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Bring On The Dancing Horses

Or rather the dancing donkeys...

I'll admit that my thinking on this matter is incomplete, but the shock of a book like John Podhoretz's new book, Buy Can She Be Stopped? Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President of the United States, Unless..., has me wondering if Democrats capturing the House of Representatives in 2006 would really be such a bad thing for Republicans in the 2008 election cycle.

With John Conyers' nut-job witness line-ups removed from the basement of the Capitol and pushed to the forefront; two years of reliving the first six years of Bush Derangement Syndrome might be the surest path to a landslide victory in 2008...

Just a thought...


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Comments (9)

The GOP national Political ... (Below threshold)

The GOP national Political elite needs a wakeup call. They can't count on the odious nature of Democratic policy to keep getting elected. It just doesn't work. Sooner or later its going to be "A pox on both your houses."

For years I've thought Hill... (Below threshold)

For years I've thought Hillary would be President. Maybe that's just my way of getting psychologically prepared so I don't go nuts during her first four years. I'm trying to immunize myself against Hillary Derangement Syndrome.

Stronger Democrats would be... (Below threshold)

Stronger Democrats would be 2 years of 9/11 commisions. Mountains made out of mole hills in an attempt to keep the scandal ball roling.

I hate to admit it, but the Democrat constant drumbeat of corruption and outrage has worn the public down and I believe its contributed Bush's low pole rating. Unfortunately it at least seems to have worked for the Democrats and to a degree, after 6 years of it, it possible I think it has.

To paraphrase, enough repetitions = a truth. Unfortunely I believe this does seem to work. At least against Bush who refused to engage ongoing criticism. You can't let bloggers and pundits defend you 99% of the time.

Oh hell, lets just admit it... (Below threshold)

Oh hell, lets just admit it: This is part of a cycle that is not new. Incumbent party's foibles begin to outweigh positives mid way through second term. Opposition Party taps into fickle public opinion and rides wave of emotion, sometimes successfully, sometimes wiping out horribly.

Somehow, I have a hard time picturing even Hillary "hanging ten" successfully, but if anyone in the Dem Party is going to do it, it seems like the public and the Dem leadership think she's the one.

Personally, I think there are so many sharks out there in the surf that anyone will be lucky to make it to shore after the next election in 2008.

Stronger Democrats would be... (Below threshold)
viet vet:

Stronger Democrats would be 2 years of 9/11 commisions. Mountains made out of mole hills in an attempt to keep the scandal ball roling.
Posted by jpm100

Mountains made out of molehills? Comments like that show just how out of touch you Bush apologists have become, and why the preznits approval ratings are so low. It seems only people on Wizbang approve of anything/everything he does.

Get you heads out of your asses folks - Bush sucks, and the American public has (finally) caught on.

Why do republicans and George Bush HATE the USA so MUCH?

Thanks, vvYou help p... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Thanks, vv
You help prove the point. Dancing donkeys...anyone?

Dancing donkey's? I am sure... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Dancing donkey's? I am sure savvy readers/posters are aware Rupert Murdoch is hosting a Hillary fundraiser.
Ya ready to call him a "dancing donkey" See,; you folks truly believe money is everything. Hillary is not the voice nor (although she is certinaly more qualified than W was)will she be our choice. I know the name Clinton creates Pavlov spittle. But you see that is the difference between our party.

How does if feel, based on darn near every poll to be in the minority supporting Bush? It is not being in the majority that dictates your courage, but being in the minority. Your support for Bush during this time that places you in the minority requires my respect.

So, Drew, since ol' Rupe is... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

So, Drew, since ol' Rupe is raising money for Hilary, does that mean Fox News is no longer seen as simply a conservative news outlet?

Nah..I'm just saying that t... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Nah..I'm just saying that the serious Hillary bashing will diminish until the Dem Convention. It is a R. M. wet dream to have Hillary as the candidate. I also believe that Al Gore, who did win the popular vote, and lost to the Supreme Court, or John Edwards will be the Dem candidate in 2008. Although the lefty choice will be a certain Senator from WI. It is obvious that Jeb will step forward and carry on the family tradition. You know the Bush's know how to take McCain out...but then again I really believed Houston would draft Reggie Bush






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