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Patches Kennedy: a chip off the old blockhead

When Ted Kennedy first ran for the United States Senate in 1962, he ran against Massachusetts' Attorney General, Edward McCormack, for the right to succeed his brother Jack. In one debate, McCormack told Teddy that "if your name was Edward Moore, nor candidacy would be a joke." Kennedy survived that assault, and has been plaguing us all ever since.

Now his son, Patrick, (nicknamed "Patches" by some of his critics, in honor of the horribly melodramatic song), is once again making front-page news. His latest demonstration of the Kennedy School Of Driving style is plastered all across the front pages, leading to the completely predictable speculations about boozing, drug abuse, and all the other peccadilloes that "America's Royal Family" are infamous for.

The Boston Herald, no friend to the Kennedys, has assembled a history of some of Patches' more memorable public adventures. One incident they neglected to mention was his denouncement of President Bush's tax cut in the summer of 2003, when he told a room full of supporters that "I don't need Bush's tax cut. I have never worked a [bleeping] day in my life."

Another one that really, really needs more play was his little encounter at LAX on March 26, 2000. An airport screener (an elderly black woman) tried to stop him from boarding a plane because his carry-on was too large. The Congressman, in a manner that would do Cynthia McKinney proud, shoved past her and boarded the plane anyway. Fortunately for him, this was before 9/11, so he didn't get prosecuted as thoroughly as he should have.

Representative Kennedy, let me just say that if your name were merely Patrick Joseph, not only would you have been tossed from office years ago, you never would have been elected in the first place.

Update: I can't believe I forgot to link to my biography of Ted Kennedy, to show just what sort of standard Patches has to live down to...


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Comments (11)

Jay ... (Below threshold)

Jay We all know He wouldnt be prosecuted if say for instance? He drove his car into a pond and a passenger in the car happened to drown..

As I posted in the previous... (Below threshold)

As I posted in the previous thread, it may well be that the Capitol police actually did Patrick Kennedy a dis-service by NOT performing the standard DWI field tests.

I have a relative who has taken meds in the same drug family as Ambien. For that reason, I've hat to do lots of research on them. Ambien really can do and has done what this Kennedy has claimed. If anything, the bizarre time this event happened would seem to support Kennedy's claim.

Among the recorded side effects are:

- allergic reaction including difficulty breathing
- hallucinations
- abnormal behavior
- severe confusion



Generally, folk who take drugs in this and several related families must avoid driving cars, etc. Here, if he is to be believed, he timed his med properly for after all his driving was done, etc.

Among the recorded side ... (Below threshold)

Among the recorded side effects are:

- allergic reaction including difficulty breathing
- hallucinations
- abnormal behavior
- severe confusion

But what about the side effects of Ambien?

Among other side effects ar... (Below threshold)

Among other side effects are: closing a bar down, trying to outrun the cops,lying to your insurance company,exhibiting normal Kennedy behaviors,outdrinking your dad,imagining Yourself having a real job and real responsibilitys.

Now, while a blood alcohol ... (Below threshold)

Now, while a blood alcohol level above a certain amount will definitely fall under illegal activity in all locales, I believe driving while under the influence of other legal drugs, which one should have known the dangers of, would also get you in trouble.

So his PR might have be a =bit= better if it's some legal prescription meds Kennedy was on, but it's still irresponsible to drive under the influence of sleep-inducing/coordination-losing drugs.

DUI does not mean ' Driving... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

DUI does not mean ' Driving Under the Influence of alcohol '.

It means driving under the influence of ANY substance that impairs your driving.

If what he is saying is true, then he should have been charged with DUI. It doesn't matter if it was booze or drugs.

Ditto LN See earlier threa... (Below threshold)

Ditto LN See earlier threads.

He is either in a manic phase and impaired or DUII impaired and either way the Capitol Police did not do their job correctly. As I previously suggested, I think we should send Cynthia McKinney to have a talk with those supervisors...

Holy Moly!Now Jay ... (Below threshold)

Holy Moly!

Now Jay Tea is known for his comment that liberals were "jizzing" over certain news. Well, I am sure at this point that this man needs new underwear AND pants. This is like a dream come true.

Congratulations Jay Tea and the rest of Wizbang. I'm sure we'll be VERY informed on this traffic accident for the next few months.

(PS - he's also known for calling Ted Kennedy a "wetback.")

Wow. Jp2 is wrong, off topi... (Below threshold)

Wow. Jp2 is wrong, off topic, childish, irrelevant and boring...all in a single post!

In other words, the usual jp2 post.

jp, you're holding me to th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

jp, you're holding me to the same standards as a Congressman and a Senator? I'm so flattered.

Let's see... in over 2 years and about 1800 postings, you find offense in two things. One was a wisecrack I since apologized for and retracted (but did NOT Kos delete, because I don't try to hide my mistakes), and (if you are referring to the incident I have in mind) one time when I commented on another blog in a tit-for-tat reprisal for similar comments left here.

Oh, that's right. I think you mean the time Cousin Oliver libelled me, and I told him to put up or shut up, in rather uncivil terms after he deleted my comments on his page.

If the standard you're using for condemnation is three ill-chosen remarks, then neither Kennedy cited -- Ted or Patches -- would last five minutes. I think I'd cheerfully trade the loss of my career here for the two of them leaving public office.


The Kennedys have always re... (Below threshold)
Rob Adcox:

The Kennedys have always regarded themselves as above the fray. John, with his cheating on Jackie. The Ted Kennedy Driving School. And now along comes sonny, driving erratically. What a surprise. True, the Park Police are largely useless, but come on. As consistently as the Kennedys screw up you'd think voters in Massachusstes would have gotten it by now. The Kennedys are bad news.






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