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Why Dell Sucks Today

There's an old saying in the newspaper business. Never get in a fight with a guy who buys paper by the roll and ink by the barrel.

And while Wizbang might not be the NY Times we have a fairly decent footprint and today I intend on using it.

A few recent Dell horror stories.

- I had a customer who bought a Dell laptop and had the screen go out. We shipped it to Dell and 3 months later they shipped it back. By that time it was out of warranty so when she had another part failed -just 2 days after she got it back- she was out of luck. A call to Dell got us scolded for not buying an extended warranty.

- I had a customer who was shipped the wrong thing -3 times- and had his charge card billed each time.

Then there was this week's battle. I ordered a product on April 9th. Within a few days I got an email saying the ship date had slipped to May 2nd. I was annoyed but I let the order ride.

On May 2nd there was no package but an email saying I would get it May 9th. The 9th came and went and all I got was an email saying May 16th was the ship date. At this point I had had enough. So I picked up the phone and called Dell India.

India was polite enough but they couldn't understand me and I wasn't doing too well understanding them. 66 minutes later I convinced India to give me to someone who actually spoke the same language I did.

Another phone number got me to Oregon. After 32 minutes on the phone with Oregon, we came to the conclusion that nobody in Oregon knew when -or if- I'd ever get shipped a product. So Oregon sent me to another phone number where they could "absolutely" give me an answer. I tried every branch on that phone tree and could not even get a human. It was an automated system which simply said my order was "being processed." - That much I already knew.

So I called Oregon again and after 23 minutes the guy told me that there was no way I was getting my product, that Dell no longer carried it. I asked why I kept getting emails saying the product would be shipped on a specific date and he explained to me that if their system sees a missed ship date that it automatically sends a mail out tacking 1 week onto the last ship date. -- In other words, the emails were completely bogus. It was a lie. There was no ship date.

I told the guy I didn't appreciate being lied to and he said that it was a computer sending the mail and computers could not lie only humans could.

So I drew a deep breath and explained that I did not appreciate the the humans at Dell who programmed their computer to lie to me. He then told me he didn't appreciate me being rude.

I then asked -in a calm a measured voice- if he thought it was rude to take someone's money then lie to them about when they would ship their product. He stammered a few times then put me on hold to flip me to some other person who was going to jerk my chain some more.

After 2+ hours, I hung up the phone and blogged it.

I might not get my product and I will certainly never get the 2+ hours of my life back they wasted, but I can spread the word how much Dell Sucks. The only thing does right is the make good monitors,


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Welcome to the realities of... (Below threshold)
Tavis C:

Welcome to the realities of low cost customer service. It is always one of the easiest things to cut corners on, or even ship over seas for even more savings. I cannot fathom that it is worth it for them the long run, but they believe it is.

Regardless shop around you should be able to find a deal out there. Vote with your feet and let their wallet make your case for you.

It's a shame, as investing ... (Below threshold)

It's a shame, as investing in Dell covered the down payment on my house, but I too have lost patience with them. For me, the final straw was my buying two systems for my kids, then sending in the forms for the rebate, not getting a rebate, then calling up only to be informed by who-knows-where that I was ineligible to receive a rebate since my systems had been returned. Seeing as they were both being used at the time by my kids, I disputed that assertion, only to be told that I needed to talk to some other department in order to prove that I still had the systems I had allegedly returned. An hour later (nothing better to do than waste time looking for $100), I finally got someone to reinstate my rebate... which, when it finally came, was for only one rebate, not two, as they had only reinstated one of the two rebates... at which point I gave up. Maybe I should have instead pushed Dell to credit back my credit cards for the two systems I had returned.

on the other hand, my IT people still like buying from Dell. Maybe we buy enough stuff ($150,000+ a year) that we are kept off the 'let's screw them over' list...

I'm sure that management th... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that management thinks it is getting a great deal when they can hire 3 people for the price of one but when it take five of them to do the job of one and frustrate the customer to the point of never buying their product again. They are just shooting themselves in the foot.

Even though I have stopped ... (Below threshold)

Even though I have stopped reading his blog because his topics have become boring, Jeff Jarvis blogged about his horror stories with Dell. I think his stories evn have their own category.

I must say that I have a Dell computer and when the computer crashed because of a virus, my wife and I called and after going through a couple of people we got someone who was very helpful and solved our problem. I have since heard a number of stories of frustrated customers and would think twice about getting another computer from them.

I can't speak to Dell on a ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I can't speak to Dell on a personal level, but on a corporate level they are amazing. The laptop story is especially foreign to me. The last thing we had break was a flat screen in the reception area and they shipped us a new one before we shipped them the old one.

I too have had some horribl... (Below threshold)

I too have had some horrible experiences with Dell. My favorite example is the time when I called India because my computer would not turn on (after about 3 weeks post-purchase). In the process of "troubleshooting" the man on the phone asked if I "had an older brother at home that he could talk to." I calmly told him that I was 25 and I could handle it. I handled it by getting a refund - at an overall 30% depreciation of course (oh and no refund for my 1 year warranty). That's Dell for you!

Yeah, I'll have to second B... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Yeah, I'll have to second Bill K.

On the corporate side, Dell has been very good.

I've never bought from them on the consumer side, because I prefer to 'roll my own'.

Welcome to the death of cus... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the death of customer service. I no longer argue with the clerks, if I don't get an answer in the first few minutes I politely ask to speak to a supervisor. Who said never argue with the secretaries (help desk, clerks, other bottom of the rung in-duh-viduals)? It only P*sses them off and gets you nowhere. I could go on all day about the T-W-O M-O-N-T-H-S it took Verizon to install an ISDN line (Ok, 5 points to those who know what ISDN is), or how I badgered a builder to TAKE MY MONEY AND BUILD ME A#$!$#^#$% SHED. And he was the third one I talked to and finally convinced I was serious.

My opinion? The suppliers are not hungry enough. The economy is so hot in areas right now, they don't need your money. They have enough business, so go somewhere else.

Bought five computers befor... (Below threshold)

Bought five computers before this year, including two Dells. I too received the Dell experience. Decided to build my own; it isn't too difficult. Bought most of the parts off Ebay, some new, most used. The machine works well works well; fastest one I've owned to date and is trouble free. I'm delighted and would recommend this approach to anyone.

DELL RIPPED ME OFF ON THEI... (Below threshold)



>(Ok, 5 points to those who... (Below threshold)

>(Ok, 5 points to those who know what ISDN is)

Joe that was easy....

If you ask anyone at Bellsouth what ISDN means they'll tell you....

I Still Don't No. [know]

I guess neither does Verizon.

BTW my first ISDN line (64k) took almost 4 months and I basically had to figure out how to install it and do it myself. (no joke)

NewEgg rules. Build your ow... (Below threshold)

NewEgg rules. Build your own and forget Dell. I wrote them off several years ago. I had a $1,000 Dell-manufactured LCD monitor that went on the blink just out of warranty. Dell would not even talk about servicing it. They tried to sell me a new one. I could go on and on about the two Dell systems I bought.

Paul, Joe-ISDN sta... (Below threshold)

Paul, Joe-

ISDN stands for "It Still Does Nothing".

I too have my own Dell horr... (Below threshold)

I too have my own Dell horror story, but my experience has been that the worst of it lies with the "home consumer" group, rather than the business or education purchasing centers. We had FAR less trouble with the education purchasing center (and fewer customer service reps in India)....

Pac Bell hooked up my 128k ... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

Pac Bell hooked up my 128k ISDN in 1995--only a week after I ordered it. But neither Pac Bell or Motorola could tell me how to configure the Bitsurfer Pro for my Mac. After three hours of trial and err with a generic terminal program, it worked great!

I actually thought that was amazingly fast! --at least it blew away my 56k modem, which usually ran around 33k.

I work in the convention bu... (Below threshold)

I work in the convention business, so there are weeks when I handle upwards of a hundred different machines, from every brand you can think of.

I will never buy a Dell, whether desktop or laptop.

They're unreliable, the basic software loadout they shovel onto them is buggy and annoying, and (as noted above) their customer service is terrible.

The corporate folks who like them tend to erase the hard drives and put in a plain install without all of the extra crap.

If you want a decent, no-nonsense machine, try Toshiba. I see a lot of them, and seldom have issues.

Well I have never purchased... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Well I have never purchased a Del and now I'll be sure to stay clear of them. I had an AOL account for a few weeks and experienced some of the same "India" problems before canceling it. I purchase an NEC computer maybe 9 years ago, which needed some warranty work, but when I call NEC I was informed that my computer was built by Packard Bell and that NEC wouldn't service it. I never found a Packard Bell location that would service my NEC computer either. I don't blame Packard Bell, because the only name on the machine was NEC. To this day I have not purchase another thing for NEC nor will I.

I've had a Mac every year s... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

I've had a Mac every year since 1984, and never had a problem. I had my share of PC's at home and work during those years, too--but I can't say they were problem free.

The new Macs will boot Mac Os and Windows, so the masochists can torture themselves with Windoze, while still getting the job done on Mac Os.


OK, for all the smart-asses... (Below threshold)

OK, for all the smart-asses:
Integrated Services Digital Network

and no, I didn't Google it. I work at a radio station and we use ISDN voice equipment...a ton of it.

As for Dell hell, I have a Dell laptop that had a hard drive die after a year and a half. I just replaced it with a new one and reinstalled the OS and drivers but not the annoying crap. My dad insists on buying Dell desktop computers but he has not had any problems...yet. He is having software issues with his last Dell Media Center PC he bought this last Christmas. TV tuner card doesn't always initialize. I pointed him to Ed Bott's Media Center blog and said, "Good luck."

Have to say my Dell experie... (Below threshold)

Have to say my Dell experience has been the opposite. My daughter is going to school out of state when her laptop went belly up. A phone call to Dell and a service rep was at her apartement the next day and fully repaired on site. The extended warranty amounted to less than $10/month and is worth the piece of mind.

Home machine (the one I'm typing on) is also Dell. When the motherboard started acting flaky they sent a replacement overnight and even upgraded the processor free of charge.

Wife also has a Dell laptop that she dropped down a flight of stairs and shattered the LCD screen. We weren't able to meet them at the house but the technician was happy to meet me at my office and he repaired the laptop the next day with a new screen.

No, don't work for them. Not a fanatic about them just never had any trouble with them. I've also built two machines out myself with custom parts and actually spend more time fixing those than the Dell machines.

Not all experiences are universal. People just tend to be more outspoken about the bad experiences.

This sort of thing is why I... (Below threshold)

This sort of thing is why I had my new PC built by a local company. That way, if anything goes wrong, I can take it right to the shop and talk face to face with somebody instead of playing the ol' "For English, press one. Para Espanol..."

I got a Dell in 1999. The h... (Below threshold)

I got a Dell in 1999. The hard drive was wonky, but I didn't notice until around the end of 2000. Called Dell. Talked to a guy who knew what he was doing. He had me run a program that told me the hard drive was actually physically damaged.Since it was going to take an hour to run, I would call back.

I ended up talking to a moron. He told me to restart, etc, all the basic Bad Techie advice. I had to call back after formatting. I called back and got someone who wasn't a moron. Next day, Dell sent a tech they contract with locally and my HD was replaced, and upgraded, free of charge.

Few years later, lightning got it, and I needed a copy of the receipt for insurance purposes. Let's play the India game. I did not talk to a single person who was not Indian/Pakistani as all hell.

Got the receipt like a month later, after about six calls. So since 1999-2000, they've went to shit.

I'm sorry to say I agree th... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry to say I agree that Dell is dying. At least as far as I am concerned. I've bougght five (5!) Dell desktops and/or laptops. The last a little over a year ago. That was when I noticed it was a mere shadow of the company I had been buying from for 8 years.

Call it coincidence; call it karma: to me the sign Dell gave up their commitment to a quality product and outstanding service when they outsourced about 97% of the company to Delhi or Madras or wherever it is they find people to represent them who speak English as a 6th language. And then only on weelkends.

The REALLY sad thing is tha... (Below threshold)

The REALLY sad thing is that Dell recently bought AlienWare, who made the best systems for gaming. The super customer service and quality parts are going to be a thing of the past.

Time to throw out the Dell ... (Below threshold)

Time to throw out the Dell junk and buy an Intel Mac, They have the Windoze machines beat three ways to Sunday. I have an old beater iMac 350 g3 that I still occaisionallly use along with my PPC Mac mini.

I was thinking about getting a Dell LCD monitor, but after the horror strories that I have read here, I think that I will get another brand. It won't be a Gateway either.

I was a Dell-certified tech... (Below threshold)

I was a Dell-certified technician back about 10 years ago. It sucked trying to get parts from them at our level, and their systems weren't anything special. The worst thing was the constant delays - one laptop that was brought in had been bought from the original owner, and Dell waited 6 weeks to 'verify' the new ownership before they'd send us the part for repair.

At that point, I swore I wasn't going to ever get a Dell. So, naturally, someone gave me a Dell laptop about three, four years back. And I found that the keyboard connection to the motherboard was about the worst possible design you could come up with - instead of a ribbon cable the system board had a socket that a plug on the keyboard inserted into, and fine wires would make a friction-fit contact. After a while of normal use, the wires bent and you started getting intermittent failures on the keyboard. Finally I just gave up and put it on the bench and stuck a keyboard to it. It works well enough to play MP3s...

But BUY a Dell? Nope. No way.

I have a non-Dell desktop t... (Below threshold)

I have a non-Dell desktop that I built myself from cheap parts and have been using without any problems for several years.

Over the same several years our four high-end Dell servers at work (RAID, SMP, the whole nine yards, about ten times the cost of mine) have required constant attention. We're always re-syncing the RAID, replacing drives, and having servers hang. The hanging problem went away after a fuse blew and the machine was without power overnight. Apparently the Dell-approved solution to that hanging problem for that particular model is to unplug the system for 10 minutes. Our IT people found that on their website. What kind of voodoo is that?

I bought a Dell desktop (Di... (Below threshold)

I bought a Dell desktop (Dimension 9100) last August and it worked fine until right before Christmas, when my USB ports stopped working. I called India, and about 8 hours later, they decided to send technician to put in a new USB-port thingy (that's the technical word for it).

The tech came the next day and serviced the computer with the new part, but that didn't solve the problem. He decided I needed a new motherboard, and he called India himself and got one sent out. Another techie came out the next day and put a new motherboard and another new USB thingy. Problem solved, and nothing wrong since.

So, while the computer did fail, and while I did have to spend around 8 hours on the phone with India, they did come out and fix my computer as the warranty called for and it works as it should. I call it 50-50.

We'll see how it holds up.

I've owned various Dells fr... (Below threshold)

I've owned various Dells from 1995 onwards. None have been bought from their consumer side, and I don't ever plan to. However, I have had zero problem with their corporate side including corporate tech support side. I brought a system out of country (thus out of warranty area) and the local Dell guys helped out free of charge (didn't hurt that I had one of the, if not the only - pentium pro system in that country at that time) back in the mid 90s to present. Almost all customer service horror stories I've heard about them have been from the consumer side of the house.

I bought my most recent one about a month ago. Other than the case being slightly taller than the area I was going to put it, and the lack of PS/2 ports (!!!) no complaints at all.

A few years ago, you litera... (Below threshold)

A few years ago, you literally could not beat Dell for service. My first desktop from Dell was an XPS from the early days. It was a beast...you couldn't break it. It was even stable with Win95! The hours and hours I spent playing Quake 1 on that thing with a 3DFX 12MB add-on card...

My first laptop that wasn't used was a Dell Latitude in 1996. sweet little machine, and the three times it broke, a short phone call had a man at my house the next business day. Bought the wife a laptop in 1998. Never had a repair issue with that one. A perfect machine it was...

My last laptop, the one I am still milking for everything it is worth, is an Inspiron 7500. I bought it 5 years ago. Long out of warranty, but when it was in, the hinge and hinge assembly, as well as the ribbon cable for the monitor were replaced four different times. The last time, which BTW was one month before the warranty expired, was hours on the phone. Days of waiting for the on-site tech. (I never EVER buy a "ship it to them" warranty...I'd rather pay the extra cash to make them come to me.)

My wife bought herself an Inspiron 8600 about 18 months ago. 3 year warranty. She wants the keyboard replaced just on principle, the key labels are wearing off. Also, the built-in wireless cuts out every 90 seconds or so for a minute or two at a time. We called once. We went through three techs before we found one we could actually understand. They could not understand us, and a supervisor was no better. She hung up in frustration and I hooked her up with an ethernet cable and a PCMCIA wireless card.

I may have purchased my LAST Dell. I would still consider buying a PocketPC from them, I do love the Axims. Much easier to support those though. I'll never buy a computer from them until they return home user tech support to the U.S.

Oh yeah...like Steve Sturm,... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah...like Steve Sturm, I too profited greatly from Dell's meteoric rise to the top of the computer-maker heap. Dell alone paid for my insanely elaborate wedding at Oheka Castle in 1999. Part of my staying with them so long was a wierd sense of loyalty for that.

Yeah...I'm done with that now. :) I just put an order in for a custom system from Monarch Computers a week or so ago. So far they've answered 4 emails and diagnosed a hardware conflict I never even thought of, AND refunded 26 bucks to me because we changed a part in the order. THAT is service. :)

Delhi= Dell:"Hi!!!"... (Below threshold)

Delhi= Dell:"Hi!!!"

We buy dells for our depart... (Below threshold)

We buy dells for our department. For some reason our tech head adores dell.

Thing is, they charge colleges 2 or 3 times as much per machine as they do private consumers. When I learned this I was astounded. A machine that would cost me 400 dollars for my home would cost the university 1100 dollars. This is so contrary to any other university purchase, particulary when we buy them 10 at a time.

The tech head thinks that's fine as you get a year warrenty as opposed to a 90 day warrenty. So far, I don't think we've ever had call to use any warrenty.


BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Fi... (Below threshold)

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. File a complaint. It really works. I had a problem with a Chase credit card that I couldn't get them to resolve after 6 months. A few weeks after I contacted the BBB, Chase sent me double the rewards certificates they owed me and a nice (empty) apology letter from a CSR.

I'm done with Dell, too. It took me almost 2 years to get the rebate that they promised me on my laptop.

"For some reason our tech h... (Below threshold)

"For some reason our tech head adores dell."

Gee, I wonder why someone in charge of a department that fixes computers would want machines that need more fixing, and therefore a bigger staff, and therefore higher pay and better job security for the guy who runs the department...

I have 2 Dell laptops, 3 de... (Below threshold)

I have 2 Dell laptops, 3 desktops and a workstation.

Aside from the arduous task of removing all the 'crapware' from the machines when they arrive (why can't anyone just ship a PC with the OS, service packs, and latest device drivers on it???), the only issue I have had was a failed HDD in one of the notebooks. 1 call and 1 day later a new one arrived (only catch was NO restore partition, as the system didn't come w/ CD's).

The workstation and desktops have pretty much been running since they were purchased. No BSOD's, and only rebooted for the not-so-infrequent windows update.

I would like to think that ... (Below threshold)

I would like to think that 'outsourcing' to places like India is a fad that will soon die, for all the reasons mentioned here, but I'll probably be disappointed.

My son bought himself a Dell laptop with Win XP pre-loaded, and he hasn't had a bit of trouble with it. Of course, he reformatted the hard drive and installed Linux, but still...

Outsourcing IT is st... (Below threshold)

Outsourcing IT is starting to die off. The companies that went for the easy cuts in cost are noticing the drastic loss of customer satisfaction, along with the increased long-term costs of maintaining an international support model.

Outsourcing physical supplies is one thing (getting that widget for your customers from a cheap factory doesn't matter, time-wise, but getting that call answered correctly, right now, is).

>Not all experiences are un... (Below threshold)

>Not all experiences are universal. People just tend to be more outspoken about the bad experiences.

Faith+1, that why I used the title I did....

Why Dell Sucks TODAY.

I guess you could read it 2 ways... They suck EVERYday and this is today's installment. OR This is why they suck at this snapshot in time.

The reality is that with a multibillion dollar company that sells millons of computers every year, none of us really has enough experience to give a statistically significant opinion.

But I'm all for as much anecdotal evidence as possible hitting the airwaves. They obivously don't suck for everyone or they'd be out of business. -- And you are right, studies in the resaurant business have shown people are 8X more likely to tell someone about a bad experience than they are a good....

But they clearly have "issues" with customer service. I say toss it all out there and let people make an informed decision.

Hmmm.I used to lik... (Below threshold)


I used to like Dell, but they've gotten very strange lately.

I do a lot of professional programming on a laptop and so I need the best and the latest. But all of the offerings on premium laptops by Dell are long on price and short on premium.

And the last Dell laptop I had, an Inspiron 8200, just royally sucked ass. Sometimes I had to hit the power button 40 times to get the damn thing started. And I wasn't alone in that either.

Hmmm.I might get a... (Below threshold)


I might get an Intel Mac laptop next time rather than the HP zd8000, which I love btw. I might be branching off into doing Mac programming along with WinTel so that's an option.

I am not a big fan of Dell.... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I am not a big fan of Dell. In the past, they made a good product at a reasonable price. We have about 100 Dells that are 8 years old and they are still chugging along. Their newer models are fine, but they are ridiculously expensive. An earlier poster talked about how much more expensive it was for a university to buy a computer than it was for a consumer. This happens because Dell sells computers to their educational division for more than they sell them to consumers. I knew a guy that dealt with Dell's educational division as a reseller. It was cheaper for him to buy on the open market and resell than it was to go through Dell. Just recently, we bid out a large purchase of computers and Dell's bid was 33% higher than anyone else.

I have seen the ugly side of Dell tech support. We had a machine down. We called it in and determined it was a power supply. Dell sent one, but it did not resolve the problem. Dell sent a tech to replace the mobo and processor which didn't fix it. After another visit from the tech, we determined that the replacement power supply had been bad as well. It took 4 tries for Dell to send the right power supply (it was a proprietary model.) We even read them the part number off the old one and they couldn't get it right. A computer that should have been down for a couple of days was down for a month.

Another time, we had a machine down that we had troubleshot to need a mobo. We called it in and got a tech who proceeded to ask us to hold down certain keys and boot the computer up. We told him that the problem was that the computer WOULDN'T boot up. That didn't phase him. His script said to do this, so he wanted us to do it. After unsuccessfully trying to convince him that he should just send a mobo, he finally said something that should go down in the annals of tech support history. He asked what model our monitor was. We had an old monitor on our test bench of some indeterminate origin. When we told him the model, he said (and I am not making this up,) "There's your problem. Your computer won't work because you aren't using a Dell monitor." We ended the call and went to their web site. We went in and requested the part through their online support and got the machine back up.

It's not just the computer industry that has deided to use stupid people for support. Many, many industries are hiring people who can read a script and paying them less to handle problems than they would a qualified person. Unfortunately, you do get what you pay for.

It would take too many page... (Below threshold)

It would take too many pages to describe all of what makes dell odious. My brand new top of the line $$$desktop never worked right. Every time I called dell (and repeated my issues several times ...S L O W L Y, as per their Indian request) their answer was to reload windows. This was explained in stilted English. Reloading windows caused other problems. Inevitably, 20 minutes would elapse and they had to go. They suggested I call back later if I was still having problems. One person explained they were not allowed to stay on line with a customer longer than 20 minutes. When you called back, it was the 20 to 40 minute wait and a new clueless person..."there is no documentation associated with this computer..." I finally gave it to my husband, he took it to work and the self taught handyman took out the bad video card and installed a new one in less than 20 minutes and it worked ok but not fine. I know of 4 other dell owners that had similar issues and either paid to have someone else fix it or replaced parts themselves. Gateway was never this bad. I would NEVER buy anything from dell again. I currently buy from unitedmicro.com after my son took computer ROP in high school.

You said it. I have bought... (Below threshold)

You said it. I have bought 4 computers from Dell because they are reliable machines at a good price. But the last two (our first laptops) a couple of weeks ago will be the last. I paid for them upfront with my credit card, and have actually already paid the credit card. This last Monday I got notification that someone had somehow opened a credit account in my name, and that merchandise had somehow been charged to me (although it was shipped elsewhere, to another name, and I certainly never requested an account with them). I spent four hours on the phone with their customer obstruction department trying to get it cleared up. Never did get any cooperation per the consumer protection laws of the United States. I'm in the process of doing all the identity protection stuff right now.

Please people Dell does not... (Below threshold)

Please people Dell does not care about you their market share is huge. As the saying goes "their is a sucker born every minute." Even if you swear never to buy a DELL someone else will; thus keeping Dell alive. If you don't like Dell's product buy something else.

P.S. I just bought a laptop from Compaq and its fa-bu-lus!!

countC:You can say... (Below threshold)


You can say that, but the right people saying the right things (like a computer consultant telling people from Fortune 500 companies that Dells suck) can make a huge difference.

...and when you get a lot of people saying the same thing, even the most popular companies can have ugly turnarounds. Look at Packard-Bell, for example (at one time, the #1 PC maker in number of units shipped).

Well, I need to put my 2 ce... (Below threshold)
Betty Ann:

Well, I need to put my 2 cents in about Dell. I bought a Dell laptop last August. My gut said to get the extended warranty. I have problem after problem. I had a service rep come to my house and it still wasn't working properly. Although, I really cant' work without my laptop, I really didn't want to send it back. I did hesitated but I sent it back to Dell. Supposedly "fixed it", Dell sent it back to me. I plug it in and it would even start up. I called my service rep and screamed and demanded a new laptop. Yes, I had to leave a message. So I should get to tomorrow.

I hate calling Dell it takes to long to get a live person.

Paul,Dell routinel... (Below threshold)


Dell routinely visits online communities to reach out to our customers. In doing so, I have identified you as a customer with an outstanding issues. I would like to help resolve any concerns you may have. Can you please provide me with a direct email address or a phone number so that I may contact you directly? Dell is very interested in getting your feedback and improving our processes.

Dell Customer Advocate
[email protected]

Dell routinely visits onlin... (Below threshold)

Dell routinely visits online communities to reach out to our customers. In doing so, we have identified you as a customer with problems with your repair and the technical support department.

Feedback is one of Dell's most important tools to improve our service and support. If you would like to offer any additional information, please provide me with you direct email address, phone number and a customer number. I would be happy to forward this information to the appropriate department.

Dell Customer Advocate
[email protected]

Dear Paul:I read y... (Below threshold)
Dell CA:

Dear Paul:

I read your blog entries, and wanted to apologize for your experience with us up to this point. According to your update, looks like there are still outstanding issues. If you would still like assistance, please email me directly.

Also, I notice that several of your readers have posted comments that they also need help from Dell. I would also welcome them to contact me directly.


Dell Customer Advocate
e-mail: [email protected]

Look people its the compute... (Below threshold)

Look people its the computer illiterates who want cheap stuff that made this happen. Cost cutting had to come from somewhere. I am sure there was a day when toasters were a high quality product.

Thanks to cheapskates, my profession is almost obsolete. Thanks cheap consumers

The company I work at have ... (Below threshold)
Dell isnt worth it:

The company I work at have dell computers. I have to fix them when something doesnt work and I got a dell laptop. The laptop is not worth 1 dollar. its so annoying. The performance is way below what it sais it is supposed to be. When I open word, listen to music and the computer starts the screensaver the fan starts blowing at 100%, making a loud noise. But it doesn't help. All it really does is make noise. The screen saver lags (its just a flash screen saver). The quality of the laptop is also horrible. My friends here at the company with the same laptop had a bunch of problems. Keyboard keys wouldnt work. Mainboard broke by one of them and 2 of them had to replace their screen. Then I had to repair a desktop pc. it dropped about 3 inches on floor. Shit happens but the bad thing was that all the parts in the computer were displaced! for example the cd rom and powersupply. Dell sells cheap computers with windows etc. so its an attractive offer. but dell builds their pcs with machines and if something is broken they dont try to find the problem they just replace that part of the computer, like an entire mainboard. they say its cheaper for them that way. We also had a problem where a whole series of computers had a problem with their condensators. I just don't think dell is worth it. you buy the computers at a nice price, but eventually you have too much trouble. I prefer HP for companies. But I guess everyone has their own aspect. This is just my opinion i became after working with dell pcs for 4 years. Every friend that buys a dell computer after I told him not to wont get my support ;)

I have had a Home Office an... (Below threshold)
Almost nolonger a Dell Customer:

I have had a Home Office and Business relationship with Dell for about three years now. About two years ago, I bought a Dell 8600 and took what I considered to be great care of it: I utilized it only to play MP3's for my business. To this day, it has never been put online nor installed any other software other then PCDJ, which is what I use for my business. In total, I would guesstimate that I have only put about one hundred working hours on since purchasing it. Seven nights ago I inadvertently left it plugged in overnight for the 1st time. In the morning I found that the LCD was not working at all. I called Dell, and, after being put on hold for an exorbitant amount of time, I found myself being transferred from incorrect department to incorrect department to incorrect department until I finally reached someone in the Dell Support Dept who could help me. After working with the Dell Support team for a while, they concluded that the LCD was completely dead. This led me to another several hours of waiting to talk to another department and four more bad transfers. Then I was sent to their "Out of Warranty Department" who told me that the only solution was to replace the LCD for $584.00. Great solution to my purchase of a $1,500.00 computer, don't you think? On my way home, I stopped by a computer repair shop. They see a lot of Dells come in and they cannot say enough bad comments about Dell as a whole. I find it conveniently odd that just after my warranty ran out that my Dell started malfunctioning. This is not acceptable. There have not been any warning signs that the LCD was going out along the way; it just died. According to some research I have done on the Internet, I am not alone. There are tons of bloggers out there who have had the same or similar issues with their Dell computer and their customer care lines. In conclusion DON'T BUY A DELL.

So did anyone contact "Nanc... (Below threshold)

So did anyone contact "Nancy" or "Lionel" from dell's customer care dept? If so what has been the outcome?

I too have a Dell horror story involving botched ordering, double charges to my visa, numerous calls to customer care, being promised and lied to, being called a lier and blamed for creating this entire mess myself. I've been hung up on, put on hold for 30 minutes at a time, transferred to numerous differnt people....etc.....etc....

I keep getting the standard appologies and assurances that this is not the norm at Dell, but nothing changes other than to get worse. I am now at the point where I am ready to ship the laptop back tp Dell and never buying from them again, but after owning 2 other Dell laptops in the past and not having such problems I am hesitant to do so....

Part of me hopes this is just an isolated incident but not after reading such horror stories.

Here is the only responce/c... (Below threshold)
Almost nolonger a Dell Customer:

Here is the only responce/correspondence I have had with Dell reguarding my issue post dated July 27, 2006. To Start it off this is Matt from "Dell's Customer Care Department". >>>> Michael,
I am not able to repair the system at Dell's cost since the service contract for it expired over a year ago. Another option that you have for the LCD is to buy the part only and have it installed by a 3rd party.
Matt UID: 403186
If you are not able to repair the LCD yourself then may I suggest perhaps you find a supervisor to do so. I will not go back and forth with this
issue. I will however go to the BBB with my complaint and inform them just how many clients have the same issue as I do.
Mr. Michael
I am a supervisor here at Dell. The system was not purchased with an extended service contract past the one year Return to Depot. The date the
contract ended was on March 14, 2005. You can see that information on this link:Â
>Here is the direct link to Dell's Better Business Bureau page.
Matt UID: 403186
It seems so convenient to have all your computers malfunction after the "Warranty Period" ends. Perhaps the BBB needs to investigate this issue.
Although the internet community has spoken loud enough to get my attention to the class action suit forming. Your company has elected to blow off their customer base so much that you have to list the BBB link with your reply. How unprofessional can Dell get, to not even respond to the original complaint with any other offers other then referring to the "Warranty Period". Take some responsibility for your products and maybe in the future Dell would not have so many consumers dis-liking their business practices to
make less complaints to you, the BBB, consumer reports not to mention word-of-mouth. If Dell is not even able to offer a discount repair price
from the $584.00 quoted over the phone, then Dell has lost my business for LIFE. If that is the case I ask you Matt, to delete me from all mailings in all departments and to stop sending me any promotional items. Or exercise
your last chance to recover a consumer by calling me directly to discuss your other alternatives to my $1500.00 purchase. I can be reached at
555-555-5555. If I miss your call you can leave a message with YOUR DIRECT
NUMBER. I will call you back.
Mr. Michael
The system was purchased nearly 29 months ago. Both the one year hardware warranty period and the one year Return to Depot service contact, that was selected at the time of sale, had long expired. Again, you can see the dates of
service contract at this after entering in the service tag:
The offers that Dell makes for the systems are the choices of service contracts and their stated time. These were not exercised by yourself or an agent working on your behalf.
Matt UID: 403186
You and Dell have lost my business for LIFE. I am requesting my name and address to be removed from all department mailings commencing immediately. Please send confirmation that you have deleted my information.
Mr. Michael
Here are the confirmation messages:
removed from future mailings has been received.
We will process your request promptly. However, it may take several weeks for some changes to take effect. In the interim, you may continue to be included in marketing programs as described above.

P.S >>>>>> Dell Satisfaction Survey

Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support on 07/26/2006 with a question or need from Dell. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and are interested in your feedback concerning our performance.

Dell has asked TNS Prognostics, a customer satisfaction research company in the IT industry, to help us conduct a survey regarding your experience. To help ensure we are providing expert assistance, please provide your feedback in this brief survey. This survey should take approximately 5 - 7 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, please click on the web address below. If that does not work, copy and paste the entire web address into the address field of your browser.


If you are an AOL user, please click on the following link:


NOTE: Some e-mail programs may have split the above URL onto two lines. If you
are prompted for a PIN, please cut and paste the following into provided space:

We look forward to your feedback.
Dell Support Team

WAAAAAAAAA.... WAAAAAAA WAA... (Below threshold)


You're all a bunch of winers.

Dell's service on all front... (Below threshold)
dell corp hater:

Dell's service on all fronts sucks as much as Bush's foreign policy. Both make money for rich shitheads, but working class folks get fucked all around.

I hope Dell and Bush become absent, soon.

First of all, forget about ... (Below threshold)

First of all, forget about ihatedell.net - it's run by a bunch of corporate shills and whores for Dell. You post a complaint there, then they tell you 1000 reasons why the customer is an "idiot" and a "moron" and they wouldn't want to help you.

Second of all, it seems like whenever any customer, anywhere, has a complaint against a company such as Dell, they'll tell you you're being "rude". If you want to get what you paid for, or get them to honor a warranty, how dare you ask for your money's worth? You're being "rude" if you want what you paid for! Nice excuse so they can wriggle out of doing the right thing - the customer is rude, blah blah blah. Never that THEY are incompetent idiots and morons.

And the outsourcing to India - don't even get me started on that!

Letter I sent to DELL. -YOU... (Below threshold)

Letter I sent to DELL. -YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE, We received a GX620 with the Ultra Small Form Factor case, We have loaded and set up the computer and registered it with Microsoft, We realized there was a problem with the bottom case cover, I have spent 2 hours on the phone trying to explain and getting pushed around to other departments to get no help. I need a new bottom cover or bottom chassis, 4 screws and it is replaced, Your tech had me dis-assemble it to verify the problem. NO ONE can convince me the part is not available when you are still selling the product. I don't want another PC I want the repair part, I have friends that work for Dell, They told me to order another, swap my drive and send the other back. But no, thats not allowed, and not somthing I would consider, And I am not buying an additional piece of software to move files to another new computer just because you are unwilling to support the product. One tech suggested I buy ghost and get a new PC, If you people would just Send a replacement cover then we will be square. Basically the lady that called back around 10 Central indicated I should buy some other vendors product. I have 2 Dell PowerEdge 4400 Servers and 1 Dell Precision 610 workstation, And I just gave My son one of the old GX300 systems that I thought I didn't need anymore. I thought I would upgrade Our desktops to newer Dell, But considering the way I have been treated, and the lack of repair parts Maybe I should send back the two We just bought and go back to the HP/Compaq's we previously had. Apparently Dell won't supply simple repair parts.

Basically I was told if I didnn't like it I could go somewhere else. It's unfortunate that DELL doesn't care for anything but the dollar. and doesn't stand behind their product.

Everything produced my Dell... (Below threshold)

Everything produced my Dell is junk. Dell is Wal-mart in computer industry. Here is my timeline of Dell Inspiron 700m.

Bought: Nov 2004
Screen Broken: Oct 2005. (After sending 20 emails, an Indian from India working for Dell admitted that was their fault.)
Replacement Screen Received: Dec 2005
CD-Rom broken: Dec 2005
Hard Drive Broken: Dec 2006

DO NOT BUY DELL. You will definitely regret it. Dell is Hell. Save some money and buy an IBM!!!!!

On September 7th, 2006, the... (Below threshold)
Sarah Lizzotte:

On September 7th, 2006, there was a deal that was advertised on the site that if you bought a new Inspiron laptop, qualifying customers would receive no interest for one full year.

I called up Dell and asked them if I would qualify for this deal that they were advertising. A Dell Customer Service Representative that I spoke to me told me that if I purchased my laptop it would tell me if I was qualified on my statement that I would receive. Note: I have been using my step-mother's account, because I didn't have one and it was easier just to buy one on her account.

On my first statement, I was not charged any interest, so I figured that I qualified. It didn't tell me ANYWHERE that I was not qualified. So, for the past six months, my step-mother was just telling me how much the bill was and paying three to four times as much as my minimum payment.

Just recently, I happened to glance at the bill because it was left on the table, and I noticed an interest charge. So, I found the previous bill statements and I was charged anywhere from $25 to over $50 in interest fees.

Concerned, I called up Dell in a calm manner and spoke to a CSR. I quickly became irate when he told me that I didn't qualify for the offer and there was nothing he could do. He told me that in the Terms & Conditions that I received, it said that I had to have a specific credit rating with them to qualify. I asked him where did it say my credit rating and he told me that it doesn't say on it. Then he told me that to get it cleared up, I had to call when I received my first bill. I asked, "How come there is no interest on the first bill, but there is a $50 interest charge on the second one and so forth?" He told me that I was charged double on the second bill and not the first.

I asked, "Then how the hell did I know that I wasn't within those 30 days if Dell didn't charge me an interest fee?" He couldn't answer me. So, then in a more angry manner, I asked, "So, you're telling me that by the time I get my second bill, it would be too late to call you up and get this cleared?" Again, he couldn't answer me. I asked to speak to a manager.

He forwarded me to a manager, where the manager told me that there was nothing he could do. (This is after being transferred from different representatives a total of four times and being on the phone for almost two hours). I was completely irate and I did disrespect him by yelling and using bad language. He told me several times that there was nothing I could do unless I could prove that I was approved. But how can I do that when there was nothing that TOLD me whether I was approved or not? I was irate and kept him on the phone for about a half hour just complaining about the company and how they screwed me over. He finally said, "Well, I can give you a $30 rebate--" and I interrupted him not knowing whether he would give me a $30 rebate off from my bills or ANOTHER (horrible) purchase from Dell. I was irate. I got his name (just incase) and he gave me an address where I could contact someone if I had proof of the offer. He then told me that there was no offer advertised.

So, after being charged over $400 in interest fees alone and over $1000 in interest fees by the time I get this paid off, he could only give me a $30 rebate?

I am completely pissed off with everything about Dell, from their horrible customer service, to their sneaky tactics on how to screw customers over.

I am out of options and I don't know what to do. I have to pay the payments, obviously, but they have already suckered me out of $400 and by the time I pay it off, there will be over $1000 paid to Dell.

I'm surprised I haven't heard of many lawsuits on Dell. I wish I could just sue them on Judge Judy. I would only sue for the laptop and everything that I paid to be paid back to me. I'm not greedy, I'm just completely angry that they could do that to me. But then again, I doubt that would be a viable lawsuit, not to mention, if I did sue, the money to hire a lawyer would be just the same. So, then I'd have to sue for the money to pay the lawyer too.

If you read that, sorry it was so long. :\

Hmm...When we had our horri... (Below threshold)

Hmm...When we had our horrible Compaq 3 years ago, i swore that that was the worst computer ever made!

So i decided never to buy one again. So my dad (3 years ago) decides hes gunna be cool and Get a Dell dimension desktop. Wow it looked fantastic. At the time I knew absolutely NOTHING about computers, didnt even know what pc stood for, lol.

So we ordered one and everything was fine. 2 weeks later, since the computer was sooo great my dad ordered another one for my Brother. Big mistake.

3 months after my dad ordered his it became extremely sluggish. Opening microsoft word took 2-3 minutes. (My dad uses his comp. only for email, Word, and very minimal internet, NO music)

and again, 3 months after my Brother got his it did the same thing, but he was doing heavy Music and surfing

Yesterday my brother couldnt take it and made me call CS to talk to a rep, and i ended up having to reinstall the OS to factory settings...

Today my dads computer wouldnt even load windows. So i troubleshooted and nothing worked. Ive been in the Dell Chat with a rep for 2 hours, and he JUST told me i haveto reinstall the OS...

So wat i understand from this is that every year or 2 we will haveto reinstall the OS?

The funny thing is that i have a HP Laptop and ive had it for almost 2 years and its just like i started it yesterday! I Do Very heavy music (I have a little music company), Video edditing, and lots of Photoshop. And i have the exact same specs as my Dad and Bros pcs.....WoW, that says alot
(And i have a laptop which is supposed to be a little slower than desktops)

Screw Dell, im not going to reinstall the OS. I am just going to spend money and get a good computer, im leaning towards a mac (lol my dad has no say in this......

Have I mentioned that i NEVER had a problem with MY laptop?

Let me just add DELL has lo... (Below threshold)
Wayne Reynolds:

Let me just add DELL has lost my business not only were they a little shady in their business, giving me the run around for a couple of weeks but I now have a NON - PIP LCD TV when I purchased a PIP w/dual HDTV Tuners LCD TV.

Here's the story, I bought the Dell 26" PIP Dual HDTV Tuners. Within the first year it started to shut off by itself as did the next 3 replacements. Some started to do this right out of the box. So Dell sent me a new 26" NON - PIP No dual HDTV tuners. I quickly informed them they've made a mistake & set the wrong TV. After some running around Dell said since I was having so much trouble with the TV, like Dell wasn't they'd send out a 32".

I received the 32" PIP w/ dual HD tuners. I had earlier bought an antennae for Free HDTV & was enjoying the set a great deal until & this is all within my extended warranty there appeared to be lamp burn in on the screen. So I called Dell ask if it was under warranty & the girl said they'd have it replaced. They than sent a 32" LCD TV - no PIP no Dual HDTV Turners. So my antennae is now for the birds. I can't watch my surveillance cameras on PIP.

These were the reasons I bought the TV I did originally. Dell has said they have stopped the warranty on this TV & will do nothing further. I also own 2 high end Dell computers & when they sent the 32" I felt like they would stand behind their products. Silly me went & bought the 37" PIP Dual HDTV tuners for the next room. In order to synchronize free HDTV both sets need the dual HDTV turner. Now I can't have the volume on if I'm watching the same channel as the other set due to the time delay in HD to Analog TV which is what I'm forced to view, not HDTV like I bought. Touch wood I've not had any issues with the other products, yet. The 37" TV is the latest purchase around a year old now, yikes!

They don't make the original 26" LCD PIP HDTV anymore. I would have been happy if they'd sent me a refurbished 32" PIP HDTV. I feel I don't have what I paid for & the warranty is still ongoing.

I need to purchase another brand but not from Dell & put this 32" TV in one of the other rooms to collect dust. It's not what I would have bought for the office. It's like them giving someone a computer with more memory but with No CD/DVD drives. Yeah it works but not very practical to use in the office.

Well now we all know better than to buy Dell ever again.

I have been a reseller of D... (Below threshold)

I have been a reseller of Dell products for several months in a very small town, doing about $10,000 in sales for them a month. My problems with the company started almost immediately. First was the always late shipping, items would always be atleast a week late. Account rep Greg Bunch would never return your calls, ever. You would have to make a complaint to his supervisors to get him to return your calls. When he did he would say its on its way. The last problem was a $10,000 sale, paid off the Dell account to $0 placed the 10,000 order and they said oh you are no longer a reseller, you are hurting our sales in that area. I built my business on selling Dell, and was found in a very bad position. Quick actions helped save the business, but that doesnt help with the additional $10,000 they say I owe. Guess It's time for court.

Pissed of EX Reseller of the worst PC maker ever!

now that a NY judge has com... (Below threshold)

now that a NY judge has come down on Dell, perhaps contact them for info on how to deal with all of these problems. I'm a Canadian who has also had problems, and am looking into what can be done up here.

Buying a Dell desktop was t... (Below threshold)

Buying a Dell desktop was the biggest mistake I've made in the last twenty years of personal computing. It's failures get greater as the months go by, and that's only a few months. They so far refuse to refund my money, so I must watse more time and take Dell to small claims court.






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