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Atwar Bahjat Update

Rusty Shackleford is reporting that the video the London Sunday Times referenced in its report of Atwar Bahjat's death was not of her but a Nepalese man. I must warn you: Rusty has images of the man's beheading.

This does not change the tone or meaning behind my post. What those terrorists did was beyond evil. And it was done in the name of Allah.

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utterly & disgustingly unfo... (Below threshold)

utterly & disgustingly unforgivable. Do not watch.

The description in the Time... (Below threshold)

The description in the Times piece is too specific for it to have been a Nepalese man he saw. It talks about how she was stripped to the waist as a special humiliation for a pious Muslim woman. The link may be to a different video, but I didn't want to watch it anyway.

The fact that it was done in the name of Allah tells me that these curs are throwbacks to a religion that practices human sacrifice. I would hope that Muslims would come out in droves to protest it, but it seems that Muslims aren't supposed to criticize other Muslims. What have we heard from CAIR?

There is this in the Washington Post though.






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