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Siesta Resistance

When it was announced that the one-day illegal alien strike would be held on May 1, a lot of people (myself included) wondered if there was something sinister about choosing the international Communist and Socialist holiday for the date. After some consideration, I am not so sure.

A lot of people (myself included) also wondered why May 5 wasn't chosen. It was the end of the same week, and it already is a holiday to a lot of people, so it seemed a natural fit.

What I didn't take into account was basic human laziness -- a topic about which I am an expert.

With yesterday being Cinqo De Mayo (or however it's spelled), this is a three-day weekend for a lot of those who protested. With the strike on Monday, that means that last weekend was also three days long, separated by a three-day work week.

There's an old aphorism that says "never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity." Apparently, one can substitute sloth for stupidity in many cases.


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Comments (11)

Jay -"Siesta Resi... (Below threshold)

Jay -
"Siesta Resistance?" Tell the truth. You were just itching to find a post topic that would go with that headline.

Au contraire, Giacomo. I've... (Below threshold)

Au contraire, Giacomo. I've been sitting on this piece all week for JUST the right title.

"Collusion Course," though, was one that fit your accusation.


Yawn. The Southlan... (Below threshold)


The Southland is comprised of many industries. Many immigrants (legal, illegal, extraterrestrial), work in the service sector. Even in restaurants that offer a Southwestern menu. As in a busy Cinco de Mayo day/weekend for their employers.

Those that didn't take Monday off, stated they had to eat. Those that did, found crow every day, tough to swallow. Doesn't mean they're stupid and would actually harm the interests of those who provide them with their means of support.

A.N.S.W.E.R. or Code Pinko do not speak for the vast majority of these individuals. People who are largely apolitical, took one day off from their labors. It matters not a whit who claims orginizational paternity for that day's marches.

A.N.S.W.E.R. and Code Pinko are commie f*cktards. They are not the voice of a population who in the main are too tired at the end of a long work day to even care about commie f*cktards.

According to your theory, t... (Below threshold)
Nell E:

According to your theory, then, we should schedule the massive "Close the Damn Borders" rallies for July 3.

May 1st as a Workers's Day ... (Below threshold)

May 1st as a Workers's Day was probably more in the minds of the organizers.

For the immigrants it was more of a holiday.

But that's not saying the two aren't connected. May Day is celebrated in Mexico. It's a National Holiday there. I can't speak for Mexico, but in some countries its not a formality say Presidents Day here. May Day is a Thanksgiving calibre holiday in many places. May Day celebrations usually begin with a worker's march earlier in the day.

They were observing one of their traditional holidays they way it is observed in Mexico. It was another example of waving Mexican Flags that wasn't immediately obvious to most this time.

The boycott was sponsored i... (Below threshold)

The boycott was sponsored in part by A.N.S.W.E.R. and several other socialist groups. So yes, the choice of May 1 was intentional.

Anyone who believes they ar... (Below threshold)

Anyone who believes they are apolitical doesn't live in Mexico, I can assure of that. There's a big socialist/marxist movement down here and you can't go anywhere wthout seeing someone in a Che t-shirt, and they know absolutely, positively who he was. The Communist movement is alive and well and going strong down here.

I am all for the July 3rd "... (Below threshold)

I am all for the July 3rd "take an illegal back to the border holiday."

Epadorthats right ... (Below threshold)


thats right ! and it will sure make those 4th of july celebrations less crowded...

I always wondered why peopl... (Below threshold)

I always wondered why people who are so opposed to "Christmas" because of it's evil "Christian" / "Commercialism" sources, don't oppose the day(s) off that accompany it with 99% of businesses.

By the way, I took Monday off as well, well I was telecommuting because I was afraid that the "protesters" would not have automobile insurance that day - oh wait.

Hell yeah. Cause we all kn... (Below threshold)

Hell yeah. Cause we all know, only wetbacks like a three day weekend. Dumbass.






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