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"There is nothing so powerful as truth" -- especially when told with a laugh

Two things I've always believed:

1) Comedians are some of the most perceptive people in the world. The need to be, to find new truths and relationships to relate to their audience, to find new perspectives and ideas. I sharpened my own wit and quick thinking by studying stand-up comics like Robin Williams, Steven Wright, and George Carlin, as well as improvisation shows like the late, lamented "Whose Line Is It Anyway."

2) Our military is an amazing thing. It is, in many ways, the most diverse element of our culture, and not by any sort of social engineering, but through sheer Darwinistic practices. It is the closest thing we have to a pure meritocracy, and is not a reflection of America as it is, but as it could be at its best.

Thanks to a commenter called "FreeRepublicans" over at Rob Port's place, I found this video that really combines those two beliefs of mine in an amazing way. (Video is highly politically incorrect; may be NSFW in some workplaces.)

I think I gotta start watching The Mind Of Mencia...

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Tape it if you can't stay u... (Below threshold)

Tape it if you can't stay up that late, but do watch the Mind of Mencia. He's doing more for race relations in a half hour comedy show than all the earnest pontificators in months of lectures.

Mencia Rocks! If you had a ... (Below threshold)

Mencia Rocks! If you had a white guy saying that stuff...Oh Boy!

You gotta see Carlos' stand... (Below threshold)

You gotta see Carlos' stand up special where he talks about why he is not afraid of muslims. Very funny. Carlos Mencia is probably my favorite comic going right now.

Oh, that was good. Damn nea... (Below threshold)

Oh, that was good. Damn near fell out of my chair laughing.

Hoouah!Or as we us... (Below threshold)


Or as we used to say in the Air Force: "Fore!!!"

I love to watch Mencia. I ... (Below threshold)

I love to watch Mencia. I can't believe he gets away with most of what he does - very much pushing the limits of what is allowed - but very funny nonetheless.

Satire is supposed to chall... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Satire is supposed to challange PC..this man, like the godfather Richard Pryor take stereotypes and blow them up in our face..thank you for this link. Between this clip and Steve Colbert over the weekend, I will be smiling all week.

Mencia is a genius. You sh... (Below threshold)

Mencia is a genius. You should watch his comedy special from a while back. It laid the groundwork for him getting his own show. I think Mind of Mencia is one of the most popular shows on Comedy Central right now. The clip you linked to took a lot of material from his stand-up special and remixed it.

Sort of a contemporary take... (Below threshold)

Sort of a contemporary take on Lenny Bruce's famous routine about the races.

Repeating SilverBubble, Men... (Below threshold)

Repeating SilverBubble, Mencia is a genius. He knows how to make fun of everyone, without the obvious bile that's behind most current 'humorists'. He can make fun of himself, as well as everyone else. On the order of Will Rogers, who so famously said, "I'm not a member of any organized political party, I'm a Democrat."

Last week, his cut at President Bush comes to mind. Referring to how badly Bush mangled the English language in a news clip, without mentioning what it was that was said, responded that "Even my Dad said, 'Ooo, thas' not how joo saa dat!'" Awesome. A way Bush supporters and haters can share a laugh. If only we could all take a lesson from that. BTW, his dad is from Honduras, where Carlos was born. His Mom is from Mexico. He grew up in LA.

I used to love George Carlin. A few years ago, he had a highly promoted HBO special. Looked forward to it for days. Tuned out within 10 minutes. It was obvious that Carlin had gone from being a brilliant satirist to a bitter old man.






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