionally inviting me.

Then, he said that if I ever had any suggested questions or nominations for participants, I should pass those along too.

I thought that was my chance to get out from under Ken's thumb. I scoured my personal blogroll, and mentioned seven blogs whose authors might be good candidates. I also came up with a couple of questions he could use. I figured if I gave him a couple things like that, he'd let me go.

Ken's ancestors must have come from Denmark, because he is living proof that once you start paying the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane. Last weekend, he held the latest Pundit Roundtable. Not only did Ken get answers from two of bloggers I'd nominated (Jay Solo of Accidental Verbosity and David Anderson of In Search Of Utopia), but he used one of the questions I'd sent him (the second one). I oughta be off the hook, right?

No dice. He STILL sent me an invitation, "requesting" I participate. He's never said so, but I strongly suspect his "invitations" to return to Pundit Roundtable are similar to those of the Mafia goon in the shop. ("This is a nice place you got here. Be a shame if anything bad happened to it. You oughta get our special insurance.") So I pulled together enough semi-coherent thoughts to buy myself some more peace and quiet from Ken.

OK, Ken, I've tried cooperating. I've tried giving you questions. I've even fed you other bloggers, offering them up in my place. What does it take to get away? Gifts? Cash? Gratuitous linkage? Is there no escape?

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Note to self: keep anno... (Below threshold)

Note to self: keep annoying Jay until he links to me. Also, look up definition of Danegeld.

My mission is not complete ... (Below threshold)

My mission is not complete until I get you to actually host the Pundit Roundtable for me!

Then you will be my biotch.

Let me take this opportunity in the meantime to invite anyone who wants to join in the Roundtable to email me!

There, I think I have squeezed as much out of this as I can for this week.

TalkSmack, I'd be tempted t... (Below threshold)

TalkSmack, I'd be tempted to pursue that course too -- but I'm not sure Jay Tea doesn't also have Danish ancestry.

"Danegeld" is a ransom paym... (Below threshold)

"Danegeld" is a ransom payment or payoff to make the vikings go away without sacking your city. It might seem like a good idea at the time but they always come back for more.






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