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You Know It's New Orleans Jazz Fest When...

Lionel Ritchie, Sam Moore, Irma Thomas and Paul Simon are all playing on the same day... and none of them are the headliner.

And you people wonder why we live here.

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I wonder if they'll take La... (Below threshold)

I wonder if they'll take Laura Ingraham's advice and "Shut Up and Sing"? Do let us know.

You live there so you can e... (Below threshold)

You live there so you can enjoy live performances by idiots who think its cool to perform for Ghaddafi? Strange.

We didn't say we wonder why... (Below threshold)

We didn't say we wonder why you VISIT there.

Yeh, you didn't even mentio... (Below threshold)

Yeh, you didn't even mention the good eats available while you get you're mellow on.

Laddy, I trie... (Below threshold)

I tried to make that same point but the spam killer stopped me.

>We didn't say we wonder wh... (Below threshold)

>We didn't say we wonder why you VISIT there.


Like these guys are playing... (Below threshold)

Like these guys are playing jazz? Herbie maybe, buy most others are not.

Website says it all-- http://nojazzfest.com

Bring me another Hurricane, please. Yawn.

And it is always great to s... (Below threshold)

And it is always great to stop by the Gospel Tent for a performance or two....

Please give us a full report!






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