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Breaking News: Rep. Patrick Kennedy to Enter Rehab


Patrick Kennedy is going to enter rehab for his addiction to prescription pain killers:

Rep. Patrick Kennedy will enter rehab for addiction to prescription pain medication Friday evening after a highly publicized car crash near the Capitol.

Kennedy, D-R.I., plans to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

The congressman was announcing his decision during a new conference Friday afternoon, then planned to travel to Minnesota later in the day.

Kennedy, who has struggled with addiction and depression, said he had checked into the Mayo Clinic over the Christmas holidays and returned to Congress "reinvigorated and healthy."

"Of course, in every recovery, each day has its ups and downs, but I have been strong, focused and productive since my return," Kennedy said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press.

The congressman said he became concerned about his condition after the Thursday morning car accident.

"I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions," Kennedy said. "That's not how I want to live my life. And that's not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island."

The congressman's father, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., issued a supportive statement in which he said he's proud of his son for admitting his problem and taking steps to correct it.

"He has taken full responsibility for events that occurred ... and he will continue to cooperate fully with any investigation," the elder Kennedy said.

What makes this interesting is that he never said he took pain killers yesterday morning. He took Phenergan and Ambien.

Expose the Left has the video of Rep. Kennedy's press conference from minutes ago. One former prosecutor on Fox News believes Kennedy's announcement that he's addicted to pain killers, when he took anti-nausea medication and a sleep aid, is an attempt to garner sympathy from the public.

Rush Limbaugh was vilified by the prosecutor in Florida and by the media for his addiction to prescription pain medications. His doctor's office was raided for his medical records, some of which ended up on the internet. Will Rep. Kennedy get the same nasty treatment?

Update: According to the Boston Herald, Kennedy was seen drinking that evening at the Hawk& Dove, a popular Capitol Hill bar. If you were there and saw Kennedy drop us a line - especially if you snapped a picture of the Congressman imbibing in spirits...

Update II: Dan Riehl of Riehl World View has a message for Rep. Kennedy.


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Comments (26)

And Representative Kennedy ... (Below threshold)

And Representative Kennedy will promptly turn his medical records over to the investigating authorities in their entirety by day's end, I'm sure.

My apologies...maybe I should feel sorry for the lil guy, but the spiel about how he's suffered from this "disease" for so long...equating it to getting treatment for any other malady....just struck me as particularly loathsome.

I sure hope that someone do... (Below threshold)

I sure hope that someone doesn't turn up with proof that he was drinking somewhere... I've already read rumors of him drinking at a bar... Maybe he combined pain-killers with alcohol.... That will get you drunk real fast.

Soooooo.... is anyone inves... (Below threshold)

Soooooo.... is anyone investigating the actions of the police??

If he does have a problem w... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

If he does have a problem with prescription painkillers, then he has my best wishes for successful treatment, regardless of any political differences I have with him.

Maybe he can get some recov... (Below threshold)

Maybe he can get some recovery pointers from Rush..

I think Bush should appoint... (Below threshold)

I think Bush should appoint Patrick Kennedy as new CIA director! it will help with His depession and self image problems..

At least he will be able to... (Below threshold)

At least he will be able to keep Rush company.
Maybe they can discuss politics or something.

Like father like son. Old T... (Below threshold)

Like father like son. Old Teddy killed Mary Jo, that is how we found out about his being a drunk. This one at least got caught before another young girl died. Wounder what old Joe (the bootlegger) would think about all this?

It's just soooooo "i... (Below threshold)

It's just soooooo "in" to say that you are suffering from an addiction to pain killers. Everybody's in Hollywood and New York City is doing it!

Let's face it: "pain killer addiction" is a public-friendly euphimism. It sounds so much better than

"I am a drunk"

* or *

"I snort Bolivian Marching Powder all night long"

What should concern the voters of Rhode Island, and the DNC, is that Rep. Patches is an addictive personality. If it's not one thing, it's another, and will be yet another substance once this stint in rehab is done. He's hiding out from the more inquisitively-mided media more than he is addressing his serious, life-long addiction disorders. Remember when Kate Moss got out of her first rehab (for pain killers, IIRC)? She was quoted as saying she didn't learn a lot about addiction while 'being treated' at The Priory, but she did learn a lot about alcohol! So where's Kennedy going to rehab -- Promises? Yeah, that'll work!

The only addict, IMO, who's been at all honest about the nature of addiction is John Daly. He said a fellow addict said to him that he would replace his addiction to alcohol with something else, and Daly did. With gambling. He says the only reason he still plays PGA golf is to pay off his gaming debts. Kennedy will always be on something -- it's just a questions of what.

Its worth noting that He st... (Below threshold)

Its worth noting that He stated that he does not remember getting out of bed and driving the car until He was talking to a police officer after the crash, but He also has stated that He did not consume alcohol? how would He know this if He cannot remember anything? sounds like He is suffering from a bout of selective memory..

Background info: According ... (Below threshold)

Background info: According to two independent sources, Kennedy probably lied about not using alcohol:

Capital Police incident report states Kennedy under influence of alcohol
Bar hostess says Kennedy drinking that night

As I've pointed out elsewhere, if he lied to the police about this, that was obstruction of justice.

However, there is a much more serious side to this.

Kennedy told officers he was going to a House vote at 2:45 AM. As you may be aware, the U.S. Constitution protects Members of Congress from being arrested or detained by the police in most circumstances providing they are going to or from the House to vote. This is to protect from interference in the Democratic process by the administration or police.

He lied to the Capital Police officers and told them he was on his way to a vote at 2:45 AM... when there was no vote... which may have caused the Capital Police to confer with higher-ups and the higher-ups to order not to arrest Kennedy because of the U.S. Constitution... is Kennedy guilty of obstruction of justice: a felony?

If I was on a jury, I'd have to conclude he was.

He's trying to escape legal jeopardy.

Q. why did he lie about his drinking to the officers if he did so?
A. Obstruction of justice.

Q. Why did he lie about going to a vote at 2:45 AM if he wasn't?
A. Abusing his power as a Congressman to subvert the U.S. Constitution and obstruct justice.

So now he's saying he wasn't drinking, but he was abusing prescription drugs. This despite the two previous sources I cited that state he was either "under the influence of alcohol" (the cops" or "drinking" (bar hostess).

And Kennedy's own statement said that he took precisely the prescribed amount of his prescription drugs and no more.

His statements have changed multiple times, but it's his actions that night, which were in my opinion felonious.

If it walks like abusing his power to subvert the U.S. Constitution and obstruction of justice and if it talks like abusing his power to subvert the U.S. Constitution and obstruction of justice, it's a duck.

Key Point:

Patrick Kennedy abused his power as a Congressman to subvert the U.S. Constitution and obstruct justice when he lied to the Capital Police about going to a House vote at 2:45 AM when there wasn't any House vote at that time.

virgo stole my thunder: if... (Below threshold)

virgo stole my thunder: if he doesn't remembver getting you of bed, how can he remember the Ambion? How can he know he didn't do tequila shots, jaeger bombs, vodka jello shooters, body shots, & snort his weight in coke? WHY DID THE POLICE NOT MAKE HIM PEE IN A CUP? & would someone please drag the potomac quickly for female bodies he may not recall having murdered.

Yes, and has anybody locate... (Below threshold)

Yes, and has anybody located the bar tab yet? I want to know what to order the next time I wanna forget where I am and what Im doing..

Make a public fool of yours... (Below threshold)

Make a public fool of yourself then enter rehab. It's a Kennedy family tradition.

Our family sets up a Christmas tree every year but I guess that other families can have different traditions.

-Michael McCullough
Stingray: a blog for salty Christians

what medical condition does... (Below threshold)

what medical condition does he have that he needs Rx pain meds. At least Rush had two unsuccessful back surgeries. And WHY did a MD prescribe Ambien to a known addict?

Slick Willie must have got ... (Below threshold)

Slick Willie must have got hold of Pat last night. I don't remember is a hallmark of the Klingston's. Yesterday he quoted everything (what he wanted you to hear) that happened after the crash and today he doesn't remember anything that happened. He' learned to lie (not really well) from fat Ted.

I'm sorry that the guy has ... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry that the guy has trouble with addiction, and I hope he gets the help he needs to become and stay clean and sober.

That being said, I heard his statement today, and it smacked of an attempt to garner sympathy. Yes, addiction is a disease. Yes, many people suffer from addiction of one sort or another. This does not give them blanket exemption from the law, however.

I was also disgusted by his preening over his career and what a wonderful congressman he's been. To hear him tell it, Rhode Islanders should build a shrine to him and offer daily prayers of gratitude that he deigns to represent them in Congress. Faugh!

The actions of the police also need to be investigated. If it is found that they gave him a pass, then disciplinary action needs to be taken.

I am not ready to jump on the "he got off because he's a Kennedy" bandwagon. Rather, I think that, IF he got off, it's because he's a member of Congress and hence above the law.

I guess, for this Kennedy a... (Below threshold)

I guess, for this Kennedy at least, Cinco de Mayo means it's off to the Mayo Clinic.

Chemical dependancy is not ... (Below threshold)

Chemical dependancy is not a disease unless you choose to make it so.No one has ever been addicted by abstinance,but then again look who his father is, I'd drink too, probably into oblivion.

As previously posted, his p... (Below threshold)

As previously posted, his physician(s) need to be under the microscope the same as RL's were. With his past hx, any sleeping pill is an accident waiting to happen. And if he was on pain meds as well, we need to find out if there are other patients being treated similarly that need attention.

Amnesia after Ambien is common, and combining Ambien, with say Percocet, is sometimes used for short but painful outpatient procedures (as long as the patient isn't driving). If they do manage to fell any pain, they often forget about it. If he was drinking, popping all these meds, and has a history of mania, he could also be in another manic or hypomanic phase.

Anyways, kudos for going to get medical attention. However, the best thing to do is also step down from elected office and find a less stressful way to exist besides being a parasite on the taxpayers. Like get a job.

Palmateer, that was classic... (Below threshold)

Palmateer, that was classic.

I knew I loved this site for a reason.

PLEASE.....I think I'm goin... (Below threshold)
Nancy Gould:

PLEASE.....I think I'm going to be sick! Obviously our politicians think they can get away with anything and that we are so gullible that we'll believe anything. It's almost embarrassing to see the poor excuses that we have for leaders!
Shame on us for electing such poor representatives; it is little wonder that our country is in such a mess!

Obviously Rep. Kennedy has had poor examples set for him and I'm glad that his insurance coverage will provide him with continuing rehab; many of us should be so lucky as to have insurance!

If the majority of working America conducted ourselves in such a manner, we would expect to be fired! But if you're a politican and a Kennedy there is no limit to the benefits! Hopefully, the voters will follow the example of the City of Herndon, VA and get rid of leaders who make a mockery of our government.

Some quick observations:</p... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Some quick observations:

1. I consider a disease to be when something is attacking the body, either a virus, or mutant cells. I don't consider "addiction" a disease.

2. I find myself hard to sympathise with Rep. Kennedy given his long history of drug problems (starting with cocaine in 1986).

3. Going to a vote at 2:45am? Sure, sure.

4. I wonder what Cynthia McKinney will be saying about this double-standard? I can't wait to hear what the insane bitch will have to say.

5. Isn't Rep Kennedy rich enough to call a bloody cab or a limo home?

6. Ambien and vodka jello shots don't mix.

7. I noticed that mak44 is awfully silent about this so far...had it been Rush Limbaugh smacking into a pole at 2:45...

Rush is an entertainer but ... (Below threshold)

Rush is an entertainer but this fool is an elected official sent to do the work of the people. He goes to rehab and he is being called a hero. Rush went to rehab and a criminal investigation and fishing expedition was started. I even heard one guy on Greta's show say that he would be harder on Rush because of his politics. The double standard stinks.

What is with the Kennedy name. They seem like white trash to me. They just have a better double-wide and a lot in the mobile home park with a better view.

The Kennedys are treated in... (Below threshold)
Al Shopton:

The Kennedys are treated in this country just like they are British Royalty, truly revolting that the idiots who vote for this pathetic example of leadership continue to do so thru the generations? it must be the same way the Brits got stuck with their Aristocrat Idols.

While I can't stand him - I... (Below threshold)

While I can't stand him - I wish him a speedy recovery.






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