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Rep. Patrick Kennedy's Police Report Uncovered

The Smoking Gun has a copy of the police report from yesterday's accident where Rep. Patrick Kennedy struck a security barrier.



Note that on the second page of the report the officer indicated that he thought Kennedy was impaired and under the influence of alcohol.

Scroll through to the third page of the police report. You will see where the officer who filled it out stated that Kennedy's "eyes were red and watery, speech was slightly slurred, and upon exiting his vehicle, his balance was unsure."

Is this sleepwalking? Well, The New York Times tries hard to support that claim in today's edition:

"Following the last series of votes on Wednesday evening," Mr. [Kennedy] said, "I returned to my home on Capitol Hill and took the prescribed amount" of the two drugs. "Some time around 2:45 a.m. I drove the few blocks to the Capitol complex believing I needed to vote. Apparently, I was disoriented from the medication."

The incident comes at a time of growing concern about the side effects of Ambien and other sleep drugs. A study presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences earlier this year reported a rise in the number of crashes caused by impaired drivers taking Ambien.

The study found that drivers who took Ambien were more likely to run into stationary objects like light poles or parked vehicles than drivers who had consumed drugs or alcohol, and were more likely to be oblivious to arresting officers. The author of the study called many of these incidents "just extremely bizarre."

The warnings required by the Food and Drug Administration for Ambien's label say that it can cause sleepwalking and hallucinations in some cases, and cautions against combining it with alcohol.

Phenergan can also cause drowsiness, especially when combined with other drugs. A description of side effects of promethazine, the generic form of Phenergan, on Medicine.net, includes the statement: "Excessive sedation may occur when promethazine is combined with other medications that depress the central nervous system."

Let the media's defense of Kennedy commence.


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Comments (23)

OK, I have to say this, pai... (Below threshold)

OK, I have to say this, painful as it is to admit.

I'm aware that the drugs in question have been reported to cause this specific kind of behavior. It would certainly explain why someone got up at an unusual hour convinced they had something important to do. I've personally seen people on prescription drugs do stranger things.

And, dang it, sometimes even a Kennedy is innocent. This might be one of the rare times when a sobriety test would have been to the Congressman's benefit.

It's against the law to ope... (Below threshold)

It's against the law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence, even if the drug is not alcohol but Ambien.

I wonder if the DA is going to go after him to see if he was doctor shopping to get his meds, like they did with Rush.

On bizarre sleepwalking eve... (Below threshold)

On bizarre sleepwalking events, remember this recent one?


The bar tab will surely tel... (Below threshold)

The bar tab will surely tell?This sounds like a drug that is just as dangerous as alcohol? He was staggering as He got out of the car,but He was already staggering behind the wheel before He crashed as He swerved at the police vehicle.scary!

LouDawg -I hope no... (Below threshold)

LouDawg -

I hope not. The easiest way to build this and other Kennedy folk future "get out of jail free" cards is to blunder down alleys like that one on THIS case. haven't they gotten enough already w/o "us" getting them more?

Better by far, I suggest, is to reserve outrage for the next egregious Kennedy-ism and point to the retraint shown THIS time, due to fair cause.

Keep in mind, if his story is true, he never intended to operate a motor vehicle. That is, he'd gotten home and taken his meds when he went to bed. It's not anything like getting under the influence of something and then consciously deciding to go for a drive, say, home from a bar.

I say, move along, nothing more to see here. well, unless more evidence does, in fact, turn up.

I like the quote I saw on H... (Below threshold)

I like the quote I saw on Hot Air's comments the best:

"Just A chip off the old Bottle."

So the man is looped on sle... (Below threshold)

So the man is looped on sleeping pills and gets behind the wheel and this is supposed to be OK?

There are also stories of h... (Below threshold)

There are also stories of him being sighted imbibing earlier at certain DC bars...

Loudawg, see my earlier posts ;-)

Stephen Macklin -I... (Below threshold)

Stephen Macklin -

If he's telling the truth, and I understand that may be an insurmountably huge caveat when dealing with anyone named Kennedy, then it's more like the kid on the crane than a DWI from the bar.

No, it's not okay to operate a vehicle while impaired, but the appropriate action here might be for him to demonstrate that he has taken additional precautions once he has taken his meds at night. I think the 'sphere needs to back off on this one, unless/until contra-evidence shows up and I don't yet credit the bar girl. Yet.

That is, he's got a good story right now. One that should carry the day, unless some new stuff shows up. Give it time and, until such a development, let's give it a rest.

No matter what else is said... (Below threshold)

No matter what else is said about this incedent it *IS* a clearcut case of preferential treatment.

Not only by the police but the MSM press as well.

I know some folks that drin... (Below threshold)

I know some folks that drink 'coke' in a bar at 2 AM, but not many. Seems he may have just left one of his favorite watering holes and at least one person says he was drinking booze, the others are participating in the coverup. Booze and medicine in most cases are not recommended, but when it applies to the uneducated they don't understand the directions. Is he an educated person or just another dumb Kennedy where money talks and truth walks.

So he thought it was ok to ... (Below threshold)

So he thought it was ok to vote on something that may affect millions of people, while he's on Ambien. That makes sense...for a Kennedy. Did the study mention anything about Ambien causing flare ups of flaming liberalism?

The report has his address ... (Below threshold)

The report has his address (in D.C.) and phone # on it. Hmmmm!

25 Independence Ave. SE DC 202-225-4811 or 4011.

Let's call and find out for ourselves!

I know that he is telling t... (Below threshold)

I know that he is telling the truth because I have also inadvertently taken those two medications with tequila and have experienced degraded motor skills.

another in a too long line ... (Below threshold)

another in a too long line of drunken bum kennedy's. maybe next time he will go skiing! that would be perfect, lol.

Okay, I've taken Ambien bef... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Okay, I've taken Ambien before, and here's a few observations:

If you are going to take Ambien, you better be darn sure you are within ten feet of a bed before you pop the pill. Trying to stay awake after taking Ambien can make you feel like you just spent an hour on a roller coaster. The directions absolutely say not to take Ambien until bedtime, and be sure you can sleep for eight hours or don't use it. Also, the directions absolutely say not to combine it with alcohol.

Personally, the reports of people doing various bizarre things under the influence of Ambien do not sound like sleepwalking episodes to me, but rather episodes caused by taking Ambien and then trying to stay awake. I would regard this as abuse of the drug, and it wouldn't surprise me if some people are using Ambien this way for kicks -- the effect can be sort of like a good stiff drink, and without the hangover later. What isn't clear to me, from the reports, is whether or not Kennedy was home before he took the stuff, or if he was somewhere else and then tried to drive home after taking an Ambien. I've seen it both ways. If the former, was he trying to abuse the Ambien by staking awake for the head rush, or did he indeed go to sleep and then later sleep-drive? Only Kennedy himself knows. But if he was somewhere else, took an Ambien, and then tried to drive home, that's absolutely DWI in my book. Especially if he drank too.

Jim,Your repeated ... (Below threshold)


Your repeated calls for restraint and further evidence bore me.


1) Two police reports from 2 very recent accidents. A policeman smelled alcohol, another one checked impaired and under the influence of alcohol. He crashed the car into a barrier. I understand that you don't believe them.
2) Witnesses report him drinking at a bar that night. Several bartenders report him to be a very regular customer. I understand you don't believe them.
3) By his own admission he entered a rehab program for drug abuse after another unsuccessful rehab program last December. These programs treat drug abuse, alcohol abuse and sleeping pill abuse. I understand you don't believe that.

Ever hear of "tough love" Jim? The only way to keep drug abusers and drunks on the roads is to coddle them, understand them, and wait interminably for evidence that will not be coming. No breath test will be available, Jim.

While you wait for evidence, some of us understand that this clown endangered anyone driving that night. Influence is influence and crashing cars into barriers is not far from crashing cars into people, while you wait for evidence. While it is OK to try to understand him - even to empathize - we must get him off the road, and no claim of "on the way to vote" should be tolerated from long-time multiple abuser of multiple substances. Letting him off and covering it up is not the right road, Jim.

I would say the same thing about Rush, if he drove under the influence.

There may come a day, someday, when this guy beats it as others have. If you ask him then, he might say that the controversy made here helped get him back on track. Believe it or not, a DUI (or multiples) is by far the most common way that abusers start on the road back.

He might even, as I would, salute the courage of the police officer who deals with abuse destruction and death every day, and who refused to back down in the face of extreme pressure.

What possible evidence could you be waiting for?

I 'bore" you?! My goodness... (Below threshold)

I 'bore" you?! My goodness, but you display ennui oddly!

Ok, on your #1, I sure do not think I stated that I disbelieved the POs. However, impaired does not necessarily mean alcohol intoxicated and the POs apparently thought that was the most likely cause. Indeed, I suspect that such accidents are more often caused by drunk driving than any other. The comment of odor of alcohol may or may not be indicative, but it sure is not any sort of evidential test. The impaired check was surely correct; the other maybe not.

2) It is not clear to me what the timeline is. Did PK get his drinks (if he had any) before or after he attempted to retire for the night? If he took a nightcap at 1 AM, got home, took meds, and tried to get to sleep, then found himself talking to a PO at 2:45 AM, then that is a far different scenario than a drunk driving scenario. If you cannot credit that as a possibility, then sobeit.

3) I have no idea where your #3 comes from, in terms of what I might or might not believe. Your tone and leaping to such absurd conclusions as to what I might or might not believe does suggest that PK might not be the only one with a meds problem.

The rest of your remarks are just arguing to air. All I've said is that Ambien can indeed do (and has in fact done) to a person just what he claimed happened and that we all should proceed calmly and deliberately and await further evidence. Now, perhaps that does not quite fit with the scenario you'd like this to have been, but that's just too bad. Yes, he may need help. Yes, he should be made to convince the DMV and/or court that he should retain his driver license.

But it need not be the scenario so many have jumped to. If you cannot see the distinction, sobeit.

Screw Kennedy and every oth... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Screw Kennedy and every other driver who drives drunk. just wondering..When Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas was Convicted of DWI last year in Texas where was the hub-bub? Last name should have nothing to do with Kennedy or any of these weasals. He will get off because of clout..not giving a breathalyzer? waiting hours before giving a story? Who the heck does he think is? Only Cheney is allowed to do that.
Hell here in Colorado John Elway got pulled over all the time and nothing happened. The good news is Kennedy, like Rush, is going to seek treatment..I hope it helps his lying sorry butt.

I don't care what you are. ... (Below threshold)

I don't care what you are. Rich, poor or middle class. I don't care if your the president or a bum on the street. There's no way you can tell me it is fair that just because Kennedy is an elected official that he can get away with that. There was no breathalyzer or anything given to him when an officer even believed that Kennedy was under the influence. I know people that received DUI's and underages and received more than he did when there is no harm done to anyone or anything. This is just a ridiculous story.

I know the whole thing reek... (Below threshold)

I know the whole thing reeks to high heaven and is riddled with hypocrisy..

I know the whole thing reek... (Below threshold)

I know the whole thing reeks to high heaven and is riddled with hypocrisy..and were still waiting for the Bar Tab?

I find it very sobering to ... (Below threshold)

I find it very sobering to consider something...
If Mr. Kennedy had actually been under the influence of alcohol, then the entire 'Ambien' defense must have come from one of the congressional spin doctors... And they actually expect the entire nation to agree that going to vote while under the influence is much better than driving while under the influence.

It's a sad day in the country when the political white-washers think that the country won't mind if their representatives are running the country while they're baked, but that they might be a little upset if they're driving drunk.

Which is the bigger issue? Shouldn't we be a little pissed that they think we won't mind if they're doped so bad that they can't remember if it's time to VOTE?!?!?!?!






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