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The Killing of Atwar Bahjat


There are no words to describe what happened to Atwar Bahjat. Evil is simply not adequate.

Read the account of her execution at the hands of jihadists.

Greyhawk spoke the truth when he ended his post with this:

In truth, it represents a depth of depravity achieved over centuries. From the description, her killers hadn't just conceived or improvised their method execution on the spot - they seem to have been well practiced. But such is the nature of the enemy in this war, and perhaps this is their most sacred and well honed knowledge: if a brutality can be inflicted that exceeds all human ability to comprehend, the humans will find a way to deny it.

Or excuse it.

Or simply look the other way.

Please don't look the other way.

Hat tip: Michelle.


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Comments (18)

So, how are these animals j... (Below threshold)

So, how are these animals just like Washington and the minutemen again?

Well, I am sure that the MS... (Below threshold)
capt joe:

Well, I am sure that the MSM and the left will find a way to blur the boundaries. I mean, look at the excuses they came up for giving the benefit of the doubt to Zarqawi. Well, at least we kow what side they are on.

A sad and horrific example ... (Below threshold)

A sad and horrific example of what the folks who brought you suicide bombing glorify amongst themselves. Place this besides the recent video lesson on the handling of automatic weapons, and you have a picture of the Pride of the enemy Jihad. A pox on their apologists around the world.

Intellectualize that, Salmagundi.

BTW, execution has been co-... (Below threshold)

BTW, execution has been co-opted by NewSpeak to disguise wanton murder and torture. I suggest we not utilize a word originating from descriptions of socially sanctioned killing to describe her (or any other hostage or prisoner's) grisly deaths.

While the technique used simulates mactation, in reality, she was Burked, murdered, killed or viciously slain. But not executed. Unless you are attempting to recognize as appropriate the social authority of the thugs that are often apologized as insurgents.

How can the media look the ... (Below threshold)

How can the media look the other way on this? She was a REPORTER, for heaven's sake! One of their own!

Hmmm.1. If you don... (Below threshold)


1. If you don't hate Bush, then you are most definitely not "one of their own".

2. How can anyone really be outraged by this? Is this any different from what has happened before?

Is there any difference between what happened here and what happened 1,000 years ago? Other than the use of power tools?

Fact is that barbarism, torture, rape and murder is a common theme with muslims. It always has and frankly it always will.

Barbarism period is a sick ... (Below threshold)

Barbarism period is a sick human trait that has been part of us throughout history. Heck, our prisons are filled with people who have done the same or worse. But the biggest difference in these modern times is how fast and how easy media can be distributed. And those nutjobs/wackaroons/monsters are using it to scare, intimidate, and gloat. Overall, it just depresses me that humanity would sink so low.

Damn I wish there were easy solutions.

Right, T-Steel,"We... (Below threshold)

Right, T-Steel,

"We" are all the same. Barbarism has been part of "us" throughout history.

You can equate yourself with them and apologize for them all you want to, but I assure you, I am not like them.

Barbarianism is not a huma... (Below threshold)

Barbarianism is not a human trait! it is demonic in nature, just like these perverted jihadist sadists..they are like a mixture of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and every other sick twisted prevert and they use their sicko pychotic religion to justify thier putridness.

I disagree, T-Steel. I woul... (Below threshold)
nazz rune:

I disagree, T-Steel. I would suggest to you that our prisons house very few people that brutal. And the ones that are that sick aren't supported by an extensive religous and political network.

epador's right: don't call ... (Below threshold)

epador's right: don't call what they did to Bahjat an "execution". Don't call her murderers "insurgents". Let's call a spade a spade:

She was butchered by a pack of subhuman filth.

O' course, if we catch 'em and some bored, idiot E-3 puts panties on their heads, WE'RE the bad guys...

The filthy vermin should a... (Below threshold)

The filthy vermin should all be eradicated with a nuclear device. If we could just figure out how to seperate the scum from the rest of the Iraqis? we could verminate and incinerate the filthy yellow cowards.

First and foremost, when I ... (Below threshold)

First and foremost, when I say "us" I mean the human race as a whole. Not on an individual basis (why the heck am I explaining something that obvious). Don't play that stupid "your an apologist" crap with me all because your OUTRAGED at what happened. Heck, I'm outraged at what happened. Hair-trigger comments like yours lugnut DOES NOTHING but make enemies of people that are WITH YOU AND NOT AGAINST YOU. I'm just merely stating that this isn't NEW behavior but something that has plagued humanity since we've been walking around on two legs (ex: The Holocaust, Crusades (both sides), African slave trade, The Inquisition, etc). Grow up.

nazz rune: There are prisoners in our country that have been this brutal and/or worse. I've volunteered enough time with prisoners to know. Some of there files would horrify you.

And there aren't easy solutions to this. If it was, barbarism in the human race would have been stopped a long time ago. In the case of our fight against Islamists, we must keep on fighting the good fight and hopefully change some minds. I'm with ya AlphaOmega, I wish we could. But we can't so all we can do is fight the good fight.

And excuse me for being a p... (Below threshold)

And excuse me for being a person that looks at the terrible killing of Atwar Bahjat as another example of man's inhumanity to man instead of trait unique to the Islamists. I look at the BIG PICTURE because from there, the view is much clearer. And I'm a firm believer that the inability to look at the big picture dooms us all. That's why I support our efforts in the war against the Islamists. Our fight is for the long-term effects.

And I'll say it again, barbarism as been part of humankind throughout our history. From the child killer to the genocidal dictators, barbarism has been there. That's not being an apologist. That's just being real. NOW what are we going to do about it is the $1 billion dollar question.

You're correct, T-Steele, i... (Below threshold)

You're correct, T-Steele, in that barbarism isn't limited to Islam.
However, it is a HELL of a lot more prevalent in Islamic cultures than the rest of world right now.
WE may have a responsibility to allow them the opportunity to change, but we have a greater one to make sure our children will be alive to see it.
Given the choice between allowing islamofascism to evolve into something better and the survival of the rest of us (being a dhimmy don't count) I won't shed many tears if Allah Akbar become a phrase only found in the history books.

Isn't this really Bush's fa... (Below threshold)
Evil Me:

Isn't this really Bush's fault though? If he hadn't tricked us into invading Iraq then Atwar Bahjat would be alive today!

Bush Lied! Atwar Died!

Now I'm going to hell for sure. Or Kos.

I'm Muslim, and am appalled... (Below threshold)
eighteenth brumaire:

I'm Muslim, and am appalled by the killing of Bahjat, as that of other civilians in the war. Not fair to attribute homicidal motives to an entire religion, or people. It would be like describing Americans as genocidal because they exterminated native Americans.

I just couldnt believe how ... (Below threshold)

I just couldnt believe how this people can get... I used to be a U.S. marine and I was in Iraq and i had doubs on the reason why I was there but now i know why... the video of the cruel and inhumane, not even cruel and inhumane, full of depravity for what the executioner did to his victim... and even in Islamic law is prohibited to show the humiliated corpse of a female... it is the most repugnant slaughter ever taken...

I agree now...

Excerpt: For all the bleeding heart liberals who care so much about Iraqi civilians or dead US troops, if soldiers want to serve to fight this TYPE OF EVIL, this LEVEL OF DEPRAVITY, why on God?s green earth would you try to stop them?

I was allways thaought that a female couldnt be touched not even with a rose petal... and this sick bastards just satisfies his blood lust...

I swear if I had to bring the spanish inquisition and Judas craddle I would place him there forever... but I wouldnt go to the same level these people are... this should be known to not only the Iraqi people but to the whole islamic world.






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