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More Innovation From Microsoft

I guess now that they gave up all hope of getting out Vista any time this year, they have more time to innovate.

Microsoft unwraps online advertising central

In an effort to attract more pay-per-click advertisements, Microsoft has launched the Microsoft AdCenter.

The service aims to allow for more relevant online advertisements to be displayed, which should lead to increased revenues for Microsoft and higher conversion rates for advertisers.

It lets advertisers bid on search keywords around which an advertisement appears, and offers additional targeting features that for instance control the geographic location of the target audience or the time of the day when the ads are displayed.

The service goes beyond online search advertising. Microsoft last year unfolded its Live Software strategy where it plans to introduce a series of free, ad-supported online applications such as email, blogging tools and security products.

After they just announced spending major bucks on R&D you'd think they could do more than recycle Google's business plan from 1998.

Or maybe not.

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Come on Paul. What do you e... (Below threshold)

Come on Paul. What do you expect from a company that when they introduced Windows 95 recycled the Mac OS circa 1987. (I guess it worked out O.K. for them anyway, but damn.)

I wonder how much of this r... (Below threshold)

I wonder how much of this recycled "new" idea and it's technology they will try to patent. I thought that I read recently (~last 6 months) that they tried to patent the double-click.

It gets even better....rese... (Below threshold)

It gets even better....research their project called AntiGen...

They are going to bundle antivirus software to help fight the viruses that arise due to vulnerabilities in their OS and products. They've spent tons of money buying companies and doing RnD to launch this debacle.

And they will charge for it.

Charge you. For a product to plug holes they created in their own code. Yep. It's the height of arrogance and takes some big cohones. I will have ZERO sympathy for companies/consumers who use a Microsoft antivirus and get wiped out.

"Well hens, we decided Mr MicroFox here was the best choice for guarding you guys."

It's the little things that... (Below threshold)

It's the little things that piss me off about Microsoft. In Windows 98 existed best application that they ever made, the telnet client. It was bulletproof, no frills no spills. When it timed out - no hanging, no blue screen, no nothing. You could save a log, which is just about everything you needed. However, in Windows 2000, they took away the telnet client, and added a telnet server?! And just in time for telnet to be obsoleted for practical (or recommended use) on even a private network. They can't even build an ssh client into their systems. Probably just as well...

Viruses are a problem for all OS's, MS being the worst obviously, but as far as spyware/malware, I just can't feel sorry for the users - a computer is a tool, and some discretion is needed when using them.

I know this is off-topic he... (Below threshold)

I know this is off-topic here, but I'm hoping you cover this in a future post. I'm curious as to this site's and its readers' reactions to Rumsfeld's heckler today. I felt I was in the minority when I opined that Hu should not have been heckled in the Rose Garden (even though I completely agreed with the heckler). Can you square support for his heckler with saying Rumsfeld should not have been heckled during his press conference? (Not meant in a snide manner--just curious as to the thought process and reasoning used by everyone) Thanks.

What's the big deal? I run ... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

What's the big deal? I run Windows 98SE, have great software I've learned to use, and never have hang ups. Why should I be concerned about MicroSquish's latest buggy new release, when and if it happens?

It has been too long since ... (Below threshold)

It has been too long since there was a nice holy war on Wizbang. If this one doesn't catch, maybe a post about evolution vs. ID will work. ;-)

There are plenty of valid c... (Below threshold)
Billy Hollis:

There are plenty of valid criticisms of Microsoft and their business plans. But if they see something that works, what's wrong with trying to copy it?

So far Google has had things mostly their own way. Microsoft is big enough to copy the stuff Google does that works best, and if they can do it without becoming a snakepit of leftists the way Google is, so much the better.

Hi Ken,In response... (Below threshold)

Hi Ken,

In response to your self-admitted-off-topic question...

Can you square support for his heckler with saying Rumsfeld should not have been heckled during his press conference?

I heard on a soundbyte that Rumsfeld asked the "bouncers" who were about to haul the guy off - to let him stay, because "this is America". Did I hear the soundbyte correctly?

By the way, I agree, Hu should not have been allowed to be yelled at in such a manner. We [secret service] screwed up, and I thought it was bullshit that we allow such idiots in the press area. Although Dr. "Bitch"* may have been correct or whatever - Hu was a guest of America, not Bush, not Dr. "Bitch", America - you and me [assuming that you're American].

*don't know her name, or care to, so that's her name going forward.






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