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Picture Of The Day - Free At Last! Edition

AP Photo/Ian Waldie, Pool

Australian miners Todd Russell (foreground), and Brant Webb (obscured behind Russell), emerge from two weeks trapped in a gold mine 3,000 feet below ground at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine at Beaconsfield, Australia, The men were trapped when an magnitude 2.1 earthquake caused a cave-in in the mine shaft. Rescuers drilled through 45 feet of rock, the last part by hand, to reach the men.

2 Australian Miners Freed After 2 Weeks - [AP]


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Comments (2)

Fuck yeah!Gotta' l... (Below threshold)

Fuck yeah!

Gotta' love the unflappable Aussies.

Dude, good news in the news, for change.


Man. Two weeks.Its... (Below threshold)

Man. Two weeks.

Its been so long, I had forgotten about the story.






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