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Wizbang Pop! Gets A New Look


After getting literally tens of complaints, I've finally relented and updated the layout at Wizbang Pop! to remove the scantily clad site model. She's gone but not forgotten... In her place is a more thematically appropriate model. I know what you're thinking... what about the redesign of Wizbang? It's still in progress, but the position of lead designer for Wizbang seems to be something akin to being the drummer in Spinal Tap; it always starts out well, but some tragedy usually strikes...

If you haven't been to Wizbang Pop! in a while you're missing out on the prodigious posting proclivities of our newest contributor, trikc. She's a celebrity gossip machine.

Comments (12)

But...the boobs. My day, i... (Below threshold)

But...the boobs. My day, it will never be the same.

I know, I know... You can ... (Below threshold)

I know, I know... You can visit her here.

...boy, I dunno about that.... (Below threshold)

...boy, I dunno about that. A wrinkled up set of lips or huge tubes?. I'm with JimK on this one.

Kevin, the terrorists have ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Kevin, the terrorists have won.

I'd like to see that blonde... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see that blonde up there again. The one you had up there when this page was first started.

At least I can visit it at ... (Below threshold)

At least I can visit it at work now.

first they came for the boo... (Below threshold)

first they came for the boobs
and i did not speak out
because i was not a boob.

where does it end, boys? tell me now, just where does it end?!?

At least you could have had... (Below threshold)

At least you could have had her drinking from a bottle of Gatorade.

Geez, Kevin, stooping to political correctness. [hand over heart, head bowed] 'Tis a sad day for blogdom...

but...but....but....<... (Below threshold)



But, who won the contest!!?... (Below threshold)

But, who won the contest!!???

Bring back the boobs!... (Below threshold)

Bring back the boobs!

As one of your hetero femal... (Below threshold)

As one of your hetero female daily reader, I appreciate the change.

Surfing at work isn't tabu, and I could easily get away with art nudity on my puter. Imagery is part of my job.

But to have my co-nerds lurking over my shoulder and snickering about what I'm reading is more attention than I want.

Besides, the subtle teeny bopper erotica implied in the lips on the straw fits the gossipy, bubble gum fare offered at wizbang pop.

Show the boobs in the "read mores". That way I can choose, or not, when and if I want drooling nerds hovering over my shoulders asking me if I'm really straight.







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