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Sheriff Arpaio Focusing on Illegal Immigration

I love Sheriff Arpaio. He's a take no crap from anyone sheriff who actually enforces the law. This is what he's doing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants over the Arizona border:

(CBS 5 NEWS) - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that approximately 100 volunteer posse and Sheriff's Deputies will soon begin randomly patrolling the desert areas and main roadways in southwest Maricopa County as a part of an operation to curb the flow of illegal immigrants entering the county.

Arpaio made the announced just as 11 more illegal immigrants were being booked in jail after a Ford Windstar with California plates and 16 people packed inside was stopped by a Sheriff's deputy early Tuesday morning on a traffic violation near Gila Bend.

Despite the growing controversy about illegal aliens nationwide, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office remains the only Arizona law enforcement agency willing to enforce a new state anti-smuggling law.

"There are so many illegals trying to make it into the county that it's overwhelming my deputies, so I have called on members of my 3000 member volunteer posse to assist," says Sheriff Arpaio. "It's not only illegals we find and arrest out there, we've also made some recent huge drug seizures involving illegal aliens including nearly 100 pounds of methamphetamine and approximately three pounds of heroin."

Now the Arizona lawmaker who sponsored this anti-smuggling law is dismayed that Arpaio is actually enforcing it:

The sheriff is using a new Arizona anti-smuggling law enacted in August to go after the immigrants. The lawmaker who sponsored the new law has said county officials are violating the measure's intent, which was to go after smugglers not migrants.

The illegals who are smuggled across the border have to consent to be smuggled. They are just as guilty of breaking the anti-smuggling law as the smuggler. The fact that this lawmaker upset that his own law is being enforced goes to the heart of why we have such a terrible illegal immigration problem in this country. Our government officials are cowards.


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Comments (28)

Go Sheriff Joe!Wha... (Below threshold)

Go Sheriff Joe!

What the news piece didn't point out for people not in AZ, is the southern boundary of Maricopa County is still a couple of hundred miles or so above the U.S.-Mexico border. Sheriff Joe is catching the ones that have made it past the Border Patrol and Sheriff's of Cochise, Santa Cruze and Pima Counties. Maricopa County is one of the transportation hubs for Illigal Immigrants in this part of the country.

Yeah, unless they're kidnap... (Below threshold)

Yeah, unless they're kidnapped they are either principle to conspiracy, or principle to the crime itself, depending on how the law reads, how the police want to book it, and the DA wants to prosecute it.

"First I voted for the law,... (Below threshold)

"First I voted for the law, and now I am against it" - sounds like a familiar phrase among weasely politicians.

We need more law enforcemen... (Below threshold)
William Garland:

We need more law enforcement officers like Sheriff Arpaio who are willing to enforce the law. State and local officials who try to avoid enforcing immigration law are ignoring the US Constitution's command that it and the laws made pursuant to it are the supreme law of the land.

He is simply enforcing the ... (Below threshold)

He is simply enforcing the law and reading the law as it should be. He is telling The Truth.
If more people did this, we could return to the great country (internally) that we once were in the mid-20th Century. Hard work, personal responsibility, and honesty.

The post states what I also... (Below threshold)

The post states what I also believe about the current strategy in legislation. Pass a law strong enough to satisfy one view of your constituency then tacitly depend upon poor executive enforcement (wink, wink) to satisfy the opposing view.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is my he... (Below threshold)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is my hero. Now if we could get him to run for Attorney General of the United State's, we'd get somewhere.....

I spend a great deal of tim... (Below threshold)

I spend a great deal of time in Maricopa County and we understand that Sheriff Joe is somewhat of a grand-stander. In spite of that, he continues to get re-elected because he basically does what the citizens want in enforcing laws - political correctness and liberal sensitivities be damned.
Go Joe!

It sounds like Sheriff Joe ... (Below threshold)

It sounds like Sheriff Joe has it right.

It also looks like this is a model that is the most sure way to be effective.......

A tight, at the border, security force...

A backup security force miles behind the first...

And 3rd and 4th backup security teams to catch the most slippery ones that get thru.

Do what the citizens want? ... (Below threshold)
Nell E:

Do what the citizens want? What a concept. But doesn't that mean that you won't get all the votes?
We need to figure out a way for elected officials to govern, without worrying about re-election all the time. We put the best of the polished, professional campaigners in office. It shouldn't surprise us if the best interests of the country aren't uppermost in their minds.

The taxpayers of Maricopa C... (Below threshold)

The taxpayers of Maricopa County will be bankrupt in 3, 2 , 1......

Way to go Joe!

The Feds love ya cuz you'll spend ALL of the Local Taxpayers Money to fix the problem.

Yip yip YAHOO!

Why would we pass laws to o... (Below threshold)
Larry Hardy:

Why would we pass laws to outlaw smuggling? Is is because of smuggling in and of itself or because they are smuggling something illegal? I think it is the later. That being the case doesn't it mean that the intent of the law is to prevent the illegal something from being introduced in the first place? How could the law maker say that the intent is being violated? Who is this lawmaker and what was the intent?

Hey Imhotep, we taxpayers o... (Below threshold)

Hey Imhotep, we taxpayers of Maricopa County are MORE than glad to spend a few bucks to round up these illegals before we have to spend the zillions to clothe, feed, educate, and cure them.
Go Joe, indeed!

Peace,The cost is ... (Below threshold)


The cost is too great for Maricopa County taxpayers to bear.

You do not speak for ALL taxpayers in Maricopa County, do you?

This act is as futile as bailing water out on the Titanic!

Senator Arpaio has a nice r... (Below threshold)

Senator Arpaio has a nice ring to it. Would be much better than Senator McCain.

Imhoptep:a) You ne... (Below threshold)


a) You need to read about Peace's friend Scooter's little night ride last month. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is...

b) do you speak as a Maricopa Co resident?

c) please cite figures or current law enforcement costs, as well as current human services costs to illegals, in you reply

epador,I believe y... (Below threshold)


I believe you have missed my point, made previously in many other threads here about illegal immigrants. The cost to society is enormous, but it should not be bared by the local taxpayers, it is a FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITY!

To answer your questions

I'm sorry I missed the Scooter story.
If it costs one red cent, that's money taken away from hunting rapists, car thiefs (Maricopa County is number 1 in stolen vehicles), drugs and gangs.

My argument has always been "it's about the money", the local govt can't afford to round up the illegals and the Feds won't do it.
Look at the current legislation not making it's way through congress, it puts the budget burden back on the states and local gov't.

I'll try to get links for that later tonight, but I think it was in the latest Kyl sponsored bill. Arrgh.

Besides the cost to the loc... (Below threshold)
William E. Garland:

Besides the cost to the local government, one must weigh the benefits. If law enforcement is active in apprehending illegal aliens the word will spread among them that the locale is not an attractive venue thus discouraginjg more from locating there and relieving local taxpayers of the expenses related to them.

Imhotep, I have a feeling y... (Below threshold)

Imhotep, I have a feeling you don't know much about Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County Jail or his methods of housing prisoners. They are kept in a tent city. We have LOTS of land and LOTS of inexpensive tents. Prisoners here eat bologne sandwiches, they get no magazines, coffee, cigerettes, etc. Oh yeah, one last point of no little importance: The 300 officers watching for these illegals are VOLUNTEERS. Yes, they are the volunteer Sheriff's posse. Cost: NADA.
The overall expense to the taxpayers is minimal compared to the overwhelming burdan these people put on our medical centers, courts, community services, etc.
Sure, the federal government should pay for it, but they're not - so are you saying do nothing? Thats how we got here in the first place, amigo.

epador: I take no responsibilities for Scooter's actions.

Peace,I do not hav... (Below threshold)


I do not have personal experience at Tent City, do you?

I know exactly how much of a burden the local medical centers have with illegals, the hospitals get paid with Federal dollars under an emergency medicaid plan. The Kyl legislation will repeal that reimbursement to the Hospitals, but not EMTALA act, which forces hospitals and doctors to treat illegals, now they won't be paid and will likely close.

There are several new ER's in Maricopa county that are financially on the bubble, because they are new and don't have the patient base. Removing medicaid would be too large of a financial hardship for them.

It will always remain my position that it is a Federal responsibility to PAY for the roundup and deportation of illegals.

I find it very strange that our Governer has been totally silent on the issue. SHe makes me sick.

On Kyl's website there is only paraphrasing of his bill, I'd link to it but it is useless.

Imhotep: Personal experienc... (Below threshold)

Imhotep: Personal experience? I have known two friends who have spent time there (white collar criminals) so I would guess I know at least more than you.
I appreciate your concerns with wanting the feds to pay the bill for these illegals, but the topic is Sheriff Joe arresting IAs and your contention that this is going to "bankrupt" Maricopa County seems to indicate you don't approve. As far as I (and many others, I would wager) am concerned, ANY local or federal agency that is willing to do ANYTHING at this point is a welcomed change from the total paralysis we've seen from these impotent blowhards.
As far as Napolitano goes, what do you expect, she's a liberal Democrat. You didn't take her tough talk about the borders seriously, did you?
She is absolutely worthless.

Our Republican leaders who ... (Below threshold)

Our Republican leaders who WE elected need to follow Sheriff Joe's lead. Our leaders have turned into MUGWHAMPS! Your mugs on one side of the border and your whamps on the other. Which way are you going to go on this border issue??? You have to start somewhere. DO SOMETHING! Republican leaders need to remember that OUR vote will count, and WE who voted for the last election are LEGAL and registered, so DO SOMETHING! Senator McCain needs to remember that there are no leftists on the RIGHT. It's time for JD Hayworth to speak up a little louder and tell us what he will do on these issues so we can vote for him next election. Napolatono(SP?) needs to go! WORTHLESS Governor! We in Arizona are famous for impeaching Governors.....what's the deal with keeping her in office???? Republicans need to make sure we vote for the "RIGHT" republican leaders next elections. Get the "LEFT" republicans out of office. I am a big fan of President Bush, but he needs to move this along and SECURE THE BORDERS. He has to be so careful with what he says and does because of the bad press he gets for EVERYTHING he does! And this makes him TOO CAREFUL. This is the United States of America! Support your PRESIDENT....this goes for Republicans-Democrats and everyone else in between. UNITED we Stand, divided we fall. Our enemies are Bush haters too, hmmm....think about that. I am an American first, Republican second. Come on, let's be the UNITED States of America.

And so .... after putting t... (Below threshold)

And so .... after putting them in jail, giving them a fair trial and sentence of 90 days he will do just what the INS used to do ... send them back to Mexico, only well fed and rested. Are you going to pay for this?

Never thought of what to do... (Below threshold)

Never thought of what to do with them after they get out???? Maybe INS was better with imediate return.
Something toi think about. Hmmmmmmmmm

After going to tent city an... (Below threshold)

After going to tent city and sent back to Mexico would not sound so tempting to their relatives and friends. Instead of blending in and getting lost in the millions of illegals already here. We have to start somewhere we have to start now. Securing the borders should be our first step.

Those claiming the federal ... (Below threshold)
William Garland:

Those claiming the federal government's duty is to round up ilegal aliens are correct, but it is not doing its job. Border agents report being told to restrict enforcfement activities. The state government might help with the National Guard, but it is procrastinating. Others argue that the Sheriff should rather control crime such as abundant car theft. Could not the Sheriff reason that his efforts are cost effective because illegal aliens: (1) consume a disproportionate amount of public services, (2) commit a disproportionate amount of crime including car thefts, (3) cause damage to private property and (4) by their presence interfere with legal residents conducting their affairs and enjoyong their lives in peace and without fear, which aside from the emotional toll, probably makes them less productive. When federal and state governments won't prevent these harms, one should attack not a local official who trys to do so, but those whose irresponsibility forces a local official to do so. A citizen or state government could sue the federal government to enforce its duty to secure the borders. Unfortunately the courts are probably more likely to respond to a criminal's demands for better living conditionsas or an illegal alien's demands for public assistance or schooling than they are to come to the aid of a citizen injured by the failure to secure the borders.

Hey, why can't we build som... (Below threshold)

Hey, why can't we build some factories on the borders with no back doors! That way they could earn honest money and wouldn't have to leave Mexico, well, they could go to their homes in Mexico instead of risking their lives crossing the borders with drug and human smugglers. Just a thought.

As to the factories on the ... (Below threshold)
William E. Garland:

As to the factories on the border with no exit into the US: (1) US dollars would pay the workers adding to the net balance of funds transferred to Mexico, (2)the US would suffer and have to pay for any adverse enviornmental consequences unless we made Mr. Fox agree that all waste discharged froms the factory would go out the Mexican side, (3)the workers would be part of the Social Security system and eventually drain more funds out of our economy when benefits are paid to them in Mexico, (4)any of the factories' output destined for the US would have to come out on the US side - we would not want to send it to Mexico and then back across the border again. That means an opening on the US side creating the possibility for illegal entries.
The Mexican workers would certainly be happy were they paid US wage levels while continuing to live in Mexico.






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