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Florida Teacher In Hot Water Over Swimsuit Photos

A high school teacher is trouble over photos found on the site of The U.S. National Bikini Team. From The

A teacher at West Boca Raton High School is under investigation after school district officials learned about risque photos of her on a Web site.

Erica Chevillar, 25, is a first-year social studies teacher at the school. She is also one of about 80 models featured on the Web site of the USA National Bikini team, a Boca Raton-based company, according to the Web site. The site lists calendars for sale featuring scantily clad models dressed in bathing suits, provocative outfits or lingerie.

Chevillar, using the name Erica Lee, appears in outfits ranging from cleavage-baring jackets to skimpy bikinis in about two-dozen photos.

West Boca Raton High Principal Fran Giblin said he learned about the photos Wednesday after a parent complained. He turned the matter over to the district's professional standards department, which handles investigations of noncriminal matters.

"I would certainly hope that we set the highest standards for our students," Giblin said. "If this in fact is true, it's a concern. A big concern."

The district has only a general policy that requires teachers to behave "morally and ethically," school district spokesman Nat Harrington said.

"There's no policy that says what someone can or cannot wear or whether they can be photographed on the Internet," Harrington said. "We expect our employees to use good judgment and appropriate behavior in all they do. The question now is whether this is appropriate or inappropriate."

In the interest of furthering the debate over whether or not such activities are appropriate or not I've included the complete set of pictures from the U.S. National Bikini Team web site for Erica Lee.

Since their site is for the most part unreachable, I've made reposted the pictures below. They are swimsuit pictures - on the order of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - so you may want to avoid them in a work environment. You've been warned...


Chevillar says she's going to quit teaching high school and start selling real estate. She's probably got a pretty big bill to pay to her plastic surgeon for those boobs...

Update: USC Professor Dr. Diana York Blaine was in the news earlier this week for topless photos posted online - in case you'd totally missed the fact that it's sweeps week for local newscasts. You'll probably want to scratch your eyes out; but if you must see you can check her Flickr site (NSFW).


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Comments (211)

The first two pix are semi-... (Below threshold)

The first two pix are semi-OK, but the rest of them -- no way would I want her teaching my grade-school kids.

Anyone else got it bad? Be... (Below threshold)
Jim in Harrisburg:

Anyone else got it bad? Because I know I'M hot for teacher.

So how many people think so... (Below threshold)

So how many people think some poor kid's in for an ass-whooping if the parents who ratted her out are ever disclosed? I had a teacher around her age when I was in high school and her class was the highlight of my day...especially in summer. Good times.

The only person who would be more pissed off than the kids would be the wife of the guy who found the pictures on the internet.....

Man I wish MY social studie... (Below threshold)

Man I wish MY social studies teacher (had - 35 years ago) looked like that! I think I'm with Jim on this one. I'm in love (type furtively before the wife catches me)!

She's a lovely girl with a ... (Below threshold)

She's a lovely girl with a terrific figure (admiration, not envy--well, maybe a little). If those photos were taken before she started teaching, she should hold her head up and stay put (as long as she love teaching--if not, she needs to get out regardless of the photos).

If they were taken after she started teaching, I think she has revealed a lack of judgement about the consequences of her actions. We teachers are role models, and, fair or not, we have to hold ourselves to higher standards. She did nothing immoral, just foolish, and that's sin enough for a teacher.

How come all my teachers lo... (Below threshold)

How come all my teachers looked like Helen Thomas?

"Bikini" team. Pfffffffff, ... (Below threshold)

"Bikini" team. Pfffffffff, what a marketing ploy.

Whats the problem? was She ... (Below threshold)

Whats the problem? was She showing the pictures to Her students or what? whatever Shes doing in Her private life is none of their damn business.

I totally went to the wrong... (Below threshold)

I totally went to the wrong school.

All I can say is this is mo... (Below threshold)

All I can say is this is more proof our teachers are NOT underpaid...

I mean... If she could afford those things, she must be making a good living. They don't come cheap, especailly considering she bought the big ones.

What is it with Florida tea... (Below threshold)

What is it with Florida teachers??? And why the hell couldn't we have had some like that here in No. Carolina when I was in school???

Quick survey, guys:

Real or fake?

Id say real American Cherry... (Below threshold)

Id say real American Cherry Pie !

docjim505: Fake, but "accur... (Below threshold)

docjim505: Fake, but "accurate". :)

Gal's wasting her time teaching - should go for acting/professional modeling. Sure she'd make the big $$.

Paul, As usual, yo... (Below threshold)


As usual, you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Those bikinis are very small.

Probably all a teacher could afford.....

She looks like that and she... (Below threshold)

She looks like that and she's going into real estate and no one makes the obvious Pythin reference?

"She has HUGE tracts of land!"

Anyhoo, I wish the educational system paid more attention to holding their teachers to a higher standard when it comes to actually educating children than worrying whether someone had a side career as a model. But try to institute a system that actually measures teacher performance and see what the NEA says...

goddess, I tend to agree wi... (Below threshold)

goddess, I tend to agree with you to a point, but I find it disturbing that while something like this is pursued so diligently, incompetent teachers are defended to the death by the various teachers' unions anytime a "merit-based" pay scale is mentioned.

Furthermore, many teachers provide a positively horrid example for their students in showing blatant favoritism and/or pseudo-nepotism on a daily basis. At least this young lady had the decency to remove as far as possible (by using a pseudonym, etc.) her personal actions and life from her classroom activity.

One wonders who made the "discovery" in this case, and how they can defend their actions in viewing while they demonize this teacher for her actions in providing their preferred viewing material...

Oh, and to Faith+1.....bravo! You hit the nail on the head once again!

And you can pick up any wee... (Below threshold)

And you can pick up any weekend paper and see men women and children in their underwear and swimsuits. Do you guys actually report news?
Sex ScandaL? A Swimsuit is now "SEX SCANDAL"
You guys aren't talking about THE BUSH HOOKERGATE...?? WTF NOT?
Now I see why this LAME Article.

I am not surprised.

AHHH PISS OFF!... (Below threshold)


I guess I just don't get it... (Below threshold)

I guess I just don't get it.

Is the school district saying that they think they can legally forbid an employee from wearing a bathing suit when wearing it is not against the law?

Do they think they can control the internet when there is no pornography involved?

If they say anything detrimental about her in print or in public, let alone attempt to take job action, I suspect she can sue and not have to sell real estate after all.

(below is a copy from Erica... (Below threshold)

(below is a copy from Erica Lee's scouting profile at this year's Bikini Team combine at the Hooterdome)

Erica Lee

Strengths- Girl next door looks, big knockers

Weaknesses- major lacking in the ass department

Projection- a late round pick, somebody will take her for developmental purposes, if she gets on a first name basis with her stairmaster she could turn into a fine pick

I would say that if she is ... (Below threshold)
Jeff S:

I would say that if she is a math teacher I dont see where the problem is, because from my view everything I see ADDS up perfectly.

There was a very good reaso... (Below threshold)

There was a very good reason I moved to Florida. It starts at the beaches. The public beaches, where everyone, including high school teachers, tends to wear bathing suits. Abbreviated bathing suits.

The principal subjects are covered in those photos. There's nothing indecent about them. I suspect that Ms. Lee's students--the male ones anyway--tend to pay rigorous attention in class.

And no, teachers did not look like that when I was in HS. Dammit.

God bless America. And her... (Below threshold)

God bless America. And her bikini team.

Hmmmm.HOLY CRAP!</... (Below threshold)



Why is it that all of my teachers looked like Zorba the Greek?

And that's regardless of gender btw.

Hmmm.I think I'm g... (Below threshold)


I think I'm going to save a few of these pictures to my harddrive ... as evidence ... yeah that's the ticket. Evidence. In case WizBang explodes or something. Or whatever the hell computers do.


It would be important to kn... (Below threshold)

It would be important to know just what kind of morality clause in in her contract, and the date of the participation in the "team."

If I cared about such things.

Thanks for the eye candy Paul.

I was under the impression ... (Below threshold)

I was under the impression that as long as a teacher's actions outside of school do not disrupt his or her classroom, then the school board, principal, and/or superintendent do not have the right to fire or punish the teacher.

Would any of her students have known about her modeling if somebody hadn't told them? She obviously kept it seperate from her teaching career, so what's the big deal?

Um, I guess I don't see wha... (Below threshold)

Um, I guess I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's not like she was making her students write term papers on why President Bush is the anti-Christ and why the attacks of 9/11 were staged. Anyway, I'd say that her breasts are fake.

Faith +1 and Jamie... (Below threshold)

Faith +1 and Jamie

I completely agree. The best way the NEA could improve conditions for teachers is to review vigorously their members and provide a forum for hearings regarding incompetence. It should develop a Professional Review Portfolio system in which its members provide copies of their lesson plan notes, including documentation of what state standards they cover. It should include copies of evaluations and a record of the students' score spread. It should also includes the teachers' students' standardized test scores for the subject, including ability index, attendance & discpline record, and demographics. It should include an annual survey completed by the students and their parents with objective yes/no responses. Together these items would reveal which teachers needed to "fix" something; if the teacher didn't improve the next year (with closer supervision), the teacher should be let go.

Good teachers have nothing to fear from evaluation, but student test scores are not enough; there is too much beyond the control of the teacher herself (or himself).

I realize it's a free count... (Below threshold)

I realize it's a free country and all that - but as a teacher in a small town I'll say this: we are public servants, and we do have an obligation to "stay within the lines", so to speak. A lot of my students (high school dropouts returning to get their diplomas) don't have much at home to use as a point of reference - many of them are in the police log off and on, and many of their PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS have police records. If we, their teachers, can act as a surrogate parent/role model, it can really change a life.

I personally don't have a problem with what she did - it's MILD compared to much of what we see and hear these days. However, I can certainly see where the administration might feel the pressure to cave.

Real on the outside... so w... (Below threshold)

Real on the outside... so who cares about the 'filling'?

C'mon..why do I always have... (Below threshold)

C'mon..why do I always have to say the obvious?


KevinAre you tryin... (Below threshold)


Are you trying to finally get rid of those last two or three pesky GIRLS that read this blog?

You really should consider putting up a separate branch of Wizbang, something like Wizbang Whores or Wizbang Gangbang, so you can all sit around and be pigs without alienating the regulars here.

Not to worry. This is now my last visit, and I'm sure the last of others, too. I can see where I (as an icky GIRL--cooties!) am not welcome or wanted. After all, if I don't approve, I must be fat/old/ugly/bitter and probably just need a good hard assfu*king, right?

Nice circle jerk, guys. Pathetic. While you guys are sitting around furiously jerking each other off, I'll be somewhere else where the people actually have some self-respect.

Oink oink!

"if you must see you can ch... (Below threshold)

"if you must see you can check her Flickr site (NSFW)"

Shorter Kevin: I have a "respectable" site, I'm just "reporting the news." But IF YOU MUST...wink wink...

Even Shorter Kevin: Oh, please Google, hit me!

Shortest Kevin: ... where's that sock?

Maybe - " if I don't app... (Below threshold)

Maybe - " if I don't approve, I must be fat/old/ugly/bitter and probably just need a good hard assfu*king, right?"

Not necessarily, but I bet your absolutely no fun in bed... and don't bother to add that I'll never know..because honestly, sister...I wouldn't want to.

Hmmmmm.Ni... (Below threshold)


Nice circle jerk, guys. Pathetic. While you guys are sitting around furiously jerking each other off, I'll be somewhere else where the people actually have some self-respect.

Deriding men for being ... *men* ... is rather useless waste of time.

I'm sorry we can't all be Alan Alda clones.

I think it's time for Wizba... (Below threshold)
Just a Woman:

I think it's time for Wizbang to start a Wizbang SoftPorn section. Wizbang was always a site I looked to for political information and opinion. Not anymore. Wizbang is getting really repulsive and doesn't represent my values. I'm a Republican.

Why is it that Kevin only posts these things? Does this indicate he has a problem at home?

brainy435,you're r... (Below threshold)


you're right. I always wonder how much porn you have to view before you recognize someone?!

Kim,Being a Republ... (Below threshold)


Being a Republican..you ought to recognize the right for people to their opinions... and you ought to remember Humor too.

What separates your attitude from the left who wish to tell everyone not to buy SUV's?

If you're really THAT big a republican you should get off the internet and go cook your husband and children breakfast.

You're not a Republican..you're a prude. There is a difference.

This is not fair! As an SC... (Below threshold)
Pat Patterson:

This is not fair! As an SC grad I had already been following the fracas concerning the consciousness raising photos of Prof. Blaine. So like Oedipus I immediately clawed my eyes out, not the other thing, and cannot study this latest example of the drawbacks to having or not having tenure.

PISSTAIN's comment (with wa... (Below threshold)

PISSTAIN's comment (with waaaaaaay too much attitude) belies his ignorance:

"....its not about SEX but advertising...."

Do you not own a television, sir? Do you not see that the two are practically synonyms (for good or bad)?

In response to those expressing offense, I appreciate your sensitivities here, and Kevin perhaps should consider a Wizbang Smut sidebar, but honestly, the "offensive" material was put below the break, you had to open it to see it, and you really don't have to read the comments.

Why is it that Kevin on... (Below threshold)

Why is it that Kevin only posts these things?

In case you hadn't noticed, I own this joint and can do what ever I want.

Ladies,Lighten up an... (Below threshold)

Lighten up and get a grip.

I never understand you women who can't come to grips with one simple little fact...
men love to look at beautiful women. What a crime, what a horror!

Secondly, these photos, aside from their obvious aesthetic value, have news value as well. No way you can form an opinion on this particular story without viewing the photos in questions and making your own determination.

So get your panties untwisted, take a deep breath.

Oh, and ladies, if your married - I have a little secret for you. Your husband looks at porn - they've just gotten good at hiding it from you.

Men are physical beings, women are emotional. Men love to look at a beautiful female figure as much as women love sappy love stories. Venus and Mars - these are facts of life you would do well to accept.

Finally - this is not your site. You don't own it or control it. If Kevin wants to display a photo of a naked woman, spread eagle, playing hide and seek with a cucumber - then that is his prerogative.

With all the recent publici... (Below threshold)

With all the recent publicity about teachers having sex with students. I bet this was a calculated move to get hired as a teacher, then leak the photos, then BAM! free national coverage and exposure.

Hmmmm.1. The pictu... (Below threshold)


1. The pictures are below the fold, so you HAD to click on the link to view.

So if you don't want to see it, and you were warned, then why did you click?

2. Frankly when people complain about nonsensical things *and* make big noises about being a Republican, I always suspect a Moby.

3. Compared to the stuff on the beaches and in the nightclubs this is rather tame.

Wizbang was always... (Below threshold)
Wizbang was always a site I looked to for political information and opinion. Not anymore.

That's really odd, because I've been reading Wizbang longer than you have, and I have always come here for political information and opinion AND CHEESECAKE.

Kev, apparently you've been remiss in inoculating the site with this content, if people can actually come in here and settle in without ever realizing these posts are part and parcel of The Wizbang Factor.

And you know what that means: MORE CHEESECAKE.

Any of you who cla... (Below threshold)
Any of you who claim to be real men would take this somewhere else.

Not picking on this particular commenter, as she was just one of the sheep who started following after another remarked a similar sentiment, but let's look at that statement, shall we?

"Real men" as used here is a pretty telling statement. What exactly defines a "real man?" Is it the one who's "in touch with his feminine side" or who "knows how to be sensitive?"

Get a freakin clue.

Real men are as rare as hen's teeth. Real men are the ones who still act like men, not like metrosexual pussies. Real men like things that are loud, fast, and big; they like women who are young and pretty. They're not the irresponsible dolts depicted on the sitcoms and in commercials, they're level headed, independent, and yes, they're aroused sexually by the better examples of the feminine form.

Get off your high horse for a minute and realize that trying to endow men with all these feminine traits has led to nothing but a dire shortage of true men...men who will defend their lady's honor to the death, men who will stand by their woman and support her in all her endeavours, men who will demonstrate to their sons how to stand for what they believe, how to treat others with respect, and how to garner respect for one's self. Men who will ultimately raise another generation of real men.

Real men make decisions, and stand by them. Real men recognize that what's right isn't always popular, and what's popular isn't always right.

The fact that you find such men so unsavory doesn't bode well for your own sons, ladies. Please rethink your position before you screw them up even worse than the current generation of males.

But let's go a step farther....have any ideas why child sexual assaults are all over the news now? Could it be that these men have been sexually repressed, made to feel like beasts (or worse) for having sexual feelings towards women their own age? Or does it stem from the fact that they've been completely prohibited from being in control of anything, and they finally find something (more precisely someone) they can control? I'd venture a guess that most sexual predators have been taught from childhood that natural male aggression is something to be ahamed of...something to repress. Think on that awhile. I truly believe that the feminization of men is directly responsible for the trend.

Can't wait for the parent t... (Below threshold)
Horney Dad:

Can't wait for the parent teacher conference!

This has nothing to do with... (Below threshold)

This has nothing to do with how she is able to teach, this is outside of her work and the clause "Moral and Ethical" is too broad to have any meaning other than the School Board can do what they want.

This has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with the individual rights

This has nothing to do with porn, The mainstream mag Sports Illustrated has front page covers that are more daring.

So much for America As A FREE Country


And the problem is....? If... (Below threshold)

And the problem is....? If I remember correctly all my teachers looked like Mrs Crabapple from Bewitched.

yeah, they're platique all ... (Below threshold)

yeah, they're platique all right, but man, you can NOT fake those hips...

I don't see what the... (Below threshold)

I don't see what the problem is. Its not porn.
Being pretty is neither illegal nor immoral. Why would anyone object to her teaching their children? I wouldn't. Because she's a model? grow up.

If my teachers in high scho... (Below threshold)

If my teachers in high school were as hot as she is I'd have stayed in school instead of opting for a GED..

Oh Come ON, Florida!! <br /... (Below threshold)

Oh Come ON, Florida!!
I can't believe anyone would make a big deal out of those pictures. Don't those people realize that women everywhere wear things like that in the bedroom, lounging around the house, and on the beach IN PUBLIC?? That young woman could walk down the street wearing the outfits in those pictures and NOT get arrested. She has done nothing wrong.

I am afraid--very afraid--of any governing body that can legislate peoples' personal ethical and moral character when it is WELL WITHIN THE LAW. It isn't like she was teaching at a Catholic school either. As far as I am concerned, firing her would be a violation of her civil liberties. Gimme a break!!

Hmm not enough man in those... (Below threshold)
Mike Brooker:

Hmm not enough man in those photos

She wasn't fired and no dis... (Below threshold)
Bikini Gal:

She wasn't fired and no disciplinary action is being taken. That was reported hours and hours ago...read up before you spout off.

People in this country need... (Below threshold)

People in this country need to get a grip. The human body is not something to be ashamed of, nor is sex. The young lady has done nothing wrong.

She shouldn't be a teacher;... (Below threshold)

She shouldn't be a teacher; she should be a porn star or a model. What is she doing teaching; how can she be in a high school where all the kids there are teenagers who think about sex all day long. She will be make students fantasies about her through out the day and wouldn't want to miss school because of her not because of education. What education ===> sex education???

Erica is a beautiful and se... (Below threshold)

Erica is a beautiful and sexy woman and has nothing to be ashamed of...if any of my teachers had looked like her when I went to school, I'd still be in school today. She can keep me after class anytime! And all of you that want to bitch about something - Why don't you bitch about all of the illegal mexicans that are taking over our country. Looks like we'll all be speaking Spanish before long! Get you heads out of you ass'es and get you priorities straight

that is like a perfect body... (Below threshold)

that is like a perfect body.

she needs muscles on the bu... (Below threshold)

she needs muscles on the butt area

I agree with Greg who wrote... (Below threshold)

I agree with Greg who wrote:

With all the recent publicity about teachers having sex with students. I bet this was a calculated move to get hired as a teacher, then leak the photos, then BAM! free national coverage and exposure.

Now, the USANBT could not have paid to get even 1/100th the publicity this one incident has provided. The publicity alone will launch Erica's career as a model and no doubt she'll be making the rounds to all the talk-shows, etc. People can only fantasize what it would be like to have her her as a high-school teacher, so they'll certainly want to meet her. And, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her in Maxim soon.

I only have a couple of thi... (Below threshold)

I only have a couple of things to say. God bless this teacher! If I had a teacher like her back in high-school, there wouldn't be one day that I miss! Hack if all my teachers were like that I would have obtained straight 'A's on all subjects with the level of attention and competency. And the only thing that she will be doing in real-estate is purchasing her own properties as her career will now sky rocket!

Sloth love Chunk.... (Below threshold)

Sloth love Chunk.

david are you gay or someth... (Below threshold)

david are you gay or something?

America's porn industry acc... (Below threshold)

America's porn industry accounts for the GDP of 90% of the world's countries, and yet, it never ceases to amaze me how trivial stuff like this sparks moral outrage. Remember janet jackson?

Hypocrisy is not that hard to see; just open your eyes.

What exactly is the "big co... (Below threshold)

What exactly is the "big concern" here?

What exactly is the "big... (Below threshold)

What exactly is the "big concern" here?

I think it had something to do with the water in Florida. Finally, we're talking about the environment!

mind your own business. seh... (Below threshold)

mind your own business. seh can do in her private life what she wants. Without us judging her.

What I don't understand is ... (Below threshold)

What I don't understand is this:

1. Erica "Lee" Chevillar clearly states she posed for these pics back in her college days prior to becoming a teacher. And, because it's been a while she'd forgotten that she'd actually done them.

2. Elsewhere she says these were shot back in January (but no mention of year).

3. A look at all of usanbt's site updates back in 2005 make no mention of Erica Lee. In fact, that site has no record of Erica Lee prior to February, 2006, and the pics themeselves clearly show they were posted in late-February 2006.

So, unless I'm mistaken, these pics were shot earlier this year mid-way through her 1st year as a teacher, contrary to everything she has said. Has anyone else noticed this apparent discrepancy? It's one thing to have done these shots back in the wild & crazy college days, but shooting them mid-way through a school year and hoping your students don't find out is something else, especially when the school is in the same city as the usanbt headquarters.

wowif that was my ... (Below threshold)


if that was my teacher i would have blown a load in class.

But let's go a step fart... (Below threshold)

But let's go a step farther....have any ideas why child sexual assaults are all over the news now? Could it be that these men have been sexually repressed, made to feel like beasts (or worse) for having sexual feelings towards women their own age?

Jamie, et al, allow me to clarify what I THINK the previous commenters meant, since I'm a woman.

Nobody is saying men are pigs for having urges, or that anyone should be "repressed." You're reading WAY too much into that. And I certainly hope you aren't honestly blaming WOMEN for pedophilia. That's beyond f'd up. That's not about normal sexual urges AT ALL.

All I read in those comments is that the repeated posting of cheesecake here makes women feel as though they are not a valued audience at Wizbang, and I can certainly understand the sentiment.

Put it this way: I'd love to dress up my blog with pictures of sexy men, but I don't. Why? Because I have female AND male readers (in my case, probably more male than female). I think it would be kind of a big flashing (haha) sign saying "this blog is for chicks" if I were to post a bunch of beefcake. I respect my readers, so if I wanted to start posting that I'd create a separate, personal site.

At least that's my take. YMMV. I do think, though, that some of the responses (i.e. Cro's) were overly defensive and childish. And the comments saying "you didn't have to look" just prove my point about being dismissive toward female readers. Just my opinion.

Flame away, guys--my self-esteem is pretty bullet-proof. Insults like the ones Cro used are just giggle-worthy.

Wonder if she's a good teac... (Below threshold)
Hank R:

Wonder if she's a good teacher, and if her students like her?

Whoops... pragmatism. Is that allowed?

Oh, man i agree with all of... (Below threshold)

Oh, man i agree with all of the "real men" in here and say

Damn, she's smokin' I'm always in the wrong school

Geez, coming from another c... (Below threshold)

Geez, coming from another country (Finland) we surely do have some different standards in defining what is appropriate or not. I mean, someone did state above that "whatever she does in _her private life_ is her own business", hopefull she does not get totally lynched because of some fairly innocent bikini-pictures (e.g. compared to actual pornography).

oh i wish she was my teache... (Below threshold)

oh i wish she was my teacher :)

What a lovely teacher... :-... (Below threshold)

What a lovely teacher... :-P

I would just like to ask-Wh... (Below threshold)

I would just like to ask-What is the problem?! Shes a nice looking lady and if you've got it flaunt it! as long as she didnt dress like this in the classroom!!!

I think people are making a... (Below threshold)

I think people are making a big deal out of nothing. Besides, it seems that the people are making a bigger scene out of it than the teacher. Which also is causing students and people abroad to focus on her 'assets.' In the class room, does the Chevillar advertise what she is doing during her personal time outside of the school? In the class room, does she do her job well? Before these photos came up, how was Chevillar rated as teacher? Before this story made national news, how many people knew about the West Boca Teacher photos? How many people know about the photos now?

You know how awesome it wou... (Below threshold)

You know how awesome it would be, as a kid, to have a teacher like that?!? And besides, with what teaching pays, can you really blame her?

I feel sorry for all the ho... (Below threshold)

I feel sorry for all the hormonal boys in her classes. They will now spend most of their time checking her out, rather than learning from her. She might even be a good teacher. She's gorgeous, too. Too bad she will likely be viewed for her sexuality rather than her abilities. The USNBT was probably not a good idea, on her part.

Did you notice that these p... (Below threshold)

Did you notice that these pictures were taken in at least THREE different sessions? Look at her hair. It's THREE different lengths in the various photos. NO WAY she forgot she had pics taken -- as it took at least three session, probably weeks or months apart to complete the portfolio. She should have been honest. Now, it looks like she has something to hide.

Whew... most everything is showing, though.

Not want her teaching my ki... (Below threshold)

Not want her teaching my kids?!?! Heck, I'd be tellin' my kids to get in trouble all the time! Parent-teacher meetings, man! YEAH!

So it's "immoral" and "unet... (Below threshold)

So it's "immoral" and "unethical" for this teacher to pose for the pictures, but whatever parent just happened to run across these photos while surfing the net isn't acting unethically? Since the photos are posted under a different name, whoever found the photos was obviously searching for bikini pictures or something similar, not the teacher herself. So, whoever ran across the photos has no moral issue with viewing the photos, but has a moral issue with a person who poses for the photos? How hypocritical is this?

Why should someone be judge... (Below threshold)

Why should someone be judged on what they have done in the past? what she did was not immroral or foolish i bet if the 1/2 the women here had a body like that theyd do the same

Leave the young lady alone!... (Below threshold)

Leave the young lady alone!! She hasnt posed for Playboy, Penthouse, or Hustler!! I am 39 she is 25, and I bet there is stiil so much I could learn from her :-)

What on earth are you peopl... (Below threshold)

What on earth are you people complaining about? Is this affecting her teaching? Are the kids seeing it? I don't think so! It is her spare time and she is featured on a well known site. It's not like she is all of a sudden a porn star. Big fucking deal. Get a life. So if someone is a model, they can't be a teacher? So kids can see someone half naked on billboards, but as soon as its a teacher its innapropriate? WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE?! Maybe she just wants a bit more money, or does it because she enjoys it. Leave her alone.

just cause shes did this, w... (Below threshold)
what in the world:

just cause shes did this, what is the exact threat in her teaching students if no one at the school has found anything odd about her?

if she is not hurt, or touching the children there are alot of other people you should be worried about.

open your minds if everyone whose done things like this cant keep theyre job there would be alot of of jobs, dont judge her on her past judge her on her teaching ability and how the kids like her, but yes if she shows up to school in one of these outfits or trys to show a kid these pictures. then start worrying.

Down here in Argentina we h... (Below threshold)

Down here in Argentina we had a similar story...
A Female Janitor went one Saturday night with her boyfriend to the school she worked at and took nude pictures...
Those pictures got spread out by the Film Lab...
For those who read spanish here's the url:

www.tresarroyosonline.com.ar/ noticias/nota.php?notaid=27270

as if you couldn't see this... (Below threshold)

as if you couldn't see this at any beach in the u.s.all of you grow up.

Who the hell cares what she... (Below threshold)

Who the hell cares what she does. Her modeling has NOTHING to do with her teaching. I see worst than that on PUBLIC T.V. STATIONS. Americans have so many double standards it's not funny. They wouldn't think twice about letting their kids watch some violent cartoon or T.V. show, but they freak out when something like this threatens the way their fat asses look.

Good job America! Keep sticking your noses in bibles and out of the real world!

Beth, Even as a ... (Below threshold)


Even as a gay male, I find myself siding with many of the male commenters here (not about the woman's physical features, but about the seperation of personal life and work life). As for the pictures, I also find myself agreeing that though they are excessive on the idea of simply conveying the story, they did help me reach my final dicission about the female in question and her actions. Looking at them, I realised minus a few specific photots, most of these were shots that one could find either walking down a boardwalk or on a beach. This was why I drew my conclusion that the board was overreacting.

As for recent posts, well, I'll admit this is my first time visiting this site, and probably my only unless someone points to yet another article here that catches my interest. So I can't make claims as to the owners other posts. This one, at least, does not seem gratouatist to me though.

I don't or wouldn't have a ... (Below threshold)

I don't or wouldn't have a problem with her teaching my kids.. Come on people she posed for swimsuite pictures not XXX pictures. So if this isn't ok for a teacher then I guess if a teacher was an underware model in the summer then she would have to go as well.. Your/Our kids are in more danger using a computer on the internet and from sexual preditors not this beautiful teacher.

well i think that if the ph... (Below threshold)

well i think that if the photos were taken before she started teaching it should be fine...the board is definatly overreacting. Let what happens in the past stay in the past!

PS: she is flippin HOTT

So what she is a teacher an... (Below threshold)

So what she is a teacher and she is hot... Is she not entitled to do some side work... Every other teacher has a side job ... her's happens to be bikini modeling... let her do it... It's not like she's posing with her students...

I think we should scrutinize ugly teachers this hard... just to make things fair.

GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy ... (Below threshold)
Dave Dave:

GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy Boobies!!!

I would have touched myself... (Below threshold)

I would have touched myself in class.

im in high school now, and ... (Below threshold)
Highschool boi:

im in high school now, and ill tell u what, if i had a teacher that looked like that, i would learn a whoooollleeee lot more

THIS IS UNCATHOLIC AND UNET... (Below threshold)

THIS IS UNCATHOLIC AND UNETHICAL! She should be going to church and be praying that she doesnt go to hell and burn with all the worms. Unite fellow citizens, stand up and fight for our country and fight for what is right!... JUST KIDDING, GOD DAMN SHE IS FUCKIN HOTT! I would deff. be spankin it in class!

Are you serious? What she´s... (Below threshold)

Are you serious? What she´s doing on her own spare/quality time is her own problem. As long as she follow the ethics rules by the book, then it shoulden´t be any problem. Make sure that you put president George Bush behind bars for crime against humanity. Best regards Magnus from sweden.

Old man Lindquist never loo... (Below threshold)

Old man Lindquist never looked like this when I was in Social Studies. If this doesn't advance the study of society, nothing will!

If my teenager had a teache... (Below threshold)

If my teenager had a teacher that looked like this maybe he'd show up for class...

Besides, I'm sure the knew she was hot before they saw these pictures

It is so wrong to dismiss a... (Below threshold)

It is so wrong to dismiss a perfectly HOT teacher. Just because she makes my pants melt does not mean she would not be a good teacher.
Focusing on the class work would be tough but I am ready for the challange, please send me back to high school. All my teachers looked like nurse cratchet.

have "boob job" will travel... (Below threshold)

have "boob job" will travel,,,,,god bless her!!!!DID ANYONE NOTICE THE COLOR OF HER EYES? LMAO

you know some overweight, j... (Below threshold)

you know some overweight, jealous, housewife mom is the one who complained. "Why should anyone get to look that good AND have summers off from work?!?!?!?!"



I wish my teachers looked l... (Below threshold)

I wish my teachers looked like that. Maybe I wouldn't have skipped so much!

Really, haven't you people ... (Below threshold)

Really, haven't you people been to college? What else is an education major supposed to do? Your blind acceptance of substandard education bears many fruits, and this hapless bimbo is simply emblematic of the fact that your soporific minds are incapable of addressing important issues; let you instead react with pretended outrage at these images while the world around you falls into stygian darkness because of your own myopia. Her plastic surgeon does nice work, it might be pointed out. Fiddle on, imbeciles! The barbarians are before the gate.

OMG this teacher is awsome ... (Below threshold)

OMG this teacher is awsome she can teach me anything Ahhh i wished i could go to the school she teaches at

all those kids who had her ... (Below threshold)

all those kids who had her for a teacher are so frickin lucky. I thought my teacher last year was hot, but thiss is beter.....

all those kids who had her ... (Below threshold)

all those kids who had her for a teacher are so frickin lucky. I thought my teacher last year was hot, but thiss is beter.....

I want her to teach my son,... (Below threshold)

I want her to teach my son, so maybe the gay bastard can get laid.

WOW, makes me want to do th... (Below threshold)

WOW, makes me want to do the Billy Madison thing!
Hell I'd even stay after school to study!

I think its a bunch of BS i... (Below threshold)

I think its a bunch of BS if you ask me. I had attractive teachers during school and I loved their class.
Im a parent know and as long as she does her job and wears clothes at work. Whose business is it!!!

i would pay a lot more atte... (Below threshold)
a dissapointed student:

i would pay a lot more attention in history

i would pay a lot more atte... (Below threshold)
a dissapointed student:

i would pay a lot more attention in history

Why didn't I have teachers ... (Below threshold)

Why didn't I have teachers like this? Btw for more pics of her and some xxx-movies go to http://amigacam.net.tc

Women like this make me nev... (Below threshold)

Women like this make me never want to leave college...unless i can head back to 10th grade for her class.

Man i wish she was my teach... (Below threshold)

Man i wish she was my teacher. I mean DAMN shes fine!! i would never skip her class NEVER EVER.

those students who had her were lucky, really lucky.

Holly F-ing Hannah!! And ma... (Below threshold)

Holly F-ing Hannah!! And major kudos to KQRS FM in Minneapolis for pointing this one out to me and all the rest of their listeners.

bunch of people pissed beca... (Below threshold)

bunch of people pissed because they are not this hot

Call us. 651 989 rock... (Below threshold)

Call us. 651 989 rock

wtf?? I never had a single ... (Below threshold)

wtf?? I never had a single teacher even close to this.

You Americans are so bloody... (Below threshold)

You Americans are so bloody conservative... when are you gonna get with the rest of the modern world... so what, she done nothing wrong

Americans!! get over it. ho... (Below threshold)
james doc:

Americans!! get over it. hot! hot!! hot!! is all that i can say!!!

the fake tit thing is a big... (Below threshold)

the fake tit thing is a big turn off
who in the hell like's fake tits, ugggh

Oh my gawd.. What is wrong ... (Below threshold)

Oh my gawd.. What is wrong with some of you people? Man, when I was a kid I DREAMED about teachers like this existing.. HOTT HOTT HOTT! If I was her student, id make it into a poster, put it on my wall and beat off to it every night.. The pink thong pic where her ass is facing the camera.. Yeahhhhh...

Well... She can teach me an... (Below threshold)

Well... She can teach me anyday... and anywhere!

Man oh man, where were all ... (Below threshold)

Man oh man, where were all the teachers who looked like this when i was in school. All i had to learn from were dogs. I so woulda payed more attention if they'd looked like this.

(Probily wouldnt have needed to sneak in playboys eather)

Uz jen pohled na ni mi trha... (Below threshold)
[CZ] Joey:

Uz jen pohled na ni mi trha koule !!!!

Takovejch je IN DA CZECH RE... (Below threshold)

Takovejch je IN DA CZECH REPUBLIC spousta :-D :-D :-D

Dobra kocka, kdyby nebyli a... (Below threshold)

Dobra kocka, kdyby nebyli amici narod vzniklej z puritanu, tak by nemohla mit zadny problemy! To je muj nazor! Prelozte si to jak chcete;)

WOW... (Below threshold)


I would be perfectly fine w... (Below threshold)

I would be perfectly fine with my kids having her for a teacher. I would volunteer for every field trip her class had, being I am the good citizen that I am.

What she does on her time i... (Below threshold)

What she does on her time is her business as long as it isn't brought to school..let's face it teacher's don't get paid enough for what they have to put up with now adays.
At least they aren't nude pictures. She isn't molesting or seducing a child. As they saying goes if you got it flaunt it..

Hey all whats the problem? ... (Below threshold)

Hey all whats the problem? Why should someone be embarrssed about sharing there beautiful body? I grew up with the art teacher next door who loved to hang out in her bikini all the time and my friends as I loved it when they were over. She never offended us and just left us and many dad's envious at being able to enjoy a very beautiful lady. I wish I had taken her class because I had an instant tutor next door and to slow and young to realize it!

Hey all whats the problem? ... (Below threshold)

Hey all whats the problem? Why should someone be embarrssed about sharing there beautiful body? I grew up with the art teacher next door who loved to hang out in her bikini all the time and my friends as I loved it when they were over. She never offended us and just left us and many dad's envious at being able to enjoy a very beautiful lady. I wish I had taken her class because I had an instant tutor next door and to slow and young to realize it!

OH for cryin out loud leave... (Below threshold)
jim dean:

OH for cryin out loud leave that angel alone. She didn't post these pics in the classroom did she? I feel guilty for even taking part in this but who the hell cares what we think about her personal life? she hasn't hurt a soul. leave her be.

This makes me sick. Where ... (Below threshold)

This makes me sick. Where were these teachers at when I was in high School. She is one hot chick and oh what a tan. She has no tan lines. I would love to rub her tanning lotion on. How could you study with her as your teacher, especially after you saw those pictures. I would intentionally get in trouble to stay after school.

yeah she's superfly! But ... (Below threshold)

yeah she's superfly! But really though, she should turn around and sue the Schoolboard, District, County, State of Florida, And who ever else that has subjected her to slander just for being one hot smokin' chick that probably does an A+ job. Not to mention keeping the attendance on track as well as keeping those lucky little bastards in school and not around your garage stealing, smoking weed, alcohol, and gay ass gang-banging. I say we clone her for the beauty and brains just to keep the attention of all our kids and let the little fuckers learn.

To the dumbass that said the boys are sexually opressed????
That is the government's way of saying this or that punk did those bad things because of some hot babe. That is the stupidest thing i've ever heard of. When it actuality, they do bad things because they are really sexually opressed due to their mothers, fathers, relatives, etc...(someone VERY close to them). We've all had crushes at one point with some sort of teacher but it's just not necessary to blame the superfly hot ass teacher that you moms only wish you had what she had. Thats the bottom line. Guys don't care about it but the ugly hoes gotta bring up any subject they can to drag down someone they can't be!

hay buddy we are living in ... (Below threshold)

hay buddy we are living in 21 st century everything is fare in love war and SEX . the bikiny foto's were ok there was no nudity in it.
today i think the teachers should br hot and should were micro mini skrits.and back less top.ok

C'est quand meme assez risi... (Below threshold)

C'est quand meme assez risible de voir a quel point de simples photos font un tel scandale en tout cas bravo pour la publicite, les detracteurs du site ont exactement le resultat inverse de ce qu'ils voulaient, ceux qui n'etait pas au courant le sont forcement maintenant.
Depuis quand est il interdit d'admirer et de montrer la beaute que la nature nous a donner.
Ridicule, ces photos ne sont en rien choquante ou pornographique.

Good advert for the website, if you don't know the USA bikini team before you see it everywhere now, congratulations for this.

the pictures are not nude. ... (Below threshold)

the pictures are not nude. she is doing modeling to make money. if she is a great teacher at school and this is her personal life, than her sexuality should be her business. she was not bringing them to school so if your kids are searching the web for porn and find that then i think you as PARENTS should do more to stop your kids and not blame others. she was covered for school, changed her last name, so i think she had the children's best interest at heart by keeping it private. you should all get a life and help the children if you think it is so bad---

If I was her, I'd be more i... (Below threshold)

If I was her, I'd be more interested in finding out who airbrushed half of her ass off in the from-behind picture and getting him fired.

All I needed would be a few... (Below threshold)

All I needed would be a few pics with her in town and I would have been the most popualar guy in school!!!

Who cares about some photos... (Below threshold)

Who cares about some photos that are not even naked. If she is a good teacher,,then whats the problem. I could under if she was in porn. So many parents are worse than children,,or just jeolous. Nothing in this even states how well of a teacher she is. Now she may have to quit her job cause of some IDIOT mothers out there. Grow up,,its 2006. Some of you parents against her really make me sick. My son is in 6th grade and if that was his teacher and she was a good one,,who am i to say she cannot pose for a bikini calender,,,again,,parents grow up and stop looking for things to complain about.

I can't believe a town actu... (Below threshold)

I can't believe a town actually wants to punish a person for being beautiful! This teacher is proud of her looks and should be. I always thought schools promoted competition, guess not in this town. The only thing this teacher should not be proud of is living in this bodunk place. Hate to say it but YOU SUCK school! As for the teacher...more power to you, you look very pretty!

i don't know why that schoo... (Below threshold)

i don't know why that school is making such a big deal about it. i think she should be able to do what she wants to .even if it does mean being a model.you never know,she might have needed the extra money and mabey this was the job with the highest salary,and shes perfect for the job,then why are these people at the school punishing her for.thats what id like to know.
oh and just for what the schooldid ,FUCK YOU!

I would pass school with al... (Below threshold)

I would pass school with all A's if she was my teacher.

oh my.oh yes i CERTA... (Below threshold)

oh my.
oh yes.


Man, kids today are so luck... (Below threshold)

Man, kids today are so lucky. All these young blond teachers have been in the news lately. If she were teaching me, I think I owuld have had to try to NOT fall asleep in class. INstead we had some fat student teacher for my American History class.

I wish I had teachers like ... (Below threshold)

I wish I had teachers like that in skool. I would have gotten an edukation.

Who really gives a rats rum... (Below threshold)
Joe Watts:

Who really gives a rats rump? This skank isn't 1/2 as hot as she thinks. let her cop attention whilst she can. She will eventually end up knocked up by some Cuban and have stretchmarks that would rival a Rand mcNally map. Do you really think this fishface is hot??? I've seen better faces on Mutts and her body is a 6 at most.
Let the skank drop em.

Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!

Damn, Damn, Damn... (Below threshold)

Damn, Damn, Damn

hell yeah you gotta tap tha... (Below threshold)

hell yeah you gotta tap that while you can!
RIde em' hard

joe watts is an idiot... (Below threshold)

joe watts is an idiot

I really don't see why evry... (Below threshold)

I really don't see why evryone is making such a big deal about this. So what she's a bikini model. First of all if your not familiar with bikini modeling or contests if you place in top three you make anywhere from 250 to 500 bucks. Now if you do the math that's an extra 1000 to 2000 a month times twelve...... Do the math. In case you don't know teachers don't make a whole lot of money. I have news for you parents who said that the kids don't look at her as a teacher anymore and therefore aren't going to learn, ummmm unless your kids are blind she would be hot in a business suit so really they already saw their teacher as a hottie. Oh yeah, and your kid was surfing these sites why?

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! damn b... (Below threshold)

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! damn babe only if u was my teacher ide be and excellent student haha ;)

Anyone who has a problem wi... (Below threshold)

Anyone who has a problem with these pictures is a prude. I see more (or less) at the beach. All you women out there complaining, your husband is ogling her even if he says he isn't. We are all dogs, all of us.. ALL OF US! Any guy who says different is lying. plain and simple fact.

I'm wondering where wonderf... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering where wonderful looking women like this were when I was in school? All of my female teachers looked like George Bush's mother. These days there are a few teachers that are pretty decent to say the least. My 9 yr old had a teacher a couple years ago that was a Laker Girl. Lots of dads picked up their kids from school that year and most went to open house too.

I say more power to the girl. She wasn't illustrating the calendar to the students. So what, she's hot and she happens to teach too. It's usually ugly women that have the objection to this sort of stuff anyway.

Kwicherbichen Bikini Team

Whats the problem? Is she w... (Below threshold)

Whats the problem? Is she wearing a bikini at school? If her teaching abilities are OK then that's the issue they should be concentrating on...

If she was an track & field athlete, beach volleyball player, swimmer etc and as well as being a teacher would there be the same protest?

The first guys (David)comme... (Below threshold)

The first guys (David)comment is something you would expect from someone who had the hots for his teacher but couldn't get anywhere or he need to quit, sit down with his family and admit to the fact that he is probably gay.

She's not hurting the students by doing what she is doing. He is doing more harm to his kids by letting them think she's dirty or something and that makes her a bad teacher.

I need to get her up to MN ... (Below threshold)

I need to get her up to MN for some home schooling.

She rocks! She should be a Hot Chick of The Day on 93X for sure.

10 all the way...

Ok, so she has some scantil... (Below threshold)

Ok, so she has some scantily clad pictures on the internet. Big deal. Do you expect teachers to be in "teacher mode" ALL the time? Gee, I bet she has SEX too! How SHOCKING! I think some insecure housewives are worried about their hubbies attending the next Open House. She's not showing up in the classroom in this attire, or trying to conduct lessons by showing these photos, is she? :P

Your high schoolers have seen much, much worse. If anything, this will get them to pay attention in class. Maybe their motives are a bit skewed, but hey, better than nothing, right? Believe me, with the way Florida's education system is, the kids could use a bit of a "perk"... no pun intended. ;)

ID HIT IT! IN A SECOND!... (Below threshold)


For all you woman who are c... (Below threshold)

For all you woman who are complaining about this...get a life! My guess is that your husband checked these photos out. Are you mad at him too. My guess is that he might have even flipped a bean to these photos....Can't blame him. Go look at your saggy ass in the mirror and then you would know why!

If beautiful was your perso... (Below threshold)

If beautiful was your personality, it would be a passing grade. The pics are pro quality. They look real nice. Thanx for the eye candy!

With a body like that, i th... (Below threshold)

With a body like that, i think she could do other more lucrative things but teaching.
So if she prefers to teach instead of getting money. respect to her. the parents should be proud of having such a teacher for their kids!

hi teacher is looking so ho... (Below threshold)

hi teacher is looking so hot the student can not stub=dy if his teacher is so hot & show her body

I am way beyond school days... (Below threshold)
Mr Bill:

I am way beyond school days, But I am swo tempted to go back now !

wow i wish i was in school ... (Below threshold)

wow i wish i was in school again. i wonder if she is a tutor? HOT

I surely would not miss any... (Below threshold)

I surely would not miss any parent/teacher conferences.

Whom ever wrote the comment... (Below threshold)

Whom ever wrote the comment about her being a republican is as stupid as every other liberal in this wonderful nation conservitives have created. I hope she is a republican so I know I still have a chance. I love breast!

What was she thinkin??? Do... (Below threshold)

What was she thinkin??? Doesn't she know that in high school boys second brains have no control?? Well maybe she was thinking. Thank God I live in FLA!

Heaven forbid someone being... (Below threshold)

Heaven forbid someone being proud of their body and wanting to show it off have a career. They should all just be mindless modles. Seriously, you can't be a high school teacher because you don't want to keep your personal life PG? This is high school, the kids have seen much worse. And they aren't even seeing anything. I guarantee the boys in that class are paying attention anyways, lets just hope they don't have to come to the front of the class.

What a change. Every other... (Below threshold)

What a change. Every other news blurb is about childhood obesity. when a roel model (attractive and smart) has some press everyone reacts. I'd rather see the positive in this. good looks don't come cheap; cost is sweat or whatever you choose. I hope the stress of being a teacher and dealing with everyone's negative thoughts doesn't deter her from... living. as long as she can teach, i wouldn't mind what she did. keeping everything in line.

wwwwwwwoowwwwwww...why cant... (Below threshold)

wwwwwwwoowwwwwww...why cant any of my teachers look like that,honistly i'd listen 2 anything this chick had 2 say.......now that i think of it, id bet that if schools had teachers like this the grades would go way up......(isnide thought(i wonder what extra credit would be like))well at least the male grades would go up ..not excluding a handfull of girls.....PS_yes im still in school....and yea i am only 15

i wish i had teachers like ... (Below threshold)

i wish i had teachers like that since i was a teenager.

Not bad but fake tits turn ... (Below threshold)

Not bad but fake tits turn me off.

Well first off if this is a... (Below threshold)

Well first off if this is a highschool teacher as a fellow highschool student i will tell my attendance would be up. I mean she does swimsuite modeling no crime. She is doing that out of class not naked in class or anythign wrong to students. let her live her life and if not she can be my personal tutor if no one will take her

Holy bombs if this was my s... (Below threshold)

Holy bombs if this was my social studies teacher [i'm in high school] my history grades would be sooo much higher

There is absolutely NOTHING... (Below threshold)

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what she did, No brainer here man, THis is just plain wrong and hope she fights the good fight cuz even the village idiot will side with her on this witchunt. UPDATE: I stand corrected, West Boca Raton High Principal Fran Giblin has just been voted Village Idiot, Congrats man, sonic!

swiiiiiiiing... (Below threshold)


I don't know what all the f... (Below threshold)

I don't know what all the fuss is about. She did not break any laws, and what she is wearing is legitimate on a beach as well...especially in Florida. I remember seeing women bathe topless last time I visited Miami.

Like other readers, I ask why did my teachers look like Helen Thomas? No fair.

America is backwards!!!! I... (Below threshold)

America is backwards!!!! Is this really an issue to be cared about or discussed? It really shouldn't matter what she did or is doing in her private life! at the top of this list "david" says he wouldn't want his kids taught by this woman. IDIOT! all the "NEWS" on this woman is that she is a great, respected, and kind teacher. So would you rather a boring half whit who couln't keep the kids attention if their life depended on it? Just as long as she not a bikini model!!!! jackass! It is people like david who are turning America into a crappy place to live. The land of NO individual freedom, pounding everyone based on some crazy ideals of morality, crying for reform and getting it in the form of less freedom. As long as she is not doing anything illegal or outrageous in the classroom, I'd like her cloned and put in every classroom. Maybe then our schools and education system wouldn't be such an international joke. Maybe kidswould actually pay attention to the teacher.

Come and impart your knowle... (Below threshold)

Come and impart your knowledge with me.



whoever thinks a girl that ... (Below threshold)
big B:

whoever thinks a girl that hot will do a student is a f*cking moron. she can get just about any man she pleases. so whoever disagrees hasn't watched tv or been outside.

All you ppl who say you wou... (Below threshold)

All you ppl who say you would do well in grades, thats all nice and shit...but why not just get her alone and rape her...seriosly.

She is the hottest ... (Below threshold)

She is the hottest woman I've ever seen. I wish my teacher looked that hot. I would probably try to get some if she was. I can tell you one thing I wouldn't be sleeping in her class

The only thing wrong with t... (Below threshold)

The only thing wrong with the pictures is that the bikini stays on. She should drop all the clothes and spread 'em.

What she choses to wear (or... (Below threshold)

What she choses to wear (or not wear) in any photographs is beside the point. Is she a competant teacher? As long as she is not showing or encouraging children to do the same, her private life is her business.

I am hoping to be a USA bik... (Below threshold)

I am hoping to be a USA bikini team model, what is the mailing address???

I myself am a model and I h... (Below threshold)

I myself am a model and I have photographs posted on the net of myself in lingerie, swimsuits and so on. Let's just say I don't plan on becoming a teacher anytime soon! :) The thing I want to know is, how did this guy find her pictures? Is he stalking her? Maybe he was looking up porn, and accidentally came across her.

Let's keep state and religi... (Below threshold)

Let's keep state and religion seperate. She's a godess, so maybe her time would be better spent on a divan, than behind a desk. I certainly worship her!

she was one of the best tea... (Below threshold)

she was one of the best teachers ever i loved that class and she did nuttin wrong at all. i was a student of hers who wanted to go to class to see her everyday she was so fine.this was deffentley the highlight of my high school dayz

Hello ERICAYOU CAN C... (Below threshold)
stackin steve:



There are a lot of girls wh... (Below threshold)
Jon G.:

There are a lot of girls who are going through college and are also looking at other careers in the meantime. Obviously, Erica chose to be a great contributor to our educational system and she tried another avenue before and her modeling didn't take off. For her PREVIOUS decisions for doing a photo shoots for a viable modeling take off point for many such as the U.S. Bikini Team... I think it would be unfair of the school system to relieve her of her duty as a teacher-- her chosen profession.

At the same time, I do think if she did something in poor taste, such as being a stripper, a porn "artist", or posing in a nude magazine (such as Playboy or Hustler)... it would be in the interest of the faculty, students, and Erica herself to be let go.

Lastly, I think I speak for most guys... I would have LOVED to have someone like her as a teacher. Someone who could get my attention from the get go and who is smart and can teach... I would have probably gone the extra mile and my concentration would have been on every word coming out of her mouth and anything she could tell me.

Though it's true that past ... (Below threshold)
Billy Bones:

Though it's true that past decisions do come back to haunt you, at times... there are more factors to look at then what people only want to see. It was never released when those photo were taken. Like someone said, if they were before her teaching, then let it pass. If they were during her teaching, look into it and figure out if her actions will comprise her teaching ability and the ability to be a good role model for the children. And yes, some of our children's first role models will be teachers. If she aims to help change their life for the better, through her teaching skills, that also should be taken into consideration.

What most people see are as follows: Teachers should be an instrument in children's education. They should be an outlet of knowledge that hopefully helps the child's development stages progress to a point where, when the child reaches adulthood, they have something to look back at and be proud for. The children are the future, so what they learn today, is futile to how the world progresses later down the road.

Damn i wish i had teachers ... (Below threshold)
Eddie Smith:

Damn i wish i had teachers like that

hey you are one of the hott... (Below threshold)

hey you are one of the hotties teacher i never see. nice.............

She is a beautiful woman.If... (Below threshold)

She is a beautiful woman.If she wants to model who is anyone to tell her she shouldn't . I don't see anything wrong with any of those photos.More power to you Erica you are a beautiful woman. Cheers

She's not that attractive a... (Below threshold)

She's not that attractive at all!

Yes...she is a woman. laug... (Below threshold)

Yes...she is a woman. laughing!
God made woman beautiful. Playboy it just one of America's problem. Hefner and his ilk have poisoned the waters of our society. Our country is morally bankrupt. Hue Hefner helped in our country's undoing with his porn and depraved life style. "Spread the wealth". as the Democrats say.They also spread the filth.

That would be great having ... (Below threshold)

That would be great having her for a teacher, I would never miss class. :-)

marie, go back to nazi germ... (Below threshold)

marie, go back to nazi germany were you belong..silly right wing nut job.

Boy is she hotttttttttt, wo... (Below threshold)

Boy is she hotttttttttt, wow i wish she was my teacher...

Beautiful Girl. Shame a few... (Below threshold)

Beautiful Girl. Shame a few of the Right-Wing Nut Job Neo-Cons cost her her job. Need more Open minded not closed minded teachers.
- David - she taught High School
- The pictures are something she has to deal with and I imagine it would be tough dealing with the high school boys that found her pictures. But she has nothing to be ashamed of.
Sad there are people ashamed of her, or are they ashamed of themselves?

I would must definitely ben... (Below threshold)

I would must definitely bend her over a deck and SMACK THAT ASS!! Two thumbs up for the teach.

my gawd, i would luv to bus... (Below threshold)

my gawd, i would luv to bust my nuts on this bitch's hot tits

To clear up a few items tha... (Below threshold)

To clear up a few items that the newspaper don't tell... she was my sister-in-laws teacher last school year... from what I have been told a fellow male student found the pictures (on the internet) and started to show them to friends, etc... another students parents eventually found out and brought it all to the principale of the school. From what my mother & sister-in-law tell me she was an excellent teacher, being younger then most of the other teachers she related better to many of the students, so she will be missed by many students for reasons other than her looks. Additionally, the pictures were taken before she began teaching and at the time was something she no longer even did on the side. Due to media attention at the school and harassement in her personal life she quit teaching to persue other work avenues. Though I don't feel she should have quit I can understand the media attention and the harrasment would be enough for anyone to just walk away.

Wow... just wow.... ... (Below threshold)

Wow... just wow....

She kind of had to quit. It would just be awkward going to teach a class knowing that 98% of the students in the school saw her online.






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